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2010 Spring Game photos-- page 1
(PTH photos)

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010sgame 109_edited-1.jpg (130888 bytes)
Taylor McHargue gets waylayed before he's able to turn the corner


010sgame 154_edited-1.jpg (133634 bytes)
Sam McGuffie gets tripped up in the backfield


010sgame 288_edited-1.jpg (146695 bytes)
Another way to defend:  sandwich, the bread here being provided by Ronnie Lillard (L), Willie Garley


010sgame 400_edited-1.jpg (110283 bytes)
Big Mac runs his route; this one ended with over-the-shoulder catch of Taylor Cook pass


010sgame 475_edited-1.jpg (110820 bytes)
Charles Ross makes with the stiff-arm as Tanner Leland hones in


010sgame 729_edited-1.jpg (101057 bytes)
Battling in the trenches


010sgame 765_edited-1.jpg (132544 bytes)
Justin Hill makes breakup of end-zone pass intended for Brent Hotard


010sgame 141_edited-1.jpg (133925 bytes)
Another view of  Klein Kubiak's klassy katch


010sgame 527_edited-1.jpg (102360 bytes)
Jared Williams pounces on loose football


010sgame 135_edited-1.jpg (119254 bytes)
Justin Hill leaps as Owl defenders smother Tyler Smith run


010sgame 298_edited-1.jpg (104741 bytes)
Corbin Smiter hauls in pass and makes his cut


010sgame 339_edited-1.jpg (127864 bytes)
Tyler Smith had impressive day running the football


010sgame 359_edited-1.jpg (158754 bytes)
Corbin Smiter runs interference for Taylor McHargue


010sgame 685_edited-1.jpg (130328 bytes)
Willie Garley wrestles down Sam McGuffie


010sgame 701_edited-1.jpg (136321 bytes)
Here, Sam McGuffie makes cut which broke him free on 70-yard pass catch-and-run


010sgame 738_edited-1.jpg (97137 bytes)
Josh Skinner attempts to slough off double-team

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