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STAR.gif (898 bytes)'Mock Game' photos...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Owls pick up DFW (908 bytes).
STAR.gif (898 bytes)Bay City lineman picks Rice...
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STAR.gif (898 bytes)MK goes out on a (908 bytes)

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Check out this guy's new website!look.gif (907 bytes)

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)STAR.gif (898 bytes)More scrimmage photos...updated.gif (971 bytes)

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A 'sad day,' huh?

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Friday workout photos...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Extra Point Club signup time...look.gif (907 bytes)

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)More workout photos...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Wednesday/Thursday practice photos...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Tuesday photos...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Day 1 photos...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)The '06 season....

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Irreplaceable...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Defense takes spring game...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Spring game snapshots...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Spring practice snapshots....

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Joyce's '06 columns...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Hiring press confer- ence photos....

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)New Orleans bowl faces...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Alumni smash anti-athletics faculty...

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The smallest university in
Division 1A football, and 
arguably the finest --
embodying the ideal
of the Student Athlete.

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A look at the Rice Owls,
both '02 and prior years:
the coaches, the players,
records and stats
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Your center for Rice and
NCAA  football  links on
the web, both inside and
outside the hedges.

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Notes, comments and correspondence from the editor's desk.
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A walk back through the
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Let's go, Rice!
07aug24letsgorice466.jpg (80353 bytes)

Rice head coach David Bailiff leads his charges out the the stadium tunnel for Friday's 'mock game' which actually was a run-through of multifarious game situations; the Owls wound up training camp on Saturday and start classes and game-week routines on Monday (Mark Anderson photo)

Owl 'sleepers' ready to heed call
and emerge from hiding places

07augcoachb2vx375a.jpg (34307 bytes)
Rice head coach David Bailiff, on DB Willie Garley:  “When he hits someone, you hear it all over the stadium”

By Mark Anderson

HOUSTON (Aug. 20) --  “Sleepers” is a term that this post-9/11 society has had to become familiar with.   So when Rice head coach David Bailiff was asked this week which of his players he’d so designate, based on the work thus far this fall, he smiled and said, “Sleepers?  Aren’t those dangerous?”

Sure thing,  a sleeper can be particularly dangerous because a sleeper comes out of nowhere to create havoc.  But on a football field, there are sleepers as well—talented players who have an opportunity to sneak up on opponents and create a particular disaster of their own kind.

And Rice has such players.  Some are freshmen that have not played a down of college ball.   Others are well into their college careers, but have not had the impact envisioned when they joined the program.

The 2007 Rice Owls have some sleepers on their roster.  Some names may surprise you—some won’t.  Each name was chosen because the player has demonstrated he has the ability to take his game to a higher level, making him dangerous if overlooked.

Here are eight players who we -- and a guy named Bailiff -- believe will be “sleepers” in 2007. 
readmore5.jpg (832 bytes)       Rice fall '07 practice schedule....     Fall '07 Rice roster....

Touchdown! (not quite)
07aug18tdby85a466.jpg (63411 bytes)
Freshman TE Wil Norris caused a stir in Saturday morning's scrimmage with this 40-yard reception; here he's seen storming down the sideline only to be tripped up at the 20 -- oh, and there was a flag on the play, too (Mark Anderson photo)

Coaches see yellow in first scrimmage
Abundance of flags mars proceedings

07aug18biorunvx4.jpg (73681 bytes)
Running back Bio Benibo sees daylight and attempts to slip from the grasp of his defender in Saturday's scrimmage action on the Rice Stadium turf (Mark Anderson photo)

HOUSTON (Aug. 18) -- If you didn't like the yellow in last year's uniforms, you would not have liked this Saturday's scrimmage all that much, either.

Rice head coach David Bailiff couldn't betray his less- than- enthusiastic take on the proceedings.

"We had five illegal procedure penalties," Coach Bailiff said afterwards of the yellow handkerchiefs that kept hitting the Rice Stadium turf.  And that didn't include the offsides on the defense, or the illegal block that nullified a nice catch-and-run by freshman tight end Wil Norris.

"We had way too many mental mistakes today," Coach Bailiff said afterwards. "A lot of them were by freshmen, but we will be able to take the film from today and sit down with them and show them how badly those kinds of mistakes can hurt the team. I would have liked it to have been crisper, but with the number of people we had out, it's to be expected."

Citing nagging minor injuries and aches and pains, Rice coaches held out a number of players on both sides of the ball, including All-American wide receiver Jarett Dillard.
readmore5.jpg (832 bytes)       

(Editor's note:  After a two-year hiatus, our intrepid Newspaper Sleuth, Gaylord Ravenal, returns to take another look at Houston Chronicle coverage of local teams. Here's his report number 1...)

Owls out-ink Ags, Coogs, Horns
in first weeks of media coverage
Web has changed how football is covered

mysterman07.jpg (20825 bytes)
Chron's affection for lovable loser Texans can't escape Newspaper Sleuth's detection

By Gaylord Ravenal

HOUSTON (Aug. 14) -- Since August 1 we have been tracking how the Houston Chronicle is reporting on all things football at the College and Professional level. We are tracking coverage activity for two professional teams and five collegiate programs that have some interest among the fans in the greater Houston marketplace.

It is difficult to determine trends at this point in the study but there are an interesting number of observations to note as we continue to push through pre-season activities. Well, what have we learned so far?

Bullet.gif (871 bytes)     The Chronicle’s love affair with the NFL and the Texans remains undiminished.

The NFL has garnered incredible market share and attention in a city like Houston. They have the ability to charge full price to a series of meaningless scrimmages. Radio stations fight to be inside the training bubble and interview players and coaches at every turn available. For their part, the Chronicle has at minimum a full page of Texan related articles in the paper each day. They usually have on front page story and then a full page inside devoted to the latest nuances spouting from Coach Kubiak and his players and coaches. A portion of the material provides insight, but there is some major scraping the bottom of the barrel for news.
readmore5.jpg (832 bytes)              Our '04 Chronicle content analysis....

Two-tone blue....
07aug15endzone466.jpg (89402 bytes)
The Owls work out under the lights Wednesday evening as there seem to have been made some modifications to the Rice Stadium end zone decor (Mark Anderson photo)

Enthusiasm, new uniforms,
40 faces new to coaches
greet day, media Monday

07mediadaymarkcatch466a.jpg (129194 bytes)
Deep Owl receiving crew lines up to participate in pass-catching drills on Day One of fall practice --  that's Corbin Smiter reaching out to make the grab (Mark Anderson photo)

By Paul T. Hlavinka

HOUSTON (Aug. 6) -- Rice head coach David Bailiff welcomed some 35 members of the working press along with his team members, new and old, this steamy Monday, as Rice football's annual Media Day went off without a hitch, conveying as it unfolded an unmistakable impression of undaunted enthusiasm among the toilers in the vineyard.

"What a great day it is," Coach Bailiff growled to an R-Room semi-full with players, Rice staffers, fellow coaches and of course the media types. "We've got 40 new faces that are going to go through practice this afternoon," he added. "We've got 28 freshmen, plus those guys who didn't go through spring training with us due to injuries."

"I can't wait to see what kind of personality we're going to have, offensively and defensively. And that's what happens right now. Right now is a time to develop the attitude and the chemistry, and see what kind of personality the team has -- will we hold up on third and one? Is the offense going to be able to get that tough yard?"

"All those questions are going to be answered by September 1," Coach Bailiff said pointedly.
readmore5.jpg (832 bytes)     Coach Bailiff's media day press conference (full audio).....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)         

They’re going to pump you up
McKnight, Beauchamp work to transform Owls

07wtroom1vx4.jpg (71109 bytes)
Giving encouragement to teammates is a big part of  Owls' Strength & Conditioning routine (Mark Anderson photo)

By Mark Anderson

HOUSTON (July 30) -- Will Moss is undergoing a transformation.

Yes, he is switching positions from tight end to defensive tackle, but that’s a minor transformation compared to the one that he has already undergone. Moss has been transformed physically, mentally, and emotionally by the Hans und Franz of the Rice coach staff – the strength and conditioning coaches Yancy McKnight and Adam Beauchamp.

Will Moss' transformation from a schoolboy to that of a Division I college football player started when Yancy and Adam were added to the Rice staff. "When Yancy first came in, we were a little too blubbery, I guess he thought," Will told us. "What he tried to do was strip is down to get us physically and mentally tough and hard. Once he had accomplished that, he began working on technique and making us powerful."

Moss pointed out once Yancy had accomplished that, the attention turned from getting in shape to increasing size. "This year, he got to bulk us up a little bit more," he added.
readmore5.jpg (832 bytes)          JD named C-USA pre-season offensive POY....

New day dawns at Rice
for second straight year

07chasec1.jpg (80236 bytes)
Chase Clement returns to lead the Owl offense in '07 (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (July 22) -- Another year, another era.

After residing firmly within the realm of mediocre stability -- or is it stable mediocrity -- for well over a decade, the Rice football program has been the subject of more turmoil in the past 18 months than the Croatian Parliament.

After sweating through two coaching changes in a year's time -- both with more than their share of histrionics -- Rice football die-hards look forward, with 2007 fall drills just around the corner, to a time when improvement, spelled in terms of wins and bowl games, doesn't have to come at the price of stomach-turning twists and treachery.

New head football coach David Bailiff has done his share of moving around over the past few years -- his tenure at Texas State lasted for three seasons -- but he gives all the signals of a guy who can become as firm a fixture on the Rice campus as Willie's statue, or to put it in terms of an even greater icon, legendary Owl baseball coach Wayne Graham.
readmore5.jpg (832 bytes)                        Updated fall 2007 roster....

bailiffsworn.jpg (21636 bytes)

readmore5.jpg (832 bytes)    Rice AD Chris Del Conte's introduction of Coach Bailiff....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)      Coach Bailiff's opening remarks at press conference....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)     Media Q&A session with Coach Bailiff, press conference....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)

ricetruckmural464notg.jpg (26725 bytes)
06headlines.jpg (17555 bytes)

Week One Extra Point Club dinner report
(Bob Reinhold -- Aug. 27)

MK goes out on a limb
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 27)
Owls pick up DFW-area speedster
( -- Aug. 27)
Bay City lineman picks Rice
( -- Aug. 27)
Rice defense likely to improve
( -- Aug. 26)

Owls break camp under approving eye of coaches
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 26)
Dillard, Clement a pair to watch
(San Antonio Express-News -- Aug. 26)
Crow's '57 Heisman season marred by loss to Owls
(San Antonio Express-News -- Aug. 26)

'Mock Game' rates 'A' from coach
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 25)
Robbie Heos on Lombardi watch list
( -- Aug. 24)

With Dillard targeted, other Owl receivers get their chances
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 24)

It'd be a monumental upset for Owls to keep UT game close
( -- Aug. 24$)
Former Owl Pontbriand makes it look like a snap
(Northeast Ohio News-Herald -- Aug. 24)

Chase only 65th best quarterback?
(Detroit Free Press -- Aug. 24)

New Rice recruiting feature
( -- Aug. 23)

Bay City's Smith commits to Rice
(Victoria Advocate -- Aug. 23)

JD makes Walter Camp POY watch list
( -- Aug. 22)

Coach satisfied with Wednesday scrimmage results
( -- Aug. 22)

Today the Owls were 'crisp'
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 22)
Owls won a slew of close ones last year
(Austin American-Statesman -- Aug. 22)

Chase named to Davey O'Brien Award watch list
( -- Aug. 21)
Owls begin prep for Nicholls
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 21)
Rice may find it difficult to play .500 ball
(The Sports Network -- Aug. 20)

Owls help fellow students move in
( -- Aug. 20)

Optimist would take positives from Saturday's scrimmage
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 18)

Owls stage first scrimmage Saturday morning
( -- Aug. 18)

Still no contest in state, region re new US News rankings
(US News & World Report -- Aug. 17)
SA columnist:  sad day when Rice qualifies as a decent team in state
(San Antonio Express-News -- Aug. 17)

Owls want to soar to another bowl game
(KHOU-TV/AP -- Aug. 16)

It's back to a bowl-less December for Rice
( -- Aug. 16)

Casey now a Rice quarterback
(Azle, Tex., News -- Aug. 16)

Owls take up defense of Nicholls option
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 16)
Jarett Dillard Media Day interview on KILT
(SportsRadio610 -- Aug. 16)

Wednesday workout photos
( -- Aug. 15)

Rice Stadium gets ready for its closeup
( -- Aug. 15)

'It creates a lot of things we want'
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 15)
JD won't sneak up on anybody this year...
( -- Aug. 15)
Receiving corps suffers temporary loss
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 14)
Naivar:   'We're the New York Yankees of education'
(Beaumont Enterprise -- Aug. 13)

Season preview:   the 4-2-5 defense, part 2
( -- Aug. 11)

WAC outshines C-USA in college football world
( -- Aug. 13)

Night time is right time (for practice)
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 12)
Rice hoping to build on 2006 success
(Huntington, W. Va., Herald-Dispatch -- Aug. 11)

Rice secondary looking good
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 11)
Saturday a.m. workout photos
( -- Aug. 11)

Applewhite takes rein of Alabama's offense
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 11)

Driesbach:  coaching 'helps me stay young'
(Philadelphia Intelligencer -- Aug. 10)

First full pads workout photos
( -- Aug. 10)

Owls' Beasley working overtime to improve game
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 10) 
Owls cheer student advisors
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 9)
Davis' DL play draws kudos from coaches
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 8)
Owls have reasons to feel good
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 7)

It was like first day of school
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 7)
Owls open pre-season drills
( -- Aug. 7

Owls meet the media
( -- Aug. 7)

Job 1 for Owls in '07:  keep Chase healthy
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 6)

Rich Lord, Matt Jackson interview of Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
(KILT610 Radio -- Aug. 6)

Born in the USA:  Conference USA preview
( -- Aug. 5)

40 'new' faces report for Owls
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 5)

sammy.jpg (15860 bytes)rfsp.jpg (10927 bytes)
A whole sports section full of  Rice football links

Next game:

07nsulogo2.jpg (19057 bytes)Nichols State
September 1, 2007

Rice Stadium
7:00 p.m.

Nicholls State Owlinks...


Collegeinn3.jpg (15649 bytes)
Latest headlines...updated.gif (971 bytes)
sammyvx4.jpg (19702 bytes)Reinhold Reports:  EPC dinner; MK goes 'on the record'; Owls pick up DFW speedster; Bay City lineman picks Rice (Aug. 27); Owls break camp; JD, Chase a pair to watch; That '57 win over Ags (Aug. 26); 'Mock Game' rates 'A' (Aug. 25)
(Scroll down this page for more news)
look.gif (907 bytes)Webletter video...
07aug27jd2tn1.jpg (17254 bytes) Jarett Dillardnew.gif (908 bytes) (8/27): 'One thing from Football 101, in Life 101, don't underestimate anybody' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07aug27chase2tn1.jpg (17126 bytes) Chase Clementnew.gif (908 bytes) (8/27): 'We want to make as many plays as we possibly can' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07aug27vidbrainestn1.jpg (15830 bytes) Brian Rainesnew.gif (908 bytes) (8/27): 'Everybody feels great coming out of camp' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07aug27coachbtn1a.jpg (16989 bytes) Coach Bailiff's 8/27 press conference:
'It's been absolutely remarkable'
new.gif (908 bytes)wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
maegletn1.jpg (17576 bytes) Wall of Fame:
(A video tour of the mural leading to Rice football offices) wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07augcdcncoachtn1.jpg (17815 bytes) Coach Bailiff (8-22):
'I thought the guys showed up with a great attitude'
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07aug18endzone2tn1.jpg (15409 bytes) Rice Stadium tour:
(Video taken Saturday, Aug. 18) wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
Saturday Interviews...
07sprac1dbmug12.jpg (18843 bytes) Coach Bailiff:
'Right now I'm giving us a C-minus, and I can't wait to look at the film'
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07springcoachbeatytn12.jpg (20739 bytes) Coach Beaty:
'We did some good things today but there's a lot that we can learn'
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07augcoachwashington1.jpg (18285 bytes) Coach Washington:
'The biggest thing we're looking for is effort'
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07auggeorgemug1.jpg (16572 bytes) George Chukwu:
'We're creating a defense right now'
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
travismasonmug1.jpg (13606 bytes) Travis Mason:
'My genetic makeup's appropriate for the line...' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
look.gif (907 bytes)Webletter video...
07augchasemug1.jpg (19027 bytes) Chase:  Texas, Baylor, great -- but Nicholls comes firstwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07brainestn1.jpg (14228 bytes) Brian Raines discusses 4-2-5 defense, upcoming drills....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07springcoachbailifftn12b.jpg (18384 bytes) Coach Bailiff talks about Tuesday's practice....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
Media Day Interviews...
07lutebtn1.jpg (1397 bytes) Lute Barber:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"We're going to make sure Chase is there to play..."
06joela1tn.jpg (1672 bytes) Joel Armstrong:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"We have quarter- backs in this year who can help..."
07ddavistn1.jpg (17627 bytes) Dietrich Davis:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"I think it helps out, to have four down linemen..."
07georgecmuglargetn12.jpg (19318 bytes) George Chukwu:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
''We're going to feed off of last year's accomplishments..."
07mediarobbiehtn1.jpg (18988 bytes) Robbie Heos:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"I try to lead by example..."
06ucf31tn2.jpg (22270 bytes) Brian Raines:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"Yancy's got 85, 95 guys improving from head to toe..."

YANCY’S TOP TEN LIST07wtroom3tn.jpg (27776 bytes)
These are the top ten strongest Owls, pound for pound:
Brian Raines: power cleans 340; squats 602, bench press 352
George Chukwu: power cleans 386; squats 602; bench press 417
C. J. Ugowkwe: power cleans 303; squats 552; bench press 392
Terrance Garmon: power cleans 308; squats 517; bench press 392
Jon Turner:
power cleans 276; squats 477; bench presses 357
Jarett Dillard:
power cleans 315; squats 442; bench presses 277
Tommy Henderson:
power cleans 286; squats 477; bench presses 307
Dietrich Davis:
power cleans 350; squats 502; bench presses 362
Chris Ptaszek:
power cleans 330; squats 512; bench press 422
Andrew Sendejo:
power cleans 330; squats 472; bench presses 317

sammyjalopy35.jpg (26369 bytes)
Rice recruiting....

Spring Game interviews...
07sprgamecoach1tn.jpg (16235 bytes) Coach Bailiff:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'We've had a lot of fun; we've gotten better every day...'
07sprgamechasetn.jpg (18152 bytes) Quick Takes:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
John Shepherd, Chase Clement, Marcus Knox, Andrew Sendejo, Rob Heos, George Chukwu

Monday (4/9) interviews...
07spring12 dbtn12.jpg (19213 bytes) Coach Bailiff:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'Today was probably our best practice...'
07spring12georgetn12.jpg (15934 bytes) George Chukwu:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)'Everybody on the team is more comfort- able with the 4-2-5'


Post-scrimmage interviews...
07springcoachbeatytn12.jpg (20739 bytes) Coach Beaty:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"They're getting better; they're doing what I'm asking them to do..."
07springcoachelliottn12.jpg (20886 bytes) Coach Elliot:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'We're getting a lot of reps and we're seeing improvements in every practice...'
07springcoachdriesbachtn12b.jpg (19366 bytes) Coach Driesbach:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"I thought our 'one's came out with purpose, and played with enthu- siasm and passion..."
07springcoachbailifftn12b.jpg (18384 bytes) Last word -- Coach Bailiff:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"They're still learning... but you see us making strides..."

A matter of priorities
Achieve order,

forge program
By Mark Anderson

07sprac1dbmug12.jpg (18843 bytes)
Deja vu?

HOUSTON (Mar. 13) —When David Bailiff took the head coaching job at Rice in late January, he walked into a situation that had gone through considerable upheaval the week before he ar- rived. All of the former coaching staff, with three exceptions, had taken jobs at Tulsa. Because of that, recruiting was up in the air. It seemed to present a difficult ordeal for anyone who came to Rice as the head coach.

That was the situation when Rice Athletic Director Chris DelConte stepped to the microphone and introduced David Bailiff as the new head coach on January 19. Our publication’s headline at the time proclaimed "Order in the Court." It turned out there was more truth to that headline than we could have realized that day.
readmore5.jpg (1055 bytes)   Coach Bailiff, up close (part 3)....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)     David Bailiff, up close (part 2)....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes) A conversation with Coach Bailiff (part 1)....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)

Coach Bailiff's pre-spring
drills interview...
07sprdbmug1.jpg (17788 bytes) Part 1:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes) 'Every one of those guys out there is going to be an important piece of the puzzle...'
07sprdbtn2.jpg (17863 bytes) Part 2:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes) "Misalignments, missed assignments get you beat faster than mismatches..."
07sprDBtn3.jpg (18225 bytes) Part 3:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)   ''We're going to have a blue-collar work ethic out there..."

Recent Thresher

STAR.gif (898 bytes)Bobby T: 'I felt an obligation and an opportunity....'
STAR.gif (898 bytes)Football announces 22 new recruits....
STAR.gif (898 bytes)Texas State coach replaces Graham....
STAR.gif (898 bytes)Bailiff brings new defensive scheme...
STAR.gif (898 bytes)Athletic renaissance puts Rice in vanguard...
Capsule comments from
Bailiff press conference
07coachdbtn1.jpg (16386 bytes) Coach Bailiff:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'I'm here to increase the build on what those players accomplished...'
07coachchasectn2.jpg (13695 bytes) Chase Clement:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'If you guys want to be part of a winner, come on...'
07coachcdctn3x1.jpg (15642 bytes) Chris Del Conte:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'We hired a better man, than we did a football coach...'
07coachgeorgectn1.jpg (13524 bytes) George Chukwu:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'He's going to bring a lot of energy and focus to playing defense...'
07coachlutebtn1.jpg (14318 bytes) Lute Barber:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'We think he's going to be a real player's coach...'
07coachbuckyatn1.jpg (13705 bytes) Bucky Allshouse:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'When David came in the second day, he just blew us away...'

Interview:  Chase Clement
'We'll see him next year out here on this field'
07coachccint1vx.jpg (38478 bytes)

HOUSTON (Jan. 12) -- Rice sophomore quarterback Chase Clement, who was generally recognized as the chief engineer of Rice's offensive attack this past season, was present at the press conference called by Athletic Director Chris Del Conte Friday morning, and, having been asked to stick around afterwards and answer reporters' questions, turned candid in a hurry. Here's the substance of his press interview.

Q: How bad a setback to the team is Coach Graham's sudden departure?

No -- it isn't one. There are a bunch of guys on this team that are really looking forward to next year, and the chance to win a conference championship. Our goals haven't changed. We're going to work to accomplish that.

Q: In this day and time, is it just that athletes have to get used to this kind of uncertainty with their coaches?

Well, of course if you get recruited by a guy and you don't necessarily know whether that guy is going to be there when you're a senior, that's part of the landscape of college football nowadays.
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