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2:30 p.m.

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Marshall 20, Rice 7

Freshman JoVoni Johnson started at quarterback and added a hitherto-unseen spark at the Owls' offensive helm (David Speed Elder photo)

Blaze Alldredge was his usual all-over-the-field self in sparking Rice defensive effort against Marshall; here he teams with two Owl teammates to get a sack on Herd quarterback  (David Speed Elder photo)

HOUSTON (Nov. 2) -- Ostensibly, Rice’s 20-7 loss to Marshall on this cool, sunny Homecoming afternoon followed much the same pattern as have the bulk of the Owls’ ever-accumulating stack of defeats this benighted season.

With a Groundhog Day-like regularity, this Rice team has offset  a strong, competitive effort by an overworked-but-underpaid Owl defense, with an inscrutable offensive game plan featuring missed opportunities and many square pegs fitted into round holes. 
Continues....         Box score, stats...

Latest headlines...
Herd beat Rice at its own game
(Charleston Gazette-News -- Nov. 3)
Walk-on starter DeVones is on the rise
(The Roost -- Nov. 4)
Green leads Marshall to 20-7 win over Rice
(Washington Post/AP -- Nov. 2)
'When JoVoni was in there, the offense looked and felt different'
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 2)

JoVoni not enough to power Owls past Marshall
(The Roost -- Nov. 2)
Breaking down JoVoni's first start
(The Roost -- Nov. 2)
Marshall (tired cliche)'s Rice, 20-7
(Charleston Gazette-Mail -- Nov. 2)
Frosh quarterback starts in Rice loss to Marshall
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 2)
Rice-Marshall video highlights
( -- Nov. 2)
Marshall stays awake against Rice; stays in control of destiny
( -- Nov. 2)
JuCo transfer Rozner fitting in nicely at Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 25)

Southern Miss 20, Rice 6

Owl defense showed tenacity throughout USM game, holding Bulldogs to one-score deficit until waning seconds (David Speed Elder photo)

How to watch Rice-Marshall: TV channel, live stream
(CBS Sports -- Nov. 2)
Are the red-hot Herd entering a trap game?
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov 1)
Rice brings old-school mentality to matchup
(Charleston Gazette-Mail -- Nov. 1)
Marshall offense is going to be challenge
(The Roost -- Oct. 30)
Fantastic on defense, woeful on offense
(The Roost -- Oct. 31)
We're going to take away the game of telephone'
(The Roost -- Oct. 29)
USM defense paves way for win
(News Mississippi -- Oct. 26)
Perkins scores twice to lift USM
( -- Oct. 26)

UTSA 31, Rice 27

Garrett Grammer blows up UTSA’s fake punt, tackling runner for loss -- things looked good right about then (David Speed Elder photo)

SAN ANTONIO (Oct. 19) – It took a heck of a lot of hard work for the Rice Owls to manage to lose this one.

Leading narrowly most of the game, the Owls managed to shoot themselves in the foot enough times to allow the homestanding UTSA Roadrunners to grease their way to a 31-27 victory, much to the delight of a boisterous, albeit diminutive, homecoming crowd.

The makes five in a row the San Antonio contingent owns against our storied, hundred-plus-year-old major college football program. How the not-so-mighty have fallen.
       Box score, stats....

Familiar problems lead Owls to familiar results
(The Roost -- Oct. 20)
Rice, UTSA exchange blows all afternoon
(Underdog Dynasty -- Oct. 20)
Fourth-quarter lead disappears as Owls fall to UTSA
(The Roost --  Oct. 19)

Narcisse leads UTSA to win against Rice
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct.19)
Late TD leads UTSA past Rice
(Houston Chronicle/AP -- Oct. 19)
'We figured out a way to win'
(KENS-TV5 -- Oct. 19)
Key fumbles doom Owls
(RiceOwls -- Oct. 19)
UTSA comes from behind to beat Rice
(24/7 Sports -- Oct. 19)

Narcisse found Franklin behind coverage for winning TD
(USA Today --  Oct. 19)
Rice-UTSA video highlights, lowlights
(Stadium Sports -- Oct. 19)

UTSA week....

UAB 35, Rice 20

Aston Walter breaks through UAB containment en route to 64-yard TD run on Owls' first possession to take 7-0 lead (David Speed Elder photo)

August Pitre III skies for TD reception; the Owls' second of the game (David Speed Elder photo)

Owls know it's 'now or nothing'
(The Roost -- Oct. 18)

'Runners likely to see well-rested and prepared Rice team
(The Paisano -- Oct. 16)
Rice favored for first time in season vs UTSA
(The Roost podcast -- Oct. 16)
Seeking first win, Rice defense wants to put pressure on UTSA
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 15)
Rice game preview vs UTSA
(The Roost -- Oct. 15)
We have to start winning at some point'
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 13)
Owl loss was weird, water-logged, weather-delayed game
(The Roost -- Oct. 11)
Pressing questions following the rough start
(The Roost podcast -- Oct. 9)

Owls fall to UAB in delayed downpour
(The Roost -- Oct. 6)

UAB shuts out Rice in second half of 35-20 win
(Birmingham News -- Oct. 6)
Rice's top plays in UAB loss
( video -- Oct. 6)

UAB takes down Rice in 6-hour weather-delayed game
(Underdog Dynasty -- Oct. 6)
Rice falls to UAB, 35-20
( -- Oct. 6
Johnston, Stanley lead UAB to win over Rice
( -- Oct. 6)
Big pass plays pace UAB scoring in Rice win
(Birmingham News -- Oct. 6)

LA Tech 23, Rice 20 (OT)

LET'S GET IT STARTED -- Rice running back Aston Walter plunges in for the the Owls' first score on the evening as the Flock took 7-0 lead on opening drive (PTH photo)

Rice running back Charlie Booker hits the line hard, adding effective depth to Owl backfield corps (David Speed Elder photo)

HOUSTON (Sept. 28) – There were so many ways the Rice Owls could have won this game. Instead, it turned into just another loss, this time in overtime.

This was a barn-burner of a game – must’ve been a fun one to watch for the two or three thousand LA Tech fans in attendance, who saw their heroes trail the whole night, then win it in a walkoff. But it was an excruciatingly narrow loss for Rice loyalists to have to digest.

“It’s so frustrating to say that we’re close, but we’re close,” a glum Rice head coach Mike Bloomgren said afterwards. “I really believe with all my heart, when we break through, when we find a way to get these wins, we’re gonna be a tough team to deal with.”

But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades...

Continues....                    Box score, stats....

Position-by-position evaluation clearly favors UAB
(Birmingham News -- Oct. 3)
Owls all in on 'Intellectual Brutality'
(The Roost -- Oct. 2)

Film Room:  LA Tech review, UAB preview
(The Roost -- Oct. 2)

UAB hopes to rebound from 'tough loss'
(Birmingham News -- Oct. 2)
WKU loss bit of a shocker to UAB
(Sports Chat Place --Oct. 2)
Coach Bloom reflects on missed chances vs LA Tech
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 2)
Bloomgren's Owls could be best 0-5 team in all of FBS
(Underdog Dynasty -- Oct. 2)

Defense a bright spot for yet-to-win Owls
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 1)
Rice to take on defending C-USA champion UAB
(The Roost -- Oct. 1)
UAB looking to bounce back after loss to Western Kentucky
( -- Oct. 1)
Owls frustrated after dropping winnable game
(The Roost -- Sept. 30)
Rice-UAB pregame statistical analysis
( -- Sept. 30)
Three takeaways from Rice's narrow OT loss to LA Tech
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 30)
Owls stumble against LA Tech
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 29)
Rice gets name-checked in SNL premiere sketch
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 29)
Rice falters in C-USA opener against Louisiana Tech
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 29)
Smith's OT run negates Rice game-long lead, Aston Walter's big day
(Fox Sports/AP -- Sept. 28)
Mistakes cost Owls in OT loss to LA Tech
(The Roost -- Sept. 28)
LA Tech escapes Rice in overtime
(San Antonio Express-News -- Spet. 28)
Rice-LA Tech game video highlights
( -- Sept. 28)
Rice 'D' imposed its will until last play
(Underdog Dynasty -- Sept. 28)
LATech didn't take lead until it mattered most
(Sulphur Daily News -- Sept. 28)
Owls believe C-USA play offers even playing field
(The Roost -- Sept. 28)

LA Tech week...

Baylor 21, Rice 13

UP AND OVER -- Owl offense gradually began to wear down That Good Old Baylor Line, second half (David Speed Elder photo)

Rice quarterback Tom Stewart completes 21-yard touchdown run, one play after Willey Green was cheap-shot to the bench; it was the Owls' only trip to the pay station on the day despite several deep penetrations.  If it had been horseshoes, Rice would've won (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Sept. 22) – Well, that was fun – and at the same time, excruciating.

The Rice Owls continued their tortuous journey back toward football respectability here Saturday in a 21-13 home loss to Baylor that was not as close – and at the same time closer – than the scored indicated.

Not as close, because the gap between Baylor’s and Rice’s size, skills and especially speed was ever obvious, as was the visitors' superior capability in implementing a winning game plan. Closer, though, because the Owls showed spirit, resilience and fire in staying in the game until the last minute and showing they totally belonged on the same field as their Big 12 foe.

It was a fun game to watch because the Men of South Main took an opponent who obviously came in expecting to win by four or five touchdowns, and kicked them right in the teeth.
Box score, stats....

Tech continues league play in Houston
(RSHV News -- Sept. 26)
Note to TS: Run it til they fear you
(The Roost -- Sept. 26)

Bulldogs lookng forward to stopping Rice offense
( -- Sept. 26)
Roost podcast: Baylor recap, LA Tech preview
(The Roost -- Sept. 25)

LA Tech takes three-game win streak into Rice
(Norfolk Daily News -- Sept. 24)
LA Tech enters game on heels of first league win
(The Roost -- Sept. 24)
At 0-4, Rice has offered signs of progress
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 24)
Stayin' alive: Trammell continues to excel
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 24)
Holtz:  'Huge mistake to underestimate this team'
(Winners and Whiners -- Sept. 24)
Perspective needed after Owls' tough start
(The Roost -- Sept. 23)
Ruhle: Rice's results just don't say it yet; they will
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 23)
Owls mount comeback that falls just short
(The Roost --  Sept. 21)
Baylor happy to escape with win; might have been even happier with wakeup call Rice gave them
(Fresno Bee/Associated Press -- Sept. 21)

Baylor is a lot better than they were tonight

(Our Daily  Bears -- Sept. 21)
Baylor escapes Owl upset bid; Rice defense blanks Bears in second half
( -- Sept. 21)
Rice is almost there, but yet to arrive
(Underdog Dynasty -- Sept. 21)
Rice-Baylor video highlights
(CBS SN -- Sept. 21)
Ruhle: 'I knew it was going to be a game like that'
(Baylor Athletics/video -- Sept. 21)
Rice offense falters in bid to upset Baylor
(Houston Chronicle --- Sept. 21)
Ruhle:  'In a lot of ways, Rice deserved to win'
(Waco Tribune-Herald -- Sept.21)

Read more here:
Baylor ekes out win despite offense's second-half disappearance
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 21)
Rice MOB  provides epic troll job of Texas team GPA
(Saturday Down South -- Sept. 18)

Baylor Week...

Rice MOB UT Halftime Show:  'Too bad your football team doesn't have elite GPAs'

Texas 48, Rice 13

Blaze Aldridge had a good night on the defensive side for the Owls.  Not much else to crow about, however (David Speed Elder photo)

HOUSTON (Sept. 15) -- Rice’s defeat at the hands of the University of Texas Saturday, even its measure of defeat, came hardly as a surprise to the those invested in Owl football fortunes.

The final result, indeed, came about roughly as expected. But it was the way the Owls so quickly succumbed, so clearly demonstrated the deficit in talent, that doubtless has more than a few of the more cynical diehards rushing to the barn to dig out their pitchforks.

The more evenhanded among the South Main cohort will once again point to the rebuilding aspect, to the depths to which Rice's once-proud football program has fallen in the eyes of the rank and file of this state of 30 million people, a lot of whom, if they think about Rice football at all, it’s only to wonder how long it is before they, like the University of Chicago, like Sewancee, like Southwestern, downgrade or just drop the charade altogether..

If your thoughts turned the same way as you trundled out of NRG Stadium Saturday night, there’s no compunction in that.

Continues...      Box score, stats....

Wiley ready to go for Owls vs Baylor
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 21)
Baylor should have considerable number of fans at Rice
(Waco Tribune-Herald -- Sept. 21)

Rice leads nation in something: least penalty yards per game
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 20)
Trammell Owls' best offensive spark
(24/7 Sports -- Sept. 20)
Owl commits bitten by injury bug
(The Roost -- Sept. 20)
Some reasons to keep the faith
(The Roost -- Sept. 19)
Having blasted lesser lights, just how good is this Baylor team?
(The Roost -- Sept. 19)

BU Coach Ruhle's Rice connection
(One True Podcast -- Sept. 19)
How Baylor's Ruhle has influenced Coach Bloom
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 19)
Chance to see in-state rivalry game
(Houston On the Cheap -- Sept. 19)
Arnold contributing in many ways for Bears
(Waco Tribune-Herald -- Sept. 19)

Will Bears continue cruise toward Big 12 play?
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 19)
Baylor's won last 8 meetings against Rice
(24/7 Sports -- Sept. 19)

Numbers show Owls headed in right direction
(The Roost -- Sept. 18)

Baylor set to renew SWC rivalry with Rice
( -- Sept. 18)
Rice's starting QB may be back
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 18)
Undefeated Baylor to present Owls with another major challenge
(The Roost -- Sept. 17)
Wiley could be back at QB against Baylor
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 17)
Baylor vets bring power, know-how to kicking team
(Waco Tribune-Herald -- Sept. 17)

Coach Bloom's Baylor week press conference quotes
( -- Sept. 17)
Rice's next opponent leads nation in scoring
(24/7 Sports -- Sept. 17)
Baylor's Ruhle:  'Rice is a goodfootball team'
( -- Sept. 17)
Baylor's pummeled its lesser competition
(Sports Chat Place -- Sept. 17)

More stories....
Kirk Bohls:  Why does Texas play Rice?  Well, because it's easy
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 15)  email:
Saturday evening was in fact hard for Rice
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 15)
The good, bad, unexpected from UT's comfortable win over Rice
(Burnt Orange Nation -- Sept. 15)

Longhorns regroup with dominating performance against Owls
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Texas cooks Rice in 48-13 blowout victory
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Texas overwhelms Rice in lopsided affair
(The Roost -- Sept. 14)
Texas strikes early and often in rolling past Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 14)
Texas rolls past Rice
( -- Sep. 14)
Saturday was in fact hard for the Owls
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 14)
UT routs Rice; turns attention to Big 12
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 14)
Horns didn't want Owls to linger.  They didn't
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 14)
Pix tell the story in Rice loss to UT
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 14)
Longhorns bounce back with thorough takedown of Rice
(CBS Sports -- Sept. 14)
Longhorns quickly put LSU loss behind them
(SF Chroncile/AP --  Sept. 14)
Longhorns have field day, build confidence in blowout win
(Austin American-Statesman
How Horns have fared against Owls recently
(Austin American Statesmen sports page screen shots -- Sept. 14)
Kirk Bohls et al. break down "thoroughly dominating" win over Rice
(OMNY-FM podcast -- Sept. 14)
Winning coin flip, Herman wanted extra first-half series for first team
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 14)
Rice repeatedly lost LOS battle with Texas DL
(Inside Texas -- Sept. 14)
Dominant on both sides of ball, Texas wrested early lead
(Burnt Orange Nation -- Spet. 14)

It's Texas Week....
Owls victorious, '94

Here stands that '94 Rice team that beatTexas,19-17(for larger image, click on pic)
The last time we beat the Evil Empire....

Wake Forest 41, Rice 21

Brad Rozner, a 6-5 junior from Needville, sprints for down 40-yard pass-and-run play that set up first Rice touchdown (David Speed Elder photo)

Austin Trammell exhults after his extraordinary touchdown run, fourth quarter against Wake (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Sept. 7) – Well, perhaps we can consider it just a warmup for Texas week. The Rice Owls did fall to the Wake Forest Demon Deacons here at Rice Stadium Friday before a nationally televised audience, 41-21, in a game that was a smorgasbord of mistakes, outstanding efforts, mismatches, unknown knowns, known unknowns, and, yeah, then there was The Injury.

Let’s put it this way: if the name of the game on Friday was “sucker punch the enemy quarterback” then the visting Baptists had one hell of a first quarter. With Rice down 14-0, and driving, second and goal at the one yard line, Owl redshirt frosh QB Wiley Green pulled out the ball and headed for the flag.

Just before he got there, he was greeted by 6-3, 260-pound Wake DL Royce Francis, who spun him momentarily, while senior linebacker Justin Strnad saw a chance for a direct hit. He rocketed in, helmet first.
Continues....        Box score, stats....

Rice tops UT for USNWR best Texas college...again
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 9)
Coach Bloom addresses Rice football alumni
(Houston Chronicle video -- Sept. 13)
Rice's Stewart ready for challenge of No. 12 Texas
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 13
No. 12 Texas looks to  bounce back against overmatched Rice
(Burnt Orange Nation -- Sept. 13)
Texas trio started their bonding at Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 13)

Last time Owls faced a no. 12 Texas team, Rice won
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 13)
Longhorns try to bounce back against scrappy Owls
(Athlon Sports -- Sept. 13)
Expect more 4-linebacker sets when Texas plays Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 13)
Best way to get past LSU?  A blowout win over Rice
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 13)
Owls have a lot of room to grow
(Saturday Blitz -- Sept. 13)

Texas has some questions to answer
(Burnt Orange Nation -- Sept. 13)
Upsets:  the anatomy of a successful underdog
(The Roost -- Sept. 12)
Tale of the tape:  how Rice, Texas break down
(Horns 24/7 -- Sept. 12)
Texas rush defense to be tested vs Rice
(Burnt Orange Nation -- Sept. 12)
Ehlinger should outdo Wake quarterback against Owls
(USA Today -- Sept. 12)
Rice offense shouldn't change with Stewart at helm
(Burnt Orange Nation --  Sept. 12)
Flareups continue in A/CGate; Cajuns getting nasty over phone
(Burnt Orange Nation -- Sept. 12)
Texas DBs still have some growing up to do
(Burnt Orange Nation -- Sept. 12)
Rice gets another big test against Texas
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 11)
Film room:  breaking down offense vs Wake Forest
(The Roost -- Sept. 11)
Owl losing trend to UT not a recent phenomenon
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 11)

How JFK's speech defined a rivalry
( -- Sept. 11)

What they're saying:  Coach Bloom previews Texas
(24/7 Sports -- Sept. 11)
Owls will present different look for Horns
(Burnt Orange Nation -- Sept. 11)
Last time these two met, Owls doubled UT offensive production
(USA Today -- Sept. 11)
Questions still linger for UT over LSU loss
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 11)

Owls have brutal nonconference schedule, but still tired of losing
(Texas Football -- Sept. 10}
Herman: No need to panic after loss to LSU
(Austin American Statesman --  Sept. 10)
What Longhorns can learn from Wake's win over Rice
( -- Sept. 10)
Herman says has 'extremely fond memories' of time at Rice
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 10)

Owl QB position in focus going into Texas game
(The Roost -- Sept. 9)
Rice QB Green's tests negative after injury
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 8)
The politics of "Horns Down" hand sign
(And the Valley Shook -- Sept. 2)

Meet Tom Stewart, the Owls' presumptive new QB1
(The Roost -- Sept. 8)
Owls defeated by Wake Forest; Green injured
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 8)
Wiley Green knocked out; Owls fall to Wake
(The Roost -- Sept. 6)
Rice top plays vs Wake Forest (video)
(CBS/Stadium -- Sept. 7)

Wiley Green injured in Rice loss to Wake Forest
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 7)
Stadium shuddered in complete silence, first quarter
(Underdog Dynasty -- Sept. 7)
Owls lose quarterback as well as game
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept 7)
Owls lose home opener after allowing 27 unanswered
(Underdog dynasty -- Sept. 7)
Newman's passing leads Wake Forest to 41-21 win
(The Chronicle-Herald -- Sept. 7)
'We had a great day throwing the football today'
(24-7 Sports -- Sept. 7)
Deacons took advantage of size at wide receiver
(Times Herald-Record/AP -- Sept. 7)
Clawson: 'We settled into what they were doing'
(24/7 Sports -- Sept. 7)
Washington had career game on hot night in Texas
(Winston-Salem Journal -- Sept. 7)

Bonus video:  sights and sounds of Rice-Army... 
Army 14, Rice 7

Rice running back Aston Walter stiff-arms an Army defender en route to en route to first-down yardage (Davd Speed Elder photo)

Middle of Owl defense stuffs Army running back Sandon McCoy on fourth and one at Cadet 21-yard line, first quarter (David Speed Elder photo)

After blasting a couple of Army defenders, rehabilitated Owl running back Nahshon Ellerbe outruns rest for 54-yard TD run, second quarter (David Speed Elder photo)

WEST POINT, NY (Aug. 31) – The Rice Owls’ collective effort against a heralded Army team here Friday evening left their mini-legion of Instituters stunned and, while they and their team obviously were still a long way away from that boat on the beach in Zihuataneho, the results suggested the Owls seemed definitely to have made it out of the sewer pipe.

When an aggressive, swarming Rice defensive front locked up Army RB Sandon McCoy for a loss after Academy coach Jeff Monken rather arrogantly went for it on fourth and one on their own 15-yard line, first possession, the boisterous Corps of Cadets assumed the position of silence, while Rice supporters felt a sudden surge of hope down deep.

When rejuvenated senior running back Nahshon Ellerbe busted out for a 54-yard second quarter, game-tying touchdown run, a cheer ran through the tiny crowed of Owl fans hunched in the corner of the end zone. This time, Hope had welled up to the point that even the most pessimistic most-assuredly began to feel it, were they paying any attention.
Rice-Army box score, stats....

A healthy Ellerbe improves Owls' chances
(CBS Sports -- Sept. 5)
Breaking down the fourth-down stop vs Army
(The Roost/with video -- Sept. 4)
Owls to take on ACC's Wake Forest after Army loss
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 4)
Owl great O J Brigance can always call Rice home
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 4)
Wake Forest week press conference notes
(The Roost -- Sept. 4)
Rice could keep it close early with Wake, but...
(Athlon Sports -- Sept. 4)
WF's big halftime lead last year means nothing
(Blogger So Dear -- Sept. 4)
Rice-Army recap; Wake preview
(The Roost -- Sept. 4)
WF's Clawon recaps Ute State, previws Rice
( -- Sept. 3)
Wake injury, depth chart updates
( -- Sept. 3)
Owls forge identity with physical start
(The Roost -- Sept. 3)
'Old school' does not necessarily mean 'effective'
(Blogger So Dear -- Sept. 3)
Wake football injury, depth chart updates
(Demon Deacon Sports -- Sept. 3)
This one should be all Wake
(Sports Chat Place -- Sept. 3)
Week One C-USA Roundup
(The Roost -- Sept. 2)
A winnable game that got away
(The Roost -- Sept. 2)
Wasn't the start Army fans were expecting to see
(Against All Enemies -- Sept.1)
Deacons to take on a much-improved Rice team
(Winners and Whiners -- Sept. 1)
Flashback: Owls, Clement get boost as Flocks rolls past Army (2006)
(The Rice Football Webletter -- Oct. 1, 2006)
Army football expected to steam Rice
(Times-Herald Record online -- Aug.30)

Army, Michigan's next foe, has its hands full againat Rice
(MGoBlue -- Sept. 1)
Owls miss chance to upset Army on the road
(The Roost -- Aug. 30)
Stunning display of poise from the Rice team
(Times-Herald Record -- Aug. 31
Owls salvage hope from tough loss at Army
(The Roost -- Aug. 31)
Rice-Army full game video highlights
(CBSSN -- Aug. 31)

Army-Rice video highlights from Army SID
(GoArmySports -- Aug. 31)
Last-gasp drive falls short as Owls play tough, lose close
( -- Aug. 31)
Improvements in Bloomgren's second season debut
(CUSA Report -- Aug. 31)
Owls' Montero:  "A very tough loss"
(Stars and Stripes -- Aug. 31)
Army staves off upset-minded Rice
(The Fanatic -- Aug. 31)
Rice defense gives Army all it can handle
(Underdog Dynasty -- Aug. 30)
Rice comes up short to Army in season opener
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 30)
16-play drive ices narrow win for Army
(USA Today -- Aug. 30)

Owl DB Miles McCord (L) tangles with frosh WR Jashon Palmer in Saturday, Aug. 10, scrimmage (PTH photo)

True frosh QB JoVoni Johnson here easily cruises past corner containment before dashing 60 yards untouched for TD; note to naysayers:  this one is Plus Player, maybe a Super (PTH photo)

Hey, Army, there's a wrong way and a Rice way
(Los Angeles Times -- March 16, 1987)

Rice will be tested early by Army
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 29)

Mike Bloomgren prepares for Army's triple option
(Underdog Dynasty -- Aug. 29)
Army enters season on wings of nine-game win streak
(Against All Enemies -- Aug. 29)
Army looks to pick up where 70-14 rout of Coogs left off
(Sports Chat Place -- Aug. 29)
Hopkins back for another turn at QB for Cadets
(Athlon Sports -- Aug. 29)
Army day away from Rice opener
(Spectrum News -- Aug. 29)

Roost Rice-Army preview podcast
(The Roost -- Aug. 28)

Wiley Green draws starting nod at QB against Army
(The Rice Thresher -- Aug.28)
Owls are stronger, thanks
(Click2Houston -- Aug. 28)
New students should give Rice athletics a chance
(The Rice Thresher -- Aug. 28)
Coach Bloom: 'This is a team hungry for success'
(The Roost -- Aug. 27)
Green outduels Stewart for starting QB spot
(The Roost -- Aug. 27)
Rice names Wiley Green starting QB
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 27)
Owl coaching staff mulls Luck retirement
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 27)
Owls to have a go at Army's triple option
(The Roost -- Aug. 26)

Projecting Rice football depth chart
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 26)
Scattershooting final practice of fall camp
(The Roost -- Aug. 23)
Myles Adams hopes to build on experience
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Rice determined to raise its game in 2019
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This week's scoreboard....

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Marshall postgamer
Coach Bloom
'You can see that our offense had life today. That was the difference'
Juma Otoviano
'We had a lot of spark here and there, but weren't able to finish'
Antonio Montero
'We played just 'good' today. Twenty points is way too much'
USM postgamer
Coach Bloom
Austin Trammell
Treshawn Chamberlain
UTSA postgamer
Coach Bloom
'We've got to do better as coaches, and it starts with me'
Antonio Montero 
'The losses just keep getter tougher... all we can do is work'
Brad Rozner 
'We've just got to learn from our mistakes... we're a team, we play together'
UAB postgamer
Coach Bloom
'It was raining when the other team got the ball, too'
Aston Walter
'I took his advice, took to the coaching, and it worked'
Blaze Alldredge
'When you send pressure, you've got to be there; we can't hit those late'
UAB Week...
Coach Bloom
'We knew that was a winnable game.  We know we shot our- selves in the foot'
LA Tech postgamer
Coach Bloom
'I don't want to find a way to lose one any closer, that's for sure'
Myles Adams
'It was a draw; a quarterback draw. We can't let that happen'
Austin Trammell
'That was tough... bottom line is we've got to find a way to score more points'
LA Tech week
Coach Bloom
'(Tech's) got talent through- out their program, to go along with great coaching'
Charlie Booker
'With me and Tom, this is actually kind of our first time playing together'
Baylor postgamer
Coach Bloom
'I'm absolutely over the moon and proud with the way these kids played'
Wiley Green  'We've got to keep moving the sticks, score in the red zone; plain and simple' 
Antonio Montero
'We've got  conference coming up; I think that will shift things in our direction'
Baylor week
Coach Bloom, Brian Chaffin, Naeem Smith
Texas postgamer

Coach Bloomgren, Blaze Aldridge, Aston Walter
Texas Week
Coach Bloomgren
'We continue to play very hard; they are playing for each other, they are playing with passion'
Bradley Rozner
If you want to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best; it’s going to be a challenge'
Blaze Aldridge
'I think we’ve shown tremen- dous growth as a defense. There’s a resilience'
Wake Forest postgamer...
Coach Bloom
'We're not quite there, to play with an ACC Bowl team'
Tom Stewart
'A lot of our mistakes were execution- wise, but there was no lack of effort'
Anthony Ekpe
'At the end of the day, we didn't get the win; that's what matters'
Wake Forest week...
Coach Bloomgren
'Only thing disappointing is that we didnt' come away with a win'
Nahshon Ellerbe
'There are no moral victories in this game'
Antonio Montero
'It proves we can play with anybody; now we have another big challenge
Army postgamer...
Coach Bloomgren
'We took a team of this caliber to deep water'
Antonio Montero
If we hang like that, we can win'
Nahshon Ellerbe
I want to do all the things that it takes to win'
More  Media Day...
Defensive Coordinator Brian Smith
Special Teams
Drew Svoboda
Offensive Coordinator
Jerry Mack

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 Q&A about the coming season

Blaze Alldredge talks about increased size, speed, depth on defense

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