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2004 Edition

02sammybarrowtn.jpg (13413 bytes)Tired of wading through all the pro sports coverage in the local sports sections hunting  for Rice football news?   Well, here, the tables are turned.  Absolutely no pro sports stories in THIS sports section--it's nothing but Rice football news, with  Webletter reports, plus pointers to Brian McTaggart stories in the Chronicle, other opponent-city papers, Rice SID sources and the leading commercial websites.  If it isn't of interest to Rice football fans, it's someplace else!     2003 Rice football sports page         Links to coverage of the Rice athletics controversy....

Rice-Louisiana Tech week

Rice concludes season in embarrassing fashion
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov.30)
Tech rolls over Rice, 51-14
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 30)
Jack's coming back:  Bicknell to return for Tech
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 30)

LaTech thrashes Rice in finale
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 30)
Big plays give Bulldogs big win over Rice
(LaTechSports.com -- Nov. 30)

LaTech spoils Rice's final WAC game
(RiceOwls.com -- Nov. 30)

Last doesn't mean least to Rice, LaTech
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 29)
LaTech seeks reasons for season
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 29)
Tech, Rice square off for last time in WAC
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 29)

Tech ends season in Houston
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 29)

Another ugly loss to Rice not an option
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 26)

Rice players honored for academic success
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 26)look.gif (159 bytes)
Briles:  'Never were able to create confidence, momentum'
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 26)
look.gif (159 bytes)
Bulldogs seek redemption against Owls
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 25)
Flash!   Coogs actually beat Owls in a team sport
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 24)
Rice-Tech crowd could be on the lean side
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 24)

Are you ready for some WAC football?
(Houston Chronbicle -- Nov. 23)

Tech's Moats forgot shoes for Boise game
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 22)
Tech's trip to Boise fun for a half
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 22)
Helmandollar sets BSU mark with 5 TDs against La Tech
(Idaho Statesman -- Nov. 21)
LaTech will face Boise scoring machine
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 19)
Losing starts to weigh on Celina alum
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 17)
Miner defense targets ball when tackling
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 17)
Benson disappointed in polls
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 17)

Concern for field at Reliant prompts move
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 16)
'Destiny' changed Price's life forever
(Technicianonline.com -- Nov. 16)
20-minute speech at Rice showed new AG nominee's merit
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 16)

Stripping practice pays off for UTEP in win over Rice
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 15)

UTEP slips past upset-minded Owls in double overtime
(RiceOwls.com -- Nov. 14)
Rice gives UTEP major scare in 35-28 loss
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 14)

UTEP needs two overtimes to get win
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 14)

Miners' problems began on game's first drive
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 14)

Defense saves game for Miners
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 14)

Missed field goals cost Rice
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 14)

Miracle season continues with overtime win
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 14)

Sixth straight win thrills Miner fans
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 14)

Wow! #23 Utep beats Rice in 2 OTs
(KFOX-TV.com -- Nov. 14)
No. 23 UTEP beats Rice 35-28 in double OT
(ABC News/Associated Press -- Nov. 14)
Owl fans say:  proud of team, coaches
(Owlzone discussion thread)

UTEP week

"We're trying to get back our confidence"
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 12)
UTEP does the mash, the Miner Mash
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 12)
Price performs Miner miracle in first year
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 11)
Rice-UTEP series has produced classics in Sun Bowl
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 11)
Owls feel pain of losing streak
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 11)
UTEP must contain Rice ground attack
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 11)

Former quarterback stepping up for UTEP
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 11)
UTEP assistant gets the best out of players
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 11)

Cornerback, team make great strides
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 11)

Price of redemption is success
(Philadelphia Daily News -- Nov. 11)
New defensive looks force skidding Owls to adjust on fly
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 10)
Miner WR  impressive during practice
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 10)

Wintry weather for football weekend in El Paso
(El Paso TImes -- Nov. 10)

Scout teamers big reason for Miner success
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 10)

Miners begin final stretch against Rice
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 9)
Price, Miners are chipping away at image problems
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 9)
Fresno's Hill:  'We pretty much shut that option team down'
(CollegeSports.com -- Nov. 9)

Keeping Price at UTEP shouldn't be all that difficult
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 8)

Coaching agrees with Mike Price
(USA Today -- Nov. 8)

Price: 'This team rushed for 450 yards against us last year'
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 8)
Revived Price spices up lackluster UTEP
(St. Petersburg, Fla., Times -- Nov. 7)
Miner football team gains fans from up North
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 7)
Rice pretty ugly on beautiful day
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 7)
'Dogs craft second straight dominant performance
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 7)

'Dogs perfect the pick-and-roll
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 7)

Rice offense finds few options against 'Dogs
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 7)

Fresno-Rice by the numbers
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 7)
Fresno State-Rice postgame notes
(CollegeSports.com -- Nov. 7)

Rice had more yardage, but made more mistakes
(San Francisco Chronicle -- Nov. 7)
Fresno defense stuffs Owls' ground attack in blowout
(CollegeSports.com -- Nov. 7)
Fresno State spoils Rice Homecoming with 52-21 win
(RiceOwls.com -- Nov. 7)
Former Owl cornerback tells current team to hang tough
(Owlzone discussion thread)

Rice-Fresno State week

Owls try for first win of series against Fresno
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 6)
Time to climb over the bottom-feeders
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 6)

Small crowd, no impact  for league crown in Fresno-Rice
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 6)

Fresno's Mankins:  'Worse than a high school stadium when I was playing in a small town'
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 5)
Fresno defense must contend with Rice's cut blocking
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 5)

Rice's option attack may give 'Dogs problems
(The Daily Collegian -- Nov. 5)
This is the Paul Pinegar fans have been waiting for
(The Daily Collegian -- Nov. 5)
Former Owl star, now MD, dissects Rice option, makes diagnosis
(Owlzone discussion thread)

Fresno State looks to be out of its rut
(CollegeFootballNews.com - Nov. 5)
Owls looking for lucky 7 at home
(West University Examiner -- Nov. 4)
Visintainer finds little kick in '04
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 4)

Owls keep open their quarterback options
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 3)

Better to cut a rug, 'Dogs get new shoes
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 3)

Rice line gets on-the-job training
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 3)
Play of Armstrong, Juist bright spots in Tulsa game
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 2)
'It was something I thought about at 2:15 Saturday morning'
(CollegeSports.com -- Nov. 2)
Bright bite keeps it light
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 2)
Pat Hill:  'They're very tough on that carpet in Houston'
(CollegeSports.com -- Nov. 2)

Backup Bulldogs stand up against SMU
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 1)

Owls host Fresno State in homecoming game
(RiceOwls.com -- Nov. 1)
Another starring role for Kilian
(TheHurricaneAlert.com -- Nov. 1)
Hey, Paul Pinegar is not lost
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 31)
Rice can't find cure to road ills in Tulsa
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 31)
Davis scores on kickoff again, TU wins
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 31$)

Annoyed, he runs to joy
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 31$)

'We played Navy a different way'
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 31$)

Tulsa rolls over Rice, 39-22
(CollegeSports.com -- Oct. 31)
Tulsa extends Rice's road woes with 39-22 victory
(RiceOwls.com -- Oct. 31)

Rice-Tulsa week

Rice option similar to one Navy used to pound 'Canes
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 29$)
UTEP, Moats looking good at WAC mid-season
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Oct. 29)
Disappointment for Tulsa's Brandon Diles
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 28$)
Tulsa shuffles defensive positions
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 28$)

With pair of options, Rice set at quarterback
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 27)
Latest Rice football grad rate pegged at 92%
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 27)

Owls try to break out of doldrums
(NBC5i.com -- Oct. 27)
It's a long -- and winless -- road for most WAC teams
(Idaho Statesman -- Oct. 27)

Owls inconsistent; Alikor leads revived 'D'
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 27$)
Rice QB starter decision up in air
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 27$)

Owls try to shake sophomore blues
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 26)
TU to avoid bedlam time in eighth straight night game
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 26$)

Speculation on Tulsa injury status
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 26$)
Tulsa's Kragthorpe:  'We can only look ahead'
(CollegeSports.com -- Oct. 26)
NCAA grad rates hold steady
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 26)

Navy wasn't expecting the other guy to miss
(Hampton Roads, Va., Virginian-Pilot -- Oct. 25)
Hurricane not giving up despite consecutive heartbreakers
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 25$)

AP photos from Rice-Navy game
(GoMidshipmen.com -- Oct. 25)

Rice can't find finishing kick against Navy
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 24)
Midshipmen edge Rice, clinch winning season
(Annapolis Capital -- Oct. 24)

Rice's botched extra point allows Navy to escape
(Baltimore Sun -- Oct. 24)

Navy's defense taking care of business
(Annapolis Capital -- Oct. 24)

Gladchuk says Navy sure to attract bowl look
(Annapolis Capital -- Oct. 24)

Navy's Johnson:  'We sure didn't get any breaks'
(NavySports.com -- Oct. 24)

Point made:  Navy escapes with 14-13 victory
(Washington Times -- Oct. 24)

Navy survives Rice's rally
(Washington Post -- Oct. 24)

Midshipman Roitsch holds soft spot for Rice
(Annapolis Capital -- Oct. 21)

Rice-Navy week

Up-and-down nature of season confounds Owls
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 21)
Midshipman Roitsch holds soft spot for Rice
(Annapolis Capital -- Oct. 21)
look.gif (159 bytes)
Johnson on Hat: 'He's been kind of a wishbone guy'
(NavyAthletics.com -- Oct. 21)
Navy's 12th Man about to kick off
(Washington Times -- Oct. 21)

Johnson:  'We're just trying to win our sixth game'
(NavyAthletics.com -- Oct. 19)
Navy coach stressing better field position
(Annapolis Capital -- Oct. 19)
Mids are enlisting a few good cover men
(Washington Post -- Oct. 19)
Pack defense cremes (sic) Rice
(Lahontan Valley News and Fallon Eagle Standard -- Oct. 19)
Here's to winning -- with honor -- at Navy
(MSNBC.com -- Oct. 11)
Hat:  'They did a better job than anybody else'
(Tahoe Daily Tribune -- Oct. 18)
Who's responsible for Navy's drought against ND?
(South Bend Tribune -- Oct. 18)

Cutting down Navy's option sparked Notre Dame win
(Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette -- Oct. 18)

This still isn't the year for Midshipmen
(Newsday -- Oct. 17)

Navy football finally turning the ship around
(Newark Star-Ledger -- Oct. 15)

In defense of Rice football
(Owlzone discussion thread)

Rice runs into lots of trouble
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 17)
Wolf Pack shuts down Owls' offense until fourth quarter
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Oct. 17)

Ault:  'We beat a heck of a football team'
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 17)

Pack fans celebrate homecoming
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 17)

Among the biggest stink bombs of all
(Owlzone Discussion thread)
Fighting Irish bully Navy along the line
(Annapolis Capitol -- Oct. 17)
Midshipment can't pass test
(Washington Post -- Oct. 17)

Rice-Nevada week

Krueger out with ankle injury; Smith, Rucker will play
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 16)
Ault:  A season of setbacks, lessons
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 16)

Rowe needs time to learn position
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 15)

Talib's travels proving to be a Wise move
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 15)
Vanover among four Rice athletes featured in PBS documentary
(Webletter feature)
Nevada football learning from rough going
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 14)
Nevada's defensive line getting healthy
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 14)

Rice running game poses major challenge for Pack
(The Nevada Sagebrush -- Oct. 14)

Rice experiences rare good fortune
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 13)
Pack 'D' faces offensive extremes in 7 days
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 13)

Owls featured in PBS documentary
(RiceOwls.com -- Oct. 13)
Fresno playing catch-up
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 13)

Pack to face Rice for Homecoming
(CollegeSports.com -- Oct. 12)
Owls have seen this movie before
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 12)
Ault makes decision:  Rowe is the quarterback
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 12)

Rowe keeps starting role at QB for Nevada
(KESQ-TV -- Oct. 12)

Bailey wins second WAC Player of Week award
(RiceOwls.com -- Oct. 11)

Ed Bailey named Chron WAC player of week
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 11)
Hawaii didn't need much time to roll over Pack 'D'
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 11)

Pack coach will end two-QB rotation
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 11)

Rice coasts to snap two-game skid
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 10)
Rice options unlimited in 44-10 defeat of SMU
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 10)

SMU quarterback shuffle yields scant dividends
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 10)
SMU can't solve Rice's option
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Oct. 10)

SMU no match for Rice
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Oct. 10)
Bailey scores four TDs as Rice defeats SMU
(SMUMustangs.com -- Oct. 10)
Nevada loses, 48-26, in Hawaii
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 10)
After blowout loss to Rice, Pony fans contemplate abyss
(Ponyfans.com discussion thread)

Rice-SMU week

Chron reports Armstrong to start against SMU
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 9)
It's SMU's linebackers vs. Rice's running game
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 9)

Big Greg's scary talent helps Rice offense go
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 8)
If Rice couldn't handle San Jose, who could it handle?
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Oct. 8)
Owls may still be winded from last week's barnburner
(SMU Daily Campus -- Oct. 8)
Score of the week, parts 1 through 4
(Newsday -- Oct. 8)

SMU's Munlin questionable for Saturday's game
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 7)
Former walk-ons led San Jose rally over Rice
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer -- Oct. 7)

San Jose loss was a fluke for the Owls
(KXAS TV, Dallas -- Oct. 6)
They're still talking about Rice-SJSU game
(Contra Costa Times -- Oct. 6)
With potent Rice up next, SMU's defense can't rest
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 6)
SMU's Bennett looking for help at running back
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 6)

SMU quarterback rotation is being evaluated
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 5)

Owls look to turn things around before waters get choppy
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 5)
Early exit leaves SJSU fan chagrined
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Oct. 5)

Defense not a priority for San Jose State-Rice
(Grand Rapids, Mich., Press -- Oct. 4)
Owls coping with 133-point hangover
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 4)

Dust off the history book
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Oct. 4)

Rice-San Jose numbers surreal
(CBS Sportsline -- Oct. 4)
Highest-scoring game in NCAA Div. 1A history played before nearly empty house
(Newsday -- Oct. 4)

Mind-boggling stats somehow equate to wild Spartans win
(San Francisco Chronicle -- Oct. 4)

Rice lets big lead get away, loses 70-63
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 3)
San Jose storms back to 70-63 victory over Rice
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Oct. 3)
Rogers comes off bench to lead Spartans rally
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Oct. 3)

San Jose State wins highest-scoring game ever
(Monterrey Herald -- Oct. 3)
Down come the goal posts at Spartan Stadium
(SpartanThunder.com -- Oct. 3)
San Jose State Outlasts Owls 70-63 In Highest-Scoring Div. I-A Regulation Game Ever
(Rice Owls.com -- Oct. 3)
Football spots Owls 27 points and then wins, 70-63
(SanJoseSpartans.com -- Oct. 3)
A sorry spectacle, but not end of the world
(Owlzone discussion thread )

Rice-San Jose State week

Spartans host WAC's top rushing offense
(The Spartan Daily -- Sept. 30)
San Jose alums discuss state of Spartan football
(The Spartan Daily -- Sept. 30)
Hatfield:   UT's Johnson a difference-maker
(The Daily Oklahoman -- Sept. 30)
Winning is Navy's best option
(Washington Post -- Sept. 30)

SMU optimistic after win over San Jose State
(San Francisco Chronicle -- Sept. 30)

Starting role a rush for Rice's Rucker
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 29)
Four of Owls' next five away from home
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 28)
If you missed MOB, you missed a show
(InsideTexas.com -- Sept. 28)

Football classic cost SJSU half mil
(The Spartan Daily -- Sept. 28)

Texas still working on its game
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 27)

Pick your poison:  Benson or tight ends?
(InsideTexas.com -- Sept. 27)
Get used to seeing the tight end
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 27)

Football looks for first win hosting Rice
(SJSU Spartans.com -- Sept. 27)
SMU takes its frustrations out by beating San Jose
(Contra Costa Times -- Sept. 26)

Benson leads land assault in Longhorn romp
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 26)
Undersized Owls unable to stop UT's ground game
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 26)
No. 32 might look good in bronze
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 26)

Horns' first offensive series set tone for route
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 26)

Rice's offense gets short end of wishbone
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 26)

Thomas, Scaife shine for Longhorns
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 26)

Certainty of Texas' passing game still up in the air
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 26)

Another 100-yard game for Benson
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 26)

Texas jumps on Rice early, coasts to 35-13 win
(TexasInsider.com -- Sept. 26)

Texas rolls up yards in rout of Rice
(San Antonio Express-News -- Sept. 26)

Longhorns give Rice the runaround
(The Daily Texas -- Sept. 26)

Texas toasts Rice for 339 rushing yards
(Chicago Sun-Times/AP -- Sept. 26)

Rice-Texas week

Don't fall asleep, Rice game worth some mention
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 24)
Out-of-state Owls climb aboard a rivalry
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 24)
Rice upset of Texas still marvelous
(San Antonio Express-News -- Sept. 24)

Rice, No. 5 Texas will run right at each other
(San Francisco Chronicle/AP -- Sept. 24)

UT has a 'bone to pick against Owls
(InsideTexas.com -- Sept. 24)

Hoot! There it is!look.gif (159 bytes)
(Owlzone/Houston Chronicle)

Rice riding 'bone on five-game win streak
(InsideTexas.com -- Sept. 23)

UT fans want Texas focused on OU
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 23)
Price right for Rice from the start
(Victoria Advocate -- Sept. 23)

For Rice, fullback is in middle of action
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 23)

Record waiting in the wings for Huff
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 23)

In air, on ground, Rice defeats Hawaii
(West U. Examiner -- Sept. 22)

Ominous tasks face the locals
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 22)
Herrin epitomizes transition game
(Houston Chronicle - Sept. 22)

Passing game and receivers need work, Brown says
(KGBT.com -- Sept. 22)

Benson steers focus from ESPN radio, toward Rice
(InsideTexas.com -- Sept. 22)

Texas may stress passing game against Rice
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 22)

Texas preparing for Rice's wishbone
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 22)

Rice is nice, but OU awaits
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 22)

Hatfield puts backspin on UT
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 21)

Texas doing its best to zero in on underdog Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 21)

Texas only gives a hoot about Owls
(San Antonio Express-News -- Sept. 21)

Threat of upset not lost on Horns
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 20)

Horns glad to be prepping for Rice
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 20)

In '94, Longhorns didn't beat themselves, Rice did
(Austin American Statesman/Owlzone -- Sept. 19)

Bailey named WAC offensive player of the week
(WACSports.com -- Sept. 19)
Owls take winning streak to Austin for bout with UT

(RiceOwls.com -- Sept. 19)
College football:  can't live with it, can't live without it
(The Wall Street Journal/Owlzone -- Sept. 19)look.gif (159 bytes)
Rice uses ground game to pound Hawaii

(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 19)

Rice bowls over Warriors, 41-29
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 19)
UH playing on empty in the end
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 19)
Jones bemoans Rice blocking tactics: 
'Glad we don't have to play them' anymore

(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 19)
Half that Hawaii crowd must've been friends of local Warrior
(Honolu Advertiser -- Sept. 19)
0-for-Owls:   Warriors fall to 0-2
(Hawaii Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 19)
Bailey, Henderson lead Owls to fifth straight win
(RiceOwls.com -- Sept. 18)

Warriors fall to Rice, 41-29, in WAC opener
(HawaiiSports.com -- Sept. 19)

Rice-Hawaii week

Hawaii's Texans enjoy home cooking
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 18)
UH, Rice boast opposite offenses
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 18)

Warriors have long history with Rice
(Ka Le O Hawaii -- Sept. 18)

Short-term memories help UH to refocus
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 18)

Football takes backseat to academics at Rice
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 17)
Owls to field a patchwork offense
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 17)
Rice-Hawaii to be televised on Channel 51
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 17)
Injury may force Hawaii RB to redshirt
(TheHawaiiChannel -- Sept. 16)

Warriors new to road games
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 16)
Warriors packing backup kicker
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 16)

Warriors have had more than enough time to prepare for Rice
(TheHawaiiChannel -- Sept. 16)

Rice offers free tickets to Ivan refugees
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 16)
Syptak, Pegues weather adversity
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 15)
'It's an away game for us, but it's home to me'
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 15)
Staying with basics key to Rice defense of Hawaii
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Sept. 15)

Hawaii receivers catch ball, but then....
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 15)

Defense propels football to win in Bayou Bucket clash
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 10)
Football win breeds optimism for season
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 10)

Rice sees controlling clock crucial to beating Hawaii
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 14)
Rice would take title as parting gift
(Honolulu Advertister -- Sept. 14)
Wounded Warriors plan to play Saturday
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 14)
Hawaii hits the road for WAC opener at Rice
(UHAthletics.com -- Sept. 13)
Poumele targets return against Rice this week
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 13)
Warriors practice in after- noon to get used to heat
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 13)
Hawaii AD mulls FAU loss' effect on attendance
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 12)

'They call that a 'Listerine' game'
(Sportsfeatures.com -- Sept. 12)
Another letter to the editor squawking about not-so- Reliant service
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 10)
Reliant not a good experience for a least one fan
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 9)
Hawaii left with some leg work
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 8)

Owls have weekend off; prep for Hawaii
(West U. Examiner -- Sept. 8)
High-scoring UH offense sputters out of the blocks
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Sept. 8)
Briles:  'Extremely disappointed, frustrated and embarrassed'
(Collegesports.com -- Sept. 7)

Rice's 2003 finishing kick carries into 2004
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 7)
Cougars fall prey to Owls in opener
(The Daily Cougar -- Sept. 7)
UH defense holds firm; offense fails to hold form
(The Daily Cougar -- Sept. 7)
Owl Frank Ryan's math savvy befuddled teammates, writerslook.gif (159 bytes)
(Cleveland Browns.com -- Sept. 6)
Owls welcome UH to this year
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 6)
Rice defense does its homework
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 6)
Tough defense can't carry UH's offense
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 6)
Traffic jam slows fans' entry at Reliant
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 6)

Rice shuts down Houston, 10-7
(Dallas Morning News/AP -- Sept. 6)

Hawaii has time to stew over loss; faces Rice next
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 6)
Smothering defense brings Bucket back to South Main
(Owlzone.com -- Sept. 6)look.gif (159 bytes)
Hatfield's already made his season
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 6)
Betting Coogs lost boatload of dough in loss to Rice
(Owlzone discussion thread)
'Tonight, nothing went right'
(San Francisco Chronicle/AP -- Sept. 5)
Rice defeats UH, 10-7, wins Bayou Bucket
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 5)
Cougars edged out by Rice, 10-7, in season opener
(CollegeSports.com -- Sept. 5)
Rice defense dominates as Owls take Bayou Bucket
(RiceOwls.com -- Sept. 6)
Do YOU have that old, familiar feeling?
(Owlzone discussion thread)

Rice-UH week

Hawaii didn't see this coming
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 5)
Season-opening slots bolster area rivalries
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 4)

Rice linebackers to be in eye of storm

(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 5)
Hawaii beaten by Florida Atlantic
(Hawaiisports.com -- Sept. 5)
Rice, UH two teams looking to capitalize
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Sept. 2)
'Lets just say we have learned how to spell Rice'
(Collegesports.com -- Sept. 1)

Rice, UH tussle for Bayou Bucket Sunday
(NY Times/Sports Network Preview -- Sept. 1)
Rice defense goes on the offensive against UH
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 1)
CUSA, ESPN dickering over contract
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Sept. 1)
I'll take college football over NFL any day
(Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette -- Sept. 1)

Briles:  'I feel confident'
(Collegesports.com -- Aug. 31)

Barnes a reason why football has place at Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 31)

Hendersons happy to be on the same side
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 29)
Texas' best quarterback?  And the verdict is...
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 29)

NFL list, even cut list, a step up for Terence Melton
(Atlanta Constitution - Aug. 28)
UH offense, defense keep CUSA coaches worrying
(The Daily Cougar -- Aug. 27)

Tulane/Tulsa/UCF/UTEP to visit Rice Stadium in '05
(ConferenceUSA.com -- Aug. 25)

Local players show life's not just games
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 25)
Texas non-Big 12 schools are dotted with local talent
(Corpus Christi Caller-Times -- Aug. 25)

Owls strive for self-improvement
(West U. Examiner -- Aug. 25)
Barnes to get George H.W. Bush/Kiwanis Sports Award
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 24)
Rice lining up the quarterbacks
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Aug. 24)

CUSA fumbled alignment mission
(Bonesville.net -- Aug. 24)
Rice-Army series said in the works
(CollegeSports.com -- Aug. 23)
Keeping Rice cutting-edge but cozy is challenge for new president

(Austin American-Statesman -- Aug. 23)

Option a dying breed in Division 1A
(San Luis Obispo Tribune -- Aug. 22)

'04 preseason story links

Chang hoping to bring Heisman to Hawaii
(ESPN.com -- Aug. 21)

CUSA eyes '05 for title game
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 21)
Can Fresno get over the top?
(ESPN.com -- Aug. 20)
'He went to Rice, so we knew he was smart'
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 20)
Tom Franklin talks about his radio gig with Coogs
(Coogfans.com -- Aug. 20)
Rough road schedule should take toll on Owls
(TheSportsNetwork.com -- Aug. 19)
Boise State once again class of WAC
(KLTV.com -- Aug. 19)
Coogs commence two-a-days
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 16)

Briles:  'By far the best group we've ever had'
(CollegeSports.com -- Aug. 16)
For the moment, the outlook is positively cheery
(TexasSportsMagazine.com-- Aug. 13)

Rice motivated to bring home league crown
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 8)
Rice coach hopes '03 momentum carries over
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 8 <photo>)
Hawaii's Jones likes bye before Rice game
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Aug. 8)
Mustangs, Owls hope to end drought
(Del Rio News-Herald -- Aug. 7)

Rice-Navy to be televised on HDTV
(NavySports.com -- Aug. 5)
CUSA eyes '05 title game
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 4)
Transition the topic at CUSA meeting
(Bonesville.net -- Aug. 4)

Expectations grow for West, Memphis
(The Clarion-Ledger -- Aug. 4)
Changes coming, but CUSA set for best season yet
(Birmingham News -- Aug. 4)
Meet the Owls' set for Aug. 20
(RiceOwls.com -- Aug. 2)

Message to recruits:  no more monkey business
(Houston Chronicle -- July 28)
Boise picked first, Rice fifth, in media poll
(San Francisco Chronicle -- July 28)
Austin, Armstong please Hatfield
(Tyler Morning Telegraph -- July 27<scroll down>)
Navy hopes to build on 2003 football success
(Navysports.com -- July 27)

NCAA council wants to stop 'celeb' recruiting
(Fox Sports.com -- July 21)
Owls' Lott should contend for all-conference honors
(CBS Sportsline -- July 2)
Back-to-basics approach should pay dividend for Rice in '04
(CNN-SI Rice team preview)

Fresno, Boise should challenge for '04 WAC crown
04 Owls a team worth watching closely
(JimFeist's College Football)
Experience can help Rice bottle up momentum
(College Football News -- June 2)

'03 postseason story links

Clardy steps into starting role at Rice
(The Mississippi Press -- May 30)
Rice coach rarely short on wisdom
(Dallas Morning News -- May 27)
Rice, UH ink 2-year deal with Reliant
(Houston Chronicle -- May 27)

Rice to stay the course on Division 1A path
(West U. Examiner -- May 26)
High school valedictorian will walk on for Owls
(The Colony Courier-Leader -- May 25)
Tulane's task now is to sustain fan interest
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- June 10)

'We're all pretty excited about the conference we've created'
(Sports Business News -- June 9)
Rice takes Commissioner's Cup

Rice recruit gets overdue invite to Ala-Miss all star game
(The Mississippi Press -- June 3)
Rice board to review school athletics this weekend
(Houston Chronicle -- April 29)
Former Rice star Andrew Hughes volunteering in Iraq
(Kerrville Daily Times -- April 29)
Colleges to be required to maintain grad rates
(Houston Chronicle -- April 29)
Could athletic scholarships be sidelined at Rice?
(KHOU TV -- April 29)
Rice can still do it -- in fact, it keeps on doing it
(Owlzone discussion thread/Col. Tim Thurston)

The Dave Maggard Report:  Rice-UH, head-to-head
(Owlzone/Jonathan Sadow -- Mar. 23)

Students lend support to athletics in Thresher survey
(Owlzone discussion thread; Thesher excerpted)

Strong finish in '03 has Rice confident
(Houston Chronicle -- Mar. 2)

Snubbed SWC schools slowly making way
(Houston Chronicle -- Feb. 29)

Owls will have chance to grow regional rivalries
(Houston Chronicle -- Feb. 29)

Six conferences retain automatic bids
(ESPN.com -- Feb. 29)

Pede:  Landing area recruits helps Owls market locally
(West U. Examiner -- Feb. 11)

Owls flying high this spring after strong '03 finish
(West U. Examiner -- Mar. 17)

NCAA preparing to call penalties on schools

(Washington Post -- Mar. 18)

Rice DC's daughter makes track All-American
(Houston Chronicle -- Mar. 16)

Owls begin spring practice

(Rice Sports Info -- Mar. 8)

Quota filled, Owls eye spring drills
(Webletter feature -- Feb. 18)

Spring '04 Rice Football Outlook
(Rice Sports Information -- pdf)

NFL's Green Bay signs former Owl punter
(NFL.com -- Marc. 23)

Hatfield:  It's chaos if anybody can go to NFL
(USA Today -- Feb. 6)

CUSA move to benefit Rice signees
(Houston Chronicle -- Feb. 5)
NCAA attendance mandate to be revisited
(BlueRaiders.com -- Jan. 14)

Hatfield to head coaches' association in '04
(Rice Sports Information -- Jan. 6)

Sixteen-plus Owl starters to return next year

(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 2)

Owls established WAC records that might never be broken
(Fresno Bee-- Dec. 2)

End of year thoughts from the press box
(Bob Schlanger, Owlzone discussion thread )

Here's a stab at next year's depth chart, going in
(Dax Mitchell, Owlzone discussion thread
No charges filed in assault case
(The Rice Thresher -- Feb. 27)

SJSU coach takes poke at taunting UTEP fan
(El Paso Times -- Feb. 20

Owl players unanimous: nobody hired any of those folks
(USA Today -- Feb. 11)
Gillis:  'Can't believe any of our athletes are that stupid'
(Houston Chronicle -- Feb. 10)
LaTech campaigns for spot in CUSA
(Shreveport Times -- Feb. 9)
ND quandary:  What to do? Give up like Stanford, Rice?
(UHND.com -- Feb. 9)

Former Owl Izzo plays bigger than his size
(Houston Chronicle -- Jan. 21)
look.gif (159 bytes)
Alums' website puts Stanford's Teevens in cross-hairs
(San Francisco Chronicle -- Jan. 20)

New Owl Club facility helped sell NFL brass in '74
(Bradenton, FL, Herald -- Jan. 31)
look.gif (159 bytes)
Owls aren't fretting over TCU's move
(Houston Chronicle -- Feb. 3)

Rice makes late recruiting push
(Houston Chronicle -- Feb. 2)

Dad's memory inspires Izzo
(Conroe Courier -- Feb. 1)

Who needs the Froghorns?  Certainly not the MWC
(Las Vegas Sun -- Jan. 30)

Pat jokesters hang Izzo's name on stadium's 'ring of fame'
(Patriots.com -- Jan. 27)

Top Miami recruit:  'I ain't no animal'
(Miami Herald -- Jan. 21)

The search is on if TCU goes west
(Houston Chronicle -- Jan. 28)

Kentucky places 27-year ban on website booster
(Louisville Courier-Journal -- Jan. 13)

Hatfield departure from Arkansas set back progam 10 years
(Arkansas Razorback Sports Network -- Jan. 4)

MWC said on brink of making expansion decision
(Idaho Statesman -- Jan. 21)
Campus NP:  Cougar football must be held accountable
(The Daily Cougar -- Jan. 27)
'It was good to be on the Rice campus'
(Patriots.com -- Jan. 27)

Super-Bowl-bound Pats take over Rice Stadium
(Patriots.com -- Jan. 27)

TCU said set to join Mountain West
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Jan. 23)

Early move to CUSA a possibility
(Houston Chronicle -- Jan. 6)

Three WAC schools could leave a year early
(Idaho Statesman -- Jan. 2)

Alabama, Rice pair still reliving Cotton shocker
(Dallas Morning News -- Jan. 2)

Insiders NFL scouting data base is tracking 4 Owls

Navy enjoying a Houston Bowl homecoming
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 29)

Shaw to leave Rice, join bro at Penn State
(York Daily News -- Dec. 28)

Galusha  will go to H-SU to play with brother
(Abilene Reporter-News -- Dec. 23)

Navy makes formation at Rice practice field
(Washington Post -- Dec. 26)

The tackle that will live in infamy
(San Antonio Express-News -- Dec. 25)

Memory still vivid of famous tackle
(San Antonio Express-News -- Dec. 25)

Leebron: 'This is a university in great shape'
(Denton Record-Chronicle/AP -- Dec. 19)

Rice selects Columbia law dean as next president
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 18)

Do Division 1 athletics support Naval Academy mission?
(GoMidshipmen.com -- Dec. 15)
Two schools, one crown, tons of football fever at Rice Stadium
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 13)

The Dave Maggard Report:  Rice-UH head-to-head
(Jonathan Sadow, Owlzone discussion thread)

Some of the smartest teams end up unlucky losers

(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- Dec. 5)

LaTech loss to Rice a big embarrassment
(Alexandria, La., Town Talk -- Dec. 4)

Tech's Bicknell in limbo after meeting
(Shreveport Times -- Dec. 2)

'Win now' approach takes too big a toll
(Seattle Times -- Dec. 2)

No bowling, but bright  finish for Duke football
(The Duke Chronicle -- Dec. 2)

Dogs are run over, 49-14
(Monroe, La., News-Star -- Nov. 30)

Rice rips through Tech
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 30)

Rice rout doesn't help Bicknell's case
(Monroe, La., News-Star -- Nov. 30)

Owls run wild in win at Louisiana Tech
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 30)

Rice-LaTech week

Rice running attack buries La Tech with 672 yards
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 30)

Rice runs wild over Bulldogs
(LaTechSports.com -- Nov. 30)

Rice runs up rushing yards to beat LaTech
(San Francisco Chronicle/AP -- Nov. 29)

Anchors aweigh -- Navy lands Houston Bowl bid
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 28)

End of the line II:  Owls seniors get elephant walk
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 27)

End of the line:  Herm looks for big career finish
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 27)

'Nobody is leaving early'
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Nov. 27)
Bailey back on the field
(Rice Sports Information - Nov. 26)

Bicknell rumored candidate for Duke job
(Sarasota Herald-Tribune -- Nov. 26)

Bulldogs focused on ending season with a win
(LaTechSports.com -- Nov. 26)

Coach Bicknell defends Tech program
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 26)

Tech's Bicknell finds himself in hot spots
(Monroe, La., News-Star -- Nov. 26)

Owls hoping good things come in threes
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 25)

LaTech got what it deserved
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 25)

Top 12 reasons why Rice is better than Stanford
(Owlzone discussion thread)

Bennett backpedals:  'I hope TCU stays'
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Nov. 24)

Woeful Miners one game away from ending dreadful season
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 24)

Owls couldn't have written better script for final home game
(CBS Sportsline -- Nov. 24)

Bicknell glad he has extra week to prep for option
(CBS Sportline -- Nov. 24)

Owls hope to close season with flourish at LaTech
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 23)

Rice sends seniors out as winners
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 23)

Rice adds to Miners'  misery
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 23)
UTEP's quick start went bad in a hurry
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 23)
Owls run wild in 45-14 romp past UTEP
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 22)

Rice runs UTEP ragged
(UTEP Sports Information -- Nov. 22)

Nord calls youth source of mistakes
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 22)

This year is scarily looking like last season
(SammyTheOwl.com -- Nov. 22)

N.D. Kalu a starter who's still standing
(Philadelphia Inquirer -- Nov. 22)

One bad call can ruin a season
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 22)

Rice-UTEP week
Miners wrap up road schedule at Rice

(UTEP Miners Athletics -- Nov. 20)

Owls say goodbye to 11 seniors
(CBS Sportsline -- Nov. 20)

Also-rans UTEP, Rice could deliver another memorable game
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 20)
Owls work out on turf for third consecutive day
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 20)

Owls go for win streak against UTEP
(West U. Examiner -- Nov. 19)

Hatfield defends record at Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 19)

Taking responsibility is part of good leadership
(Owlzone discussion thread)

Hatfield best Rice coach since Neely
(Owlzone discussion thread)

Miners have hope that season can end on positive note
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 19)

Some Owls have flooding problems
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 18)

Nagging injuries concern La Tech's Bicknell
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 19)

UTEP game home finale for 11 seniors
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 18)
Rice baseball champs a hit at White House
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 18)

Nord's day as Miners' coach could be numbered
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 17)

'The mighty Rice Owls are here with us'
(White House news release -- Nov. 17)

Stull's choice:  keep Nord or make money
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 17)

Ben Wiggins named WAC offensive POW
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 17)
Owls bid farewell to seniors against UTEP Saturday
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 17)

Top universities see a changing of the guard
(Yale Daily News -- Nov. 17)

Boise State Athletics the goat of realignment
(Boise State Arbiter -- Nov. 17)
Rice enjoys easy victory for a change
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 16)

After stalling, SMU falls to Rice, 41-20
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 16)

Rice passes SMU into submission
(Macon Telegraph/AP -- Nov. 16)

Owls use long ball to blitz SMU, 41-20
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 16)

Rice downs the Ponies, 41-20
(SMU Sports Information -- Nov. 16)

Rice coaches excited over CUSA move
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 11)

Student-athletes respond to  CUSA
(SMU Daily Campus -- Nov. 11)

Rice addition gives CUSA big gain in grad rate
(Yahoo Sports/AP -- Nov. 10)

Flash!  TCU, UNT to merge, join MWClook.gif (159 bytes)
(WAC forum discussion thread)

CUSA Conference call summary
(CUSA message board thread -- Nov. 5)
Rice to join Conference USA
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 4)

Conference USA press release on addition of Rice, others
(ConferenceUSA.com -- Nov. 4)

Rice-SMU week

Football-driven change needs to happen quicker
(Tulsa World -- Nov. 6$)

Rice experiences another round of agony
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 10)

Ponies have gone 3 games without throwing for 100 yards
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 10)

If TCU goes, then for Texas it's 'no'
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 10)

Capitalizing on Tulsa turnovers wasn't enough
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Nov. 10)
Owls to take on SMU on the road
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 9)

'I thought we were a lot better team than they were'
(CBS Sportsline.com -- Nov. 10)

Coaches have to be accountable for showing against Tulsa
(SammyTheOwl.com blog thread)

Rice, SMU where TCU was six seasons ago

(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Nov. 9)

One Owl fan's analysis re TCU and the MWC
look.gif (159 bytes)
(CUSA message board thread)

Hatfield hopes defensive big plays spill over
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 12)

MWC coaches mull expansion possibilities
(Denver Post -- Nov. 12)

To SMU, this one's big
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 15)

Two Nevada players charged with felonies
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Nov. 15)

Rice, SMU both relying heavily on youth
(Ponyfans.com -- Nov. 14)

Mustangs struggling for a win
(SMU Daily Campus -- Nov. 14)

Merrick, DeMunbrun named academic all-district
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 13)
Recruiting's the key as SMU needs horsepower
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 13)

SMU's Bennett:  'We will get there'
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 13)

Hot-weather workout for Owls
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 13)
Rice, SMU to meet in Dallas
(West U. Examiner -- Nov. 12)

Star-Telegram classical music editor kudos MOB
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Nov. 12)
Rice lets chance for victory slip away
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 9)

Tulsa slips past Rice with late touchdown
(Tulsa Sports Web -- Nov. 9)

'Small' Landrum plays huge

(Tulsa World/Tulsa Sports Web -- Nov. 9)
Tulsa's season picks up additional luster after comeback win at Rice
(Tulsa World/Tulsa Sports Web -- Nov. 9)

Tulsa makes sure Rice doesn't rally
(Tulsa World/Tulsa Sports Web -- Nov. 9)

Tulsa players credit divine intervention
(Tulsa World/Tulsa Sports Web  -- Nov. 9)

Tulsa rallies past Owls 31-28 to spoil Rice homecoming
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 9)

'That was all Landrum on that play'
(San Francisco Chronicle/AP -- Nov. 9)

Kilian leads comeback win
(TulsaHurricane.com -- Nov. 9)

Kilian's late TD pass beats Rice
(The Daily Oklahoman/AP -- Nov. 9)

Rice-Tulsa week
Lots of Lott expected at Tulsa-Rice game
look.gif (159 bytes)
(San Francisco Chronicle/AP -- Nov. 7)
Rice's Lott showing off talent his dad always saw
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 6)
Rice coaches work with backups
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 6)

Owls go for second consecutive win Saturday
(West U. Examiner -- Nov. 5)
TCU officials deny getting MWC offer
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Nov. 5)|

Marshall, Rice, Tulsa, SMU, UCF join CUSA
(Herdzone.com -- Nov. 5)

To the letter, the plea sounds like begging
(Fresno Bee -- Nov. 5)

Marshall, 4 others headed to CUSA
(Charleston, WV, Gazette -- Nov. 5)

Be quiet, Hoops U., TCU is dreaming
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Nov. 5)

SMU's move 'a historic opportunity'
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 5)
Rice continues to get more players healthy
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 4)

Conference USA adds five schools
(MSNBC.com -- Nov. 4)

'Athletically there's a fairly big gap'
(USA Today -- Nov. 4)

Ready for conference roulette?
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 4)

Rice up to fourth nationally in rushing

(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 4)

Kragthorpe:  'You have to beat them, because they're not going to beat themselves'
(TulsaHurricane.com -- Nov. 3)

Has Owl offense finally come together?

(Collegefootballnews.com -- Nov. 3)

What a difference Kyle Herm makes
(CBS Sportsline.com -- Nov. 3)

Shades of Tank McNamara:  TCU to move to MWC?
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 3)

Owls take on Tulsa in 2003 Homecoming bout
(Rice Sports Information -- Nov. 2)
Rice hits stride in 52-42 win over Nevada
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 2)

'I was just running on adrenaline'
(Miami Herald/AP -- Nov. 2)
Owls burn Pack in shootout
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Nov. 2)

'We just couldn’t get it done'
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Nov. 2)

Herm sets run record in Rice win over Nevada
(KOLO-TV, Reno -- Nov. 2)

Herm leads Owls to win over Nevada
(Click2Houston.com -- Nov. 2)

Wolf Pack falls to Rice in shootout, 52-42
(GoWolfPack.com -- Nov. 1)

Rice coaches finally open up the playbook
(SammyTheOwl weblog thread)
Conferences become new dealmakers
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Nov. 2)

Rice-Nevada week
Rice's Hatfield still riding the optionlook.gif (159 bytes)

(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 31)

Win can keep Nevada's title hopes alive
(KOLO-TV, Reno -- Oct.31)

CUSA to pursue second flock of Owls?
(GoPirates.com -- Oct. 31)

Rice freshmen seeing playing time in rough season
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 30)

Pack hasn't lost sight of its goal, a WAC title
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 30)

Hat doing PsyOps -- says Rice Stadium turf 'fastest in college football'
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 30)

TCU-Texas?  Don't expect 'Horns to Cotton to idea
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 30)

Rice student-athletes again among tops
(Rice News -- Oct. 30)
Fundamentals key for Nevada defense
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 29)
Which would you rather see -- TCU at Rice or TCU at Colorado State?
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Oct. 29)

Nevada undaunted by road challenges
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 29)

So close to a season-changing win
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Oct. 29)

Owls didn't pack it in after embarrassing loss to Navy
(CBS Sportsline.com -- Oct. 29)

'We had plenty of chances to win the game'
(West U. Examiner -- Oct. 29)

Agreement reached on new shape of Big East
(Providence Journal -- Oct. 29)

CUSA realignment presently in holding pattern
(West U. Examiner -- Oct. 29)

Two more Longhorns face criminal charges
(Austin American Statesman -- Oct. 29)

Coach Hatfield:  Herm's reads outstanding
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 28)

Wolf Pack looking for third road win
(NevadaWolfPack.com -- Oct. 28)

LaTech comes off big winner against Nevada
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 28)

'This could have been a real bloodbath press conference'
(The Porterville Recorder -- Oct. 27)

Owls return to Rice Stadium to host Nevada
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 27)

Such effort wasn't expected to be required against Rice

(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 27)

CUSA basketball coaches realize football is driving the bus
(Louisville Courier-Journal -- Oct. 27)
Rice squandered golden opportunity in Fresno
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 27)

Realists, optimists want same thing for Owls
(Owlzone discussion thread)
Fresno victory kept under wraps
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 26)

Rice unable to take advantage of chances
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 26)

Not so great, but an escape
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 26)

'I don't think they had much fun'
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 26)

Fresno owes win to kicker
(Modesto Bee/AP -- Oct. 26)

Rude awakening for Wolf Pack
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 26)

Best effort of year but still a loss
(SammyTheOwl.com weblog)

'He's not too crazy about Tommy Lewis'
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 26)look.gif (159 bytes)
If Fresno can't hang big totals on Rice, it won't on anyone
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 25)

Coaches look to future in CUSA
(Huntington, WV, Herald-Dispatch -- Oct. 25)

Fox News: Rice honor code works, A&M's doesn't
(FoxNews.com -- Oct. 25)
look.gif (159 bytes)
It's a Texas takeover in CUSA
(Birmingham Post-Herald -- Oct. 25)

Beating the stuffing out of Rice in football and volleyball is wonderful, but are we really accomplishing anything?
(Ka Leo O Hawaii -- Oct. 25)
Time to 'take a kid to the game'
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 24)

Marshall board of governers votes for CUSA
(GoHerd.com -- Oct. 24)

League leaders not on top of their game
(Boston Globe -- Oct. 24)

New day for WAC
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 24)

Boise campaigns for MWC invite
(Salt Lake Tribune -- Oct. 24)

Notre Dame schedule should include schools like Rice
(UHND.com -- Oct. 24)

WAC football coaches unfazed by defections
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 22)

Rice-Fresno State week
1-1's no fun with the challenge that lay ahead
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 21)

Fresno's Hill:  'Dogs face 'Game 7 situation'
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 21)
Look out, Rice -- Wright starving for action
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 24)

'Dogs' Berrian adds to kick coverage concerns
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 23)
Things will be better...
(Owlzone discussiion thread)

Navy's football team has restored pride
(NavySports.com -- Oct. 23)
While Mountain West thrives, WAC unravels
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 23)

Bulldog center learning on a slim curve
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 23)

Rice's best foot forward belongs to Jared Scruggs

(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 22)

Owls go from one extreme to another
(West U. Examiner -- Oct. 22)

Back to the wacky WAC for Rice defense
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 22)

Garcia gets start at linebacker against Rice
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 22)

If you were Rice Athletic Director for a day...
(Owlzone discussion thread)

Geography, Sun Belt factors in WAC rebuilding
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 21)

SMU, Rice, Tulsa leaving the WAC, ESPN reports
(SMU Daily Campus -- Oct. 21)

CUSA pays visit to Marshall
(The Register-Herald -- Oct. 21)

WAC commissioner identifies replacement candidates
(San Jose Mercury-News--Oct. 21)

Jared Scruggs named WAC special teams player of week
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 20)

Duke fires futile football coach Franks
(South Bend Herald/AP -- Oct. 20)

Rice, like Texas, is in a rut
(Houston Chronicle:  Dale Robertson -- Oct. 20)

Owls start stretch run at Fresno Saturday
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 20)

Rice can't stop run in 38-6 loss to Navy
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 19)

Navy cooks Rice 38-6, is now 5-2
(Baltimore Sun -- Oct. 19)

Mids sail past Rice with easy win
(Annapolis Capitol -- Oct. 19)

In big rush, Navy runs for 366 yards
(Washington Post -- Oct. 19)

Navy rolls past Owls, 38-6
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 19)

'We were right on our assignments'
(Boston Globe/AP -- Oct. 19)
Rice-Navy AP photos
(GoMidshipmen.com -- Oct. 19)

Not sure if any positives were seen today
(SammytheOwl.com Weblog thread)

WAC's commissioner intent on keeping teams
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 19)

Rice, SMU, Tulsa leaving WAC
(MSNBC.com -- Oct. 18)

Rice president Malcom Gillis' statement re CUSA admission
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 17)

Chronicle:   Rice to accept CUSA invite
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 16)
Big East, C-USA poised to take next steps in realignment
(Sports Illustrated -- Oct. 16)

Rice officials get Conference USA pitch
(Miami Herald/AP -- Oct. 16)

Rice, four others due CUSA bids
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 16)

What will new CUSA look like?
(Jackson, Miss., Clarion-Ledger -- Oct. 16)

Rice-Navy week
Herm returns to full-time status

(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 15)

Rice trying to dig out from two-year swoon
(Miami Herald/AP -- Oct. 15)

Born to run:  Rice, Navy old school
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 15)

Rice, SMU, Tulsa might be on presidents' invitation list
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 15)
SMU Conference USA invite could come Wednesday
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 15)

CUSA readies contingency plan for Big East raid
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Oct. 15)

Injury list smallest in weeks
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 15)

Owls, Navy to battle it out Saturday
(West U. Examiner -- Oct. 15)

Navy reserves step in as casualties mount
(Annapolis Capitol -- Oct. 15)

Mids stay course in changing college football landscape
(Annapolis Capitol-- Oct. 15)

Navy coach Johnson:  'They're a typical Rice team'
(Navy Sports Information -- Oct. 14)

'We're definitely not out of it'
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 14)

A mid-season look at the WAC
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Oct. 14)

Painful past keeps Navy from being complacent
(Baltimore Sun -- Oct. 14)

BC move will trigger tremors throughout college football
(CBS Sportsline -- Oct. 14)

Navy is suddenly playing quality football
(Annapolis Capitol -- Oct. 13)

Navy travels to Houston to take on Rice
(Navy Sports Information -- Oct. 13)
Entry fee and time delays await
(ESPN.com -- Oct. 12)

Navy sails into town Saturday
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 12)

Mids win dandy at Vandy

(Annapolis Capitol -- Oct. 12)

Midshipmen sink Commodores in naval skirmish
(GoMidshipmen.com--Oct. 12)

Rice should not be as difficult as Vanderbilt
(GoMidshipmen.com discussion thread)
BC to join ACC
(New York Times -- Oct. 11)

Navy sports historian outlines rule changes
(GoMidshipmen.com -- discussioni thread)

Navy offense a different option
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 9)

Rice's Henderson an iron man at QB
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 8)

Battle continues stellar play for Rice
(Pascagoula, Miss., Press -- Oct. 8)
'A good head start for Navy'
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 8)

Victory puts Rice on road to recovery
(West U. Examiner -- Oct. 8)

Spartans get names removed from jersies for showboating

(Univ. of Hawaii Ka Leo -- Oct. 8)
Wiess estate to become new Rice prexy home
(West U. Examiner -- Oct. 8)

Owls' choice likely between WAC, CUSA
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 7)

No favorites here; it's anybody's race
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 7)

Showboating Spartans to remain nameless
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Oct. 7)

Incorporation of pass into Rice offense would make it more dangerous
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Oct. 6)

Hatfield: 'An exciting way to get our first win'
(The Spartan Daily -- Oct. 6)

Fourth-quarter rally fuels Rice to first win
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 5)

Rice surprises SJSU late
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Oct. 5)

Rice played first home game, but  third game in home city
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Oct. 5)

Parry happy to deliver big hit
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Oct. 5)

Parry makes second appearance
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 5)
'Greg put it in the perfect spot'
(San Francisco Chronicle/AP -- Oct. 5)

The time to pass had come
(SJSUSpartans.com -- Oct. 5)

Triumph! Owls come from behind to defeat San Jose
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 4)

What's with this obsession with grading?
(Owlzone discussion thread)

Rice-San Jose State week
SJSU ready for the Rice option

(Monterey Herald -- Oct. 4)

BCS backers forward flawed defense
(NCAA News -- Sept. 29)

Spartans face options in Houston
(The Spartan Daily -- Oct. 3)

Maggard talks to WAC boss
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 3)

Owlvision announces expanded schedule
(Rice Sports Information -- Oct. 2)
ACC to invite BC?
(Boston Globe -- Oct. 2)

Amputations didn't stop San Jose's Parry's return
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 2)

Owls finally at Rice Stadium, face San Jose State
(West U. Examiner -- Oct. 1)

Spartans take week to regroup for Rice
(The Spartan Daily -- Oct. 1)

When Rice isn't running the ball well, there are issues
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Oct. 1)

Trip is over, skid lingers for 0-4 Owls
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 30)
Rice, SMU could join TCU, UH in CUSA West
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Sept. 30)

First pitch, second game for Parry this week
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Sept. 30)

UH pounds Rice in WAC opener
(University of Hawaii Ka Leo -- Sept. 30)

Changing offensive scheme said not an answer
(Owlzone discussion thread)

Slide continues for Spartan football
(SpartanThunder.com -- Sept. 20)

Owls look for first win against San Jose State
(Rice Sports Information -- Sept. 29)

Rice burns out after three-TD rally

(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 29)

Hawaii easily defeats winless Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 28)
Chang, defense boost Warriors
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 28)

Warriors stick Owls
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 28
Receivers come off bench for break-through games
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 28)
Happy day for Gilmore on defense
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 28)
Big second half perfect tonic for swooning Hawaii
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 28)
Battle helps Rice stay in the game
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 28)
Hawaii turns it up for turnovers
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 28)

'This time we didn't let them hang around '
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 28)

Blocked kick killed Rice's momentum
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- sept. 28)

'We dropped a lot of balls'
(San Francisco Chronicle -- Sept. 28)

Warriors win WAC opener
(Hawaii Sports Information -- Sept. 27)

Rice-Hawaii week
Air to take on ground tonight

(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 27)

UH, Rice look for fresh start
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 27)

May: 'We're communicating, we hope, as much as anybody'
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 26)

Hatfield likes life at Rice
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 26)

Owls to to Hawaii for wins, not surf and sun
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 26)

Warriors forecast another rising UH football star
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 26)

Rice plans to air out dormant passing attack...
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 25)

'We're really going over there to win the game'
(Webletter feature -- Sept. 25)

Wednesday longest day for Owls
(Rice Sports Information -- Sept. 25)
Rice can't avoid islands' beauty
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 25)

Rice is head of class when it comes to academics
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 25)
look.gif (159 bytes)
Owens 'surprised' by two-game suspension
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 25)

More brouhaha over Vegas Hawaii brawl
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 25)

Inferrera takes starting role seriously
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 25)

SMU to CUSA?  Go for it
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 24)
look.gif (159 bytes)
Big East picks expansion targets
(CBS Sportsline-- Sept. 24)

Owl first units square off in workout
(Rice Sports Information -- Sept. 24)

0-3 Owls seek fun, sun, a win
(West U. Examiner -- Sept. 24)

Hawaii starting wideout suspended for two game
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 24)

Fan behavior resulted in ejections, arrests at UNLV
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 24)

Hawaii's been fertile ground for Rice wins
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 23)

Re-energized Longhorns break silence after crushing Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 23)

Rice said to be among five candidates for four CUSA slots
(Tampa Tribune -- Sept. 23)

Texas used loss to Arkansas as motivator for RIce
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 23)

Hawaii's Jones finds 'positive' in 0-2 road trip
(Honolulu Advertiser -- Sept. 23)

Kapanui to get more Rice
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Sept. 23)

Owls need more offensive options
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Sept. 23)

Owls travel to Hawaii in search of first win
(Rice Sports Information -- Sept. 21)

'I think it will be good for us in the long run'

(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 22)

Rice pudding tastes good to Longhorns
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 22)

Texas puts on better show Saturday against Rice
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 22)

Defense stops Owls' No. 5 nationally ranked run game
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 22)
No surprises for Texas this weekend
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 22)
UT makes Rice feel its pain, 48-7

(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 21)

Not a fun day at the glasshouse
(SammytheOwl.com blog thread)

Rice players in awe of UT's size, speed
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 21)

Blinebury: 90 per cent of fans had to be for Texas
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 21)

Henderson plays it tough
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 21)

Runaway victory:  Texas 48, Rice 7
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 21)

'Horns make job look as easy as it should have
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 21)

Early entry for Young
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 21)

Longhorns clammed up, clamped down, and Owls paid
(San Antonio Express-News -- Sept. 21)

Longhorns trample Owls from the start
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 21)

Carter:  Not all rivalries are worthy of resurrection
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 21)

Huge second quarter propels Texas past Owls
(Rice Sports Information -- Sept. 20)

Texas scored early and didn't look back
(Mack Brown-Texas Football.com -- Sept. 20)

Rice-Texas week
UT not the only team that needs healing

(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 20)

There's no mystery:  Owls want to run
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 20)

Texas more than just another game on schedule for Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 19)

Calahan, Dendy trying to rally Owlslook.gif (159 bytes)
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 19)
Owls' win over UT in '94 still special
(Houston Chronicle:  Mickey Herskowitz -- Sept. 19)
look.gif (159 bytes)
Texas-Rice by the numbers
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 19)

Rice halfback prepared to take on father's rival
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 18)
look.gif (159 bytes)
Soft or not?  Hard to tell with 'Horns
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 18)

UT players' silence worth 1,000 words
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 18)

Texas feeling a bit run down
(San Antonio Express-News -- Sept. 18)

Get yer Huston Street wallpaper right here

Hatfield out of limelight but still thriving at Rice
(Miami Herald/AP -- Sept. 17)
look.gif (159 bytes)
Rice's Syptak fits in Green's mold
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 17)

'Texas has so many weapons offensively'
(Rice Sports Information -- Sept. 17)

'Sip players not talking to media this week
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 17)

Football team not talking
(The Daily Texas -- Sept. 17)

'Horns put hands over mouths for rest of week

(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 17)

Texas: 'We're not soft'
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 17)

Reese:  Horns must fix 'glaring errors'
Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 16)

Owls' emotions up for UT game
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 16)

Longhorns'  mission:  establish, defend run
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 16)

'Horns losing ground again
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 16)
Owls just couldn't get over the hump
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Sept. 16)

Williams:  'Horns will win them all
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept.. 16)

Texas'   big-game problems start at the top
(FOXSports.com -- Sept. 16)
No excuses from Longhorns Monday
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 16)
Horns' challenge: back up words with deeds
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 16)

'We're not giving up on the run'
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 16)

Tough questions plague Brown, Texas after loss
(San Antonio Express-News -- Sept. 16)

Rice-Texas game notes
(Rice Sports Information -- Sept. 15)

Duke spoils Rice rally by winning in OT
(HoustonChronicle -- Sept. 14)

'Greg put it the only place you could'
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 14)

Controversy over 'Horns-down' sign rears its head again
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 10)

Garber field goal lifts Duke over Rice, 27-24, in OT

(GoDuke.com -- Sept. 14)

Devils finally win a close one
(Durham Herald-Sun -- Sept. 14)

Duke streaks on with OT win over fellow academic
(Raleigh News and Observer -- Sept. 14)

Duke holds on, secures first win streak in five years
(Charlotte Observer/AP -- Sept. 14)
Owls rally but fall in overtime at Duke
(Rice Sports Information -- Sept. 14)

Razorbacks halt Longhorn home win streak at 20
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 14)

Duke SID post-game quotes
(GoDuke.com -- Sept. 13)

Rice announces Operation Sellout 2003, vs. Navy
(Rice Sports Information -- Sept. 10)

Vandy AD out in athletic department restructuring
(The Tennessean -- Sept. 10)
Vanderbilt announces athletics admin restructuring
(Vanderbilt University News Service -- Sept. 9)

Rice, Vandy to tangle in four-game series
(SammytheOwl.com -- Sept. 5)

Rice-Duke week
Franks mum on starting quarterback

(Durham Herald-Sun -- Sept. 11)

NCAA backs Vanderbilt's surprise move
(Charlottee Observer -- Sept. 11)

Hatfield:  'We got better today'
(Rice Sports Information -- Sept. 10)

Rice's starting DE a shy, Pennsylvania freshman
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 10)

DeMunbrun on right track
(West U. Examiner -- Sept. 10)

Hatfield focuses on veteran Duke team
(Rice Sports Information -- Sept. 10)

Rice-Duke game notes
(Rice Sports Information -- Sept. 8)

How to turn humble start into 7-4 year
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 9)

Brian Mac's week two WAC rankings
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 9)

Joe Moore returns to action
(Rice SID workout report #18 -- Sept. 4)

Franks : 'I expect Rice to be much more improved'
(The Duke Chroncle -- Sept. 9)

Devils trying to get healthy for Rice
(Durham Herald-Sun -- Sept. 9)

Duke win over WC a solid all-around performance
(Durham Herald-Sun -- Sept. 9)

UH, 48-14 conqueror of Rice, falls 50-3 at Michigan
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 8)

Five new starters lead Duke to win over 1AA W. Carolina
(Durham Herald-Sun -- Sept. 8)

Duke-Western Carolina photo gallery
(GoDuke.com -- Sept. 7)

Rice still state's best at graduating athletes
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 4)

Rice-Houston week

TCU still hesitant to commit to CUSA

(Ft. Worth Star-Telegram -- Sept. 4)

Days numbered for college football as we know it
(Chicago Daily Herald -- Sept. 4)

Congress joins BCS debate
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 4)

Game ball goes to Henderson
(CBS Sportsline -- Sept. 2)

UH loss shows program has some major work to do
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Sept. 2)
Egos aren't the only things UH bruised
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 2)

Brian Mac's WAC rankings for this week
(Houston Chronicle --Sept. 2)

Briles:  'Our guys played with controlled emotions'
(The Daily Cougar -- Sept. 2)

New blood pumps UH offense
(The Daily Cougar -- Sept. 2)

Green,   Pontbriand both make NFL final rosters
(SammytheOwl.com -- Sept. 1)

Henderson: 'We'll fix all these problems'
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 1)

Rice offense has to spread out
(SammytheOwl.com -- Aug. 31)

Cougars hammer Owls in Briles' debut, 48-14
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 31)

UH offensive explosion gets Rice's attention
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 31)
RIght buttons pushed to get UH program going
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 31)

Hatfield praises play of special teams
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 31)

UH claims Bucket by mashing Rice
(San Antonio Express/Associated Press -- Aug. 31)

Houston retains Bucket with 48-14 victory
(Rice Sports Information -- Aug. 31)

Kolb leads Cougars over Rice
(UHCougars.com -- Aug. 31)

Crushing defeat baffles Blue Devils
(Durham, NC, Herald-Sun -- Aug. 31)
Against UVA, Duke looked just like Duke
(Charlottesville, VA, Daily Progress -- Aug. 31)

Rice's Gillis outspoken re BCS status
(Hampton Roads, VA, Daily Press -- Aug. 31)

The 2003 pre-season

cws11.jpg (87657 bytes)Changes add spice to old rivalries
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 30)
Barbs fly at Bucket luncheon
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 29

Bayou Bucket not a one-sided affair anymore

(Houston Chronicle:  Mickey Herskowitz -- Aug. 29)
Matchups generate early-season intensity

(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 29)
Rice-Houston by the numbers

(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 29)
Coogs look to quench hunger against Rice

(The Daily Cougar -- Aug. 29)

LaTech little trouble for no. 3 Miami

(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 29)
Briles returns to his college football roots

(Miami Herald/AP -- Aug. 27)

Owls looking to open season on high note

(West University Examiner -- Aug. 27)

'I think we're going to move the football'

(Webletter Interview:  Robbie Beck -- Aug. 17)
look.gif (159 bytes)
Rice in a position to make a run for it

(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 27)

Briles hopes all his labor bears fruit

(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 27)
UH offense keeps Owls on toes

(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 26)

UH running backs eager to prove themselves

(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 25)

Five keys to victory against UH

(SammytheOwl.com -- Aug. 25)
Owls run gamut in Wednesday drills

(Webletter feature -- Aug. 14)

Rice team holds key to September success

(Webletter feature -- Aug. 10)
Rice, Houston battle for Bayou Bucket
(Rice SID game notes -- Aug. 22)

Time to bring back the SWC

(Dallas Morning News:  Kevin Sherrington -- Aug. 22)
How quickly can Rice defense grow up?

(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 20)

Young Owls hoping for shot at bowl berth

(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Aug. 20)

Sports Illustrated predicts 2-10 season record for Rice
(SI.com -- Aug. 18)
Time to tackle problems of college football
(Orlando Sentinel -- Aug. 24)

Little margin for error for team like Rice
(Collegefootballnews.com -- Aug. 18)

Rice bangs drum for TV exposure
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 18)
Defensive questions, offensive answers for Owls
(Webletter feature --  fall practice Owlook)

Links to Chronicle fall '03 team previews
(Houston Chronicle)

Renewed sense of commitment has Rice aiming high
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 10)
Rice potential belies gloomy predictions
(Dax Mitchell: Tanuki's WAC football preview)

Vanover ready to QB Rice defense
(Webletter feature)
Weak schedule won't help Owls avoid WAC cellar
(Nationalchamps.net WAC preview)
Owls could get early momentum with win at UH
(CBS Sportsline.com)
Rice far better than last year's 4-7 record

Rice 2003 schedule analysis, team by team
Death penalty still haunts SMU
(San Antonio Express-News -- Aug. 22)

Tulane prexy's anti-BCS crusade goes to Congress
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Aug. 19)
Single-game football tix now on sale
(Rice Sports Information --Aug. 7)
Duke's optimism may finally have some merit
(Macon Telegraph -- Aug. 5)
Table summary of college football mags' pre-season picks
Tulsa hopes for turnaround under Kragthorpe
(KOTV.com -- Aug. 21)
Sellout possible for SJSU-Grambling
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Aug. 20)

LaTech-Miami to overflow fair grounds
(Shreveport Times -- Aug. 20)
Bennett sees more big plays as SMU changes gears
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 18)

Big 12 should give Baylor the boot
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 13)

'We had good effort'
(Rice Sports Information -- Aug. 12)

Owls practice early Monday, avoid storms
(Rice Sports Information -- Aug. 11)
Era of good feelings over, Briles begins
(The Daily Cougar -- Aug. 6)

Henderson, Rucker stand out in controlled scrimmage
(Rice Sports Information -- Aug. 17)
Friday a teaching day for Owls
(Rice Sports Information -- Aug. 16)
WR Brock, Owl DL shine in Thursday workout
(Rice Sports Information -- Aug. 15)

Pontbriand bonus largest of any fifth-rounder this year
(Dayton Daily News -- July 29)

Shaw ready to play early at Rice
(York, Pa., Daily Record -- August 4)
'We had a great practice'

(Rice Sports Information -- Aug. 10)

UH shows off new 'aggressive' logo
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 10)

Henderson, Daniel both shine for Rice
(Wichita Falls Times-Record -- Aug. 10)
Boise State's 2002 tough to top
(USA Today WAC roundup -- Aug. 14)

Hatfield hopes Owls benefit from baseball success
(Duluth News-Tribune/AP -- Aug. 13)
Rice newcomers get feet wet
(Houston Chronicle -- August 6)

Triple option means triple threat
(Scott Wachenheim:  American Football Monthly)

Coog Fans predict big win, say losing to Rice 'not an option'
(Coogfans.com message board thread)
Briles strictly business as UH prepares camp
(Houston Chronicle -- August 5)
WAC football at a glance -- 2003
(Houston Chronicle -- July 26)

UH teammates put best foot forward
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 7)
Transcript of Channel 24 Wednesday Rice  feature
(News 24 Houston -- Aug. 6)
WAC coaches feature big-time experience
(Idaho Statesman -- July 26)

Owl QB says WAC is wide-open
(Odessa American -- July 26)

WAC office's 2003 football prospectus
(WACSports.com: pdf file)

WAC coaches frustrated by BCS' bowl monopoly

(Honolulu Advertsier -- July 26)
'Before I knew it, we were in my car driving 14 hours'
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- July 25)

WAC's deal with SportsWest will air more games
(Fresno Bee -- July 23

WAC teams well-stocked with quality QBs
(Houston Chronicle -- July 25)

WAC conference attendees swap quips, job offers
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- July 25)

Owls back there in Texas Football  somewhere...
(Webletter feature)
Owls close out spring with a bang -- or two.
(Webletter feature)
Dax Mitchell's Spring Practice Weblog
(Webletter feature)
Players favor two-tier or two-division league
(Honolulu Advertsier -- July 25)

WAC looking to add two teams
(Houston Chronicle -- July 26)
WAC's future on everyone's mind
(Dallas Morning News -- July 26)

Benson sees 12 teams in WAC's future
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- July 26)
WAC football at a glance -- 2003
(Houston Chronicle -- July 26)
WAC coaches feature big-time experience
(Idaho Statesman -- July 26)

Owl QB Herm says WAC is wide-open
(Odessa American -- July 26)

WAC coaches frustrated by BCS' bowl monopoly
(Honolulu Advertsier -- July 26)
'Before I knew it, we were in my car driving 14 hours'
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- July 25)

Fresno saying  it no longer will admit nonqualifiers
(Fresno Bee -- July 25)
WAC's deal with SportsWest will air more games
(Fresno Bee -- July 23

WAC teams well-stocked with quality QBs
(Houston Chronicle -- July 25)

'Everything hinges on what the Big East ends up doing'
(Shreveport Times -- July 23)

The realignment brou-ha-ha

Tulane-led Coalition for Athetics Reform nationwide coverage links

Tulane prez:  Division 1A is selling its athletes short
(Tulane University website realignment links)

Presidential Coalition for Athletics Reform website

League commish expansion plan aims for two new members

WAC asks schools to commit to five years
(Fresno Bee -- July 26)

Prexies announce formation of coalition
(Dallas Morning News -- July 23)

'The Ultimate College Realignment Site'look.gif (159 bytes)
(Collegesportsinfo.com -- schools, leagues broken down by likelihood category)
The college realignment chronicles
(Collegesportsinfo.com -- four-part series)
Tulane pres:  Division 1A is selling its athletes short
(Tulane University website realignment links and commentary)
look.gif (159 bytes)
WAC studying 12-school alignment
(Honolulu Advertiser -- July 3)

Tulane prexy sees changes coming to CUSA
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- July 3)
Rice, UH watching realignment process
(Houston Chronicle -- July 1)

Dream alignment would include new SWC
(Houston Chronicle:  Dale Robertson -- May 16)
The view from San Jose on realignment possibilities
(San Jose Mercury-News-- July 14)
WAC-ESPN talks put on hold
(Honolulu Advertiser -- July 9)
CUSA will look at SMU again
(Dallas Morning News -- July 8)
League expansion same game at any level
(Dallas Morning News -- July 9)
WAC studying 12-school alignment
(Honolulu Advertiser -- July 3)

Tulane prexy sees changes coming to CUSA
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- July 3)
Rice, UH watching realignment process
(Houston Chronicle -- July 1)

Miami's final answer:  the ACC
(Houston Chronicle -- July 1)

WAC to invite Tulane, TCU, Houston?
(ESPN.com -- July 1)

Herskowitz:  As usual, it's all about money
(Houston Chronicle -- July 1)

Old SWC schools can relate to Big East
(USA Today -- Jun. 19)
Bobby in meeting to explore Rice's league options
(Houston Chronicle -- Jun. 18)
VaTech ponders ACC joinder
(Washington Times -- Jun. 20)
Old SWC schools can relate to Big East
(USA Today -- Jun. 19
Sources:  ACC to pursue Virginia Tech
(Associated Press -- Jun. 19)
Bobby in meeting to explore Rice's league options
(Houston Chronicle -- Jun. 18)
ACC scrambles for 'yes' votes
(Washington Times -- Jun. 18)

ACC expected to vote Wednesday on Miami
(ESPN.com  -- Jun 16)

Tulsa deserves applause for not waiting
(Tulsa World -- Jun. 16;  from discussion board)
Navy, others talk about a new league
(Washington Post -- Jun. 15)
Hawaii prez:  'It doesn't make sense for us to be in the WAC'
(Honolulu Advertiser -- May 28)

ACC moving forward
(Raleigh News-Observer -- May 27)

MWC boss overjoyed by plight of Big East
(Deseret News -- May 25)

Raid would force Big East to rebuild
(New Jersey Home News Tribune -- May 21)
UCF may fit in 16-team Big East plan
(Orlando Sentinel -- May 22)
Big East commish reeks of hypocrisy
(Birmingham Post-Herald-- May 21)
ACC team additions may affect Rice
(The Rice Thresher -- May 19)

Numbers show Miami could profit from move to ACC
(USA Today -- May 19)
MWC members who hesitate on expansion likely to be lost
(San Diego Union-Tribune -- May 18)
'It's going to be like the whole world circling a carcass'
(Orlando Sentinel -- May 18)
We've seen it before:  Big 12 and SWC
(Hampton Roads, Va., Daily Press -- May 18)

LaTech could reap future benefits
(Monroe, La., News-Star -- May 18)

The ACC decides on Miami, Syracuse, Boston College
(Houston Chronicle -- May 17)

Dream alignment would include new SWC
(Houston Chronicle:  Dale Robertson -- May 16)
Miami's likely shift may trigger massive realignment
(Houston Chronicle -- May 15)
ACC move may cause ripple effect
(The Sporting News -- May 15)
Is 12 the magic number for WAC?
(Honolulu Advertiser -- May 15)
Desperate Big East may come out swinging
(CBS Sportsline -- May 15)
CUSA says not talking expansion
(Birmingham Post-Herald -- May 15)

MWC faces new set of challenges
(The Coloradoan -- May 15)
Conference shuffling is latest chaos
(Fresno Bee -- May 15)

Rice 2002 season in review
Stories, photos from each game last season..

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