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Greg Henderson...

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Raymorris Barnes,
Joe Moore...

Rice '03 season -- week-by-week

University of Houston 48, Rice 14       Game page    Photo Gallery      Links

Duke 27, Rice 24 (OT)                          Game Page   Photo Gallery      Links

Texas 48, Rice 7                                   Game Page    Photo Gallery     Links

Hawaii 41, Rice 21                               Game Page    Photo Gallery      Links

Rice 28, San Jose State 24                    Game Page    Photo Gallery      Links

Navy 38, Rice 6                                      Game Page    Photo Gallery       Links 

Fresno State 31, Rice 28                       Game Page     Photo Gallery      Links

Rice 52, Nevada 42                                Game Page    Photo Gallery      Links

Tulsa 31, Rice 38                                    Game Page.    Photo Gallery    Links

Rice 41, SMU 20                                     Game Page    Photo Gallery     Links

Rice 45, UTEP 14                                   Game Page    Photo Gallery    Links

Rice 49, Louisiana Tech 14                    Game Page    Photo Gallery    Links

Go to:
'03 Webletter Rice post-season page
for the following stories...

Herm, Vanover, Beck
lead fans' kudo list

Webletter Readers' Poll -- Part 2
Worst came first, but
high point arrived
at season's end

Webletter Readers’ Poll – Part 1
Late-season surge whets
appetite for next season

Interview:   Ken Hatfield
'I think they've got something to remember

Rice football runs away
with academic honors



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