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'04 'Meet the Owls' Day

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Friday evening Owl fans were invited to the team practice at Rice Stadium and afterwards met and chatted with members of the Rice team over ice cream.  Here, Will Moss (l) and Andrew Cates sign autographs for young fans who double as willing writing desks.


040meethatnprezfam1.jpg (53513 bytes)
Coach Hatfield introduced the newest members of the Owl team -- new Rice president Dr. David W. Leebron and his family, who mingled with attendees.  Dr. Leebron also had a few words for the players and fans.


04055speaks.jpg (55853 bytes)
Coach Hatfield also introduced the seniors and asked any of them who wanted to, to speak. Most of the guys were a bit reticent -- but Greg Wilson wasn't!


040meet4signs.jpg (62685 bytes)
An autograph session provided the Owls with a chance to meet and chat with their fans.   Here, Marcus Rucker gets with the program.


040meetjuist.jpg (63881 bytes)
After wowing onlookers with his cannon-of-a-leg, freshman kicker Luke Juist was surrounded by new fans and old -- he's from Houston Strake Jesuit.


040meettixwinner.jpg (59179 bytes)
Friends of Rice Athletics chair Gene Walker introduced the top performers in this summer's ticket-selling campaign.


040meet63chats.jpg (79278 bytes)
Frosh OL David Berken, from Lake Arthur, La., chats with some Owl dads.


040meet63icecream.jpg (66960 bytes)
Here's another number 63 with whom Owl fans might be a little more familiar.  That's Ross Huebel spooning up some gelato and pausing before responding to a question.


040meet50greets.jpg (59843 bytes)
A now less-bashful Rolf Krueger II finds out he's got some feminine admirers, too.

--Paul T. Hlavinka photos

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