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'04 snapshots from San Jose
(Photos by Mike Ross and Brian Hoblitt)

Rice driving 3Q.jpg (88720 bytes)
Rice driving in the third quarter...


Rucker TD 10-04 3Q.jpg (83017 bytes)
Marcus Rucker punches over the  south goal line from the 2 for Rice's first score of the second half.  Rice leads 41-28 at 10:04.


Who watching.jpg (92592 bytes)
Typical showing  of San Jose fans.  Some left early.  Those who didn't got to see the game of their life


Rice fans-coaches wives.jpg (107147 bytes)
Rice fans'/coaches' wives -- cheering the Owls' early success.  (Photo by Brian Hoblit) A number of coaches' wives made this trip, including a Saturday morning shopping excursion to San Francisco. They are in the upper row. (Kicking coach Steve Kidd's wife is wearing the top with broad blue horizontal stripes.) There were several groups of  enthusiastic Rice fans seated along the east stands. San Jose State's Band is visible in the background.


Camacho-Zach Hoblit.jpg (96115 bytes)
Dr. Camacho and Zack Hoblit.  After Zen retires, he's going into politics....


Cheerleaders.jpg (63721 bytes)
(Photo by Brian Hoblit.) The Rice cheeleaders looked great! They were very active .. leading a cheer at the reception and doing numerous pyramids like this one.

Boster family.jpg (52630 bytes)
Boster family: L-R: David, Ginny, David Stobb, & Alyce Boster.   David and Alyce live in Los Altos; Ginny and David in Venice Beach (Los   Angeles). A season ticketholder for the SF Giants, David and his family stood outside the entrance to the alumni reception intently listening to the end of the Giants-Dogers game. As they had all too often this year, the Giants' bullpen collapsed, turning a 3-0 lead into a 7-3 loss, losing the NL West to the Dodgers and ceding control of the wild card berth to the Astros.


Meredith-Hoblit.jpg (64889 bytes)
Meredith-Hoblit: L-R: Adrienne Meredith (Lovett 97), Zach Hoblit  (2.5 months!) and Brian Hoblit (Lovett 96). Zach was the youngest  attendee at the alumni reception. He was quite the trooper during the event and through the game itself. The happy family lives in Sacramento where Adrienne just finished UC-Davis Law School and Brian, a hydrologist, is about to become a part-time stay-at-home Dad.

(Notes by Mike Ross)

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