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2016 Rice-UNT photos

(scroll down...)                                                           (David Speed Elder photos)

Tyler Stehling scrambles for 11 yards and a first down in first quarter scoring drive

Blaine Padgett, Graysen Schantz strip ball from hands of UNT quarterback Fine

Rice receiver Lance Wright hauls in key reception to sustain Owl drive

Lance Wright scores from 14 yards out

Receiver Parker Smith gets block, picks up additional yardage

Emmanuel Esukpa plunges across the pay station

Darik Dillard scores in first overtime to give Owls 35-28 lead

Here's Darik plunging in for the game-tying touchdown with 2:35 left in regulation

Zach Abercumbia puts heat on UNT QB Fine

Brady Wright  hangs on to bring down UNT quarterback

Pre-kickoff run-on led by Rice cheer squad

Darik Dillard for eight yards in first overtime session

Emmanuel Ellerbee is right on top of things

Robby Wells takes out defender while Esukpa hits hole for yardage

Graysen Schantz gets held -- no call

Tyler Stehling hauls off for 41-yard gainer

TS is back for 11 more yards

Tyler Stehling makes pitch to Darik Dillard heading wide

Roe Wilikins leaps to bat down Fine pass

Zach Wright hauls in 29-yard pass completion to kick-start early drive

Connor Cella strains to pick up first down yardage