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"Rice remains a very small university in terms of enrollment, limited in size and so carefully planned that even the trees, which outnumber the students, are planted according to the dictates of design.   While the endowment is rich in the proverbial Texas fashion, the university seems remarkably un-Texan; the students hail from every state and many nations,  and more faculty have received their doctorates from foreign universities than from any single American university.  The message conveyed vividly by the visual splendor of the campus--an obvious devotion to quality, a commitment to a founding concept, a genuine concern with human-scale activity, the sense of being in the midst of Houston, the world, and yet set apart by the hedges-- renders the truth of poetic vision what Rice is ultimately all about."
                     John B. Boles
                            Rice University, a 75th
Anniversary Portrait

Rice University
An American  Institution
Dedicated to the Advancement
Of Liberal and Technical Learning
And the Progress of Mankind
In Letters Science and Art
Founded and Endowed
Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam
By  William Marsh Rice
In Freedom for Research
To Sober Fearless Pursuit
Of Truth Beauty Righteousness
And to All High Emprise Consecrated

--inscription on every Rice diploma awarded since 1916


          Known as the "Ivy of the South," Rice has a varied and challenging academic program without some of the intense competition that often accompanies such stature. The professors "make it clear that a university is a place to learn from one another [rather than being] a place to compete with one another," says one satisfied Owl..... Says one student, "Rice offers both strong science and humanities courses for a good, well-rounded education." Profs are respected and accessible, "You can take a test in the morning and then eat lunch with the professor afterwards," explains a junior studying biology. An honor code, lenient alcohol policy, and coed housing all reflect the administration's reliance on the personal responsibility of each student, and Rice undergrads appreciate that trust. Says one, "the best thing about Rice is being able to find yourself socially without compromising yourself intellectually."

      --quoted from The Princeton Review of Colleges and Universities




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