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STAR.gif (898 bytes)More Tulsa photos...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)No way but up...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Nice job, MOB!

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Tulane pix...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)SMU photos...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)Billions of UTEP photos...

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part 2...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)You gotta know when to hold 'em...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)August '07 Front Page...

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A 'sad day,' huh?

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Joyce's '06 columns...

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0-4 start nothing new for Owls
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 3)

Is Rice's record deceiving?
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 3)

And the Eagles' starting quarterback is...?
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Oct. 3)

Owls' John Welch, Brandon King ready for homecoming
(The Mississippi Press -- Oct. 3)

Star receiver Dillard leads Rice
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 3)

Foul mood hangs over Hattiesburg
(Gulfport-Biloxi Sun-Herald -- Oct. 2)

Bower:   'I'd say right now, we'd start Martevious'
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Oct. 2)
Time to put up or shut up
(Houston Chronicle <MKI's blog> -- Oct. 2)

Third-down letdown at center of USM defensive woes
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Oct. 2)

Midweek contest strategic, academic challenge for Owls
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 2)

Priorities:  USM cancels Wednesday pm classes for game
(The Student Printz -- Oct. 2)

Ugokwe may miss USM game
  (Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Oct. 2)

Second USM QB goes down with injury in workout Sunday...
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Oct. 2)
Southern Miss said down to third-string quarterback...
(Dallas Morning News/AP -- Oct. 2)
With Young's injury, QB now a cipher for USM opponents
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Oct. 1)
Eagles aim to rebound after Boise blowout
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Oct. 1)
USM fans like to vent on internet
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 1)

USM makes changes on O-line
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 1)

Talbert gets his shot at DE
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 30)
Eagles prepare for Rice
(Hattiesburg American -- Sept. 30)

USM shuffles special teams personnel
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Sept. 30)
USM's Bower takes responsibility for Boise loss
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Sept. 30)

USM's Young: 'You might just see me against Rice'
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Sept. 29)

Golden Eagles face major adjustments
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Sept. 29)

After '06 surge, Rice turns fluffy
(Charleston, WV, Gazette -- Sept. 27)

In memoriam Alan Grob
(Parliament discussion thread)

Chase struggles to regain form
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 26)

Defense continues search for answers
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 25)

No attitude adjustment necessary
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 25)

Rice-Texas once the social event of the season
(RiceNews -- Sept. 25)

Davis reponsible for Charles fumble
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 25)

EPC Monday (9/24) dinner report
(Bob Reinhold, et al. -- Sept. 25)

UT fans took MOB satire in good cheer
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 24)

UT leaves little doubt with rout
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 23)

Owls fall 58-14 -- and don't cover
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 23)

MOB pokes fun at Longhorns' problems with police
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 23)

Longhorns empty bench in easy win
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 23)
Texas takes down Rice
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 23)
Longhorns have no problems rumbling past Rice
(San Antonio Express-News -- Sept. 23)
Horns find Sweed's hiding place
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 23)
Longhorns get 'bye' the Owls
(Kerrville Times -- Sept. 23)
'Horns can breathe easy
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Sept. 23)
Texas breezes past Rice, 58-14
(Associated Press -- Sept. 23)
This was a great outcome
(BurntOrangeNation -- Sept. 23)
Longhorns get just what they needed -- a blowout
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 23)

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Ricefootball.net searchGoogle
Monday videowavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07nov26pcdbtn1.jpg (22091 bytes)Coach Bailiff's weekly press conference (11/26)
'I'm more convinced now, today, that we can go to the Liberty Bowl than the day I got here'
Tulsa postgame videos wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07uhweekjoncarytn1.jpg (17719 bytes)Jonathan Cary
'I'm a better man for coming here; I've got brothers I'll never forget'
07tulsasldbmug1.jpg (17065 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'I'm amazed at the effort and the spirit that never dies on this team'
07techchasepostgamevx1.jpg (15862 bytes)Chase Clement
'We did so many good things, but if you don't win, it doesn't matter'
07tulaneweekgatn1.jpg (15856 bytes)Gary Anderson
'We knew where we needed to be; we just needed to make plays'
07casemugtn1.jpg (14859 bytes)James Casey
'He just said I was a great player; to keep working hard'
07memphismajdtn1.jpg (14313 bytes)Jarett Dillard
'We didn't get the breaks, but this year we showed a lot of heart'
Tulane game videos
07tulanema6tn1.jpg (26852 bytes)A baker's dozen key plays from the Rice-Tulane game, including two Owl TDs, and some plays that weren't made, too... wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
updated.gif (971 bytes)  look.gif (907 bytes)
Monday videos wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07tulsaweekdbtn1.jpg (18975 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'That's what great backs do and that's why you can't make mistakes...'
07tulsaweekchasetn1.jpg (18428 bytes)Chase Clement
'It's not as big as I had expected it to be; Coach Bailiff is our coach now; this is our team'
07tulsaweekjdtn1.jpg (17994 bytes)Jarett Dillard
'Now we know what we're capable of doing; and what we need to work on...'
Monday videos wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07tulaneweekdbtn1a.jpg (16937 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'It's great to win on the road at SMU to keep the Mayor's Cup at Rice...'
07tulaneweekchasetn1.jpg (17164 bytes)Chase Clement
'To tell the truth, I really haven't been doing anything that differently...'
07tulaneweekgatn1.jpg (15856 bytes)Gary Anderson, Jr.
'We always say that the most important play is the next play; that's what you've got to do'
07uhweekjoncarytn1.jpg (17719 bytes)Jonathan Cary
'It was wonderful to see (Willis) get hit, and get us off the field' (audio only)
SMU game, post- game videos wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07smuvictorytn1.jpg (25625 bytes)Victory Is Ours
The last minute of the Rice-SMU game, inclu- ding Clark Fangmeier's game winning field goal, and post-game celebrationlook.gif (907 bytes)
07smuo5runvx4tn1.jpg (28783 bytes)Key plays from the SMU game
Includes two TD passes to Jarett Dillard, late defensive stand
07smu46kicktn1.jpg (23780 bytes)Clark Fangmeier's game-winning field goal:  final score, Rice 43, SMU 42look.gif (907 bytes)
07memphismacoachbtn1.jpg (15960 bytes)Coach Bailiff:
'When the chips are down, that's when they're at their very best...'
07techchasepostgamevx1.jpg (15862 bytes)Chase Clement:
'We've had so much practice at it, that we just love to be in this position'
the fang mugtn1.jpg (14738 bytes)Clark Fangmeier:
'It was just very, very redeeming; I feel like I played my role for the team'
07memphismajdtn1.jpg (14313 bytes)Jarett Dillard:
'I told Coach 'just throw it down there' but of course I had confidence in Clark'
07brainestn1.jpg (16652 bytes)Brian Raines:
'The fact that Coach believed in us was a great motivator'
UTEP game videoswavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07utepdgoallinestick2tn1.jpg (29876 bytes)Eleven key plays from the Rice-UTEP game, including several touchdowns, fumble recovery, big defensive plays...updated.gif (971 bytes)
Monday videos wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07smuweekdbtn1.jpg (18217 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'Instead of guys worrying about the mistakes made, they strengthened their resolve'
07smuweekcahsectn1.jpg (17858 bytes)Chase Clement
'There's no way we should've been in the game, but that goes to show the charac- ter of this team'
07smuweekgeorgectn1a.jpg (16033 bytes)George Chukwu
'Penetration kills the run, and that's what I was focused on...'
07smuweekjdtn1a.jpg (16550 bytes)Jarett Dillard
'This game, down 20 points, I looked down the sideline; every- body was composed'
UTEP post-game videoswavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07utepmobtn1.jpg (23976 bytes)Players, students, MOB, celebrate victory with 'Rice's Honor' post-game
07techchasepostgamevx1.jpg (15862 bytes)Chase Clement
'We realized who we were and what we were capable of offensively'
07memphismajdtn1.jpg (14313 bytes)Jarett Dillard
'Defense... defense, defense -- we give it all up to the defense in this game'
07georgechukwumug1.jpg (16488 bytes)George Chukwu
'We're not going to a bowl game, so we want to win out'
07bkingmugtn1.jpg (14524 bytes)Brandon King
'We may be in good position, but it's all about finishing; that's what you've got to do'
07uteppostgamebrainesmugtn1.jpg (16622 bytes)Brian Raines
'Our guys never quit from start to finish. We did a lot of things right to get this win'
Monday videos
07texasweekdbvx2tn1.jpg (19691 bytes)Coach Bailiff:
'The only way to do it is to keep working hard to get some people confident, to where they can make plays'wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
andrewsendejotn1.jpg (14382 bytes)Andrew Sendejo:
'I think we're really close...we've just got to make plays and get off the field'wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
Marshall post-game video
Coach Bailiff, plus Chase Clement, Jimmy Miller, Andrew Sendejo, James Casey, George Chukwuwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
Rice-Memphis video
07memsl67yelltn1.jpg (21115 bytes)Chase to JD, touchdown, Rice 7, Memphis 7, first quarterwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07memdrastatn1.jpg (23284 bytes)Chase to Thor, touchdown, Memphis 38, Rice 35, fourth quarterwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
Monday videos
07marshallweekcoachbtn1.jpg (18537 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'To win in college football it can't just be effort, it's got to be fanatical'
07memphismabrainestn1.jpg (15467 bytes)Brian Raineswavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'When you're doing what you're supposed to, good things happen'
Memphis post-game videos
07memphismacoachbtn1.jpg (15960 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'At times we lacked the passion that we'd played with in earlier games...'
07memphismajdtn1.jpg (14313 bytes)Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'We just need to focus on winning the football game...'
07memphismagandersontn1.jpg (15741 bytes)Gary Andersonwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)'I like to get my hands on the receivers if I can...'
07brainestn1.jpg (16652 bytes)Brian Raineswavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'We didn't play the zone like we should have played it'
Monday videos
07memphisweekdbtn1.jpg (17837 bytes)Coach Bailiff:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'I'm proud of the overall effort... our goal is to continue to get better'
07memphisweekjdtn1.jpg (18243 bytes)Jarett Dillard:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'With all the mistakes that we made, we still put up 48 points...'
07memphisweekchasetn1.jpg (18583 bytes)Chase Clement:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'We've just got to continue throwing the ball vertically down the field...'
UH post-game videoswavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07baycoachtn1x.jpg (17494 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)'Everybody on this team... puts their heart and soul on the field every week...'
07texasweekchasetn1.jpg (17430 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)'Putting up 48 points on the the board, and still losing -- that's definitely tough'
07casemugtn1.jpg (14859 bytes)James Caseywavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)'You can feel the momentum shifting back and forth... you've just got to stay positive'
07jdtn1.jpg (17275 bytes)Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'I just didn't make the plays I needed to make'
Monday videos wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07uhweekcoachdtn1.jpg (20085 bytes)Coach Driesbach:
'It was a total team victory against a very, very good football team'
07uhweekjoncarytn1.jpg (17719 bytes)Jonathan Cary:
'Against U of H, it'll all come down to just blocking and tackling...'
07jdtn1.jpg (17275 bytes)Jarett Dillard:
'We're going to play every game like it's for the championship'
Rice-Southern Miss
post-game videos
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'After the game, James Casey interviewed himself...'wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07missouaslshoppatn1.jpg (19888 bytes)Will Shoppa:
'We all kind of buckled down and did what we had to do...'
andrewsendejotn1.jpg (14382 bytes)Andrew Sendejo:
'When they only have to go 50 yards to score, they'll turn points...'
07casemugtn1.jpg (14859 bytes)'Thor' Casey:
'It was a crazy night...everybody was just staying positive...'
07missoudbmug2.jpg (17965 bytes)Coach Bailiff:
'We said, 'We're never going to give up on you guys...''
07baychasetn1.jpg (16710 bytes)Chase Clement:
'The defense kept us in the whole game and allowed us to pick up points...'
07brainestn1.jpg (16652 bytes)Brian Raines:
'Made it a little interesting at the end, but that's what Rice likes to do...'
Rice-Texas videos
07texaso3jumptn1.jpg (22958 bytes)Rice touchdown, Chase Clement to Toren Dixonwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
Monday videos
07baycoachtn1x.jpg (17494 bytes)Coach Bailiff:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"At times we really looked like we belonged. At other times we played as bad as a football team can play"
07baychasetn1.jpg (16710 bytes)Chase Clement:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"What happened, happened... you've got to just learn from it..."
andrewsendejotn1.jpg (14382 bytes)Andrew Sendejo:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"All we can do is look at the film, correct our mistakes, and go from there..."
Rice-Texas MOB halftime video
07texasmobtn1.jpg (21433 bytes) 

On with the show...wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)

Rice-Texas post-
game interviews
07texasweekdbtn1.jpg (17564 bytes)Coach Bailiff:
'We've just got to worry about us; what we can do well...'wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07texasweekchasetn1.jpg (17430 bytes)Chase Clement:
'In games like this, the defense is just going to get through...'wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07texasweekbrainestn1.jpg (16347 bytes)Brian Raines:
'We were here this time last year; we know what we've got to do...'wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
Tech game videos
07techkeyplaystn1.jpg (29028 bytes)

Nine key plays from the Rice-Texas Tech game, including two Rice TDs...wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)new.gif (908 bytes)

Monday videosnew.gif (908 bytes)
07texasweekdbvx2tn1.jpg (19691 bytes)Coach Bailiff:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"We've just got to worry about getting this football team better every week and that's what we're doing"
07texasweekbrianrvx2tn1.jpg (18509 bytes)Brian Raines:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"We still have the fire; we still have the 'get after it' attitude"
07texasweekcjugovx2tn1.jpg (21007 bytes)C. J. Ugokwe:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'We're definitely more hyped up about the Texas game'
Rice-Tech post- game interviews
07techdbostgamevx122.jpg (26477 bytes)
Coach Bailiff
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"When we have oppor- tunities ...we   have to take advantage of them"

07techchasepostgamevx122.jpg (27683 bytes)
Chase Clement
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)

"If we'd have kept up that tempo that we set in the first half, we'd have been in good shape"
07techjcoreypostgamevx122.jpg (26084 bytes)
Ja'Corey Shepherd
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)

"The whole game, we were in position to make plays; you've just got to capitalize"
07techtorendpostgamevx122.jpg (24305 bytes)
Toren Dixon
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)

"It feels good to be back in the end zone, but it's a better feeling when you win"
More Monday videos
07techweekrobbyhvx25.jpg (43598 bytes)


Robby Heos:
'We were definitely disappointed, but nobody was pointing fingers...'

07techweekgeorgecvx25.jpg (42168 bytes)


George Chukwu:
'We went into the Baylor game knowing we were going to hold them...'

DB Monday video
07sep10dbvx120.jpg (36064 bytes)
'Any time you have passion and kids working hard, you're eventually going to work through it...'
Monday short takes
07sept10dbmug1.jpg (17447 bytes) Coach Bailiff:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'We're going to challenge them to do the right things'
07georgechukwumug1.jpg (16488 bytes) George Chukwu:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'We're just going to have to knuckle up...'
07robbieheosmug1.jpg (17383 bytes) Robby Heos:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
'We need to make sure the running backs have confidence in us...'
Baylor post-gamers
07baycoachtn1x.jpg (17494 bytes) Coach Bailiff:
'There was nothing they did we hadn't seen before' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07baychasetn1.jpg (16710 bytes) Chase Clement:
'We've got to just keep on fighting... keep on doing the things we've done' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07bayjdtn1.jpg (15639 bytes) Jarett Dillard:
'We really didn't play like we wanted to win' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
Rice-Nicholls videos
07nsutd12tn1.jpg (19256 bytes) First Rice touchdown sequence...wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07nsumorevidstn1.jpg (20417 bytes) More Rice-Nicholls videos...wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)look.gif (907 bytes)
07nsusl4tn1.jpg (18457 bytes) Still more Rice-Nicholls videos... wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)look.gif (907 bytes)
Monday interviews...
07augchasemug1.jpg (19027 bytes) Chase Clement:
'You don't want to make excuses...it rained on both teams' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
tgramonmug.jpg (14249 bytes) Terence Garmon:
'You don't see in the headlines, 'Defense Stops Offense 3 out of 4 Times'' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07aug27jd2tn1.jpg (17254 bytes) Jarett Dillard:
'We just need to play our game... everything will fall into place' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07springcoachbailifftn12b.jpg (18384 bytes) Coach Bailiff:
'If we don't win, people need to be upset...' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)


Coach Bailiff's pre-spring
drills interview...
07sprdbmug1.jpg (17788 bytes) Part 1:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes) 'Every one of those guys out there is going to be an important piece of the puzzle...'
07sprdbtn2.jpg (17863 bytes) Part 2:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes) "Misalignments, missed assignments get you beat faster than mismatches..."
07sprDBtn3.jpg (18225 bytes) Part 3:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)   ''We're going to have a blue-collar work ethic out there..."


look.gif (907 bytes)Webletter video...
07aug27thebannerstn1_edited-1.jpg (34424 bytes) The banners:
(Video tour of Rice Stadium concourse (8/28))new.gif (908 bytes)wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07aug27jd2tn1.jpg (17254 bytes) Jarett Dillard (8/27): 'One thing from Football 101, in Life 101, don't underestimate anybody' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07aug27chase2tn1.jpg (17126 bytes) Chase Clement (8/27): 'We want to make as many plays as we possibly can' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07aug27vidbrainestn1.jpg (15830 bytes) Brian Raines (8/27): 'Everybody feels great coming out of camp' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07aug27coachbtn1a.jpg (16989 bytes) Coach Bailiff's 8/27 press conference:
'It's been absolutely remarkable' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
maegletn1.jpg (17576 bytes) Wall of Fame:
(A video tour of the mural leading to Rice football offices) wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07augcdcncoachtn1.jpg (17815 bytes) Coach Bailiff (8-22):
'I thought the guys showed up with a great attitude'
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07aug18endzone2tn1.jpg (15409 bytes) Rice Stadium tour:
(Video taken Saturday, Aug. 18) wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
Saturday Interviews...
07sprac1dbmug12.jpg (18843 bytes) Coach Bailiff:
'Right now I'm giving us a C-minus, and I can't wait to look at the film'
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07springcoachbeatytn12.jpg (20739 bytes) Coach Beaty:
'We did some good things today but there's a lot that we can learn'
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07augcoachwashington1.jpg (18285 bytes) Coach Washington:
'The biggest thing we're looking for is effort'
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07auggeorgemug1.jpg (16572 bytes) George Chukwu:
'We're creating a defense right now'
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
travismasonmug1.jpg (13606 bytes) Travis Mason:
'My genetic makeup's appropriate for the line...' wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
look.gif (907 bytes)Webletter video...
07augchasemug1.jpg (19027 bytes) Chase:  Texas, Baylor, great -- but Nicholls comes firstwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07brainestn1.jpg (14228 bytes) Brian Raines discusses 4-2-5 defense, upcoming drills....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
07springcoachbailifftn12b.jpg (18384 bytes) Coach Bailiff talks about Tuesday's practice....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
Media Day Interviews...
07lutebtn1.jpg (1397 bytes) Lute Barber:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"We're going to make sure Chase is there to play..."
06joela1tn.jpg (1672 bytes) Joel Armstrong:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"We have quarter- backs in this year who can help..."
07ddavistn1.jpg (17627 bytes) Dietrich Davis:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"I think it helps out, to have four down linemen..."
07georgecmuglargetn12.jpg (19318 bytes) George Chukwu:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
''We're going to feed off of last year's accomplishments..."
07mediarobbiehtn1.jpg (18988 bytes) Robbie Heos:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"I try to lead by example..."
06ucf31tn2.jpg (22270 bytes) Brian Raines:wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"Yancy's got 85, 95 guys improving from head to toe..."


YANCY’S TOP TEN LIST07wtroom3tn.jpg (27776 bytes)
These are the top ten strongest Owls, pound for pound:
Brian Raines: power cleans 340; squats 602, bench press 352
George Chukwu: power cleans 386; squats 602; bench press 417
C. J. Ugowkwe: power cleans 303; squats 552; bench press 392
Terrance Garmon: power cleans 308; squats 517; bench press 392
Jon Turner:
power cleans 276; squats 477; bench presses 357
Jarett Dillard:
power cleans 315; squats 442; bench presses 277
Tommy Henderson:
power cleans 286; squats 477; bench presses 307
Dietrich Davis:
power cleans 350; squats 502; bench presses 362
Chris Ptaszek:
power cleans 330; squats 512; bench press 422
Andrew Sendejo:
power cleans 330; squats 472; bench presses 317

Bailiff sworn in
Rice AD Chris Del Conte's introduction of Coach Bailiff....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes) Coach Bailiff's opening remarks at press conference....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes) Media Q&A session with Coach Bailiff, press conference....wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)

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