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We Give a Hoot

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Rice-AFA:  First slideshow...

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Rice-AFA:  Second slideshow...

12bowlpresserIMG_0031a170.jpg (34214 bytes)
Bowl selection press briefing pix...

12uteprt26vx4x170.jpg (25219 bytes)
Rice-UTEP photos...
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12smu_MG_0009a122.jpg (43025 bytes)
Rice-SMU photos...

12tuIMG_4940a170.jpg (55172 bytes)
Rice-Tulane photos...

12usm_MG_0686tn170.jpg (45801 bytes)
Rice-USM photos...

12rice vs tu 328a124.jpg (49250 bytes)
Rice-Tulsa photos...

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Rice-UTSA photos...

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Rice-UH photos...

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12lt1IMG_1039tn170.jpg (27818 bytes)
Rice-La Tech

12ku15tkls2tn170.jpg (31792 bytes)
Rice-KU photos...

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Rice-UCLA photos....

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Coaches Caravan videos...

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Coaches Caravan snapshots...

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STAR.gif (898 bytes)King Hill

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The 2011 season....

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The 2010 season...

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The '09 season...

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'08: A season to remember...

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The '07 season...

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The '06 season....


The 2012 season
Rice 33, Air Force 14

mission550.jpg (5772 bytes)
Owls overcome early fumbles, loss of McHargue with nearly-perfect second half surge; frosh Jackson comes off bench to lead12afaIMG_0863a475.jpg (118539 bytes)
Running back Turner Petersen surges into secondary, and it's off  he goes into the wild blue yonder,  running over or dragging along seemingly the entire Air Force team en route to 48-yard gain (PTH photo)

12af_MG_0150a475a.jpg (71245 bytes)
LIFT IT HIGH -- Paul Porras leads Owl celebration, lifting of championship trophy after Rice's 33-14 thrashing of the Air Force Academy in Saturday's Armed Forces Bowl (PTH photo)

12afa1IMG_0558vx4.jpg (126893 bytes)
Rice receiver Jordan Taylor had a career day with 153 yards on nine receptions -- and three out of the Owls' four touchdowns (PTH photo)

FORT WORTH (Dec. 30) -- When fans and bands of both teams gathered in Fort Worth’s Sundance Square for an outdoor pep rally Thursday night, a foggy mist had settled over the grey streets, and the thermometer was plummeting.

The Air Force cheerleading squad was dressed only in its skimpies, as if to send a message, and the Academy lad who took the mike emphasized it directly. "Now we get to play in Air Force weather," he said.

But when the orb rose Saturday morning, skies were clear and calm, and the sunlight broke beaming down as the temperature began its steady climb. It was, in the words of the immortal J. Fred Duckett, "a bee-yootiful day for out-door football."

That bit of climate change, it turned out, not only proved to be an omen, but also aptly described the course of this game, one in which the Rice Owls pulled away in the end after foundering early, uncharacteristically coughing up three lost fumbles in the first half and losing veteran quarterback Taylor McHargue to a concussion, to boot.
Continues....             Box score statistics....

A season of near disaster turned triumphant
(Houston Press -- Dec. 31)
Dominant second half leads to bowl win
(Rice News <video> -- Dec. 31)
Report Bailiff to start contract talks
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 30)

Jackson steps off bench to lead Rice to win
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 30)
Against Jordan Taylor, it wasn't even fair at times
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 30)
2013 should be even more fun
(Owl Sports Watch -- Dec. 30)
Rice tops Air Force in Armed Forces Bowl
(Huffington Post <video> -- Dec. 30)
Rice-Air Force game featured patriotism, pageantry
(Dallas Morning News -- Dec. 30)
Owls' second-half defense had Falcons backpedaling
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 30)
Rice 33, Air Force 14:  photo gallery
( -- Dec. 30)

Passing attack leads Owls to win over Air Force
( -- Dec. 29)
Rice tops Air Force in Armed Force Bowl
( <video> -- Dec. 29)

How Driphus Jackson shined for Rice in Armed Forces Bowl
(Bleacher Report -- Dec. 29)
Calhoun disappointed in his team's offensive performance
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Dec. 29)
Jackson relaxed, started shredding AF secondary
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Dec. 29)
Things looked bleak, and then...enter Driphus Jackson
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 29)
WIth McHargue out, Jackson came in and played like veteran
(Denver Post -- Dec. 29)
Rice pulls away late to down Air Force
(Colorado Spring Gazette -- Dec. 29)

Rice really wanted to be here -- and it showed
(SB Nation -- Dec. 29)
After break, Owls played mistake-free ball

(Chicago Tribune/The Sports Network -- Dec. 29)
And this is a Rice team with only seven seniors
(Los Angeles Times/AP -- Dec. 29)
Backup quarterback leads Rice to second-half comeback
(Yahoo Sports -- Dec. 29)
Turner Petersen would like you to have a seat
(SB Nation -- Dec. 29)
Rice defense holds Falcons to season-low 214 yards
(ESPN College Football - Dec. 29)
Rice beats Air Force in Armed Forces Bowl
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Dec. 29)
Rice defense had benefit of practice time, and it showed
(Colorado Springs Gazette -- Dec. 29)
Jackson's passing skill and athleticism big keys to Owl victory
( -- Dec. 29)
Rice can declare end to its losing ways once again
( -- -- Dec.29)
Frosh quarterback leads Owls to win over Air Force
(Gant Daily/4E Sports -- Dec. 29)

Air Force Academy sports links....
look.gif (907 bytes)    Fort Worth weather....
Rice-Air Force Owlook

Frigid forecast promises lark for Cadets, unfamiliar experience for Owls

12afatrophy3vx325.jpg (68445 bytes)
UP FOR GRABS -- The Armed Forces Bowl trophy is made of molten metal derived from U.S. military hardware serving on the Middle Eastern Front; no truth to the rumor that a little kryptonite is mixed in for good measure (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Dec. 25) – Three bowl games in seven years? This is getting to be a regular habit.

Yes, indeed, the Rice Owls have gotten themselves into a bowl contest, and they've done it the hard way, winning five out of their last six, the last four games in a row, to emerge, phoenix-like, in Fort Worth's Armed Forces Bowl, where Rice meets the Air Force Academy in the new and improved Amon Carter Stadium, 10:45 Saturday morning, come rain, snow or shine.

The Cadets will face the Owls in what promises to be mild spring weather for the Coloradans – temperature in the low 30s, lots of sunshine. The Flock, on the other hand, will be playing in their first outdoor bowl game since, let’s see....the 1961 Bluebonnet Bowl. (The ‘06 New Orleans Bowl and the ‘08 Texas Bowl were both played with the stadium lids shut.)
Continues....          Rice Bowl Central....

Owls one up on Falcons with patriotic hat theme
afbowlhelmet475.jpg (74231 bytes)
  Rice sports officials revealed a unique helmet design (pictured here)  to be sported by the Owls when they take the field against the Air Force Academy at the Armed Forces Bowl, scheduled for  Fort Worth's Amon Carter Stadium Dec. 29; just wait, there's bound to be blowback from  some quarters saying that design is impermissible use of American flag theme
'What a great city, what a great bowl'
12cowtown475.jpg (27288 bytes)
With Tulsa's win over UCF in league title game, Owls draw Air Force Academy in Bell Armed Forces Bowl Dec. 29 in Fort Worth
12bowlwkgroupa475.jpg (165998 bytes)
SAY CHEESE -- That fellow on the left isn't Rick Harrison, the Pawn Stars celeb, it's Brant Ringler, executive director of the Armed Forces Bowl, who here teams with Rice University President Leebron, Rice head coach David Bailiff, AD Rick Greenspan in Saturday's invitation ceremony (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Dec. 1) – Be honest now. If you’d been approached in August and told, "Here’s the deal. Choose one: You can take your chances, or you can settle in advance and be guaranteed that, whatever else happens, Rice will finish its season playing Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl," would you have have rejected that deal?

afbowllogo2.jpg (11494 bytes)Not I, said the cat.

After all the travail, all the questions of team preparation, coaching competence, and strength of schedule; after each of those would’a, could’a, should’a losses in September and October, Rice’s improbable, five out of its last six run, has indeed landed the Owls in a spot that they very likely would have been quite satisfied to have found themselves in to culminate this season, had it been proposed in August.

It’s not a conference championship and it’s not the Liberty Bowl, but in facing the U. S. Air Force Academy at the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, as announced here Saturday, the Owls will be facing a worthy opponent, in a respected bowl game – and in a venue that’s nothing if not accessible to Rice fans and supporters.

Cody Bauer says he's just glad to be healthy
(Dallas Morning News -- Dec. 28)
One team will win with old-fashioned ground game
(SB Nation -- Dec. 28)
Owl offense juiced by Keller connection
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Dec. 28)
Dietz' season worthy of salute
(Denver Post -- Dec. 28)
Armed Forces Bowl should have plenty of fireworks
(Bleacher Reports -- Dec. 28)
Rice defenders prepare for Air Force option
(Colorado Springs Gazette -- Dec. 27)
AF ground game could make things interesting
( -- Dec. 27)
Kubiak, Boswell weapons for Rice
(Denver Post -- Dec. 27)
Air Force a unanimous pick in this one
(SB Nation/Dallas -- Dec. 27)
Callahan's season far from over
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 26)
Falcons, Calhoun seek to avoid losing record
(Colorado Springs Gazette -- Dec. 26)
AF football coach is changing perceptions
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Dec. 26)
Pair of 6-6 teams square off
(Kansas City Star/TSN -- Dec. 26)

Cadets will be healthy, rested
( -- Dec. 26)

Air Force's Lee has look of future star
(Colorado Springs Gazette -- Dec. 26)
Owls, Falcons to square off
(Football Game Plan -- Dec. 26)
Owls treated to white Christmas on arrival in Ft. Worth
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 25)
Under Calhoun, AF is getting less competitive
(The Daily Oklahoman -- Dec. 25)
Bowl hits home for Rice players
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 24)
AF senior linebacker glad to go bowling with Falcons
(Denver Post -- Dec. 24)
Can Rice stop Air Force option?
( -- Dec. 24)
Hat relives special connection to both Rice, AFA
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 22)
Falcons need to fix broken offense
(Colorado Springs Gazette -- Dec. 22)
Falcons' TB Getz a singular senior sensation
(Denver Post -- Dec. 22)
Two AF Bowl participants have plenty in common
( -- Dec. 20)

Air Force should win, cover spread
( -- Dec. 19)
AF team scatters, trying to beat the snow
(Colorado Springs Gazette -- Dec. 19)

Rice to salute military with helmet design
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 18)

Special helmets get rave reviews
( -- Dec. 18)

Casey overcame tragedy and long odds
( -- Dec. 16)
AF to be piloted by commisioned 2nd Lieutenant
(Denver Post -- Dec. 16)
Hat back in spotlight at Armed Forces Bowl
( -- Dec. 14)

AF option attack should be too much for Owls
(The Sporting News -- Dec. 13)
Mo will be on Owls' side in bowl game
(Associated Press/Yahoo Sports -- Dec. 11)

Bowl game boosts Owl football
(Owl Sports Watch -- Dec. 9)
AF only 1-5 on road this season
(Sports Chat Place -- Dec. 8)
Rice, Air Force teams have several connections
( -- Dec. 7)
Calhoun focused solely on his team
(Denver Post -- Dec. 7)

Rice lands 14 on All-C-USA team
( -- Dec. 4)

AF win only acceptable outcome against Rice
(Denver Post -- Dec. 3)
Two ex-Hatfield-coached teams to vie
(Fox Sports/AP -- Dec. 3)

Falcons, Rice seem similar heading into bowl
( -- Dec. 3)

After all, they did lose to Memphis
(MWC Connection -- Dec. 2)

AF-Rice:   TV info, predictions, more
(Bleacher Report -- Sec. 2)

Bowl committee, Rice, AFA teleconference highlights
( -- Dec. 1)

Rice accepts matchup with Air Force
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 1)
Rice, AFA to square off in 10th Armed Forces Bowl
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Dec. 1)
Rice, Air Force to square off in Armed Forces Bowl
( -- Dec. 1)
Air Force, Rice in 'Revenge of the Nerds Bowl'
(Colorado Springs Gazette -- Dec. 1)
It's Air Force versus Rice in Armed Forces Bowl
(Denver Post -- Dec. 1)

Owls to go bowling in Fort Worth
( --  Dec. 1)
Air Force prepares for Rice in Armed Forces Bowl
( -- Dec. 1)

Armed Forces Bowl:  Get to know Air Force
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 1)

Falcons lost 3 of last 4 games in dreadful fashion
(Military Times -- Nov. 27)

Video of Rice player-fan postgame interaction....look.gif (907 bytes)
Video of Jeremy Eddington's 97 KOR for TD....
Rice 33, UTEP 24
12utepzoom475.jpg (25390 bytes)
12utepIMG_1465a475b2.jpg (162204 bytes)
Jeremy Eddington's 97-yard dash -- Rice's first kickoff return for touchdown since 1984 -- boosts Owls to nerve-wracking win over UTEP, third bowl berth in seven years

12uteprt5vx4.jpg (139861 bytes)
Charles Ross gets his knees up and kicks for additional yardage; Charles wound up with 152 yards rushing on the day (PTH photo)

EL PASO (Nov. 24) – Old grads can put on their old grey bonnet with the blue ribbon on it as they send Old Sammy to the fray – for the Rice Owls, after being given up for dead in October, have just earned themselves a bowl game.

Junior running back Jeremy Eddington made things all but certain with an electrifying, 97-yard touchdown kickoff return that sealed the deal in a 33-24 win over UTEP here at Sun Bowl Stadium Saturday.

Before that decisive coup, believe it, the issue was still very much in doubt. The Owls spotted the Miners an early lead, gave up more than their usual share of big passing plays, and surrendered a couple of key fumbles – but offset that with a solid running game which sparked a 20-play, 95-yard drive to put Rice up to stay with just under ten minutes left in the game.

And then, of course, there was Eddington’s mad dash – the first time the Owls have taken a kickoff return for the distance in 319 games, dating back to 1984.
Continues....          Box score, statistics....

Four-game win streak garners Owls bowl
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 30)
Five things learned about Rice, UH football this season
(Houston Press -- Nov. 30)
Weanies want DB to turn Boz loose, try for 70
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 30)
Rice greets East South Central Middle Tennessee State and Find Another University
( -- Nov. 29)

Former walk-on Leland named academic all-conference
( -- Nov. 29)
Graduation success earns AFCA honors
( -- Nov. 27)
Johnny Football could've been Owl
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 27)

League announces bowl decision tree:  it's FW or NO
( -- Nov. 26)
No Miner setback:  breaking down RIce's win over UTEP
(SB Nation/Houston -- Nov. 26)
Owls get it done, bowl eligible
(Owl Sports Watch -- Nov. 26)
Rice's surge leads it past UTEP, to bowl eligibility
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 25)
Miners put cap on season with loss to Owls
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 25)

No fairy-tale ending for Mike Price
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 25)
Rice defeats UTEP to become bowl eligible

(Yahoo Sports/AP -- Nov. 24)
Owls run past UTEP in fourth quarter
(SB Nation/Houston --  Nov. 24)

Rice's kickoff return TD drought snapped at 319 games
( -- Nov. 24
Miners fall in emotional last game for seniors, Price
( -- Nov. 24)
UTEP falls to Rice in Price's finale
(Miner Rush -- Nov. 24)
Edge in third-down conversions key to Rice win
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Nov. 24)

Rice-UTEP Owlook

Owls know what's needed to defeat restive Miners
12utepcartoon475.jpg (128340 bytes)

EL PASO (Nov. 23) – The chips are down for the Rice Owls as they prepare to meet the University of Texas - El Paso Miners in a game which will determine whether the South Mainers go bowling this season, or stay at home.

Six short weeks ago, such circumstances would have been considered to be far-fetched, if not preposterous. But this Rice team saddled itself up, pulled itself up on its own back, and proceeded to win four out of its last five games, setting up the scene which will unfold, one way or the other, on the turf of Sun Bowl Stadium Saturday.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

It appeared the dramatics for this last game of the regular season were all on the side of the Owls, at least for a day or two after they pulled off an impressive 36-14 home win over SMU Saturday.

But then come Monday, long-time UTEP coach Mike Price made the not altogether unexpected announcement of his retirement. Saturday will be has last game as a football coach, after a sometimes-illustrious, sometime-controversial coaching career which took him to stops at Weber State and Washington State before he arrived in El Paso del Norte.

12smu_MG_0100a120.jpg (37092 bytes)Rice-SMU drive-by- drive Owl scoring, defensive highlights look.gif (907 bytes)

Rice 36, SMU 14
parting475.jpg (24192 bytes)
Owls say goodbye to Ponies with decisive win; five Boswell field goals, crisp passing game, swarming defense add up to complete effort
12smu1IMG_0072a475.jpg (150518 bytes)
-- SMU running back Zach Line is met by Owl corner Gabe Baker after gaining short yardage; Line had 92 yards rushing on the day but that made little difference in the game outcome (PTH photo)

012smuma1a475a.jpg (127904 bytes)
On SMU's first possesion of second half, running back Zach Line tried to hold out the ball over the pylon as he struggled to stay in bounds; turned out he crossed the goal line in bounds, but lost control of the ball, which rolled into the end zone -- result:  touchback; Owls' ball (Mark Anderson photo)

12smu_MG_0575vx4.jpg (101039 bytes)
Reserve running back Jeremy Eddington made the best of his battle-field promotion, carrying 10 times for 71 yards in helping to salt away the game in the fourth quarter (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Nov. 17) -- In this, the last roundup of a 90-game Rice-SMU series that reaches back just short of a century in duration, the Owls did to SMU exactly what they did to the Ponies in their very first meeting, 96 years ago to the day.

They beat the living daylights out of them.

Sure, the score wasn't nearly as decisive as that initial, 146-3 Rice Institute romp, but this one had characteristics of a major rout its own self. That red school color sported by the Mustangs and their fans was a perfect match for the faces of embarrassment on the visitor's side at the conclusion of this decisive Rice win.

The Owls got possession of the ball eleven times in today’s game, and on eight of those occasions, they scored. Granted, five of the eight possessions led not to touchdowns, but rather to Chris Boswell field goals, but nonetheless, the Rice offense found it necessary to punt only two times in the game.

The Rice basketball team needs to get the Boz out onto the basketball floor come season’s end, for against the Ponies he was tossing in three-pointers from all over the field. Actually, he scored three times from greater than 50 yards out – tying an NCAA record in so doing – and adding  43- and  28-yard chip shots to his 56, 53 and 51-yard boots.
Continues....       Box score, statistics....

Fightin' Farmers, C-USA newbies highlight 2013 schedule
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 21)
Vance invited to play in Senior Bowl
( -- Nov. 21)
Could Owls actually bowl with 5-7 record?
( -- Nov. 21)
UTEP runs hard on emotions
( -- Nov. 21)

Price coaches Miners for last time against Rice
(The Sports Network/Kansas City Star -- Nov. 20)
Yes, the Rice Owls might still go bowling
(Houston Press -- Nov. 19)
Rice-SMU video highlights
( -- Nov. 19)
UTEP coach Mike Price announces retirement
( -- Nov. 19)
Rice's bowl bid game becomes Price retirement party
( -- Nov. 19)
Price: 'I want to keep the emphasis on Rice'
(KFOX 14 El Paso -- Nov. 19)
Boz earns league player-of-week honors
( -- Nov. 19)
Owls could jump Coogs in final standings
(SB Nation -- Nov. 19)
Credit due:  Owls impressive in victory
(Owl Sports Watch -- Nov. 18)
Win over SMU puts Owls in late-season bowl contention
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 18)
Major mistakes in loss to Rice leave SMU bowl hopes in doubt
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 18)
Rice one game from bowl eligibility with 36-14 rout
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 17)
DB: 'As satisfying a win as I've ever been part of'
( -- Nov. 17)
Meltdown on the Hilltop: 'It's officially basketball season'
( -- Nov. 17)
Owls use five field goals to top Ponies
(SB Nation -- Nov. 17)
Rice rolls past SMU, keeps bowl hopes alive
(Yahoo Sports/AP -- Nov. 17)
Bad day for Ponies; forgot to bring along Mayor's Cup
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 17)
Big-footed kicker does serious damage to SMU bowl hopes
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 17)

Rice-SMU Owlook

Owls, Ponies to head once more around dance floor 
12smuprogram61a471xxx.jpg (296035 bytes)

HOUSTON (Nov. 14) -- The dance is just about over for the Rice Owls and the SMU Mustangs, but Saturday they find themselves paired up on each other's cards for one last sashay around the floor in a 2:30 matchup at Rice Stadium.

This will be the 90th football engagement between the two schools, but there's no telling when or even whether there'll ever be another one, what with the Dallas-based school's departure for semi-greener pastures in the Big East Conference starting next season.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

SMU has been the last of the old-time Southwest Conference rivals remaining on Rice's schedule annually, all the others -- A&M, Texas, TCU, Baylor, and the rest -- having moved upwards, or at least onwards, while the old Institute, in the way of thinking of some, has dithered away any like manner of opportunity for self-betterment.

The Mustangs seized the opportunity to flee to the depleted Big East along with C-USA fellows Houston, Memphis and UCF, seemingly assured of a fifth and final automatic BCS  qualifier  in connection with the new league affiliation. So of course the NCAA immediately legislated to toss the Big Eastern hogs back into the slop with the MWC, MAC, and, whaddayaknow, good old Conference USA.

Rice 49, Tulane 47
happy475.jpg (31156 bytes)
In thrice-told tale, Owls explode early, then crater; hang on to win
12tuIMG_55017a475x.jpg (295108 bytes)
After key reception on third and long, Sam McGuffie dives for the pylon in what  momentarily looked to be insurance, but  turned out to be game-winning drive for Owls (PTH photo)

12tu1_MG_0061vx4.jpg (156313 bytes)
Jordan Taylor keeps his balance after reception, surges for additional yardage (PTH photo)

NEW ORLEANS (Nov. 4) – With a shade under five minutes to go in the first half of Saturday’s Rice-Tulane game, the Owls were leading 28-7 and facing a third and goal from the Green Wave two yard line.

At that point in the contest, there appeared to be simply no question whether or not the Owls would win the game; the issue, rather, was their eventual margin of victory.

In fact, absent some very helpful calls by the officials (yes, it was that critical, to be mentioned this high up in our report), at that point, Tulane could have easily been in much, much deeper water – more like 35-0, or worse.

Still at that juncture, it looked as 31-7 would have been the worst the Owls could do going into the halftime locker room. Fail to score on third and goal, and The Boz gets a field goal try he could flick through with his thumb and forefinger.
Continues....          Box score, statistics....

Bragging rights on line in Mayors Cup game
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 17)
Should be bowl spot available for Owls if they win out
(West Virginia Gazette -- Nov. 17)
SMU can secure bowl birth with win
(Fox Sports Southwest -- Nov. 16)
Owl bowl game hopes at stake
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 16)
SMU to fight for bowl eligibility at Rice
(SMU Daily Campus -- Nov. 16)
Gilbert says SMU ready in 'must-win' bout with Owls
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 15)
Jones:  'I don't think Margus has ever played basketball'
( -- Nov. 15)
Mustangs narrow road favorites against Owls
(SB Nation -- Nov. 13)
'We still need to throw the ball more efficiently'
( -- Nov. 13)
Bowl eligibility at stake for SMU, Rice
(SB Nation -- Nov. 13)

Rice, SMU square off to preserve bowl eligibility
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 12)
Leland earns academic all-district honors
( -- Nov. 12)
SMU alone in second place after rout of USM
(SB Nation/Dallas -- Nov. 12)
Gilbert, SMU flash new wrinkles in workmanlike win
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 11)
Mustangs back in form against USM
(SMU Daily Campus -- Nov. 11)
Rare road league win keeps hope alive
( -- Nov. 6)
League office video of Rice-Tulane highlights
( -- Nov. 5)
Rice-Tulane -- Tulane video highlights only
( -- Nov. 5)  <check out this play by play guy>
Tulane falls short on final play
(Baton Rouge Advocate -- Nov. 4)
You just can't overcome five turnovers'
( -- Nov. 4)

Big plays almost flood Rice slim bowl hopes
(Owl Sports Watch -- Nov. 4)
Rice holds off Tulane, remains in hunt for bowl eligibility
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 3)
Tulane's Homecoming misery continues

(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 3)

McHargue has big day in Owls' victory
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 3)

Owls rush for six touchdowns, hold off Wave
(Bradenton Herald/The Sports Network -- Nov. 3)

'I can't believe they even tried to go at him'
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 3)

Owls rally in fourth quarter
(SB Nation -- Nov. 3)

Tulane sets record for points scored in loss
(New Orleans Times-Picayune - Nov. 3)
Rice overcomes Tulane comeback, 49-47
(Yahoo Sports/AP -- Nov. 3)
Owls' win at Tulane keeps postseason hopes alive
( -- Nov. 3)

Rice -Tulane Owlook
Owls need to shake up a couple of old nemeses in order to nab Tulane win

12tulaneprogx1a475.jpg (412711 bytes)

HOUSTON (Nov. 1) -- The formula for Rice's success is simple as they face the Tulane Green Wave in the New Orleans Superdome Saturday: hold onto the ball. Or more specifically: keep the ball away from the Greenies' Ryan Griffin and Orleans Darkwa.

If the Owls can't sustain drives and maintain ball security, that lends the advantage to Tulane, and especially to those two, who were thorns in the Owls' sides in an excruciating 54-49 Rice loss the last time these two teams matched up in the Dome two seasons ago.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

Running back Darkwa and quarterback Griffin were afterthoughts in the first five Green Wave games this year -- Darkwa because of a high ankle sprain he suffered during August drills, and Griffin, injured early in Tulane's game two, riding the bench behind a couple of other quarterback hopefuls as he slowly mended.

Without that pair of offensive weapons running at full speed, if at all, the Greenies opened the season 0-5 and after five games were dead last in Division One rushing and near the bottom in total offense. Their dance card was embarrassing, with losses of 45-10 to Tulsa, 39-0 to Ole Miss, 63-10 to Louisiana-Monroe in the Dome, and 41-13 on the road at U-La-La. Yes indeedy, with that record they were downright the ugliest girl at the hop.

Paul Porras' 75-yard pick-six photo sequence, video....look.gif (907 bytes)

12usm_MG_0041tn120.jpg (57356 bytes)Rice-USM drive-by- drive Owl scoring, defensive highlights look.gif (907 bytes)

Rice 44, USM 17
012usmsmack475.jpg (28834 bytes)
Owls pound Southern Miss with big plays, forced turnovers; scoring early, often to win going away, keep Golden Eagles winless
012usm_MG_0164.jpg (247685 bytes)
-- Turner Petersen hauls in Driphus Jackson pass and motors 38 yards for the score in first half action (PTH photo)

12usm_MG_0690vx4.jpg (199582 bytes)
STATUE OF LIBERTY PLAY? Rice QB Driphus Jackson twists for extra yardage in second half of USM game (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Oct. 28) – It just had to happen sooner or later.

Sooner or later, the ball had to bounce right, the defense had to be just in the right position, the offense had to have a little extra spring in the step. And the opponent had to be a willing victim.

All of those eventualities converged here at high noon Saturday as the Rice Owls parlayed five turnovers and a bevy of big plays into a 44-17 thigh-slapper of a victory over the still-winless, though defending C-USA champion, Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles.

The Owls took away the Eagles’ one offensive advantage – their running game – thereby allowing 372 pretty much meaningless yards in putting together their overall best defensive effort of the season.

The USM rushing game was limited to 117 yards, its second lowest game total of the season and considerably under the Eagles’ formerly close-to-200 yards per game average
Continues....    Box score, statistics....     Owlvision postgame videos....

Rice bowl hopes depend on overcoming road demons
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 1)
Three keys for Tulane against Rice
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 1)
Rice, Tulane showing signs of life
( -- Nov. 1)
Tulane QB Griffin eyeing Homecoming win
(New Orleans Tmes-Picayune -- Nov. 1)

Tulane to host Rice in Homecoming game Saturday
( -- Nov. 1)

Duel between McHargue, Griffin should be fun to watch
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Nov. 1)
Gaines growing at corner after lost season
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 30)
Tulane's Jones rides the wave this week despite Bama roots
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Oct. 30)
Green Wave look to make it two in a row
(NOLA Live -- Oct. 30)
DE Jacks expected to rebound from injury
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Oct. 30)
Tulane winner of 2 out of last 3
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 29)
Rice answers call to aid injured rival
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 29)
Owls soar in decisive win over USM
(Owl Sports Watch -- Oct. 29)
Mistakes, miscues add up to more misery for USM
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 28)
Rice keeps hope alive, topples USM
( -- Oct. 28)
Golden Eagles squandered exceptional field position
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 28)
Shot in the foot, yet again
(Hattiesburg American --  Oct. 28)
Two more players on the Southern Miss QB scene
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 28)
Petersen, Rice steam Eagles
(Biloxi-Gulfport Sun-Herald -- Oct. 28)
Rice dominant in 44-17 win over USM
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 27)
USM remains winless after 44-17 loss to Rice
(Jackson Clarion Ledger -- Oct. 27)
Owls take advantage of turnovers, win 44-17
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Oct. 27)
Southern Miss no match for Owls
(SB Nation -- Oct. 27)
Petersen leads Rice past Southern Miss
(San Francisco Chronicle -- Oct. 27)
Owls rebound with resounding win
( -- Oct. 27)

usmowlook12475 (2).jpg (37210 bytes)
12usmcartoon475.jpg (154553 bytes)

HOUSTON (Oct. 26) – The Rice Owls return to the Friendly Confines Saturday with a noon matchup against the Southern Miss Golden Eagles – that’s the winless, 0-7, Southern Miss Golden Eagles, for any of you not previously paying much notice.

Now, normally that might be a cause for confidence and rejoicing among Rice fans – finally a team we oughta beat, right? But one may see a couple of problems with that approach: first, the Owls already have lost several times this year to a "team we oughta beat," and second, it’s not all that likely that the USM bunch has completely forgotten how to play football in the offseason separating this year’s winless team from last year’s Conference USA champions.

In fact, it’s even more likely that the visiting Southern Mississippians will come in to Rice Stadium Saturday salivating, themselves, at the prospect of finally getting to play "a team we oughta beat."

The most significant personnel change for USM in the wake of last year’s league championship was the departure of spark-plug head coach Larry Fedora for the mellow mountain climes of Chapel Hill, NC.

Tulsa 28, Rice 24
tulsahed475.jpg (23408 bytes)
Owls dominate, hold lead for most of game but Rice miscues, late 75-yard run allow Tulsa to steal win
Rice-Vs-TU-058-S[1].jpg (181162 bytes)
Rice QB Taylor McHargue breaks tackles to get loose for 20-yard TD run to put Owls up 14-7 over Tulsa in second quarter (David Bykowski photo)

12rice vs tu 304.jpg (121947 bytes)
Frosh quarterback turned running back Luke Turner picked up 102 second-half yards for the Owls (David Bykowski photo)

TULSA, Oklahoma (Oct. 21) – For the Rice Owls, the maddening hard luck run continues.

At Tulsa Saturday, the South Main contingent kept itself winless in league play by snatching defeat from the jaws of victory allowing an otherwise- somnambulant Tulsa team to quickly travel 80 yards in the last three minutes of play and steal away a 28-24 win.

The back-breaker was a 75-yard, broken-field run by Tulsa's Jaterian Douglas which set up the Golden Hurricane at the Owl five yard line as the clock ticked down.

It was a day that saw the Owls dominate early on part of both defense and special teams, drawing first blood when Sam McGuffie lined up as a punt blocker for the first time in his career after the Rice defense shut down Tulsa on its second possession of the game.

Sam stormed in, managed to avoid contact with Tulsa punter Cole Way, made a clean block, scooped up the ball and dashed in 12 yards for the score to put the Owls up 7-0 with 10:13 to go in the first quarter.

Struggling USM hits road in search of first win
(Biloxi-Gulfport Sun-Herald -- Oct. 27)
USM still looking for answers
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 27)
After gut-wrenching Tulsa loss, Owls look forward to USM
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 26)
Turner finds fit as freshman
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 27)
USM QB Favor to make first start since high school
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Oct. 25)
Both USM, Rice in search of first league win
(The Student Printz -- Oct. 25)
McDonald expected back; Hill passes test
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 24)
Only thing left for Golden Eagles is pride
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 24)
Southern Miss looking for answers
(Biloxi-Gulfport Sun-Herald -- Oct. 24)
Defending champs still looking for first win
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Oct. 24)
USM QB's mother arrested after dispute at game
(Biloxi-Gulfport Sun-Herald -- Oct. 24)
No mid-season staff changes for USM
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Oct. 24)
Owls clipped by a handful of plays
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 23)
USM revolving door at QB continues to turn
(Mississippi News -- Oct. 23)
Is college football season over yet?
(Houston Press -- Oct. 23)
Another winless team aims to get well at Rice's expense
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 22)
Soph Favor expected to get start at Rice
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 22)
Owls have been stingy against less-potent offenses
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 22)
One step up, two steps back
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 22)
Not blown away:  breaking down Rice's close loss at Tulsa
( -- Oct. 21)
Tulsa survives to beat Rice in final minutes
( -- Oct. 21)

Late dash dooms Owls
( -- Oct. 21)
Rice hindered by late errors in 28-24 loss to Tulsa
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 20)
Tulsa rallies for 28-24 win over Rice
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 20)
Owls falter late in loss to Tulsa
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 20)
Tulsa rallies past Rice
(SB Nation -- Oct. 20)
Rice's chances slip away
(Sacramento Bee/The Sports Network -- Oct. 20)
Win keeps the Hurricane in the drivers' seat
( -- Oct. 20)
Late touchdown gives Tulsa 28-24 win over Rice
(Yahoo/Associatd Press -- Oct. 20)

Owls have work cut out for them at Tulsa
12tulsacartoona475a11.jpg (112103 bytes)
HOUSTON (Oct. 18) – In the last half of the '90s, when Rice was mates with the University of Tulsa in the Western Athletic Conference, the Owls were used to beating the Golden Hurricane like a rented mule. At the turn of the century, the Institute's all-time record against Tulsa was 6-1-1.

It speaks pointedly, perhaps, with regard to the depths to Rice football has descended -- and the heights to which Tulsa has risen, with decidedly fewer resources -- to note that in their last nine meetings with Tulsa, since 2003, the Owls have won exactly once and lost eight times.

Rice's only win during that juncture came in 2006, at Tulsa, when the skipper at the Rice helm was none other than Todd Graham.

Repeating:  in the past nine years, against Tulsa, the Owls are 1-0 with Todd Graham coaching; 0-8 with anybody else coaching.

12utsavideocover120h.jpg (54990 bytes)Rice-UTSA drive-by- drive Owl scoring, defensive highlights look.gif (907 bytes)

Rice 34, UTSA 14
wiley475.jpg (34483 bytes)

Owls use ground game to roll over previously unbeaten UTSA; McHargue in control; defense dominates
12utsa16td1a475.jpg (105884 bytes)

TMAC ATTACK -- Rice quarterback Taylor McHargue twists as he crosses goal at the end of a 44-yard touchdown scramble to put 27-3 coffin nail in UTSA (PTH photo)

12saIMG_3989vx4.jpg (95019 bytes)
NO MEEP MEEP HERE -- At end of the play, Christian Covington loses his helmet as he and Cody Bauer sandwich UTSA ball carrier for loss (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Oct. 14) -- This time around, it was the Roadrunner that got flattened.

Saturday's matinee saw those wiley Rice Owls drop a big fat Acme safe upon the UTSA Roadrunners as they ran past the upstart San Antonians 34-14 in a solid effort that started with domination in the trenches.

The UTSAns brought in a perfect 5-0 record to this Rice Stadium Homecoming clash, but left with treadmarks on their backs as the Owls demonstrated superior execution, preparedness, and just basic physical talent as they dominated the game as much statistically as on the scoreboard.

The Rice win snapped a four-game losing streak dating back to the Owls’ 25-24 win at Kansas, and tantalizingly raised questions about what might have been, had quarterback Taylor McHargue only landed on his unaffllicted shoulder in a two overtime loss to Marshall, stayed healthy and then come back to beat Memphis on the road and in the rain.
Continues....                Box score, statistics....

Rice QB McHargue makes good on second chance
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 18)
Tulsa leading receiver not expected to play against Owls
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 18)
Player of year type season for Tulsa's Brown
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 18)
Tulsa proud to be winning with running
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 18)
Golden Hurricane expected to roll
(SBNation -- Oct. 18)
2-5 Owls travel to 6-1 Tulsa
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Oct. 17)
Tulsa wants to avoid trap by Rice
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 17)
Blankenship keeps Tulsa focused on present challenge
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 17)
Tulsa gets another breather this week against Rice
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 16)
Tulsa features league's top rushing attack
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 16)

Rice drove home Coker's point
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 16)

After slap on wrist for 'violating team policy,' Jackson returns
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 15)
Rice date a trap game for Hurricane
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 15)
Tulsa occupies pole position in C-USA West
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 15)
Rice serves notice to UTSA
(Owl Sports Watch -- Oct. 15)
'Runners suffer first setback as Owls run wild
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 14)
Rice uses punishing ground game to hand UTSA first loss
( --  Oct. 14)

Rice hands UTSA first loss
( Antonio -- Oct. 14)

This game could've been a win
(The Coker Chronicles -- Oct. 14)
Kramer honored for Hall of Fame induction
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 14)
Owls snap streak, dominate Roadrunners
(SB Nation/Houston -- Oct. 13)
Owls get little resistance from first 'playoff' opponent
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 13)
Linemen lead way to Homecoming win
( -- Oct. 13)
McHargue, Petersen lead Owl offense
(CBS Sports -- Oct. 13)
Rice dominates in 34-14 win over UTSA
(My San Antonio -- Oct. 13)
Rice hands UTSA first loss of season
( -- Oct. 13)
Owls dominate stat sheet in easy win over Roadrunners
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Oct. 13)
Rice gets strong effort from Ross
( -- Oct. 13)

Happy 100th....
Homecoming, reunion schedule....

12100thIMG_3832x.jpg (107698 bytes)
Scene from Friday morning's Centennial Academic Procession, modeled after the the same event in 1912; President Leebron delivered keynote address before crowd of about 1,500 (PTH photo)
Video -- Centennial Academic procession; recessional...
No walk in the park
Owls to battle for respectability before gathered Alums against 5-0 UTSA team

12mu2tmacrun1cvx4.jpg (76559 bytes)
BACK DIRECTING TRAFFIC -- Rice quarterback Taylor McHargue has been pronounced ready to roll in Saturday's Homecoming tilt (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Oct. 11) -- A game that, when scheduled, was supposed to be a Homecoming romp in the park before gathered Old Grads has developed more into a battle to avoid embarrassment, if not outright survival for the regime, as the Rice Owls, in their 101st year of football competition, take on the Roadrunners of the University of Texas at San Antonio, in their second, at Rice Stadium, 2:30 pm Saturday.

Ironically, UTSA (as they prefer to be called) is one of just 16 undefeated teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision and – get this – as of this week the only unbeaten team left standing in the State of Texas!

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

True, those wins this year have come against the likes of  Northwestern Oklahoma State (56-3) and Texas A&M-Commerce (27-16) at home, while the ‘Runners defeated their ostensibly strongest opponents --  South Alabama (33-31), Georgia State (38-14 and New Mexico State (35-14) on the road. But only two of those outfits -- South Alabama and New Mexico State – are FBS schools, and the both of them are a combined 2-9 this season.

So one might say that the Roadrunners are relatively untested, as undefeated FBS teams go. But the lack of upper-echelon competition hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm, either on the field or in the stands.

12utsaprog1a475a.jpg (245929 bytes)

Memphis 14, Rice 10

memphis475.jpg (34484 bytes)
Owls squander chances to fatten 10-0 lead; in rain, offense sputters early, fizzles late; defensive effort negated by zero offensive TDs
12mem_MG_0251a475.jpg (151699 bytes)
Jeremy Callahan bats deep ball away from Memphis' Marcus Rucker during Rice-Memphis game Saturday (PTH photo)

12mem_MG_0319vx375.jpg (140624 bytes)
Rice outside linebacker James Radcliffe makes shoestring tackle of Memphis ball carrier, one of 12 tackles he had on the day (PTH photo)

MEMPHIS (Oct. 7) – When Phillip Gaines crossed the home team’s goal line two minutes deep into the Rice-Memphis game here Saturday, there likely wasn’t a person in the stadium who believed that would be the last time the Owls crossed the golden plane all night.

The standout Rice defensive back’s scoop of Memphis running back Jai Steib’s fumble on UM’s first offensive play of the game was made in the shadow of the UM goal and returned by Phillip 12 yards for the score. So the Owls suddenly were up, 7-0, for the first time this season, and thereby appeared to receive a huge shot of momentum.

Building on that, with Taylor McHargue back at the helm, surely three or four more scores would be the order of the day. After all, the last time he played, the Owls put up 51 against Marshall, albeit in a losing effort.

As it turned out, with rain having fallen for most of the day, and once more when heavy precip began coming down midway in the second quarter, that easy, early score loomed big for the Owls on a night when scoring turned out to be at a premium – but what a premium did it turn out to be, to the Owls’ ultimate disgust.
Continues....                    Box score, statistics...

Rice gets preview of future C-USA opponent
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 12)
With a little imagination, you can almost smell the cigars
(Owl Sports Watch -- Oct. 12)
Coker to have more options defensively
( -- Oct. 12)
Rice and randomness
(The Coker Chronicles -- Oct. 11)
TK to return for Hall of Fame salute
( -- Oct. 10)
Coker upbeat after players return to practice
( -- Oct. 10)
Okotcha, mates to tread on storied ground Saturday
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 10)
Coker reinvents himself far out West
( -- Oct. 10)
Few would have predicted UTSA at 5-0
(The Sports Network/Kansas City Star -- Oct. 10)
Gabe calls for 'hard focus' against UTSA
( -- Oct. 9)
Rice unveils throwback unis -- sort of
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 9)
No shortage of SA storylines with Rice-UTSA
( -- Oct. 9)
UTSA kicker out for Rice; others on mend
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 9)

'Runners prepare for road game at slumping Rice
(San Antonion Express-News -- Oct. 9)

With McHargue on the mend, Rice expects improvement
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 8)
Roadrunners are off to surprising 5-0 start
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 8)
Coker keeps erring UTSA studenathaletes in line
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 7)
Rice offense missing in Memphis
(SB Nation/Houston -- Oct. 7)
Owls' best defensive effort of year not enough
(Owls Sports Watch -- Oct. 7)
Memphis found way to get over the hump
( -- Oct. 7)
Memphis now 1-0 in C-USA
(The Daily Helmsman -- Oct. 7)
It started so promisingly for Rice

(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 6)
Mathews' TD pass guides Memphis past Rice
(San Antonio Express/AP -- Oct. 6)
Memphis takes advantage of field position
(SB Nation/Memphis -- Oct. 6)
Tigers storm back in second half
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Oct. 6)
Pair of TD passes does trick for Memphis
(The Sports Network -- Oct. 6)
Defensive effort lifts Memphis over Rice, 14-10
( -- Oct. 6)

Owls will take Memphis win any way they can

08memo38pick9vx375.jpg (71497 bytes)
SHOCK VALUE -- Chris Jammer's 69-yard pick six provided Owls a walk-off victory in 2008, their last visit to Liberty Bowl Stadium (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Oct. 4) – A few scant weeks ago, even the more cynical among Rice football devotees had the next two games penciled in the "win" column.

The idea was to parlay a 2-3 or perhaps even 3-2 record at this point in the schedule into a downhill pull for bowl eligibility with wins against beleaguered Memphis and FBS entry-level UT-San Antonio.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

The along came Rice’s agonizing loss at home to Marshall, a 54-51, two-overtime setback, when Owl quarterback Taylor McHargue missed the dive for a game-ending, winning touchdown by a matter of inches, trashed his shoulder, and thusly had to sit out last week’s game against the University of Houston – with predictable results.

TMac is said to be healthy – or at least cleared to play – against the Memphis Tigers this weekend as the Owls square off against the 0-4 Big East-bound contingent in the land of Sun Records, Graceland and dry ribs.

12memphiscartoon3a475.jpg (207145 bytes)

UH 35, Rice 14

uncompetitive.jpg (37842 bytes)
UH tees off against rookie quarterback; Owl offense fails to gain traction; Rice spots UH 21-0 lead; you know the rest of the story

12uhmcguffiescores1.jpg (159945 bytes)
Sam McGuffie blasts down sideline en route to 88-yard TD reception; his pass and run was one of few Owl offensive highlights of the day (PTH photo)

12uhvxIMG_2482.jpg (108806 bytes)
Michael Kutzler nails down UH's Sims after short gain (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Sept. 29) -- Driphus Jackson looked benchward as he lined up for his first snap as a college football starting quarterback. His eyes were as big as saucers.

"We comin' ta git ya, mo fo," elocuted the UH linebackers in their most stentorious tones.

The call from the bench was--well of course it was the same lateral pass to the slotback with which Rice started the season opener against UCLA, and a couple of games since then.

Cougar defenders were right on top of the play, dropping Sam McGuffie for a yard loss before he had the chance to display any of the moves he was able to put on them later in the day.

Four plays later, on second and eight, Driphus dropped back to pass, and half the UH student body came blitzing in to smother him for a 13-yard loss, not the mention the football.
Continues....           Box score, statistics....

McHargue's return fortuitous for Owls
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 6)
0-4 not the way to go into bye week
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Oct. 6)
Tigers open conference play against Rice
(The Daily Helmsman -- Oct. 5)
Gaines could create problems for UM QB Karam
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Oct. 5)
Fuente upbeat on young running backs
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Oct.5)
Rice hopes to rebound against Memphis
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 5)
Owls look to break three-game losing streak
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 4)
Rice-Memphis pits Friendswood exes
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 4)
Memphis looks for first win
(Macon Telegraph /The Sports Network -- Oct. 4)
Is Memphis' football season over?
(The Daily Helmsman -- Oct. 4)
Tigers will try to get running game going again
(Tiger Sports Report -- Oct. 3)

Start of C-USA play best thing for Memphis
(Memphis Flyer -- Oct. 3)
McCain earns shot as Memphis return man
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Oct. 3)
Rainy practice challenges Memphis
(Jackson Sun -- Oct. 3)

Phillip Gaines takes over national lead in pass breakups
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 3)
QB McHargue returns to lead Rice offense
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 2)
For Memphis, best defense a better offense
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Oct. 2)

Memphis motivated for Rice
(Jackson Sun -- Oct. 2)

T-Mac cleared to play at Memphis
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 1)
Memphis turns focus to C-USA
(Memphis Commercial Appeal  -- Oct. 1)
Both Houston, Rice struggling
(SB Nation -- Oct. 1)
Owl Bucket half empty as UH prevails
(Owl Sports Watch -- Oct. 1)

Owls offense goes dormant for too long
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 30)
Without starting QB, Rice sputters from starting gate
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 30)
Sims helps UH hoist Bucket for second straight year
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 30)

Cougars take step in the right direction
(Houston Chronicle --  Sept. 30)
UH beats Rice, 35-14, for first win of season
( -- Sept. 30)

Sims, defense come up big in 35-14 win
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 30)

Houston beats Rice for first win of season
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Sept. 30)
UH defense takes advantage of McHargue's absence
( -- Sept. 29)
Houston, led by Sims, is winless no more
(Associated Press -- Sept. 29)
Owls struggle all day offensively
(The Sports Network/Kansas City Star -- Sept. 29)
Cougars hang on to bucket
( -- Sept. 29)

72uhprog.jpg (44491 bytes)
Rice-UH Bucket game a journey into Unknowns

HOUSTON (Sept. 27) -- The upcoming game for the Bayou Bucket between Rice and the University of Houston is bound to be fraught with peril for any prognosticator. But in an attempt to put things in perspective, in a manner that at least Rice alums might understand, we turn to the realm of Political Science and the words of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

Mr. Rumsfeld, as you may remember, divides the civic discourse of the world into three categories: "Known Knowns," "Known Unknowns," and "Unknown Unknowns."

It's a "Known Known" that there's to be a football game going on at Reliant Stadium Saturday between the Owls and the Cougars, two teams that between them have a total of one victory against six defeats. It's further thusly known that both teams' defenses have been surrendering points in the manner, and with the frequency, that a volunteer might hand out plastic bottles of water to a never-ending sea of marathon runners.

A crucial "Known Unknown" in this game derives from the physical condition of Rice quarterback Taylor McHargue. Will he, or won't he -- play, that is.

12mu2IMG_2133tn120.jpg (31602 bytes)Rice-Marshall
drive-by-drive Owl scoring highlights

(Sorry, no defensive highlights available)

look.gif (907 bytes)

Rice 44, Marshall 41
Marshall 54, Rice 51 (2OT)
Complete game story....look.gif (907 bytes)
there475.jpg (22646 bytes)
Rice fourth-quarter offensive surge leaves Owls a gimme-putt short of a win, but bizarre ending to regulation yields only a tie; Owls then fall in double overtime

Could he have made it?  Sequence photos of TMac's last dive....
12mutmacrun5IMG_2361a474.jpg (104396 bytes)
-- Taylor McHargue dives goalward at the end of a spectacular, open-field run in the closing seconds of regulation time; the run covered 47 yards but the goal-line lunge fell a yard short -- and caused a shoulder injury to TMac, the extent of which is at this point undetermined (PTH photo)

12musametdvx1IMG_0142.jpg (120776 bytes)
Sam MCGuffie scores on 31-yard pass and run to knot score at 21, third quarter (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Sept. 23) – The table was set.

With the Owls down 41-38, but marching as the game clock ticked down, Rice quarterback Taylor McHargue was in the process of putting the cap on a record-breaking day, as he fought and scrambled 47 yards before vaulting toward the goal and landing just short, inside the Marshall two yard line.

Could he have scored? Could he have scored standing up? Video replay indicates he might possibly have done so, but given the fact that he’d just rushed for 153 yards while throwing for over 300 on the day, the question seems somehow disloyal.

Nevertheless, there it was. The game was on the line, and the Owls had themselves a first and goal at the Marshall one and a half yard line, as the scoreboard clock showed 1:20 to play. After fighting back to keep up with the Thundering Herd scoring machine all day, Rice was on the verge of pulling out a victory at the very end.

But there was a problem – a big problem, it turned out. After his epic, broken-field run, Taylor McHargue was on the ground and obviously in pain. After a short interval, he was escorted back to the Rice bench, and on the bench he stayed for the duration.
Continues.... new.gif (908 bytes)        Box score, statistics....

Rice, UH hope Bucket survives realignment
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 29)
Guide to the Bayou Bucket
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Sims eager to return to action
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 28)

Bucket among college football's wacky trophies
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Rice, UH defenses have much to prove
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Owls try to bounce back
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Rice backup Jackson ready to be the man
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Keenum: 'We jumped him and gave him a beating'
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Kubiak supports Owls, Phillips picks Coogers
(Houston Chronicle -- Nept. 27)
Owls want the Bucket
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'It's definitely not just another game'
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5 reasons to watch Rice, 'Tier I' battle
( -- Sept. 27)
Texans take sides in Bayou Bucket
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 27)
Behind enemy lines:   Rice
(Houston Chronicle <JD> -- Sept. 27)
Note:   'Unpleasant' means sad
(The Rice Thresher/The Daily Cougar -- Sept. 27)
Coogers seek first win of Tony Levine era
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Sept. 27)

Coogers' confidence to be tested against Rice
(The Daily Cougar -- Sept. 26)
2010 loss weighs on mind of Piland
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 26)
Young Coogers get Bucket history lesson
(Houston Chronicle <JD Cooger Blog> --Sept. 26)

TMac 'qustionable' re play against 'Tier I'
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 25)

'Tier I,'  Rice bring intrigue to game they both desperately need

(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 25)

'Tier I' expects key players to return against Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 25)
Rice begins league schedule with frustrating loss
(SB Nation/Houston -- Sept. 24)
Cam:   "We owe those guys"
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 24)
Football fans beware:  it's Bayou Bucket time
(Houston Press -- Sept. 24)

TMac earns league player of week honors
( -- Sept. 24)

This week:  'Tier I' vs. Rice in Bayou Bucket
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 24)

Stops elude Owl defense in OT setback
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 23)
Owl-Marshall game as disappointing as it gets
(Owl Sports Watch -- Sept. 23)
Herd outlast Rice, earns first win in Texas
(Charleston Gazette -- Sept. 23)
Herd outlasts Owls in double overtime
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Sept. 23)
'A disappointment for the football program'
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 22)
Owls drop heartbreaker in overtime
( -- Sept. 22)
Herd overcomes Rice in overtime
(Charleston Daily Mail -- Sept. 22)
Marshall rushes past Rice 54-51 in double overtime
(Yahoo Sports -- Sept. 22)
Marshall wins in 2OT with 334 yards, 6 TDs rushing
(Newspaper -- Sept. 22)
Grooms' run gives Marshall double-overtime win
(Tacoma News-Tribune/The Sports Network -- Sept. 22)
'We found a way to win this thing'
( -- Sept. 22)
Marshall gets past Rice in 2OT
(Beckley Register-Herald -- Sept. 22)

Marshall 'must win' for Owls?  Nahhh....

HOUSTON (Sept. 20) – Many an old football coach will maintain staunchly that there is no such thing as a "must" win. However, for those who may consider the previous adage inoperative, the Rice Owls' upcoming game with Marshall Saturday ranks as near to a mandatory plus-sider for the locals as one would ever expect to see.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

In fact, the same sense of urgency would appear to be visited upon both outfits lining up for Saturday's game at Rice Stadium, 2:30 p.m. kickoff. Both teams are 1-2 on the "preseason" part of the schedule, with the Owls last week suffering a not-as-close-as-it-sounds 56-37 loss at Louisiana Tech, while the Thundering Herd succumbed in a heartbreaker to across-state-line rival Ohio U., 27-24.

For both teams, a win would square up the season record and start league play off on the right foot at 1-and-0.

For both teams, a loss might engender a serious identity crisis, at least among the alumni.

Next target for Owls:  Thundering Herd
12marshallcartoon474.jpg (164661 bytes)

La Tech 56, Rice 37

defenseless474.jpg (26807 bytes)
Owls spot another  three-TD first quarter lead, never find key to defending against LaTech offense; result:  another three-TD loss
12lto28longrun1a474xx.jpg (174286 bytes)
Charles Ross blasts Owls out of huge hole; came that close to taking it 94 yards, but lost footrace to LT defender after 65 yard run (PTH photo)

12lto16scoresvx375.jpg (81505 bytes)
Rice's Taylor McHargue pulls up after streaking into end zone untouched against La Tech (PTH photo)

RUSTON, La. (Sept. 14) -- There were highlights galore for the Rice Owls in their wild game with Lousiana Tech here Saturday night.

Unfortunately, not a single one of them was on defense.

Before Owl quarterback Taylor McHargue was able to complete a single pass play, the La Tech offense had already cut through the Rice defense like warm butter en route to a 21-0 lead before the first quarter was done.

From there, the result was academic, even though the Rice offense labored manfully for three quarters trying to get the Institute boys back into the game.

"Everything in this program starts with me," a glum Rice head coach David Bailiff insisted after the game. " I didn't get them over that Kansas win. We were flat at the start and just really could never get it going consistently."

That pretty accurately sums up the tenor of the game. The Owls were flat as a pancake on both sides of the ball as the contest got underway.

It is the case that Jordan Taylor was interfered with onTaylor McHargue’s first play of the game pass across the middle, 15 yards down the field. That was a play that even UCLA found tough to defend, but the Techsters’ athleticism at corner, plus a little help on the no-call from the laissez- les- bon- temps- roulez gendarmes – this is Louisiana, after all – effectively negated the threat.
Continues....    Box score, statistics....

Owls hope for better start against Marshall

(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 22)
Marshall opens league play against Rice
(Beckley Register-Herald -- Sept. 22)

Herd hungry for satisfying helping of Rice
(Huntington Daily Goober -- Sept. 22)
Lots of points expected in MU-Rice game
(Charleston Gazette -- Sept. 22)

Herd offense looks for balance
(West Virginia Metro News -- Sept. 22)

Owls falter early, unable to overcome deficit
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 21)
Owls looking for players to fill DE spot
(SB Nation/Houston -- Sept. 21)
Rice DB likes to face passing offenses
(Charleston Daily Mail -- Sept. 21)
Herd plans to do what Rice allows
(Huntington Herald Dispatch -- Sept. 21)

Soph Cato has been star QB this season
(MU Parthenon -- Sept. 21)

Rice tight end has choices
(Beckley Register-Herald -- Sept. 21)

Historic Rice Stadium just doesn't pack 'em in
(Charleston Gazette -- Sept. 20)

Rice will try to create mismatches
(Metro News/WV -- Sept. 20)

Forecast high of 91 ten degrees hotter than any previous Marshall game
(Charleston Gazette -- Sept. 20)

Owls offense presents problems for Herd
(Charleston Gazette -- Sept. 19)

Healthy Ross leading Owls' rushing attack
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 19)
Owls open league play hosting Herd
(SB Nation/Houston -- Sept. 19)
Thundering Herd have never won in Texas
(SB Nation/Houston -- Sept. 19)
Herd, Rice ready for rematch
(Charleston Gazette -- Sept. 19)

C-USA title remains Marshall's main focus
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Sept. 19)

Herd has depth issue on defensive line
(Charleston Daily Mail -- Sept. 19)

Owls need a big performance out of McHargue
(Kansas City Star/The Spors Network -- Sept. 19)
Herd stole game from Owls last year
(Charleston Gazette -- Sept. 18)
Marshall's mental toughness to be tested
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Sept. 18)
Marshall must now refocus, rebound
(Huntington Metro News -- Sept. 18)

Cato owns up after Marshall's loss to Ohio
(Bluefield Telegraph -- Sept. 18)

Cato has confidence in running game
(Beckley Register-Herald -- Sept. 18)

Herd still hampered by lack of experience
(Charleston Gazette -- Sept. 17)
Bell rings in favor of Bobcats
(The Parthenon -- Sept. 17)

MU QB Cato steps up after tough loss
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Sept. 17)
After losing bell to Ohio, Herd heads to Rice
(The Herd Haven -- Sept. 17)
Marshall should advertise:  Herd needs running back
(The Bleacher Report -- Sept. 17)

Turnovers doomed the Herd
( -- Sept. 17)

Slow start too much for Owls to overcome
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 16)
Tech offense puts up another 50 point performance in win
(Monroe News-Star -- Sept. 16)
Rice tasted mighty good
(Ruston Daily Gomer -- Sept. 16)
Louisiana Tech runs roughshod over Rice
(Associated Press -- Sept. 15)
Louisiana Tech dominates Rice in home opener
(Shreveport Times -- Sept. 15)
Lousiana Tech may want to apply early for C-USA membership
(Houston Chronicle <JD> -- Sept. 15)
Cameron clicks in win over Rice
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Sept. 15)
Unable to recover, Owls fall 56-37 to La Tech
(SB Nation/Houston -- Sept. 15)
King, Dixon rushing attack leads LaTech
( -- Sept. 15)

Learn from country cousins' successes

12latechcartoon.jpg (72581 bytes)HOUSTON (Sept. 13) -- Let's face it.  Ensconced 'way over in tiny Ruston, La., they're seen as anything but major league. But if they're toiling in the minors, as the song goes, at least they're Triple A.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

After all, what school could feature as its most famous graduate, er, make that 'de-matriculant,' a fellow who has got to be the goofiest  NFL star ever to grace prime time network television advertising.

But admit it:  you like Terry Bradshaw. In fact, you love the guy. That's kind of the way Lousiana Tech, but lovable; in fact, even worthy of admiration, and, dare we say, emulation.

For those guys can play football. They conduct themselves with class. They don't try to be something they aren't. They just try to be the best of what they are.

Rice 25, Kansas 24neverdies474.jpg (24868 bytes)
Down by 8 with 5 minutes left to play, Owls stage miracle comeback capped by Chris Boswell's 45-yard field goal as time expires
12kuo9kick2a474.jpg (247382 bytes)
ICE IN HIS VEINS -- After being iced by KU timeout, Rice PK Chris Boswell shows a little ice himself as he almost casually booted 45-yard field goal; 'Get me to the 45 with this wind and I've got it,' he told his QB (PTH photo)

12kuo26score1vx375.jpg (107035 bytes)
Turner Petersen scores to knot tally at 10-10, second quarter (PTH photo)

LAWRENCE, Kansas (Sept. 8) – Somebody cancel that charter flight. The Rice Owls will be flying back to Houston on their own.

Such was the state of euphoria on the visiting sideline and among the Owls’ small, but extremely vociferous group of fans here in Memorial Stadium Saturday afternoon, that one could almost envision the Feathered Flock winging it home to Houston without benefit of aircraft.

For Rice’s ever-amazing place kicker, Chris Boswell, nailed a 45-yard field goal – his fourth of the day – just as the game clock ticked down to zero, giving the Owls an improbable, but delicious, 25-24 victory over a stunned Kansas team.

"With the confidence we have in our defense and our kicker, as an offense, there was never a doubt that we could come back," a vindicated Rice quarterback Taylor McHargue said after the game.. "We just had to capitalize on the opportunities we had.."

It was a game that, only minutes earlier, could have easily been given up for lost. With KU leading by eight points, at 24-16, the clock showed 7:43 to play when the Rice offense came out for what likely was one last chance to perhaps tie the game and send it to overtime. That was about the best one might have expected at the time.
Continues....     Box score, statistics....      TV video of Boz' winning field goal...      Rank amateur sideline video of winning field goal....
look.gif (907 bytes)

Rice makes statement, beats Kansas on road
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 14)
Players encouraged student to be sure and watch KU game
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 14)

Rice owns biggest C-USA win so far
(Charleston, WV, Gazette -- Sept. 14)

Big field goals in Rice football history
(RiceOwls Facebook -- Sept. 13)
LaTech sees familiar fourth quarter in opener
(Shreveport Times -- Sept. 13)
Tech must return to 2011 blueprint for success
(Monroe News-Star -- Sept. 13)

Bailiff expounds on LaTech's potent offense
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 12)
Rice looks to make it two in a row
Charlotte Observer/The Sports Network -- Sept. 12)

Dogs looking for killer instinct
(Ruston Daily Leader -- Sept. 12)

Fresh(men) legs propel LaTech
(Shreveport Times -- Sept. 12)

Tech newcomers waste little time
(Monroe News-Star -- Sept. 12)

Boswell gives Rice long-range weapon
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 11, 2012)
Tech still working on 'killer instinct'
(Monroe News-Star -- Sept. 11, 2012)

Tech hopes to surpass attendance totals
(Sports NOLA -- Sept. 11, 2012)
LaTech sees familiar fourth quarter in opener
(Shreveport Times -- Sept. 11, 2012)

LaTech's Sonny Dykes expounds on Rice
(Bleed Tech Blue -- September 10)
LaTech offense rolled against UH
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 10)
Boz named league special teams player of week
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 10)

Owls strike back:  breaking down win over Kansas
( -- Sept. 10)
Charlie Weis contrite after KU loss
(West Virginia Metro News -- Sept. 10)
Frazier has knee scoped; out for 'a few weeks'
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 10)
Owls relish big kick
( -- Sept. 8)
Rice beats KU, 25-24, on last-second field goal
(Kansas City Star -- Sept. 8)
Owls are 0-for-Big 12 no more
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 8)

Owls woke up in fourth quarter
(Owl Sports Watch -- Sept. 8)
'Get me to the 45 with this wind and I've got it'
(Associated Press -- Sept. 8)
Rice stayed the course and came back
(Fox 4 Kansas City -- Sept. 8)
Jayhawk fans ready to jump off Mount Oread

(Rock Chalk Talk open blog -- Sept. 8)
Rice snaps streak with fourth quarter rally
( -- Sept. 8)
'This is definitely one that we let slip away'
(Austin American Statesman/AP -- Sept. 8)
Weis: "I'ts not OK to lose a close one'
(Jayhawk Slant -- Sept. 8)
KU looked to have control of the game
(ESPN blog -- Sept. 8)
Jayhawks were limited to only 6 fourth-quarter plays
( -- Sept. 8)
Up 24-13, Jayhawks failed to put away game
(Kansas City Star -- Sept.8)
Owls stun Kansas with last-second field goal
( -- Sept. 8)
Boswell's fourth field goal lifts Owls as time expires

(Associated Press -- Sept. 8)
Jayhawks unable to stay undefeated in Weis era
(SBNation/Kansas City -- Sept. 8)

KU can only use this game as learning experience
(University Daily Kansan -- Sept. 8)=
Defense couldn't come up with a stop when it needed to
(Wichita Eagle -- Sept. 8)
If Owls can keep it close, Boswell's leg comes into play
(Jayhawk Slant -- Sept. 8)

1961 Rice-Kansas Bluebonnet Bowl video....
Just a shade over 50 years ago....
ruku61bonnet474.jpg (204757 bytes)

The Kansas Jayhawks, led by their outstanding quarterback John Hadl, faced the Rice Owls in the third annual Bluebonnet Bowl in Rice Stadium.   The Hawks had too much for the Owls that day, prevailing 33-7.  It was KU's first bowl game victory ever, but for Rice, the landmark was a negative one:  the Owls did not earn a bowl game appearance for the next 45 years, not until the 2006 New Orleans Bowl. This game marked the only time the Jayhawks and the Owls have ever faced off against each other.  Until Saturday, that is....

Rice at KU
Owls aim to break road, Big 12
loss skeins in bout with Kansas

HOUSTON (Sept. 5) -- Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but does anybody know when was the last time the Rice Owls defeated a BCS conference team on the road?

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

Folks remember the Owls' dramatic, last-second win over Purdue in Rice Stadium last September, but in fact, the last time the Owls prevailed against a big-name foe playing in enemy territory was, er, 1997, when they edged Gary Barnett's Northwestern team, 40-34, in Evanston.

For Rice, it always seems to be a tough mountain to climb on the road, but this week, perhaps the path might not be quite so steep as the Flock attempts to scale Mount Oread in Lawrence, Kansas, against a Kansas Jayhawk team that finished 2-10 a year go.

UCLA 49, Rice 24
12uclainauspicious474.jpg (25415 bytes)
Owls spot Bruins three quick, big-play TDs, claw their way back into game, give up scoop-and-score just before half -- and that was the margin of defeat for Rice
12uclao30pitches474.jpg (154422 bytes)
Rice's Jeremy Eddington gets pitch as the Owl offense finally cranks up after D spotted Flock a 19-0 deficit against UCLA (PTH photo)

12uclama82catch1x4.jpg (114109 bytes)
Luke Willson skies high to make reception for Owls (Mark Anderson photo)

HOUSTON (Sept. 1) -- Imagine the worst possible way to begin a football season.

Alright, now double down on that thought.

Then you've just begun to approximate the size of the hole in which the Rice Owls found themselves some six minutes deep into their season opener with UCLA here Thursday night.

Allowing freshman quarterback Brett Hundley to run for 72 yards and a touchdown on UCLA’s first offensive play of the game -- the kid’s first play of his collegiate career -- was an inauspicious way to begin a season filled with expectation.

But it was just the start of the waterboarding Owl fans had to sustain scarcely after settling into their seats this torpid evening. After  Owl quarterback Taylor McHargue threw a pick to UCLA’s Sheldon Price at the Rice 47, UCLA scored again, this time through the air, this time in three plays.

First, Hundley hit his wideout  Joseph Fauria for 36 yards to the Owl 11. Two plays later, the Bruins’ Jerry Johnson made a diving catch at the flag, and Rice was suddenly down by two TDs.
Continues....          Box score, statistics.....      

Owls hope to learn from loss
(The Rice Thresher --  Sept. 8)
Weis in 'coaching utopia' after Game 1 win
(Hutchinson News -- Sept. 8)
Kansas still getting feet wet
( -- Sept.7)
It all comes down to defense
(CBS Sports -- Sept. 7)

Lack of confidence still lingering for Hawks
(Rock Chalk Talk -- Sept. 7)

KU will face early spread test
(Kansas City Star -- Sept. 7)
Rice's Sagarin rating is 116
(KU Sports -- Sept. 7)

If defense can muster enough stops, KU should coast
(Wichita Eagle -- Sept. 7)
Eddington out, Ross back in
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 7)
Weis plays shrink to KU football
(Knoxville News-Sentinel/AP -- Sept. 7)

Jayhawk defense, special teams meet with media
( -- Sept. 7)
Kansas welcomes transfers from BCS programs
(Owl Sports Watch -- Sept. 6)
Rice working on tackling woes
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 6)
Rice hoping to replicate SD State effort on defense
(University Daily Kansan -- Sept. 6)
Defense scouting new challenge for KU football
(University Daily Kansan -- Sept. 6)

Kansas 'D' will have to contain these three Owls
(Through the Fog -- Sept. 6)

First look at the Owl defense
(Rock Chalk Talk -- Sept. 6)
KU's job one:  neutralize Cam Nwosu
(Through the Fog -- Sept. 5)
Reality show stars will watch from opposing sidelines
(Lawrence Journal World -- Sept. 5)

Hawkinson takes charge of KU line
(Topeka Capitol Journal -- Sept. 5)

Crist looks to improve against Rice
(SB Nation -- Sept. 5)
Game 1 KU win raised reasons for concern, optimism
(SB Nation -- Sept. 5)
Temp in 70s expected for Saturday's Rice game
( -- Sept. 5)
Interview:   Weis on Rice
(Owl Sports Watch -- Sept. 4)
Kansas welcomes Rice to Memorial Stadium Saturday
( -- Sept. 4)
Kansas football report card: week one
(Rock Chalk Talk -- Sept. 3)
Jayhawks favored by 10 over Owls
(Rock Chalk Talk -- Sept. 3)
Weis says Dayne Crist was 'a little anxious'
(SB Nation/Kansas City -- Sept. 3)
KU wins in coach Charlie Weis debut
(Kansas City Star -- Sept. 3)
Game film reveals passing game issues
(Kansas City Star -- Sept. 3)
Monday rewind:  KU-SD State
( -- Sept. 3)
Jayhawks win season opener
(University Daily Kansan -- Sept. 3)
Kansas faces off against Rice
(Through the Phog -- Sept. 3)

Kansas outlasts South Dakota State, 31-17, in opener
( -- Sept. 3)

This could be last time KU is favored all season
(Topeka Capital Journal -- Sept. 2)
Cam sets NCAA record with 3 blocked PATs

(ESPN/LA -- Sept. 1)
UCLA had 646 total yards offense against Owls
(Los Angeles Times -- Sept. 1)
Owls open season in disappointing fashion
(The Rice Thresher -- Aug. 31)
Owls unable overcome early deficit; UCLA wins easily
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 31)
Laboring to beat Rice not a promising start for Mora
(Los Angeles Times <Jackass> -- Aug. 31)

Are you ready for some football?  The Owls sure weren't
(Houston Press -- Aug. 31)

Rice can't overcome disastrous start in loss to UCLA
( -- Aug. 31)
Rice needs an edge -- just ask Alan Pinkett
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 31)
Bang, then whimper, then bang again
(Go Joe Bruin -- Aug. 31)

Hundley scores on first snap, Bruins roll
( -- Aug. 31)
UCLA has three PAT attempts blocked
(Los Angeles Times -- Aug. 31)
UCLA chaotic and entertaining in beating Rice
(Pacific Takes -- Aug. 31)
UCLA rolls past Rice in Mora's debut
(USA Today -- Aug. 31)
Rice falls to relentless UCLA running game
(San Jose Mercury News -- Aug. 31)
Franklin has 3 TDs as UCLA runs over Rice
(Yahoo Sports/AP -- Aug. 31)
It was 70's night for UCLA
(Los Angeles Times -- Aug. 31)
UCLA off to strong start, routs Rice
(Orange County Register -- Aug. 31)
UCLA gets points across in opener
(Los Angeles Times -- Aug. 31)
UCLA pounds Rice in Mora debut
(CBS Sports -- Aug. 31)

Bruins may expect walk in the park, but Sammy has other plans
12uclagamecartoon473.jpg (203359 bytes)

Questions abound as Rice focuses on Thursday's season-opener with UCLA

HOUSTON (Aug. 26) – When the Rice Owls open their season at Rice Stadium in a nationally televised bout with UCLA Thursday, an even longer list of questions than usual faces the Boys from South Main, their coaches and fans.

UCLA weighs in as a 15.5 point favorite by the bettors, but given the Bruins' adaptation of entirely new schemes under new coach and NFL coaching veteran Jim Mora, this year's Westwood bunch is far from guaranteed to eclipse the 6-7 record which last year earned former coach Rick Neuheisel his walking papers. And it's not unreasonable to expect that the UCLAns will suffer growing pains in early season outings.

So, despite the big name and national reputation, this edition of the storied Bruin clan has to be considered beatable, given an adequate level of preparation and performance by the home team.

New DC, new attitude
Could this be year Owl defense turns corner?

xRice DC Chris Thurmond
12MDayCThurmond2x35.jpg (60718 bytes)
"We try to talk about a lot of things, not just football"

HOUSTON (Aug. 19) – Onlookers at Rice spring and fall drills could hardly have missed taking notice of a seemingly new-found sense of aggressiveness and abandon on the part of the Owl defensive unit.

That in no small part has taken place thanks to the defensive philosophy espoused by Chris Thurmond, who, in his second season at Rice, has assumed the duties of Defensive Coordinator in addition to continuing to coach the Owl cornerbacks.

To a man, Owl defensive players say the New Attitude can be attributed squarely to Coach Thurmond, and it can be expressed succinctly in a handful of simple sentences: "Be aggressive. Know your job. Don’t worry about making mistakes. And just have fun."

In recent years – seasons in which Rice’s ‘bend but don’t break’ philosophy was often times carried to seemingly absurd lengths – the Owl defenders perenially found themselves at or near the bottom of NCAA Division 1 defensive statistics, including points allowed-

Even given past struggles, UCLA a big name opponent
( -- Aug. 30)
Owls must limit big plays
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 30)
Bruins could walk a fine line
(Los Angeles Times -- Aug. 30)
UCLA:  new era,  future, right now
(Go Joe Bruin -- AUD. 30)

Will Mora succeed where Dorrell, Neuheisel failed?
(Whittier Daily News -- Aug. 30)

Bruins hoping to spread their wings
(Los Angeles Times -- Aug. 30)
UCLA set to open season at Rice
(San Jose Mercury News -- Aug. 30)

Five UCLA keys to beating Rice
(Bleacher Report -- Aug. 30)

Owls hope to rain on Mora's opening parade
(SB Nation/LA -- Aug. 30)

Prince ready to play supporting role
(Los Angeles Times -- Aug. 30)

Bruins hope new offense adds excitement
( -- Aug. 30)

UCLA opener to show how team is 'different'
(Orange County Register -- Aug. 30)

Mora loosens his lip as Bruins ready for trip
(Whittier Daily News -- Aug. 30)

Rebuilding no longer: Owls hope for strong year
(The Rice Thresher)
Rice-UCLA will catch some eyes at Reliant
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 29)
Bruins know opener against Rice won't be dry run
(Los Angeles Times -- Aug. 29)
UCLA hopes hinge on 19-year-old QB
(Orange County Register -- Aug. 29)

Owls raise intensity level on defense
(Bruins Nation -- Aug. 29)

Bruins prepare for humidity against Rice
(SB Nation/LA -- Aug. 29)

Fairbairn seeking spot in UCLA kicking tradition
(ESPN/LA -- Aug. 29)

Kubiak, Frazier give RIce NFL connections
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 28)
DB UCLA week press briefing
( -- Aug. 28)
Owls fighting injuries to host Bruins
(SB Nation/Houston -- Aug. 28)

Bruin defense coming in with new look
(SB Nation/LA -- Aug. 28)
Former UCLA hot head Marsh acting cool
(Orange County Register -- Aug. 28)

Bruins release depth chart for Rice
(SB Nation/LA -- Aug. 28)

Hundley hopes to leave legacy
(The Daily Bruin -- Aug. 27)
Preparing for the many firsts of the Jim Mora era
(SB Nation/LA -- Aug.27)

Rice's Bailiff keeps bar raised, cites change in culture
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 27)
Owl 'D' won't have to wait long for first test
(Owl Sports Watch -- Aug. 27)
Rice-UCLA by the numbers
(Houston Chronicle <JD> -- Aug. 27)
On paper this should be comfortable win for Bruins
(Bruins Nation -- Aug. 27)
UCLA aims for Top 25 as it works to reestablish program
(Los Angeles Times -- Aug. 27)

UCLA on road again for opener
(ESPN/LA -- Aug. 27)
Mora has grand plan for Bruins
(Long Beach Press-Telegram -- Aug. 27)

Bruins QB Hundley could wing it in first start
(Los Angeles Times -- Aug. 27)

Hundley set to take reins at QB
(Los Angeles Daily News -- Aug. 27)

Bruins, Hundley in game week preparation
(SB Nation/LA -- Aug. 27)

UCLA has new coach, new quarterback, new direction?
(SB Nation -- Aug. 27)

Jim Mora will give you nothing, media
(Go Joe Bruin -- Aug. 27)

McGuffie Rice's white mamba
( -- Aug. 26)
Mora:   "Legit contender in five years'

(Go Joe Bruin -- Aug. 26)
Owls will try to break into win column against UCLA
(SB Nation/Los Angeles -- Aug. 25)

Mora says he doesn't concern himself with SC
(LA Daily News -- Aug. 25)
Frosh recruit McCarthy a monster for Bruins
(Go Joe Bruin -- Aug. 25)

Bruins offer multiple question marks
(Bruins Nation -- Aug. 25)
Mora maintains 'NFL-style' response to reporters' queries
(Bruins Nation -- Aug. 24)
Owls embark season with high expections, but...
(Mark's Chat Place -- Aug. 24)

Owl secondary has potential to make students even happier
(The Examiner/Houston -- Aug. 23)

Receivers coach keeps it light for Bruins
(Los Angeles Times -- Aug. 23)

Owls watch NFL tapes to bone up on UCLA schemes
( -- Aug. 22)

Owls will need to pull off an upset or two
(Kansas City Star/TSN -- Aug. 21)

Donte Moore's turn to shine....
12aug81catch473.jpg (145550 bytes)
Junior WR Donte Moore is poised for a breakout season, with the tools and skills necessary to make that a reality (Mark Anderson photo)

Media Day display of enthusiasm,
confidence, maybe even a bit of
swagger this time around
new.gif (908 bytes)
12mdayplayers473.jpg (123108 bytes)

Around the table, it's Sam McGuffie (L), Taylor McHargue, Turner Peterson, Chris Boswell, Nate Richards ruminating over fried chicken, and the start of fall drills (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Aug. 5) – Hope springs eternal, and about this time every year it pokes its head above the turf of Rice Stadium, where, as soon as the NCAA fathers allow, Owl coaches, players and fans commence their annual Easter egg hunt for positives and reasons for heightened expectations on the gridiron.

No different this year, it turns out. The unspoken thought that passed around the R Room during Saturday's kickoff Media Day was, "Can this season be another ‘08?"

Another ten-win season like that one would be cause for delirium on South Main, but at the end of the day Saturday, there was substantial evidence that this year’s version of the Owls just might be one to break over the .500 mark, compete for the league crown, and go bowling.

Call it quiet intensity mixed with just a little bit of sub rosa swagger, but veteran Rice players to a man say it's time to put up or shut up.

Owls need production from QB position
(Fox News 26 -- Aug. 20)
Selective amnesia suits McHargue just fine
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 17)
Coach shares high hopes for 2012 Owls
(San Angelo Standard-Times -- Aug. 17)
Boz could become most prolific Rice kicker
( -- Aug. 16)
Rice football aims to honor Owl grid royalty
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 16)
Mora tosses Bruins off practice field for lackadaisical play
( LA Daily News -- Aug. 16)

Williams OK with leading greenhorn DL
(  -- Aug. 14)
Rice awaits waiver request
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 14)
UCLA needs to 'torture' horrible teams like Rice
(Go Joe Bruin -- Aug. 13)
UCLA key defender said takes 'medical retirement'
(Inside UCLA -- Aug. 13)
Mora makes right call with Hundley at UCLA
(National Football Post -- Aug. 13)

Five-star redshirt wins UCLA starting QB job
(The Daily Breeze -- Aug. 12)

Rice game not a big trap for Bruins
(Bruin Nation -- Aug. 11)
First scrimmage videos
( -- Aug 10)
Mora backtracks on UCLA-SC safety comparison
(Bruin Sports Report -- Aug. 10)
Rice has holes to fill in 2012
(Sports Chat Place -- Aug. 10)
Sam, Owls ready to put injuries behind them
( -- Aug. 9)

Sights and sounds of fall camp, Day 5
( -- Aug. 8)
Richards big 'get' for Rice in multiple ways
( -- Aug. 8)
Owls vow this season will be different
(Houston Press -- Aug. 6)
Owls pop pads on Day 3 of drills
( -- Aug. 6)
Owls sport numbers and depth of  solid Division 1 team
(Owl Sports Watch -- Aug. 5)
Rice staff believes pieces in place
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 5)
Mora does Junction Boys routine on Bruins
(Los Angeles Times -- Aug. 5)
Rice coach Bailiff 'fired up' for '12 season
(Fox Sports Houston -- Aug. 4)
Hull done for year; 'We'll play Sam everywhere'
(Houston Chronicle <JD> --Aug. 4)
Full length Media Day DB press briefing, Q&A
( -- Aug. 4)

Media Day player, coach interviews with J. P.Heath
( -- Aug. 4)
Owls unveil new Adidas unis
(Houston Chronicle <JD> --  Aug. 4)
Owls ready to snap out of rut
(Owl Sports Watch -- Aug. 3)
Houston, Tulsa still teams to beat in ever-changing league
(CBS Sports -- Aug. 2)
Plenty to prove in '12 for Owls
( -- July 25)
SA has been hot spot for Bailiff, Owls
(San Antonio Express-News -- July 25)
Bailiff 'serious' about competing for league crown
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- July 25)
Owls viable bowl candidate in upcoming season
(Autzen Zoo -- July 25)

Rice picked to finish 5th in C-USA West
(Houston Chronicle <JD> -- July 24)
RG:   NCAA should boost schools that 'play by the rules'
(Houston Chronicle <JD blog> -- July 24)
Owls hope to return to winning ways
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- July 23)
Several Owls earn pre-season accolades
( -- July 19)
DB:   'We're going to be a good football team'
(ESPN the Zone 1250 -- July 18)
Review:   Bruins should win handily
(GoJoeBruin -- July 18)
Pete's number change now bittersweet with King's passing
( -- July 18)

Owls don't sleep on Alamo City
(San Antonio Express-News -- July 18)

Herd has had scant success on road against Owls
West Virginia Gazette and Mail -- July 15)

Rice legend King Hill dies at 75
(Houston Chronicle -- July 14)

Blue 57, Gray 22
After slow start, big-play Blue explodes past Gray
12sgo28run4a473.jpg (124139 bytes)
CHARLES IN CHARGE --Senior running back Charles Ross was at the top of his game as he surged for big play yardage time after time in Friday evening's Blue- Gray game (PTH photo)

12sgo6run1vx4.jpg (108940 bytes)
Redshirt QB Driphus Jacksonl tucks it under and runs in second quarter of Friday's Blue- Gray game (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Mar. 31) – Led by the not inconsiderable talents of junior QB Taylor McHargue and redshirt freshman signal-caller Driphus Jackson, the Rice Blue team shook off a lackluster first quarter and collectively put on their track shoes to surge to a 57-22 win over the Grays in Friday night’s Spring Game.

While TMac showed sufficient cool and collective to be presumed the starter going into August two-a-days, Driphus Jackson showed enough upside potential to indicate he’ll nudge McHargue for playing time in the fall.

"Taylor McHargue was very confident in his game tonight, but Driphus was pushing him," Rice head coach David Bailiff said afterwards. Behind the both of them, he observed how the game was much more "procedurally clean" compared to most spring endeavors.

Translation: there were much fewer offsides, procedure, missed assignments and general bonehead moves than one might find in a typical spring game. That was so, even though the offensive and defensive lines both featured a number of new faces – a point of satisfaction for Coach Bailiff.

Blues run away with spring game, 57-22
( -- March 31)
Rice winds down spring under the lights
(Owl Sports Watch -- Mar. 31)
Bailiff, Owls pleased with results of spring game
(Sports Radio 610 <Nate Griffin> -- March 31)
McHargue has edge as spring football wraps up
(Houston Chronicle <JD> -- March 30)
Sam McGuffie shifts to new role
(Houston Chronicle <JD> -- March 29)


Collegeinn3.jpg (1941 bytes)
RiceOwlsdotCom on Twitter
12apapgdbetaltn220.jpg (43027 bytes)
Coach Bailiff, Paul Porras, Cam Nwosu
"We came out in the second half and made a couple adjustments – and they were more importantly some attitude adjustments, not so much from coaching but from the team leaders"
12apapgotherstn120.jpg (40191 bytes)
Jordan Taylor, Jared Williams, Driphus Jackson, T Petersen
'This makes it all worth it, all the hard times we’d been through together. This is a great group of guys – and you can see it by the way that we all pulled together out there on the field'
Bowl week
Heads go head-to-head
dbncalhoun1tn220px.jpg (44951 bytes)
Rice head coach David Bailiff, AF head man Troy Calhoun pose after joint press briefing; here's the video
12afajwilliamssnap1tn12.jpg (33936 bytes)Jared Williams
'To prepare for these guys, you have to focus on the basics of football ... if you allow them 4 or 5 yards at a pop, they'll be happy to take that all day'
12tulanevideopgtmsnap1tn12.jpg (2016 bytes)Taylor McHargue
'We're trying to build a program similar to Air Force's, where you're going to a bowl game every year ...we're excited about the game'
12afadbsnap1tn12.jpg (33029 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'We have the numbers now; we're at the point where we're sustainable; we're getting athletes, and at Rice you grow 'em up; you've got to develop them'
Selection week
Bowl announcement press conferencelook.gif (907 bytes)
12bowlpickrg4tn12a.jpg (23535 bytes)Rick Greenspan, David Bailiff
'I don't know if I've ever had a more gratifying season, than to watch these coaches and this team....'
12bowlpicktmac2tn12a.jpg (24099 bytes)Taylor McHargue
'Now to have something to sink our teeth into, where we know where we're going now; we're obviously really excited about it, and we're thrilled to go to this bowl'
12bowlpicklwillson3tn12a.jpg (23275 bytes)Luke Willson
'We really had our backs against the wall for a bit there– but there's the old saying, just keep chopping the woodYou know, we kept working and now we have one more opportunity'
Monday press luncheon videos
Coach Bailiff....
McHargue, Williams, Eddington, Covington....
UTEP postgame
12utepppgdbsnap3tn12.jpg (18899 bytes)Coach Bailiff
"We’ve been a good football team all year; they’re very talented, but I think they just drew a line in the sand.. they were competitive in every football game"
12utepppgjeddingtonsnap2tn12.jpg (19081 bytes)Jeremy Eddington
"I get through the first wave and I see Dante turn around, and I’m just yelling at him, just ‘go get the kicker’"
12utepppgnwosusnap1tn12.jpg (18563 bytes)Cameron Nwosu
"The hard work that we put in, every week we prepared like it was our last; it was like high school playoffs all over again;"
12utepppgtmacsnap3tn12.jpg (19440 bytes)Taylor McHargue
"There can’t be a more emotional 6-6 team in the country; we expec- ted to win, but it was even better than that"
12utepppgvancemcsnap3tn12.jpg (16802 bytes)Vance McDonald
"I personally went up and challenged Jeremy; he’s a great back..That was a fun win. We’re so pumped"
SMU postgame
Coach Bailiff
'We continue to improve each week;  that was as complete and satisfying a win for a football team that I have ever been a part of: when we go back and watch this game film, we're not going to see many missed tackles'
12smupgcbauersnap2tn12.jpg (21746 bytes)Cody Bauer
A great goup of guys to play with; they love it, and it makes the game fun; this defensive line has  stepped up and played phenom- inally --  next week it's another game where the whole thing is on the line'
12smupgtmacsnap2tn12.jpg (21991 bytes)Taylor McHargue
I put eveything offensively on our offensive line; we knew their front seven was pretty stout; we didn't have any turnovers today, and I think the credit for that goes to our offensive line'
12smupgvmacsnap1tn12.jpg (20779 bytes)Vance McDonald
'We always seemed to make it just extremely hard on ourselves for no reason; so finally giving ourselves a pep talk, saying we've got to turn this thing around''
SMU week
Monday press luncheon videos
Coach Bailiff....
Taylor McHargue, Jared Williams....
Tulane postgame
12tulanevideopgdbsnap3tn12.jpg (24138 bytes)Coach Bailiff
We were up, and we have to learn to respond better... That's where the great football teams really go to work"
12tulanevideopgtcooksnap2tn12.jpg (22380 bytes)Taylor Cook
"It was a sloppy victory, at that, but to come out and still win -  a win is a win. To go into this off week; to have two weeks to prepare for SMU, I think is going to be big"
12tulanevideopgtmsnap1tn12.jpg (24687 bytes)Taylor McHargue
"It would've been a long plane ride back if we had lost this one...  ultimately it was a conference win on the road and we'll take it."
12tulanevideopgjwsnap4tn12.jpg (24181 bytes)Jared Williams
"Going into the bye week, it'll be nice guys healing from bumps and bruises and sewing up some fundamentals"
Tulane week
12tulanewkpporrassnap1tn12.jpg (27587 bytes)Paul Porras
'The ball was tipped right to me; I was like, 'No way this is happening' --  a kid's dream come true, a 75 yard pick six, in a college football game''
12tulanewktpetesnap4tn12.jpg (27196 bytes)Turner Petersen
'Right before the play, I said to Driphus, 'You better not underthrow me' -- and he laid it rght in there; he's a great athlete'
12tulanewkdbsnap3tn12.jpg (30977 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'We played well on the road against Kansas, and in a couple more that we lost.  We need to go out and play our best game on the road against Tulane'
012usmpgdbsnap1tn12.jpg (27067 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'It's a tribute to these young men, because a week ago we absolutely had our hearts broken. They came over here more resolute than they've ever been. They came over here with incredible attitudes'
012usmpgtpsnap4tn12.jpg (26214 bytes)Turner Petersen
'You could hear it all week from our senior captains Luke (Willson) and Vance (McDonald), yelling `tempo'. That's where it starts, that's the way we practice all week, a high-temp offense''
012usmpggbakersnap4tn12.jpg (23649 bytes)Gabe Baker
'We had a chip on our shoulder.  We came out aggressive. We had too many explosive plays and that is something we need to work on, but it was good to get some of the young guys some playing time'
USM week
Monday press luncheon videos --
Tulsa week
Monday press luncheon videos (Nate Richards, James Radcliffe, Coach Bailiff) --
12utsapgdbsnap1tn12.jpg (20083 bytes)Coach Bailiff
"All we had going on this weekend was a 100- year birthday party, and Homecoming. If you could pick one you definitely wanted to win, it would be that one"
12utsapgtmacsnap4tn12.jpg (19598 bytes)Taylor McHargue
"We're not trying just to compete any more in games; that's not the goal; we're going to go up there, correct these mistakes and go make it happen"
12utsapgcansnap5tn12.jpg (18895 bytes)Cameron Nwosu
'We've got to take it one game at a time because I think that's is where a lot of teams overlook what's really important'
UTSA week
Monday press luncheon videos (Cameron Nwosu, Turner Petersen, Coach Bailiff) --
12mempgdbsnap4vx12.jpg (19866 bytes)Coach

'I talk to the team all the time about being the hardest working, smartest team – and we didn’t play very smart'
12mempgtpsnap1tn12.jpg (20057 bytes)Turner Petersen
'There’s only so much the coaches can do for us; it’s going to come down to us on the field; we’ve got to make the plays'
12mempgjrsnap3tn12.jpg (20130 bytes)James Radcliffe
'It was a bunch of different things; missed tackles, stupid penalties; we dug ourselves a hole basically'
Memphis week
Monday press luncheon videos (Nate Richards, Coach Bailiff) --
U of H
12uhpgsnap3tn220x.jpg (38782 bytes)
Coach Bailiff, Cody Bauer, Driphus Jackson
"You have to play as a team to win and we didn't do that today. I was proud of Driphus... I know we're a better football team than what we showed today.".."
U of H week
Monday press luncheon videos  --
Marshall postgame
12mupgdbsnap3a12.jpg (20768 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'It starts with me; it starts with the coaches; it's our job to get these young men aligned where they can be successful; where they can make the tackle'
12mupgppsnap1a12.jpg (19881 bytes)Paul Porras
'Knowing that they were really a passing-heavy offense, we prepared all week for the passing attack...sometimes we just weren't properly aligned'
12mupjtaysnap3a12.jpg (21376 bytes)Jordan Taylor
'When Sam made those big plays, I'm sure they got a little worried about him beating him over the top...'
Marshall week
Monday press luncheon videos (Coordinators, Charles Ross) --
La Tech postgame
12ltpgdbsnap1tn120.jpg (21854 bytes)Coach Bailiff
"I didn't get them over that Kansas win. It was a great week last week where we really tried to emphasize all the little things; we just didn’t get it done'
12ltpgtmacsnap3tn120.jpg (21059 bytes)Taylor McHargue
'I felt as a team we moved on from that win -- it wasn’t our first time having a win like that.We did that last year"
12ltpgpporrassnap3tn120.jpg (31582 bytes)Paul  Porras
"Plays that should have gone three yards went 20 and 25 yards. We’ve got to sqart stronger. We ‘ve got to give our offense good field positionl We’ve got to get more three and outs"
La Tech week
Monday press luncheon videos --
KU postgame
12kupgallsnap4tn224.jpg (39953 bytes)
Boz, TMac, Jordan Taylor, Coach Bailiff
'I came up to Boz and he just said, 'Get us to the 45'...there never was any doubt that we could come back'
KU week
12kuwktcooksnap3tn12.jpg (22126 bytes)Taylor Cook
'There's a few read routes that we -- if the defenses blitzes, we'd break off -- but as a whole Coach Reagan calls the plays; it's all scripted'
12kuwkcamsnap5tn12.jpg (22235 bytes)Cameron Nwosu
'I was talking to Gabe Baker at the hotel; I was like "Gabe, I'm going to get a block today"'
12kuwkdbsnap3tn12.jpg (22886 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'I thought Kansas looked very solid against South Dakota's a challenge; we look forward to going on the road'
UCLA postgame
12uclapgcamsnap212.jpg (19422 bytes)Cameron Nwosu
'Coach is always preaching that it's always about the next play. You have to have a short memory, you've got to respond.'
12uclapgttmacsnap112.jpg (19950 bytes)Taylor McHargue
'We certainly dug ourselves a hole, but I was proud of the way we fought back'
12uclapgdbsnap112.jpg (20302 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'I saw a lot of spiritk, I saw a lot of fight.  We've got to take the good... we're a good football team'
UCLA week
12uclakubiaksnap2tn12.jpg (21780 bytes)Klein Kubiak, Corey Frazier
12uclafraziersnap4tn12.jpg (22199 bytes)"He's watched every game I've played in...he's been that cornerstone, playing ball, getting home, and having that coach on the's been fundamental'
'He's gotten me as of late, but it's technique problems'
12uclalwillsonsnap1tn12.jpg (21178 bytes)Luke

'This last week and a half we've really started to come into stride'
12uclawkjwilliamssnap4tn12.jpg (23269 bytes)Jared Williams
'Being that guy on the D line; it's not really that hard, because the precedent's already been set'
2012 Media Day videos
12mdayturnerpsnap3x12.jpg (19236 bytes)Turner Petersen
'We expect to go to a bowl game; we expect to win that bowl game; we expect to compete for the league championship''
12caravanJRsnap3tn12.jpg (20048 bytes)Coach Reagan
'The focus for us is to come out and get better and be the best we can possibly be on any particular day'
12mdaysammac4x220.jpg (42413 bytes)Sam McGuffie
'I'm ready; there isn't anybody more ready than me...'
coacht4atn12.jpg (21987 bytes)Coach Thurmond
'You've got to be a great teacher first, and to do that, you've got to be motivated'
Blue-Gray game postgame video
12springsnappgaines5x12.jpg (23639 bytes)Phillip Gaines
'We’re going to have a lot more three and outs this year; we’re going to have a lot more sacks this year; we’re going to be up in the offense's face a lot more this year'
12springsnappporras6x12.jpg (24320 bytes)Paul

'We’re playing more aggressively; we’re not worrying too much about making mistakes; rather than making plays'
12sg28snap1a12.jpg (22075 bytes)Charles

'We haven't talked about it much yet with the coaches, but we're definitely going to get some returns this year'
12sg5snap1a12.jpg (23617 bytes)Lovett Gibson
'I’ve been playing with Driphus for seven or eight years. He was my high school quarter- back, and I just love him to death'
12sgdb1a12.jpg (23414 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'I’m most excited about that young offensive line. They just keep getting better.  Every rep is important to them as they grow --  but they're really talented'


'06 Rice-UCLA a marker for progress; now Owls need to take it one step farther

By Mark Anderson

HOUSTON (Aug. 29) -- Just shy of five years ago, the Rice Owls, fresh off a 31-30 loss to the Houston Cougars, traveled to the City of Angels to face the UCLA Bruins. It was a game that is difficult to erase from memory. The closeness of this game — which surprised UCLA and anybody else who cared to watch — told of the better things that were coming in 2006.

Sure enough, the '06 campaign culminated in a bowl berth, the Owls' first such reward in 45 years of frustrating seasons.

As one looks back at that '06 Rice-UCLA game, two things stand out.
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