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Rice 30, Fresno State 6

Owls turn bowl tilt into just another luau in completely outpacing listless Bulldog team;
DJ has 300-plus yards, 3 TDs while defense keeps Fresno out of end zone for 60 minutes

FLOOD GATES OPEN -- Rice WR Jordan Taylor hauls in 14-yard touchdown pass from Driphus to put the Owls up to stay over Fresno State, late in the first quarter of Hawaii Bowl game (Hawaii Media Source photo)

FUN TRIP -- Rice Owls celebrate awarding of Sheraton Hawaii Bowl trophy after their lopsided 30-6 win over Fresno State (Hawaii Media Source photo)

HONOLULU (Dec. 25) – When senior Rice wide receiver Mario Hull gave his chirping Fresno State defender a pop to the chops for mouthing off first series of the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl game, he drew a personal foul infraction that fairly well backed the Owls out of field goal range. By any generally accepted rule of thumb, it was a bonehead move.

In retrospect, though, it was totally in character with the message this Rice team was bent on jamming down the throat of its opponent, reverberating from the opening kickoff.

After a week of R&R on the beaches of Waikiki, when the South Main regiment returned to the barracks, it was, “you touch my footlocker, I’ll mess you up.”

Showing an unusually sharp attitude and
edge, the scholars from South Main made it clear to their agriculturalist cohorts from the Valley of San Joaquin they didn’t come to this 4,000-miles-distant bowl game just to make nice.
Final stats....        SID photos....

Sheraton Hawaii  Bowl headlines....
Solly makes immediate impact for Browns
(Cleveland Browns News -- Dec. 28)
And for encore he'll do it on cello and sing in Mandarin
( -- Dec. 26)
'Aloha, end zone, Mario Hull'
( <JP radio highlights> -- Dec. 26)
4-foot-9 running back gets carry for Rice in Hawaii Bowl
( -- Dec. 25)
Rice kicker maintains heavenward trajectory
(National Catholic Register -- Dec. 25)

Fresno State embarrassed by Rice, 30-6
(Mountain West Connection -- Dc. 25)
Rice thrashes Fresno State to finish 8-5
(Montgomery County Courier -- Dec. 25)
Still no football juggernaut, but they're a winning team
(Amarillo Globe-News/AP -- Dec. 25)
Jackson leads Rice to Hawaii Bowl victory
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 25)
Rice rolls over Fresno State in Hawaii Bowl
( -- Dec. 25)
Rice ends Fresno hex with 30-6 blowout
(ESPN College Football Nation -- Dec. 24)
Rice 30, Fresno State 6, video highlights
( --Dec. 24)
Jackson sharp, defense sound, solid for 60 minutes
( -- Dec. 24)
Jackson leads Rice to Hawaii Bowl win
( -- Dec. 24)
Three Jackson TD passes, two forced turnovers pace Owls
(SB Nation -- Dec. 24)
Fresno State's offense was horrendous
( -- Dec. 24)
Let this be start of 2015 season for Owls
(Campus Insider -- Dec. 24)
Jackson's best effort leads Owls to complete turaround
(Seattle Times/AP -- Dec. 24)
Rice hammers lackluster Fresno State, 30-6
(SB Nation -- Dec. 24)
Rice cruises to 30-6 win in Hawaii Bowl
(Bleacher Report -- Dec. 24)
In bowl loss to Rice, Fresno State pulls postseason UCLA
( -- Dec. 24)
Rice separated itself from Fresno quickly
(Yahoo Sports -- Dec. 24)

HOUSTON (Dec. 23) -- Back when the Rice Owls were members of the far-flung Western Athletic Conference, their biennial trips to Hawaii to take on the local U were hardly occasions for rest and relaxation.

Then-head coach Ken Hatfield was in the habit of spiriting off his team to some remote-island resort, away from the hubbub of Waikiki. The locals were quite adept at making the visiting team concentrate on distractions, rather than the task at hand, and the old coach's approach took such a tactic out of the hands of the alaka'i.

Not a possibility, of course, in the midst of a week-long series of pre-bowl game festivities, which is the position in which this year's Owls find themselves.

The last ride....

Senior Rice center Matt Simonette is one of the Owl seniors carried off the field by his teammates after the team's last home practice of the season, a long-standing tradition on South Main (Rice SID photo)

End zone facility formally anounced...
Here's a rendering of the north end zone facility, announced Dec. 18 by Rice Athletic Director Joe Karlgaard, who credited a major gift courtesy former Owl footballer Brian Patterson

Buy tickets to bowl game; donate.... Fresno State links....

Christmas present for team, staff; pass for alumni, as Owls slated to take on old foe Fresno State in Hawaii
By Mark Anderson

Rice AD Joe Karlgaard makes bowl game announcement Sunday (Mark Anderson photo)
HOUSTON (Dec. 8) – Aloha!

That was the word Rice head coach David Bailiff heard on the other end of the phone when Rice Athletic Director Joe Karlgaard informed him Sunday that the Owls would play their third consecutive bowl game, this time in Honolulu at the Sheraton-Hawaii Bowl on December 24.

But Karlgaard also had a word of warning with the call. “You cannot tell anyone for the next hour,” the Rice AD told his head coach. Now that may seem simple. But it is not so simple when you have two teenage boys in the house with cell phones and social media available.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Coach Bailiff immediately retorted. But had a ready solution. Once his boys had heard that Rice was going to Hawaii, he held his hand out and said, “Give me your phones.”

That solved that problem.


Pre-Bowl game headlines....
With walk-through, attention turns to game alone
( -- Dec. 24)
Fresno State  game day:  keys to the game
(Fresno Bee -- Dec. 24)
Will a defense please show up?
(ESPN College Game Day -- Dec. 24)
Rice seniors take pride in laying foundation
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 24)
Rice, Fresno State go from 0-3 to Hawaii Bowl
(Boston Herald -- Dec. 24)
Fresno State can't help but feeling uneasy
(Fresno Bee -- Dec. 24)
Owls' success often starts with Hamilton
(Killeen Daily Herald -- Dec. 24)
Fresno, Rice look to end campaigns on a high note
(Bleacher Report -- Dec. 24)
Tough to beat football on Christmas Eve in Hawaii
(Underdog Dynasty -- Dec. 24)
Reue has personal connction to Hawaii, Pearl
( 23)

Fresno State-Rice Hawaii Bowl game preview
( -- Dec. 23
Scott Wachenheim gets VMI head coaching job
(Charlottesville Daily Press -- Dec. 23)
'The waves were over my head' -- Dec. 23)
C-USA Rice-Fresno game preview
(Conference USA Facebook -- Dec. 23)

Rice, Fresno State both go from 0-3 to bowl game
(Fresno Bee -- Dec. 23)
DeRuyter wants recruits to see win in Hawaii
(Fresno Bee -- Dec. 23)
Nordstrom uses smarts to make All-C-USA
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 22)
'Mama, this ain't Galveston'
( -- Dec. 22)
June Jones drops by practice to give some pointers
( -- Dec. 22)
Rice's revival was Taylor-made
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Dec. 22)
DB the picture of positive after early island workouts
( -- Dec. 22)
'Is this day two? Day three?'

( Dec. 22)
Luke takes it in from 80 yards out for Seahawks
(NFL Can't-Miss Plays -- Dec. 21)
No Margus Hunts to contend with on Rice roster
(Fresno Bee -- Dec. 21)
A pretty good trip so far
( -- Dec. 21)
Balmy two-hour practice at Aloha Stadium
( -- Dec. 21)
Fresno task:  make Driphus uncomfortable
(Mountain West Connection -- Dec. 21)

Once nearly extinct, these Owls are thriving
(Honolulu Star-Advertister -- Dec. 20)
Malcom Hill Hawaii Travelblog -- Day 1
( -- Dec. 20)
Fresno should be able to squeeze out a win
(Charlotte Observer/The Sports Network -- Dec. 20)
Chance to win 8 games still big deal for Rice
( -- Dec. 20)
Bulldogs, Owls renew acquaintance in Hawaii
( -- Dec. 19)
Callahan, Taylor picked for East-West Shrine Game
( -- Dec. 19)
Board approves $31.5 million stadium facility
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 18)
Rice enters bowl game hoping to forget LaTech rout
(Fresno Bee -- Dec. 18)
Coaching staff getting Rice players in bowl spirit
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 18)
A boxed set of Don Ho's greatest hits
(Yahoo Sports -- Dec. 18)
'No such thing as a bad bowl'
(Colorado Springs Independent -- Dec. 17)

Bulldogs preparing for Rice's twists, turns
(Fresno Bee -- Dec. 17)
Rice, Fresno two teams that play no defense at all
ce -- Dec. 17)
Owls, Bulldogs earned matchup in paradise despite awful start
( -- Dec. 17)
Fresno looking to snap bowl loss streak
( -- Dec. 16)
Owls' 7-5 season record about on par
(Mountain West Connection -- Dec. 15)
Staff aims to iron out inconsistencies in WR position
(Fresno Bee -- Dec. 15)
Bulldogs adding stability to offensive line
(Fresno Bee -- Dec. 13)
Fresno scout team players get benefit from extra workouts
(Fresno Bee -- Dec. 12)
Fresno, with losing record, earns bowl trip to Hawaii
( -- Dec. 11)
Look for Hawaii Bowl matchup to be slugfest
( -- Dec. 10)
Such is life for Owls, Cougars
(Houston Press -- Dec. 9)
Stanford, Rice, Notre Dame, Air Force are academic Final Four
( -- Dec. 9)
Thirteen Owls honored by C-USA coaches
( -- Dec. 9)

Rice-Fresno State should be high-scoring affair
(Mountain West Connection -- Dec. 9)
Nordstrom named first team all-conference
( -- Dec. 9)
Owls will be heading west for bowl -- really far west
( -- Dec. 8)
Football accepts bid to play in Hawaii bowl
(The Rice Thresher -- Dec. 8)
Spending Holidays in tropical locale nothing  to scoff at
(Bleacher Report -- Dec. 8)

Third consecutive bowl berth sends Owls to Hawaii
( -- Dec. 7)
Rice will head to Hawaii to celebrate making history
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 7)
An early look at Rice-Fresno State breakdown
( -- Dec. 7)
Fresno State to take on Rice in Hawaii
(MWC Connection -- Dec.7)
Two teams that beat U Hawaii will tangle in local bowl
( -- Dec. 7)
Christmas Eve football in paradise
(SB Nation College News -- Dec. 7)
DeRuyter:  'We have to finish this thing right'
(Fresno Bee -- Dec. 7)
It's Rice-Fresno in Hawaii bowl
(Honolulu Star-Advertiser/AP -- Dec. 7)

Owls are gradually building momentum by winning
( -- Dec. 7)
Late-season surge puts Fresno in bowl
(The Collegian -- Dec. 7)

Full 2014-15 college bowl schedule
(Albuquerque Courier-Journal/AP -- Dec. 7)

HOUSTON (Dec. 4) – Not bad for a one-time walkon.
Rice junior defensive end Brian Nordstrom, who ranks among the national leaders in tackles for loss this season, has been named to the 2014 Capital One Academic All-America Division I football team as selected by the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA). The team was announced on Thursday.

Nordstrom, a 6-3, 230-pound redshirt junior who originally walked on to Rice before earning a scholarship and a starting spot at defensive end, carries a 3.63 GPA in Civil Engineering. He was named to the second team.

La Tech 76, Rice 31

IN THE CLEAR -- Owl wide receiver Mario Hull is wide open as he hauls in a Driphus Jackson pass for a touchdown from 35 yards out that momentarily brought the Owls to within 28-24 of Louisiana Tech, opening series of the third quarter  (Mark Anderson photo)

RUSTON, La. (Nov. 30) -- When a wide-open Mario Hull hauled in a 35-yard touchdown pass from Driphus Jackson to cut the Lousiana Tech lead over Rice to 28-24 three plays deep into the third quarter Saturday, it appeared as if the sun had broken through the rain clouds.

"I thought that was a game we were about to take over," Rice head coach David Bailiff remarked afterwards.

It was the second time in the game that the Owls had cut the LaTech lead by two touchdowns, and, coming out of the halftime locker room, circumstances suggested a classic swing in momentum toward the visitors.
Continues.....         Final stats....

Ohio State four seed in CFB; TCU, Bayor out
(Newsday -- Dec. 7)
TCU, Baylor left out of final four
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 7)

New Orleans Bowl said in play for Rice
(Lafayette Advertiser -- Dec. 6)
Rice gambled at LaTech with high risk, high reward defense
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 6)
Look for Rice to land in HOD bowl
(Midland Reporter-Telegram -- Dec. 6)
Rice leads way with three academic all-league selections
(College Football Blog -- Dec. 5)
Kansas hires former Rice assistant David Beaty as head coach
( -- Dec. 5)
Bowl destination difficult to predict despite eligibility
(The Rice Thresher -- Dec. 3)

'It's fun to put up that many points'
(Shreveport Times -- Dec. 2)
Saturday's evisceration of Rice clearly enjoyable for La Tech
(Monroe News-Star -- Dec. 2)

'You always want to play with an edge'
(Shreveport Times -- Dec. 1)
Confirmed La Tech will travel to Marshall
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 30)
Second-half collapse derails Owls' title hopes
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 29)
'We goin' to the 'ship; we goin' to the 'ship'
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 29)

Football loses final regular-season game
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 29)
Rice drops to Louisiana Tech
( -- Nov. 29)
Louisiana Tech pulls away from Rice
( -- Nov. 29)
Louisiana Tech chews up Rice
(Fresno Bee/The Sports Network -- Nov. 29)
Holtz' 100th career win a big one
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 29)
LaTech scores most points ever against league opponent
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 29)
LaTech hangs 76 on RIce to claim C-USA division crown
( -- Nov. 29)

Bulldogs run wild
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 29)
It's probably Huntington, but computer rankings have final say
(Charleston Gazette-Mail -- Nov. 29)

HOUSTON (Nov. 26) – The Rice Owls look up to find themselves in a one-off battle for the Conference-USA Western Division pennant as they prepare to take on Louisiana Tech in an 11:00 a.m. kickoff Saturday in Ruston.

When in September the Owls went 0-for-3 in losing their home opener to Old Dominion, of all people, it didn’t look to anybody like they’d be in a position to defend last year’s crown going into the last regular-season game.
But thanks to that self-same Old Dominion’s overtime upset of the previously undefeated-in-league-play Techsters in Norfolk last week, here we go again. The betting parlors say Tech by 10, and the North Louisianans have the firepower to achieve that kind of bulge, for sure. But this isn’t a game that particularly lends itself to putting down wagers.

So which will it be?

Rice 31, UTEP 13

This Friday night fight won by Owls in TKO as defense completely shuts down Miner running attack while deep ball passing game clicksA HULL OF A GAME -- Rice senior WR Mario Hull here completes a 55-yard catch-and-run to add to his six-completion, 150-yard day that was crucial to the Rice offensive effort (Mark Anderson photo)

HOUSTON (Nov. 22) – The Rice Owls used a crushing defensive front to shut down UT-El Paso’s rushing attack while QB Driphus Jackson found success virtually every time he pushed down on the gas pedal as the Institute Boys broke open a tight game with Miners to win going away here Friday night, 31-13, preserving for Rice a possible shot at the Conference USA division crown.

A game that started out slower than slow for the Rice offense picked up considerably when the Owls went from Plan A predictable to a more wide-open attacked paced by the downfield pitch and catch combination of Jackson and senior WR Mario Hull.

Meanwhile, the Rice defense came to play from the opening kickoff, putting on a display of flying to the ball, hunting as a pack, call it what you will, but the effort was relentless, and it resulted in a relatively puny offensive production on part of the visitors.
Continues....        Final stats....        SID photos....

LATech searching for killer instinct

(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 28)
No. 19 Marshall looks to end season 12-0
(Washington Post -- Nov. 28)

LATech, Rice set for Saturday showdown
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 27)
Are there any C-USA ties left to break?
(Charleston Daily Mail -- Nov. 27)
C-USA West title up for grabs Saturday
(Hattiesburg American -- Nov. 27)
Upset leaves Rice, LATech battling for division
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 27)
Owls will need strong offensive effort against LATech
(Fresno Bee/The Sports Network -- Nov. 26)
Houston St. Pius grad reflects on time at LATech
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 26)
Bulldogs hope to bounce back against Rice
(Ruston Daily Leader -- Nov. 26)

Holtz, players haven't forgotten last year's blowout at Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 25)
Holtz lays it all on the table
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 25)

Boise State, Marshall emerge in CFP rankings
(Yahoo Sports -- Nov. 25)
Ken Hatfield to receive Amos Alonzo Stagg award
( -- Nov. 25)

Rice set up to defend conference title
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 24)
LATech, Rice set for Saturday showdown
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 24)
Owls solidify bowl chances
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 23)

Old Dominion knocks off La Tech in OT
(The Virginian-Pilot -- Nov. 22)
Rice-UTEP video highlights
( -- Nov. 22)

Hull, Rice topple UTEP to insure winning record
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 22)
Rice had Miners' number for most of night
(Miner Rush/SB Nation -- Nov. 22)
Both teams started slowly; home team pulled away in second half
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 22)
Hull, Dillard star in Rice win over UTEP
(Reuters -- Nov. 22)

Rice pulls away from UTEP, 31-13
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 21)
Miners lost because Rice was the better team
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 21)
Rice takes care of UTEP, 31-13
( -- Nov. 21)
Hull comes up huge for Owls
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 21)
Owls take sole possession of second in division with win over UTEP
(Charlotte Observer -- Nov. 21)

HOUSTON (Nov. 19) -- Another week, just another ball game, right? Wrong.

The Rice Owls close out their home dance card with a Friday evening game, a 7:00 p.m. kickoff against the UT-El Paso Miners. Count it, if you will, a function of that home opener loss to Old Dominion, but if the Feathered Flock is to be considered for any but the dregs of bowl games, they need to win seven, preferably eight -- and if so, that leaves virtually zero margin for error come this Friday night.

UTEP has precisely similar designs, arriving on a Chisos Mountains high, the result of winning four out of its last five in rolling to an unexpectedly sunny 6-4 record thus far this season.
Most recently, Los Mineros dismantled North Texas in the Sun Bowl last Saturday, 35-17.

To ascertain what kind of a challenge the El Pasoans present come Friday night, one need look only as far back as that UNT game.


Marshall 41, Rice 14

Slow start doesn't help matters, but neither does much of anything else, as MU steamrolls Owls to bolster its case for national ranking

Receiving of Owls' Jordan Taylor was one of few bright spots against Marshall; JT caught nine for 88 yards; no other non-running-back Rice receiver caught a thing but the sniffles (PTH photo)

HUNTINGTON, WV (Nov. 16) – When Marshall quarterback Rakim Cato threaded a perfectly-thrown, 24-yard touchdown pass to his receiver, Hyleck Foster, to boost the Thundering Herd to a 17-0 lead over the Rice Owls Saturday, 6:56 remained in the half.

At that point, the home team had rolled to 220 yards total offense, while the visiting Owls had all of 20, with two first downs, one of them by way of penalty.

We’d prefer to be able to say that it was such a slow start that doomed the Owls to a close, hard-fought, but disappointing defeat, but in fact the bad start out of the blocks really didn’t matter much.

The game was hard-fought; the result was disappointing, but close, it wasn't. Not even halfway close.
Final stats....(reader discretion advised)

Rushing, time of possession key factors in Rice-UTEP
( -- Nov. 20)
Rice, UTEP both look to improve stature
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 20)

Rice steps forward by building on success
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 19)
Bailiff impressed with UTEP's improvement
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 19)
Three keys and a wild prediction
(Miner Rush/SB Nation -- Nov. 19)

Quarter of players on UTEP 2-deep chart from Houston area
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 19)
Football win streak snapped by Marshall
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 18)
Miners build improvement around offensive line
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 18)
Awards keep coming for UTEP running back Jones
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 18)

Miners flying high as Owls loom
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 17)
Marshall dominates from the start in 41-14 win
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 15)
Herd defense takes steam out of Rice
(Charleston Gazette-Mail -- Nov. 15)
This year, Marshall was the one that laid it on early
(Charleston Daily Mail -- Nov. 15)
Herd offense dominated, but then again, so did defense
WV Metro News -- Nov. 15)
Johnson, Cato help Marshall steam Rice
(Bluefield Daily Telegraph -- Nov. 15)
Defense brings thunder; Cato sets record
(Ashland Independent -- Nov. 15)
Marshall still undefeated after win over Rice
(Beckley Register-Herald -- Nov. 15)
Unnecessary cloud hangs over 10-0 Herd
(Charleston Gazette -- Nov. 15)
Owls didn't have a prayer
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Nov. 15)
Marshall wins on 44th anniversary of plane crash
(Bluefield Daily Telegraph -- Nov. 15)

Marshall defense was in gear early and often
(Underdog Nation -- Nov. 15)
Bailiff:  Herd is up there with Notre Dame and A&M
(WV Metro News -- Nov. 15)
It was Herd defense that really won the day
( -- Nov. 15)
No. 21 Marshall throttles Rice, 41-14
(ABC News/AP -- Nov. 15)
Cato sets passing mark as Marshall routs Rice
(Fox News/The Sports Network -- Nov. 15)
Owls' six-game win streak ends at Marshall
( -- Nov. 15)

HUNTINGTON, WV (Nov. 13) – If you pay any attention to just about anybody who has an opinion on the upcoming Rice-Marshall game, the visiting Owls just might as well Save the Equipment and stay home on Saturday.

Betting lines started in the high teens and as of today have risen to the neighborhood of 23 or 24. Put another way – Vegas prognostica- tions show only three other FBS games with a bigger underdog than are the Rice Owls against the undefeated Thundering Herd.

Yup, out of some 50-plus football games on the board, this one is expected to wind up among the top four most one-sided.

And, who knows, so it may turn out to be. Why is Marshall thought well-nigh unbeatable at home, especially this Saturday? Let us count the ways.

Rice 17, UTSA 7

STRETCHING FOR SIX -- Rice quarterback Driphus Jackson reaches as he nears the goal line to cap a  75-yard opening drive giving the Owls an early 7-0 lead over UTSA (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Nov. 9) – To the typical chablis-sipping (or Bud Light-quaffing) Rice Homecoming attendee, the Owls’ 17-7 win over the 2-7 UTSA Roadrunners Saturday probably appeared a bit on the less-than-artistic side.

But it also appears that laudatory performance on the gridiron, like the quality of artwork in Sewall Hall Gallery, lay in the eye of the beholder.
To Rice head coach David Bailiff and his charges, the one-sided-squeaker, if there be such a thing, while not exactly a Michelangelo, certainly was worthy of hanging up on the wall.
Continues....      Box score, statistics....     SID photos....

Military lifestyle helped shape Phillip Gaines
( -- Nov. 15)
Nordstrom, Patt boost Owl winning streak
(Bluefield Daily Telegraph/AP -- Nov. 15)
Remembrance -- and revenge -- on Marshall minds
(Beckley Register-Herald -- Nov. 15)
Herd hosts Owls in key showdown
(Charleston Daily Mail -- Nov. 15)
'Against Rice you'd better start fast and finish fast'
(WV Metro News -- Nov. 15)

Herd has not forgotten about last year's big loss
(The Herald-Dispatch -- Nov. 15)
Marshall admins disappointed with game crowd prospects
(Charleston Gazette-Mail -- Nov. 15)

Owls to have hands full with Cato-led Herd offense
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 14)
Marshall in what could  be last big test
(USA Today -- Nov. 14)

'We're going to make it personal and get after them early'
(WV Metro News -- Nov. 14)
For Blackmon, Rice a personal challenge
( -- Nov. 14)
No. 21 Marshall hopes to go 10-0
(Waco Tribune-Herald -- Nov. 14)
Marshall prepares for revenge game
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 14)
Quarterback Jackson leads Rice rebound

(Charleston Daily Mail -- Nov. 13)
Herd still sore about last loss to Rice
(Charleston Daily Mail -- Nov. 13)
Rice WR Taylor a big-play threat
(Charleston Gazette -- Nov. 13)
Herd uncharacteristically has struggled out of gate
(MU Parthenon -- Nov. 13)

Rice's Taylor had big game against Herd last year
(Beckley Register-Herald -- Nov. 13)
Rice defense has been dominant during win streak
(Charleston Gazette -- Nov. 13)
No. 21 Marshall puts streak on line against Rice
( Sports Network -- Nov. 12)
Marshall treating Rice game just like all the others
(Beckley Register-Herald -- Nov. 12)
Herd needs fast start against Rice
(Charleston Gazette -- Nov. 12)
Herd to face stout Rice running game
(Charleston Gazette -- Nov. 12)
Nobody was in the stands at Rice
(WV Metro News -- Nov. 12)
Not to denigrate Rice, but...
( -- Nov. 12)
Christian opts for season-ending surgery
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 12)
Last year's loss to Rice still hurts Marshall
(Charleston Gazette -- Nov. 11)
New set of fond memories possible against Marshall
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 11)
MU defense will need to sharpen against Owl run game
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Nov. 11)

Marshall's Johnson available for game Saturday
( -- Nov. 11)
Herd RB Johnson ready to get back on the field
(Charleston Daily Mail -- Nov. 11)
Herd only one of three teams to go 9-0
(Rant Sports -- Nov. 11)
Winners of six straight, Owls are no bums
(MU Parthenon -- Nov. 11)

Owls win ugly, but Coogs lose ugly
(Houston Press -- Nov. 11)
LaTech getting it done with defense
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 11)
Rice-UTSA video highlights
( --  Nov.10)
Hard to root for a team that doesn't root for itself
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 10)
Rice adds meat to Herd slate
(Charleston Gazette-Mail -- Nov. 9)
Herd puts pressure on committee
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Nov. 9)
Football wins sixth straight; becomes bowl eligible
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 9)
USM pulls out all the stops in fruitless bid to upset Marshall
(Charleston Gaxette-Mail -- Nov. 9)

Rice sends UTSA to third straight loss
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 8)
Owls win; bowl eligible for third straight year
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 8)
Owls extend Homecoming mastery win 17-7 win over UTSA
( -- Nov. 8)
Owls dominate stats, possession time in 17-7 victory
( -- Nov. 8)
Rice win eliminates UTSA from bowl consideration
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 8)
Injuries at quarterback too much for UTSA to overcome
( -- Nov. 8)
Roadrunner fans subjected to another ugly performance
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 8)

12utsaprog1a475a.jpg (245929 bytes)
HOUSTON (Nov. 6) -- The Rice Owls go for their tenth straight Homecoming victory when they take on the University of Texas - San Antonio Roadrunners in an 11:00 a.m. kickoff Saturday, an unusually early time for the Homecoming Weekend contest, mandated by the priorities of the TV bosses.

Alums will get the chance to breakfast on Goode Company steak and egg tacos, pre-game, while student organizations are thumping their respective tubs to get a decent undergraduate turnout for the game that starts right about Saturday wakeup time for the typical Rice undergrad.

When the Roadrunners smacked around the Houston Cougars in the season opener at UH's still-to-be-completed TCEHJSEG Stadium, it appeared a statement that the senior-laden UTSA team would be a contendah', not exactly the kind of outfit one prefers to schedule before assembled old grads.

Rice 31, Florida International 17

Owls jump to early 17-0 lead; coast home primarily on strength of swarming defense, which pitches another second-half shutout

GIVE THAT MAN A HELMET STICKER   -- That's what ESPN analyst and coaching legend Lou Holtz said about Zach Patt's five-sack, three forced-fumble performance against FIU; here, he takes down FIU QB Alex McGough with an assist from Brian Nordstrom  (PTH photo)

MIAMI (Nov. 2) – It was like deja vu all over again.

As they had the week before against North Texas, the Rice Owls scored on their first offensive play from scrimmage, and then once again, a swarming Owl defense completely shut down the FIU Panthers in the second half to preserve a 31-17 victory going away.

The Flock’s fifth straight win lifted them to a 3-1 record in C-USA, paving the route for what is rounding out in the month of November to be a four-game sudden-death playoff for the division crown, for consecutive wins over UTSA, Marshall, UTEP, and Lousiana Tech are what it’s going to take in order for the Owls to control their own destiny.

Continues...             Box score, statistics...

Roadrunners aim to win out, starting with Rice
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 7)
Bailiff and Owls aiming for six straight
(CBS News Local -- Nov. 7)
Just one day, just for a few hours, go to the game
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 5)
Red-hot Owls take aim at yet another victory
( Sports Network -- Nov. 5)
Despite losing record, UTSA still drawing 'em in at home
( -- Nov. 5)
Bad weather doesn't deter UTSA practice plans
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 5)

Rice has hit midseason stride as UTSA looms
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 4)
Patt gets football writers' national player of week
( -- Nov. 4)
Owls continue win streak
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 4)
UTSA players say Coker rumors no concern
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov.4)
Dislocated kneecap for Christian; 2 to 4 weeks enforced vacation
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 4)
Gaines has gone from getting burned to bringing heat
(Fox News Kansas City -- Nov. 4)

Rice-FIU video highlights
(Rice SID/ASN video -- Nov. 3)
UTSA prepares to go with Carter at quarterback vs. Rice
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 3)
Five sacks gets Zach league player-of-week honors
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 3)
Christian to miss at least two weeks with leg injury
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 3)
Zach Patt gets a helmet sticker from Coach Holtz
(ESPN College Football Twitter -- Nov. 3)
Rumors surround Coker as UTSA prepares for Rice
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 3)
Defense leading Rice to wins
(Houston Press -- Nov. 3)
Rice-Marshall set for 1:30 central kickoff time
( -- Nov. 3)
Rice win over FIU leaves Owls one game away from bowl eligibility
( -- Nov. 2)

Rice crushes FIU in first-ever meeting
( -- Nov. 2)
Post sportswriter was Jess Neely's 12th Man in '57 win over A&M
(Dallas Morning News -- Nov. 2)
Rice uses fast start to beat FIU, 31-17
(CBSMiami/AP -- Nov. 1)
DJ: 'It was a horrible pass'
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 1)
Panthers blanked in second half of loss to Rice
(Miami Herald -- Nov. 1)
Strong start paves way for fifth straight win
( -- Nov. 1)
Owls beat Panthers behind Taylor's big day receiving
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 1)
Turner:  'We didn't do anything well as a team'
( -- Nov. 1)
Panthers have no answer for Zach Patt
(Miami Herald -- Nov. 1)
Patt has big day on defense to lead Owls
( -- Nov. 1)
Turnover-free day propels Owls to win -- Nov. 1)
Rice gana FIU -- fotogaleria
(El Nuevo Herald -- Nov. 1)
Behind Jackson, defense, Owls continue winning ways
(Fresno Bee/Sports Network -- Nov. 1)

MIAMI (Oct.30) -- In Little Havana, a few miles down Calle Ocho from the Florida International University campus, the Viejos in Dominoes Park will have just begun to idly stir their first-of-the-day cafecitos when the Rice Owls and the FIU Golden Panthers engage in an 11 a.m. central time kickoff here Saturday.

In an unusual scheduling twist, the TV moguls have dictated late-morning kickoffs now in four of the Owls' first eight games -- considering the Houston contingent's biological clocks are set for central time. A stout cafecito or three might ought be included in the Rice pre-game ritual, what with these morning start times appearing regularly on the card.

Guess there's being on TV, and then there's being on TV. This one, once again, is of the latter variety, what with the first-of-the-day time slot on a fledgling broadcaster that goes by the name of the American Sports Network (ASN); check your local listings for channel, and keep your fingers crossed.

Rice 41, North Texas 21

Ryan Pollard's broken-field pick six ignites Owl second-half explosion; offense gets well, impelled by defensive effort; result: 27-0 post-intermission romp

OFF HE GOES -- Rice's Ryan Pollard makes cut that clears his way to end zone during 61-yard pick-six romp that gave the Owls the lead for good, minutes deep into the third quarter (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Oct. 26) – Football games, like life its own self, often can turn on a dime – and that was one heck of a dime the Rice Owl defense laid on the University of North Texas Mean Green right after lunch break Saturday.

The Owls were down, 21-14, at the half, and it might’ve been worse had not the Rice defense suddenly awakened to take the UNT offense out of scoring range with three straight tackles for loss right before the intermission.

The Institute Boys’ defensive arousal apparently took hold like wildfire among Owl halftime locker room conversations, for when the blue uniforms came out of the tunnel for the second half, the fellows dressed in them were on a mission.

    Box score, statistics....

Jackson knows how to shine under pressure
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 1)
Having dispatched one Owl team, FIU eyes another
(FIU Panther Prowl -- Nov. 1)
Key head-to-head matchups look to favor Rice
(Owls Insider -- Nov. 1)
Beat a hoot or bowl is moot
(Miami Herald -- Nov. 1)

Rice resurgence about getting back injured players
(FIU Prowl -- Nov. 1)
Panthers in near must-win against Rice
(Miami Herald -- Nov. 1)
Panthers welcome Rice, reigning C-USA champions
( -- Oct. 31)
No yellow in this Rice; they're running wild
( -- Oct. 31)
Rice, FIU heading for first meeting ever
(Fresno Bee/The Sports Network -- Oct. 30)
Laughable when you see QBs sheltered as they are
(Miami Herald -- Oct. 30)
FIU led Marshall early, but went quiet in second half
(Bradenton Herald -- Oct. 29)
Rice football leads league, third in nation in grad rates
( -- Oct. 29)
Panthers have four games left to get it together
( -- Oct. 29)
FIU linebacker suspended
(Miami Herald -- Oct. 29)
'Bob' makes name for himself on the field
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 29)
Hamilton becoming regular jack-of-all-trades for Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 28)
Owls on roll heading into FIU
( -- Oct. 28)

Rice now in top four of DCTF's 'Dirty Dozen'
(Texas Football -- Oct. 28)
Owls earn fourth consecutive victory
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 28)

Rice is now best football team in Houston
(Houston Press -- Oct. 27)
Rice homecoming game against UTSA to kick off at 11 a.m.
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 27)
FIU bowl eligibility doable deal  with a win over Rice
(Miami Herald -- Oct. 27)
Big plays help Rice turn back North Texas for fourth straight
( -- Oct. 26)
Rice will seek fifth straight win at FIU
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 26)

Rice 41, North Texas 21:  postgame highlights
( -- Oct. 26)
Rice takes down North Texas: video highlights
(MSN video -- Oct. 26)
Harris pops off:  'We didn't get shut down; we beat ourselves'
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 26)
Facing similar circumstances, UNT had won 15 of 16
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 26)
Turnovers hinder UNT efforts
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 26)

Pollard's pick sparks Rice over North Texas
(ESPN/AP -- Oct. 25)
Owls turn it on in second half of win over North Texas
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 25)
Rice was out for revenge and got it
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 25)
Rice gets it going in second half
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 25)
Defense does it all in 41-21 win over North Texas
( -- Oct. 25)
UNT's bowl hopes slipping away after fourth straight loss
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 25)
Rice uses second-half explosion to drop North Texas
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 25)
North Texas implodes in second half for fourth straight loss
( -- Oct. 25)
Close early contest turns into blowout late
(Underdog Dynasty -- Oct. 25)
Rice doubles up UNT on total offense
( Sports Network -- Oct. 25)
Owls dominate second half in win over UNT
(KSPR/The Sports Exchange -- Oct. 25)
Offense provided opening spark, but defense was key
(Owls Insider -- Oct. 25)

HOUSTON (Oct. 23) – After a half-season of ups and downs, the Rice Owls now enter a six-week uninterrupted skein of conference games, three at home, three on the road to decide who gets the marbles, and the first toss in the ring starts after breakfast Saturday with an 11:00 a.m. Rice Stadium kickoff against the University of North Texas.

The Mean Green entered the 2014 campaign as one of the league favorites, and also were responsible for Rice’s only league loss of last year’s championship run, a 28-16 defeat in Denton.

UNT enters Saturday’s game as a two-touchdown ‘dog to the Owls, however, after having thus far gone winless in league play. Strangely, the Eagles have either won big, or lost big, thus far this season.


Next up:  NTSTC...

We're all members of the same team....

James Radcliffe, James Hairston, Gabe Baker, other Owl teammates join Cadets for the playing of Army alma mater after completion of Saturday's Rice-Army game (PTH photo)
Rice 41, Army 21

NAILED -- Rice linebacker James Radcliffe storms in to solo sack Army QB Angel Santiago for a nine-yard loss as fellow defenders Dylan Klare, Brian Nordstrom approach  (PTH photo)

WEST POINT, NY (Oct. 12) -- The battle goes to the strong; the race goes to the swift of foot.

It was an age-old lesson that repeated itself on the turf of Michie Stadium here Saturday as an athletically superior Rice eleven took in stride whatever a spirited, but outmanned, Army team could throw at it, fashioning a 41-21 Owl victory that could have been even more one-sided if Rice had jammed on the accelerator, or Army had checked in early, as a typical losing team might have done.

In that regard, the game was reminiscent of some recent Owl contests against the likes of Texas, Texas A&M and Mississippi State -- except this time, the shoe was on the other foot. This time, Rice was the bigger, stronger and faster outfit. But Army never gave quarter.

Continues....              Box score, statistics....

Latest headlines....
Given chance, UNT's McClain shines
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 24)
DE Patt back after four-game injury hiatus
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 24)
Callahan vs. Harris an anticipated matchup
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 24)
Winners last Halloween, UNT finds itself in spooky situation
(SB Nation -- Oct. 24)
Rice-UNT statistical breakdown
( -- Oct. 24)

UNT trying to avoid winless October
(Lexington Herald-Leader/AP -- Oct. 23)
McNulty's work, wait pay off
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 23)
Nearly everything about his game sets up horribly for UNT
(Denton Record-Chronicle  -- Oct. 23)

'They like to play man-to-man, which is very disrespectful'
(North Texas Daily -- Oct. 23)
Mind Harris, and win streak should continue
(OwlsInsider -- Oct. 23)

Rice, UNT two teams trending in opposite directions
(Idaho Statesman/The Sports Network -- Oct. 22)
Rice out for revenge against UNT
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 22)
It's McNulty's turn now
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 22)
Owls prepare for North Texas after Army win
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 22)
UNT longs for days of better defense
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct.22)
Chiefs' Phillip Gaines rises to challenge against Chargers
(Kansas City Star -- Oct. 21)
McNulty likely to keep starting job
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 21)
Doesn't seem like top-end recruits are flocking to Denton
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 21)
Rice eager to avenge last season's loss to North Texas
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 21)
It's all Rice's fault:  Baylor should back out of cream-puff NC games
(Waco Tribune -- Oct. 21)
McCarney addresses gendarmes' calls
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 21)
Why isn't UNT program capitalizing?
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 20))

Owls lose tight end for remainder of season
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 20)
Freshman QB McNulty will make start against Rice
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 20)
Rice remembers Larry Whitmire
( -- Oct. 20)
Frosh UNT QB didn't make many mistakes -- or plays, either
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 19)

Harris keeps Mean Green in game
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 19)
Black tie tradition big fundraiser for Rice
(Houston Culturemap -- Oct. 17)
20 years later, Rice's upset of UT a vivid memory
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 16)
Davis, Jackson lead Owls past Army
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 16)
'Non-plays' can generate good memories
(Tuscaloosa News -- Oct. 16)

Rice hands Army its first loss at home
(Hudson Valley Press -- Oct. 15)
Rice game was the first sign A&M was headed for trouble
(Gig'em 24/7 Sports -- Oct. 15)
Army lost to a faster, more talented team
(ArmySports/Scout --  Oct. 14)
Off-the-bench Bama tackler dies at 83
(Tuscaloosa News -- Oct. 13)
UNT quarterback situation:  back to drawing board
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 13)
Rice, UNT to kick off at 11 a.m.
(Memorial Area Examiner -- Oct. 13)
Marshall needs more than just beating Rice to make Jan. 1 bowl game
( -- Oct. 12)

Owls move up in Texas 'Dirty Dozen' poll
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 12)
Combating a losing record:  Rice's win at Army
( -- Oct. 12)
West Point Cadets slap hands with Rice players after game
(Danny Wild photo/USA Today -- Oct. 12)
Rice-Army game replay
( -- Oct. 12)

Rice rides Jackson, running game to third straight win
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 11)
Rice defense had quite the encore
(CBS Sports -- Oct. 11)
Owls fend off Army for third straight win
( -- Oct. 11)

Army hammered by Rice, 41-21
(Middletown Times Herald-Record -- Oct. 11)
Rice deals Army first home loss of season
( -- Oct. 11)
Army struggles in 41-21 loss to Rice
(Austin American-Statesman/AP -- Oct. 11)
Army struggles against Rice defense
(Fox News -- Oct. 11)

Playing for a tie? Since when?

(1958 Rice-Army game program cover; game held at Rice Stadium before 69,000)

HOUSTON (Oct. 8) – This week, instead of a look forward to the game, a look back...

Rice University and the U.S. Military Academy have met a total of four times in their respective, long prior gridiron histories. In a move that makes a great deal of sense for both institutions, a four-year, home-and-home game contract has been inked by Institute and Academy fathers, and year one of that deal is about to unfold Saturday as the Owls take on the Black Knights at venerable Michie Stadium on the grounds of West Point, kickoff at noon eastern, 11 a.m. central time.

This contest, just like the four that preceded it, is expected to be highly competitive, with the Owls showing as a slim one or two point favorite among the bookmakers.

Hawaii coach Norm Chow coached Rice game with knowledge wife had just suffered brain aneurysm; flew to LA immediately post-game

Rice 28, Hawaii 14

Attacking Owl defense holds off Warriors while offense, after slow start, pulls away with big plays, Dillard-led second-half surge

TURNING ON THE JETS -- Rice WR James Mayden shifts into overdrive en route to 81-yard touchdown pass-and-run which provided only Owl score of first half (Mark Anderson photo)

TEAM EFFORT -- Rice defense held Hawaii to 261 yards total offense, a season low for Islanders (Mark Anderson photo)
HOUSTON (Oct. 5) – Former Rice head coach Ken Hatfield was often heard to say of his charges that they had been able, once on the field and settled in, to “rise above coaching.”

Now, the affable, low-key Arkansan wasn’t inclined to self-ridicule, and the remark actually reflected nothing of the sort. Rather, ol’ Kenny was referring to a team’s ability to self-adjust to the peculiarities of a particular opponent as the contest unfolded, to make the necessary changes and keys on the field, irrespective of – or at times even in spite of – what they’d been coached to do during the prior week.

That pretty much sums up this Owl team’s performance in Rice’s come-from-behind, 28-14 victory over the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Saturday night before a sparse, but enthusiastic, crowd at Rice Stadium.

Continues....          Box score, statistics....

Both Rice, Army hungry to reach .500
(Campus Insiders -- Oct. 10)
Finner , White named Fort Bend athletes of the week
( -Oct. 9)
Black Knights Alley ready for Owls
( -- Oct. 9)
Owls aiming for third straight victory
(Columbia, SC, State/The Sports Network -- Oct. 8)
Army looks to remain unbeatern at home
(GoArmySports -- Oct. 9)
Owls prepare to face Army
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 8)
Rice is undisciplined, plays poor defense and is traveling North
(Nation Football Post -- Oct. 9)
Penni Graham finds joy in shaping players' lives
( -- Oct. 8)
Monken: 'When you see a DL wear number 1, you start to worry'
( -- Oct. 7)
Monken salutes Army players' grit
(Middletown Times Herald-Record -- Oct. 7)

Gangnam Style' -- West Point version

Black Knights, Owls both will attempt to even record at 3-3
( -- Oct. 6)
Army rushed for 425 yards in win over Ball State
( -- Oct. 6)
Win over Ball State was a rebound from ugly loss at Yale
(Army Sports -- Oct. 6)
For Army football, a duty to win again
(New York Times)

Rice's pass rush keeps UH in check
(Honolulu Star-Advertiser -- Oct. 5)
Warriors' road skein at 15 and counting
(Honolulu Star-Advertiser -- Oct. 5)
Rice-Hawaii video recap
( --  Oct. 5)
Owls go shopping for a win at Dillard's

(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 4)
Dillard leads second half Rice surge
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 4)
Rice rallies to keep Hawaii road loss streak alive
(Honolulu Star-Advertiser -- Oct. 4)
Dominant second half leads to 28-14 win
( -- Oct. 4)
Dillard was by far the shining star
(OwlsInsider -- Oct. 4)
Chow: 'That quarterback is a very nice player'
(Hawaii Tribune-Herald -- Oct. 4)
Rice rallies for 28-14 win over Hawaii
(CBS Sports/AP -- Oct. 4)
Owls double up visiting Rainbow Warriors
(Reuters -- Oct. 4)

Promising start leads to deja vu road loss for UH
( -- Oct. 4)
It was defensive struggle for most of game
( -- Oct. 4)
Rice holds off Rainbow Warriors
Sacramento Bee/The Sports Network -- Oct. 4)
Warriors let second-half lead slip away
(Hawaii News Now -- Oct. 4)
Game decided in fourth quarter as Hawaii falls to Rice
(Univ. of Hawaii Kaleo -- Oct. 4)

HOUSTON (Oct. 2) – Hard to believe it, but it's been a full decade since Rice and the University of Hawaii Warriors have last squared off against each other on the gridiron.

The two schools were Western Athletic Conference foes from 1996 through 2004, during which time they met six times, Rice taking four. The teams last played in 2004, a 41-29 Rice victory in Houston.

Going into Saturday's 6:00 p.m. kickoff at Rice Stadium, both teams are 1-3, but in Hawaii's case, as in Rice's, the mark is deceptive.


Rice 41, USM 23
Davis relentless as offense dominates behind 'one-armed man' QB while defense shows aggressive side, makes big plays to offset continued deep-ball bugaboo

Connor Cella hauls in quick pass in the end zone off play fake resulting in Rice's final, and game-sealing, touchdown (Bobby McDuffie photo)

Rice's Mario Hull hauls in 40-yard TD toss from Driphus Jackson  for key third-quarter score (Bobby McDuffie photo)

HATTIESBURG (Sept. 28) – The Rice Owls claimed their first victory of the 2014 season here Saturday, 41-23 over the homestanding Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles, in a game that was never in doubt, except when it was maybe a little in doubt.

That is to say: the Owls broke out in front at the onset, never trailed in the game, rang up more than 40 points for a second consecutive week, and, with an 18-point lead, wound up shutting down the offensive engine deep in enemy territory as the clock wound down to zero.

Be that as it may, the Institute Boys did exhibit some of the tendencies which factored in losses in their opening three games, among them a weakness in defending the deep pass, a general lack of coherency in the defensive secondary, a difficulty in completing drives, and, for want of a better description, a wee lack of a killer instinct.

But that’s splitting hairs, as the Blue and Gray in fact this night rolled to the kind of win that before the season began Owl fans had been hoping for, and frankly expecting of them, against the rank and file of this fall’s competition.
Continues....       Box score, statistics....

Rice's top priority stepping up defensive coverage
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 3)
Churchill's Farrimond impressing at Rice
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 3)
Warriors right at home in Houston weather
(Honolulu Star-Advertiser -- Oct. 3)
Summer stint in Hawaii inspired Rice president
(Honolulu Star-Advertiser -- Oct. 3)
Win over Southern Miss a confidence builder for Owls
(Underdog Dynasty -- Oct. 2)
Three keys to a Hawaii win over Rice
(Mountain West Connection -- Oct. 2)
Warriors will face improved Rice offense
(West Hawaii Today -- Oct. 2)
Warriors had week off to prep for Owls
(Sacramento Be/The Sports Network -- Oct. 1)
Football earns first victory
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 1)
Army aims to break losing skid
(Fort Hood Herald -- Oct. 1)
Hawaii QB situation up in air going into Rice game
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 1)
Warriors en route to Houston as of Tuesday night
(Honolulu Star-Advertiser -- Oct. 1)
Punting no longer only way for Farrimond to get his kicks
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 30)
Quick turnaround for Warriors
(Honolulu Star-Advertiser -- Sept. 30)
Southern Miss looks to shake off Rice loss
(Biloxi Sun-Herald -- Sept. 30)
Driesbach back in coaching game with job of a lifetime
( -- Sept. 30)
Rice seized the moment; USM didn't
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Sept. 29)
Warriors trying to find some help at running back
(Honolulu Star-Advertiser -- Sept. 28)
Driphus:  'We needed those two plays with Mario'
(Rice Examiner -- Sept. 28)
Hamilton proved to be hard man to stop
(Hattiesburg American -- Sept. 28)
Golden Eagles inconsistent in Rice defeat
(Biloxi Sun-Herald -- Sept. 28)
Forced turnovers, fourth-down stops key for Owl defense
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 27)
Rice thumps mistake-prone Eagle squad
Biloxi Sun-Herald --Sept. 27)
Owls expose Southern Miss weaknesses
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Sept. 27)

Rice takes down Golden Eagles, 41-23
(Hattiesburg American -- Sept. 27)
Backfield confusion, fumble turning point for USM
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Sept. 27)

Davis pile driver of balanced Rice offensive attack
(Associated Press -- Sept. 27)
Rice scored on 6 of 7 red zone opportunities
(Houston Chronicle/The Sports Network -- Sept. 27)

Davis rushes for 131 as Owls notch league win
( -- Sept. 27)
USM's Monken: 'We're going to go back, watch film and be sick to our stomachs'
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Sept. 27)

HOUSTON (Sept. 25) – Time to separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff, as the Rice Owls take on the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles Saturday in Hattiesburg, kickoff at 6:00 p.m. (FCS).

It’s a virtual certainty that the Owls will show up in a bad mood when they take on the 2-2 Eagles on the road Saturday. The question is, how many Owls, especially on the defensive side, will get off the bus not only in a bad mood, but suited out and cleared to play.

If the Owls pull this one out, it would appear that the MVP on this week’s team most definitely would have to be the team doctor, as Rice sported as many as seven defensive starters missing in action, and five offensive starters off the field, at some point during last week’s debacle against Old Dominion.

Sammy's been busy all week...

Old Dominion 45, Rice 42

Team takes step backwards as depleted defense can't solve ODU passing attack; Rice offense comes back from three-touchdown deficit only to see Owls fall on last-second field goal

You'd think it'd have been enough...
Rice's Darik Dillard gets his third rushing touchdown of the day to tie score at 42 with a minute left, but Owl defenders were unable to hold on to force overtime (PTH photo)

Rice's Zach Wright hauls in Driphus Jackson pass and evades tacklers for yards after catch to extend late Owl drive (PTH photo)
HOUSTON (Sept. 21) – Midway in the third quarter, with his Rice Owls trailing Old Dominion 35-21, defensive end Connor Johnson blew up his blocker and surged in to nail ODU quarterback Taylor Heinecke for a nine-yard loss.

It was a key play that set about a rare three-and-out for Owl defense, accelerating a 21-point comeback that wound up tying the score with a minute left in the game.

But more remarkably, Connor Johnson ( with his twin brother, Collin, both defensive ends) is a walkon redshirt freshman, who in August was nowhere to be found among the top dozen-and-a-half or so on the depth chart of the Owl defensive line.
Continues....     Box score, statistics...

Rice welcomes back two key players
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 26)
DJ's dislocated shoulder was 'inspirational' but 'disgusting''
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 26)
Klare up for national best scholar-athlete award
( -- Sept. 26)
Eagles' young corners standing tall
(Hattiesburg American -- Sept. 26)

Southern Miss sets sights on C-USA opener
(Biloxi Sun-Herald -- Sept. 26)
Can Eagles get to six wins?
(Hattiesburg American -- Sept. 25)
Wilder:  'We are an average football team'
( -- Sept. 25)
Fourth down often an offensive down for ODU
(The Virginian-Pilot -- Sept. 25)

'We need to go on the road and get a win'
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 24)
USM 'second season' begins with Rice
(Golden Eagle Pride -- Sept. 24)
Defending C-USA champs still searching for first win
(Idaho Statesman/The Sports Network -- Sept. 24)

Our old friend Watson on verge of dubious record
( -- Sept. 24)
Southern Miss must step it up with Rice
( -- Sept. 23)
Wright's breakout year adds football to family Rice legacy
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 23)
Rice loss to ODU isn't going to sit well with some
( -- Sept. 23)

2-2 Southern Miss looks for more consistency
(Biloxi Sun-Herald -- Sept. 23)
Southern Miss comes in at 117th in rushing defense
(Big Gold Nation -- Sept. 23)
Owls will come in highly motivated
(Hattiesburg American -- Sept. 22)
Rice embarrassed by Old Dominion
(Houston Press -- Sept. 22)
Southern Miss heads to league play with 2-2 record
( -- Sept. 22)
McCullum's block seals win for USM
(The Student Printz -- Sept. 22)

After arriving home, Wilder talks about historic win over Rice
( -- Sept. 21)

Heinecke called it, and Segers delivered for ODU
(The Virginian-Pilot -- Sept. 21)
'They were banged up; they had five starters out'
(The Virginian-Pilot -- Sept. 21)
Heinecke's, Jackson's paths crossed on MTV
(The Virginian-Pilot -- Sept. 21)
New kids on the block might just be a contender
(Underdog Dynasty -- Sept. 21)
Rice drops home opener to ODU on last-second field goal
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 20)
If Owls don't fix coverage woes, could be long season
( -- Sept. 20)

Late field goal stems Owl comeback bid
( -- Sept. 20)
Rice-ODU video highlights
( -- Sept. 20)

ODU says it was biggest win in school history
(Norfolk Virginian-Pilot -- Sept. 20) 
Season of firsts continues for ODU
(Hampton Roads Daily Press -- Sept. 20)
ODU's 45-42 win over Rice was historic
(WAVY-TV -- Sept. 20)
Last-second field goal lifts ODU to win over Rice
(Augusta Free Press -- Sept. 20)
Segers' field goal earns dramatic win for Old Dominion
(Merced Sun-Star/The Sports Network -- Sept. 20)
ODU stuns Rice to win C-USA opener
( -- Sept. 20)

Sammy's found a new cat to harangue...

HOUSTON (Sept. 17) – Well, so much for the "glorified practices." Now it’s time for the real season to begin.

The Rice Owls open league play Saturday, after two brutal road bouts finally getting to tangle in the friendly confines of their own familiar Rice Stadium, as they inaugurate the 2014 home season with an 11:00 AM kickoff against the Old Dominion University Monarchs. It’s the first Conference USA game ever for ODU, which has only been in the football business for six years now.

For the Owls, by comparison, it’s been 100 years in the college football arena, but this is the first time they have ever hosted the first-ever league game of an up-and-comer such as Old Dominion.

Texas A&M 38, Rice 10

Jowan Davis led Rice rushing corps against Aggies, pounding out 86 yards in 23 bruising carries (PTH photo)

Rice's Mario Hull pounds into end zone after getting behind A&M secondary for 35-yard TD reception (PTH photo)

COLLEGE STATION (Sept. 14) – So that’s what the Ags are talking about when they say, “we didn’t lose, we just got outscored.”

The Rice Owls did get outscored by the Texas Aggies here Saturday night, and by a consid- erable amount, for that matter, falling to the Farm Boys by the seemingly lopsided tally of 38-10. Which leads one to question: how can a team lose by four touchdowns when it outpaces its opponent in total yardage, first downs, rushing yardage; when it wins the time of possession and controls the clock for almost 44 minutes of play?

The Feathered Flock did in fact roll up such a statistical superiority here Saturday, as the Owls stood toe-to-toe with the seventh-ranked Aggies before a mere 103,867 mostly maroon, or khaki, clad fans – all making noise, a lot of it.

Continues....     Box score, statistics.... 

Latest headlines...
Weathercast for kickoff? So far, so good...
(KPRC Click2Houston -- Sept. 19)
Catholic or non-, this Rice-ND story will blow you away
(Notre Dame Magazine -- Sept. 18)
Heinecke practices Thursday and will play against Owls
(Norfolk Virginian-Pilot -- Sept. 18)
Rice loses starting DE for minimum of 4 weeks
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 18)
ODU center a scholar-artist
(Norfolk Virginian-Pilot -- Sept. 18)

Owls seeing eye-to-eye after players meeting
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 17)
Rice in first-ever Conference USA game for ODU
(The State -- Sept. 17)
Owls prepare for conference opener
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 17)

ODU's Heinecke misses practice Wednesday; says he'll play Saturday

(Norfolk Virginian-Pilot -- Sept. 17)
Covington is day-to-day with knee injury
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 17)
ODU defense bolstered by Klein Forest grad
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 17)

Disparage Owls' 0-2 record at your peril
(Newport News Daily Press -- Sept. 16)
Rice a complete team, ODU's Wilder says
(Bowling Green Daily News -- Sept. 16)

Owls anticipate no problem being ready for ODU
(Norfolk Virginian-Pilot -- Sept. 16)
Davis' versatility, resilience add depth to running game
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 15)
Covington 'feeling better,' could play in C-USA opener
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 15)
Owl DEs gave A&M tackles all they wanted
(TAMU24/7 -- Sept. 15)
Offense must improve as ODU heads to Rice
(Newport News Daily Press -- Sept. 15)
ODU QB said sore, but ready to go against Rice
(Norfolk Virginian-Pilot -- Sept. 15)

Owls will remember this one for missed opportunities
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 14)
Despite losing box score, A&M trounces Rice
(NBC Sports -- Sept. 14)
For second year in row, Owls put up strong attack
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 14)
Owls often came up empty after long drives
( -- Sept. 14)
Owls made the Aggies work for it
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 14)
Owls may have exposed Ag issues
(Bleacher Report -- Sept. 14)
A&M overcomes slow start for 38-10 win
(Fox News -- Sept. 14)
Wild end-of-half sequence for Aggies, Owls
( -- Sept. 14)
Rice controlled clock, but A&M owned scoreboard
( -- Sept. 14)
Jackson was strong, elusive and could break containment
( -- Sept. 14)
MOB v. A&M -- A rivalry renewed?
(SB Nation/Texas A&M -- Sept. 12)

HOUSTON (Sept. 12) – Football foes this coming Saturday, both Rice and Texas A&M have been much concerned with national rankings in the past week or so.

After beginning the season with a 58-28 walloping of the then number-nine-ranked South Carolina Gamecocks, topping that off with a 73-3 home win over Lamar before 104,000 fans in Kyle Field last Saturday, the Farmers have risen to a consensus number seven in the national football polls. With that, they’re solidly within the four-team national championship playoff picture. Their stock is a definite ‘buy.’

Meanwhile, Rice aficionados have been focused on a ranking of another sort. The U.S.News rankings of national universities was out this past week, and the long-established metric for national collegiate prestige dropped the venerable Institute from 17th to 19th in its poll of top American universities.


Up next....

Notre Dame 48, Rice 17

         Could've done with a few more of these....
Freshman wide receiver James Mayden has his defender beaten as he romps to a 53-yard TD pitch-and-catch from reserve QB Tyler Stehling (PTH photo)

Notre Dame safety Elija Shumate looks disgusted with himself as Owl receiver Zach Wright tumbles into the end zone with TD catch that knotted score at 7 late in the first quarter (PTH photo)

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (Aug. 31) – Thirty-seven seconds remained on the first-half clock as the Rice Owls drove downfield, seemingly in position to turn a 21-10 Notre Dame lead into anybody’s ball game going in to the halftime locker room. Somewhere in the stands, on the sideline, from some of the Rice faithful, the thought must have arisen: “Damn, if we only had 30 more seconds....”

Next play, Owl quarterback Driphus Jackson tossed his singular ill-advised pass of the day, and the Rice scoring opportunity was lost via interception. Seconds later, Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson evaded two diving sack attempts and found his receiver, C. J. Prosise, wide open at the five yard line.

What could have been a 21-17 bar-room brawl was suddenly turned into a 28-10 laugher, and it was pretty much “save the equipment” time for the Owls from there on out. And somewhere, in the stands, on the sideline, from some of the Rice faithful, the thought must have arisen, “Damn, if we’d only run out the clock.”

Golson’s mad scramble epitomized the performance of Notre Dame’s bad-boy signal caller, returning to the field from academic suspension during the 2013 season after leading the Irish to a 12-1 record back in 2012. Shaking off the rust; actually running like a well-oiled machine, Golson accounted for five touchdowns – three in the air and two by foot – as the Fighting Irish made it look easy in a 48-17 romp over a game but outmanned Owl team.
Continues....        Box score, statistics....

Latest headlines:

A&M coordinators Spavital, Snyder speak up
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 12)
Sumlin:  'They're going to be tough'
(CBS Sports -- Sept. 12)
Rice to serve as barometer for A&M defense
( -- Sept. 12)
Offensive explosion might be just a bit one-sided
( -- Sept. 11)
Hill's play easily has eased loss of Manziel
(The Sports Network -- Sept. 11)

A&M's Hill:  'I've been ready for this my whole life'
(TAMU Athletics -- Sept. 11)
A&M to face fast but undersized Rice defense
( -- Sept. 11)
Look to A&M to go deep against Owls
( -- Sept. 11)

Jordan Taylor ruled out for A&M game
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 11)
Nico:  'You live to play against those big schools'
(Rice Thresher -- Sept. 11)

Matchup pits A&M's Hill against Rice secondary
(News and Observer -- Sept. 11)
For the Aggies, it's all about consistency
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 11)
Owls may not be intimidated but face tall task
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 11)
Despite injuries, Aggies show improvement in secondary
( -- Sept. 11)
Aggies nurturing two-headed QB monster
(Chicago Tribune -- Sept. 10)

59-17?  It'll be worse than that -- how about 75-10?
(Good Bull Hunting -- Sept. 10)
Simonette returns after scary elbow injury
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 9)
No. 7 Aggies look ahead to Rice
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 9)
Lots of laughs from Aggie football presser
( -- Sept. 9)
Edmondson, Thurmond both have A&M connections
(Good Bull Hunting -- Sept. 10)

Aggies break records for student attendance
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 9)
73-3 drubbing of Lamar not good enough for Sumlin
(Fox Sports/AP -- Sept. 9)
A&M OC says he's focused on task at hand
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 9)
Former Corpsman recounts MOB halftime '73 and revenge cutting down of victory tree
( -- Sept. 8)
Status of Jordan Taylor still up in air
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 8)
A&M has played 14 true freshmen in first two games
(Bleacher Report/Texas A&M -- Sept. 8)
Irish gave Owls opportunity; Rice handed it right back
(Irish Illustrated -- Sept. 1)
ND kept Rice's running game out of endzone
(Bleacher Report -- Aug. 31)
Rice wasn't able to hang with the big boys up front
( -- Aug. 31)
Golson put on performance that has ND fans abuzz
(Fort Wayne News-Sentinel -- Aug. 31)
After 2 three-and-outs, ND offense exploded early and often
( -- Aug. 31)
Former MOB director Dye makes changes to Guard
(South Bend Tribune -- Aug. 31)
Rice-ND video highlights
(Watch ND -- Aug. 31)

Golson accounts for 5 TDs as Irish roll
( -- Aug. 31)
Rice gets run over by Golson-led Notre Dame
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 31)
Golson shows no signs of rust in his return
( -- Aug. 31)
Golson brings back his 'A' game
(Chicago Tribune -- Aug. 31)
Notre Dame beats Rice behind Golson's big game
(Newsday/AP -- Aug. 31)
Golson took page out of a Marvel movie script
( -- Aug. 31)
Kelly 'proud' about how ND wasn't distracted
   ( -- Aug. 31)
Owls fall in season-opener at No. 17 Notre Dame
   ( -- Aug. 31)

HOUSTON (Aug. 28) – Ever since Notre Dame officials last fall confirmed this season-opening matchup between Rice and their Fighting Irish, the Owls and their fans have been able to revel in the eventuality.
For the last eleven months, Rice has stood toe-to-toe with the vaunted Irish -- giving up nary a point, conceding no disad- vantage. Thoughts of an idyllic football weekend, crowds, bands, a national stage, even the real possibility of an epic upset -- all have been as music to the ears of die hard supporters of our fair Institute.

Now it’s time to pay the piper.

It’s Catholics versus Carbohydrates, they say, as the Rice Owls tee it up with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in Notre Dame Stadium, 3:30 p.m. (2:30 central time) Saturday on a game to be televised nationally by NBC.

Sammy says he's ready; are you?

Cartoon by Charles Straub from Oct. 13, 1973, Rice-Notre Dame program...

Jordan Taylor:  Will he or won't he? (PTH photo)
HOUSTON (Aug. 25) – There’s an awfully big dog looming on the Rice Owl football schedule, ready to be taken on within the week. But first, before trekking up to South Bend to deal with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, players and coaches alike said it was a relief just to have completed the three-weeks-long preseason camp with a feeling of readiness, of organization, and without having any major mishaps having occurred.

Rice head coach David Bailiff told a relatively large gathering of press at Monday’s inaugural weekly luncheon that the players, while focusing hard on their upcoming season opener, needed to  catch their collective breaths after fall camp adjournment. And then, too, there’s the sound of that school bell a’ringing.

Little news good news
on Rice fall camp front

HOUSTON (Aug. 11) – Routine has pervaded early fall camp workouts, but for Rice Owl fans, a paucity of news is good news as the team goes through its preparatory procedures in anticipation of its Aug. 30 season inaugural at Notre Dame.

On tap for today is the first scrimmage on the schedule, one in which fundamentals will continue to be emphasized and special situationals will be teed up for both offense, defense and special teams.

Rice head coach David Bailiff consistently has made his preferences known for minimalist, low-key publicity, although nothing in the way of an actual media blackout, during the tedious and physically draining four-week practice period leading into opening day.
Continues...  Parliament message board reports on fall practice....

Rice game should afford ND backups chance to gain experience
( -- Aug. 29)
Irish have ample talent to pull off easy victory
(Chicago Tribune -- Aug. 29)

Notre Dame opens season under cloud
(Fox News -- Aug. 29)
Learning from USF, Irish not taking Rice lightly
( -- Aug. 29)
No year in Kelly era has begun with more questions
(Fort Wayne News-Sentinel -- Aug. 29)
ND to hold out fifth player in fraud probe
( -- Aug. 28)

ND's Kelly expects some teeth-gnashing
(CBS Sports -- Aug. 28)
Owls look to put more pressure on opposing QBs this season
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 27)
In attempt to push ND forward, Brian Kelly looked back
(OwlsInsider -- Aug. 27)

Irish to be young, depleted on defense
(Fox Sports -- Aug. 27)
Four things Irish need to know about Rice
(Bleacher Report/Notre Dame -- Aug. 27)
Notre Dame will try to overcome distractions, Rice
( -- Aug. 27)
Rice, ND two teams eager to prove themselves
(TSN/Merced Sun-Star -- Aug. 27)
What to watch for in the season opener
(Notre Dame Fighting Irish -- Aug. 26)
ND to open season under cloud of uncertainty
(Chicago Sun-Times -- Aug. 26)
Owls ready to take fight to the Irish
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 26)
The ugly record: one TD in four previous games against ND
(Bleacher Report/Notre Dame -- Aug. 26)
Notre Dame ready to take on Rice Saturday
( -- Aug. 26)
Irish playing lots of freshman on defense
(SBNation/Notre Dame -- Aug. 26)
Golson: 'I had to grow up...I had to mature'
(CSNChicago -- Aug. 26)
Kelly will have to fill holes after suspensions
(The Elkhart Truth -- Aug. 26)
Owls are just good enough to give ND some trouble
(College Spun -- Aug. 25)

Rice prepares for formidable foe in Notre Dame
(Click2Houston -- Aug. 25)
Notre Dame vs. Rice -- Key Matchups
( -- Aug. 25)
Gabe Baker, Matt Simonette named captains
( -- Aug. 25)
'Gabe and I are going to bust it and do the best we can'
( -- Aug. 25)
Jordan Taylor questionable for season opener
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 25)
Owls no longer flying under the radar
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 24)

'Rocket' Ismail's career blasted off against Owls in '88
( -- Aug. 24)
Rice seeks continuation of 2013's success
(KPRC Click2Houston -- Aug. 22)
DB on DJ:  'He's a total package for us'
(Miami Herald --Aug. 22)
D final camp stock report
 Bleacher  Report/Notre Dame -- Aug. 22)
Reigning conference champs have some retooling to do

(Athlon Sports -- Aug. 22)
Owls return some key pieces in quest for repeat
( -- Aug. 20)
Rice game Aggies' cupcake of the year:  A&M by 39
( -- Aug. 20)
Taylor named to Earl Campbell watch list
( -- Aug. 20)

It'll be long road back to repeat for Rice
(The Sports Network/ -- Aug. 19)
Defending conference champs seek to repeat
(Rice News -- Aug. 19)
BC schadenfreude over ND academic scandal
(WBZ/CBS Boston -- Aug. 19)
Mister Christian gets another watch list kudo
( -- Aug. 19)
Using Duke as model, Rice will speed up offense at times
(Rice Examiner -- Aug. 18)

Another year, another scandal at South Bend
(Chicago Tribune -- Aug. 18)
Kenny Hill right choice at QB for Aggies
(Rant Sports -- Aug. 18)
Rice not exactly a light approach for ND's opener
( -- Aug. 18)
Owls help frosh class move in
( -- Aug. 17)

NOLA area athlete commits, calls Rice 'perfect fit'
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Aug. 17)
Another stain on Brian Kelly's ND watch
(Chicago Tribune -- Aug. 16)
Rice second scrimmage highlights
( -- Aug. 16)

ND fans should refrain from entering apocalyptic mode

(Bleacher Report/Notre Dame -- Aug. 16)
'No one has been sanctions have been imposed'
(Sauk Valley/Chicago Tribune -- Aug. 16)
Chron:  Rice has made devil's bargain with big-time sports
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug.15)
Suspensions will impact 2014 season for ND
( -- Aug. 15)
Notre Dame suspends four amid academic fraud probe
(Wall Street Journal -- Aug. 15)

A little talk before the action commences...

Several key Rice Owl players kibbitz around at lunch time Monday before subjecting themselves to a round of R-Room media interviews; after that, First Practice at 5:00 p.m. (PTH photo)

Coaches' Caravan tour:  Houston
Coaches, admins pump enthusiasm into Owl fans
$12 million new cash in hand doesn't hurt

Jordan Taylor returns to torment Aggies, Herd this year once more (PTH photo)
HOUSTON (July 31) -- The upcoming football season began to generate buzz in earnest Wednesday evening, as a decent, but could-have-been-better, crowd occupied the Tap Room at St. Arnold Brewery to hear glad tidings from Rice football coaches and administrators while the yeasty brew lubricated proceedings at a relaxing clip.

Perhaps the most refreshing cheer of all came from an announcement by Senior Executive AD Rick Mello that the old Institute has just received a $12 million gift toward construction of the oft-announced, but continually evasive, end zone facility at Rice Stadium, which apparently now is in the cards for real.

"We recently got an elite gift," Mello told the crowd, "and as a result we're 80 per cent of the way there, 80 per cent."

"There" is apparently $30 million, an amount necessary to complete a multi-phase reworking of the North End Zone of HRS, together with a spruce-up of what remains.

Caravan rolls to successful close....

Rice head coach David Bailiff chats with attendees at Wednesday evening's Coaches' Caravan held at the St. Arnold Brewery in Houston; the event closed out a round of four rollout meetings held around the state, in anticipation of the opening of fall drills (PTH photo)

Fall drills to begin Aug. 4 

In 2014 Spring Game action, WR Temi Alaka hauls in deep sideline pass while J.T. Blasingame does his best to break up the play; Alaka turned heads with his receiving performance during spring drills (Mark Anderson photo)

ND players under academic fraud investigation
(Yahoo Sports -- Aug. 15)
ND names Golson starting QB for Rice
(Chicago Sun-TImes -- Aug. 14)

These aren't your father's Rice Owls
(Houston Press -- Aug. 12)
Bailiff likes effort of DE candidates
(OwlInsider --Aug. 12)
Monday morning quarterbacks:  Owls  conduct  first scrimmage
( -- Aug. 11)
Notre Dame should cover line against Rice --Aug. 11)

How prepared are the Fighting Irish for Rice?
( -- Aug. 10)
Three-way battle expected in West Division race
(Murfreesboro Post -- Aug. 10)
Owls wrap up first of two Saturday practices
( -- Aug. 9)
O.J.: 'Imagine if you were strapped to that chair with duct tape over your mouth'
(Baltimore Magazine -- Aug. 9)
Phillip Gaines has fun
(Chiefs Spin -- Aug. 8)
Weis 'fires' himself, hires former Rice OC Reagan
(Fox Sports Kansas City -- Aug. 7)

Target squarely on Owls' backs
(KILT Sports/Nate Griffin -- Aug. 7)
Coaches tinkering with right guard position
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 7)
Steamy Thursday:  fall camp, Day Four
( -- Aug. 7)
NCAA Board votes to allow autonomy
(ESPN College Sports -- Aug. 7)
Owl players get heads shot, er, photographed
( -- Aug. 6)
Owls have new swagger as they defend title
(CSN Houston -- Aug. 6)
Rice player has to quit football due to kidney disease
(Washington Post/AP -- Aug. 6)

Championship changes expectation level, Bailiff says
( -- Aug. 5)
Carroll will stay close to the game he loves
(Fox 26 Houston -- Aug. 5)
Fall camp Day One photos
( -- Aug. 5)
Flashback:  "The Coach" -- Jess Neely's last game
(KPRC TV Sports Special)
Kidney ailment forces Rice's Carroll to give up football
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 4)
Rice a much better football program now
(Irish Illustrated -- Aug. 4)
Boz has to balance spot on Texan roster with dad's injury
(CSN Sports -- Aug. 4)

Hawaii football:  Previewing the Rice Owls
(SB Nation/Mountain West Conference -- Aug. 3)

Key changes await Rice for 2014 season
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 3)
'Rice is a football team that is not going to back down'
(Irish Illustrated -- Aug. 3)
Rice adjusting to life as league target
(El Paso Times -- Aug. 2)
A&M EZF renovations border on the obscene
(Yahoo Sports -- July 31)
Covington one man Johnny Football couldn't avoid
( -- July 31)
Stung by beatdown, Marshall gunning for Owls
(Charleston Gazette -- July 30)
Rice receives major donation for end zone improvements
(Houston Chronicle -  July 30)
2014 Caravan wrapup at St. Arnold's
( -- July 30)
Nwosu will compete for SMU starting job
(Dallas Morning News -- July 30)

Owls have to replace some key pieces
( -- July 28)

Leebron has pushed university to grow
(Houston Chronicle -- July 27)
Marshall star RB nabbed for third time; off team
(Yahoo Sports -- July 27)
Owl from Vancouver not a likely NFL candidate, but...
( -- July 27)
OG on Berkman:  'He loves to teach hitters'
(Houston Chronicle -- July 26)

ODU sells out season tix for sixth straight year
(Augusta Free Press -- July 26)
Rice aims for seat at post-season's big table
(Houston Chronicle -- July 23)
Kinkaid Rice recruit hopes to repeat league crown
(Houston Chronicle -- July 22)

Ag DB leaves team over brushup at Rice
(Austin American Statesman -- July 22)
LSU kicker a transfer to Rice

(NBCSports -- July 22)
Aggie MVP punches out Jones weanie, faces charges

(Bryan Daily Eagle -- July 21)
Joe Karlgaard can see the future from his office window

(Houston Chronicle -- July 21)
Player-baiting NTSTC students say goal line stand against Rice was 'incredible' - but no more of that, says league

(Denton Record-Chronicle -- July 20)
Wanna pick up extra ND ticket on Stub Hub?  You'll pay for it 

(Forbes -- July 18)

Texas Football: DB has led Rice on meteoric rise

(DCTF -- July 18)
 C-USA, Sinclair Broadcast Group announce TV pact

( -- July 18)
Flashback:  Rice football a family tradition for Winships
(Cypress Creek Mirror -- Jan. 26, 2011)

Bailiff interview on KZDC 1250 ESPN San Antonio

(KZDC1250ESPN -- July 17)
Owls picked second by a hair in C-USA West
( -- July 17)
Malcom Hill nominee for Good Works award
(Frisco Enterprise -- July 17)

Three Owls on pre-season coaches all-league team
( -- July 16)
Two weeks left to buy tix for road games at ND, A&M
( -- July 15)

Ex-Denison star Taylor looks to have break-out year at Rice

(KTEN --  July 15)
Bryce Callahan named to Jim Thorpe list

( -- July 11)

It's Bednařík, Nagurski, Outland Trophy watch lists for Covington

(Houston Chronicle -- July 10)

Owls chasing their third straight bowl bid

(Orlando Sentinel -- July10)

Covington joins nation's elite

( -- July 10)
Unionization:  which private schools are next?
(SB Nation -- July 9)
Farrimond in consideration for Ray Guy Award
( -- July 9)
Rice breaks into top half of BCS schools in preseason rank

(USA Today -- July 3)

Irish should be around 10-point favorite against sneaky Owl team
(Inside the Irish -- June 30)
Boswell et le coup du foulard
( -- June 25)

This year to be major test of sustainability for Rice

(Rant Sports -- June 24)
Rice should provide easy win for Aggies

(Bleacher Report/Texas A&M -- June 17)
Rice, Bailiff unknown commodities for ND
(Irish Illustrated  -- June 16)

Purdue, Navy, N'western less formidable ND foes than Rice

(Bleacher Report/Notre Dame -- June 16)

ND's new defense a complicated overhaul

(Bleacher Report/Notre Dame -- May 30)
Blue-Gray Game video highlights
( -- April 12)

Rice receivers shine in spring game

(Houston Chronicle -- April 12)

Can school with less than 4,000 students win championship again?

(Bleacher Report/Notre Dame -- Mar. 6)

Signing day 2014
riceinks19a475.jpg (32376 bytes)

14sday_MG_0042a475.jpg (138109 bytes)
With championship trophy in background, Rice head coach David Bailiff meets press, expounds on his 2014 signing class, one by one (PTH photo)

northpolea475.jpg (57962 bytes)

Bailiff hopes class will lead to another C-USA title
(Houston Chronicle -- Feb. 6)
Strange signing day turns includes Alaskan's saga
(Newsweek -- Feb. 6)
Chalk up one for Mello:  Owls fill open date with Hawaii
( -- Feb. 6)
Signing Day Central:  C-USA champs add 19 for 2014look.gif (907 bytes)
( -- Feb. 5)
Texas-heavy class includes signee from North Pole, Alaska
(Houston Chronicle -- Feb. 5)
Rice signs 18 Texas players, one from Alaska
( -- Feb. 5)
Crosby's Walter twins sign with Rice
( -- Feb. 5)
Owls were able to fend off late interest by bigger schools
(Houston Chronicle -- Feb. 5)
Murphy, Cavanaugh's star offspring headed for Tech
(Waco Tribune-Herald -- Feb. 5)
Owls will face Old Dominion at home; Southern Miss on road
(Houston Chronicle -- Feb. 4)
Former Rice TE earns Super Bowl ring
( -- Feb. 2)
Luke finds fit with Seahawks
(Houston Chronicle -- Feb. 1)
Veteran Yoxall named new Rice S&C coach
(Fort Bend News -- Feb. 1)
A new recruiting frontier? Alaskan's path to Rice
(Sports Illustrated -- Jan. 30)
The Boz finishes second at All-Star Challenge
(Your Houston News -- Jan. 29)

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This week's college scores....
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Fresno postgame...

Coach Bailiff, Julius White, Driphus Jackson
LATech postgame...
Coach Bailiff
'This game doesn't define our season ... we're not the old Rice; we're the new Rice, and people are really preparing for us'
Driphus Jackson
'We got beat, nothing more to say... they played four quarters in all three phases, offense, defense, special teams'
Jordan Taylor
'It turned into a shootout in the end, and our offense just couldn't score enough points to stay with them'
LATech week...
Coach Bailiff
'I started watching the  gsme but couldn't take it any more, so went out to get my son's car inspected... my wife called and said it was going into overtime; that wasn't what I wanted to hear'
Malcolm Hill
'Eleven games into the year I still don't think this team has put together a complete game... the best football is yet to be played for this team'
Mario Hull
'Coach Edmundson said we're not the hunters anymore; we're the hunted; everybody's giving us their best game, so we have to go out and perform at our best, too'
Nico Carlson
'I  struggled the first quarter,  let a sack and a penalty, but I trusted the defense; they got it going; it's a tribute to how we play for each other'
UTEP postgame
Coach Bailiff...
'In the last three quarters, we only gave up 8 yards rushing; you know, that's spectacular
...we outplayed them, offensively and defensively'
'Our defense played well in this game; they kind of picked us up until we were able to open it up a little in the second half'
UTEP week....
Coach Bailiff...
'I probably practiced a little too hard; I thought we were fatigued... probably tried to do too much... we have to get back to our winning ways'
James Radcliffe...
'The first thing was to graduate... then to win as many games as we could and change the program; I think we've done that'
Jordan Taylor...
'(UTEP) has a completely different defense this year schematically; they're playing hard, and they're playing really well'
Marshall postgame...
Coach Bailiff...
'We're a good football team; we came out  here expecting to win... we've played A&M; we've played Notre Dame, and Marshall is right up there'
Jordan Taylor...
'Got to  give the credit to them; they came to play, they were hungry...  the result was 14 points and a butt kicking'
Alex Lyons...
'Congrats to Marshall; they played a great game; they played with an energy we couldn't seem to match today'
Marshall week...
Coach Bailiff
'If you're going to be a time of possession team, it is important at the end of those drives that you come away with points... winning's hard, and that's something we've got to improve on...'
'I think a lot of people don't give Rakim credit on how really good he is; there's no weakness in his game... we're just going to execute what our coaches give us and see what we can do'
Luke Turner
'I try and go into every game with the same mindset; no one game is bigger than any other game... but obviously this is a big game; they've had it circled on the calendar'
UTSA postgame 
Coach Bailiff
'They made us earn everything we got...we've got to go back to work on finishing offensively... we've got to be at our best, unlike we were today'
Brian Nordstrom
'The offense really did a good job of keeping us off the field... we bent a little at the end, but when the time came we made the plays' 
Driphus Jackson 
'We had four red zone entries where we didn't score, but we scored just enough to win the game; that's all that matters'
UTSA week....
Coach Bailiff...
'To have eight sacks, 12 tackles for losses, was a great performance defensively... our coaches at half- time really made nice adjustments'
Zach Patt...
'To win the turnover battle is a big thing defensively... it gives the offense more chances to put points on the board'
Brian Nordstrom
'We're all hunting as a unit; it's not just two guys on the edge; the interior guys are getting a good push; the coverage is holdingl up well'
'UTSA pressures; they play a lot of man to man, so it's puting the ball in some tight windows, and preparing for the nastiness of the game'
FIU postgame...
Coach Bailiff
'I think a lot of it was just the defense's resolve to play better... those things just don't happen'
Driphus Jackson
'We are going to have to be able to finish  better; we'll need those things to happen if we want to beat UTSA and Marshall...'
Zach Patt
'In the first quarter we came out ready; then we sort of flatlined... and during halftime Coach Bailiff talked about bringing the intenstiy back up'
FIU week....
Coach Bailiff
'There's so much continuity on this staff, with great coaches; they're hearing the same message every season; they know what our expectations are'
Matt Simonette
'We take a lot of pride in being able to run for first downs, and not having to pass, and being able to run the clock out; that's our mindset'
Ryan Pollard
'We decided at halftime that we weren't going to let them score was a good team effort, a testament to the coaches and strength staff'
UNT postgame...
Coach Bailiff
'In the locker room, you're down 21-14, and the defense is talking about getting a was like everything said in that halftime locker room was prophesized'
Driphus Jackson
'After we scored on that first play, it was like we became stagnant... the defense scoring on the turnover -- that was crucial; hats off to them'
Ryan Pollard
'Off the top, you know you're not going to have to beat the receiver, same with  the quarterback; it's pretty much a checklist on from there...'
Jordan Taylor
'It changes our mindset so much; any time the defense is out there playing good, it always motivates us; it puts some fire in us to go out and play well'
Christian Covington
'To be on the field during that time, it brings back memories of having fun playing football as a child, the one sport that you love'
UNT week...
Coach Bailiff
'There isn't a team left on our schedule we're not capable of beating, but there's not a team we play who can't beat us, if we're not playing at our best'
Christian Covington
'Rest. That was the big thing about the bye week; we were given the rest that we needed to mend; we were given mental rest as well'
Driphus Jackson
'Last year I was hurt and couldn't contribute (against UNT), but on top of that it was not being able to get into the end zone; it was kind of embarassing'
Army postgame
Coach Bailiff
'I want to thank the young men on the West Point football team... what they do after they graduate allows guys like me to be just a football coach'
Driphus Jackson
'Playing last week against Hawaii, with their kind of funky defense, I lost some of my core values...I had to get back to them this week'
James Radcliffe
'One of the things that was preached all week was that we were going to have to take the  ball away... because Army, they chew up the clock'
'It wasn't just me;  you even had some of he young guys get in... when you get guys flying around like that, it's fun; just like playing when you were a little kid'
Army week...
'I'm proud of the hold Hawaii to seven points at the half, with the offense struggling the way it was, we needed that effort from them'
Andrew Reue
'We haven't played our best game yet; just realized that we still haven't had a 300-yards rushing game; (the OL) is senior-laden; that's expected...'
Jordan Taylor
'After the botched snap, which luckily Bob fell on, back in the huddle, they said, 'we're going to just throw it' felt good; it was fun; it was a nice play'
Malcolm Hill
'After Southern Miss, the defense kind of got its swag back; we were out there com- municating... I put those two (Hawaii) touchdowns kind of on me...'

Hawaii postgame...
Coach Bailiff
'We talked all week about the hard times; they can either pull you apart or they can pull you together -- and every time it got hard they just kept pulling together'
Driphus Jackson
'That was THE worst half of football that I've played in my entire career... it's amazing how things settled down...'
Darik Dillard
'We all have to step up for each other; defense steps up for offense; offensive line stepped up in the second half, which allowed the rest of the offense to adjust...'
Alex Lyons
'I just kind of locked on, came free...then Connor came in and cleaned him up; we just sandwiched him, and the ball came out... Connor's making some big plays for us'
Hawaii week...
Coach Bailiff
'Hawaii's a very challenging football team; they've played Pac12 opponents; they've played them tough...defensively, they're like fire ants; they run blitzes we haven't seen'
Jaylon Finner
'(The defense) stepped up;  we performed much better, created turnovers...we challenged  ourselves in practice last week to improve'
James Farrimond
'Not only are those guys great teachers  but they're good friends; Kyle and Chris and I stay constantly in touch...'
USM week...
Coach Bailiff
'We're still together and we're still playing hard; there're still a lot of wins in this football's up to coaches to figure out a game plan to get it done'
Zach Wright
'We're not a split locker room at all...defensively, you can't fault the effort; a lot of guys were busting out there...'
Brian Nordstrom
'Obviously we're frustrated with the loss and being 0-3... at the same time one thing that hasn't been lacking on eiher sde of the ball is our effort'
ODU postgame..
Coach Bailiff
'There weren't any really big adjustments at halftime, (just) talking to them about playing the way they were capable...'
Gabe Baker
'Defensively, we've just got to understand that we might not have everyone out there we need, but everyone has to fill in...'
Driphus Jackson
'In the second half, we kind of snapped out of the funk that we were in...early in the game, I don't think the energy was there...'
ODU week...
Coach Bailiff
'We actually had six drives of over eight plays where we only got three points... we have got to finish drives'
Jowan Davis
'It was just old-time football... you just have to take what they give you, and pound it down their throat'

'We played really well; we didn't miss many tackles; they didn't have too many explosive plays... you have to just focus on the next play'
Texas A&M postgame...

Coach Bailiff, Driphus Jackson, Dylan Klare
Sept. 9. press conference video...
Notre Dame  Postgame...
Coach Bailiff
'We came here to win a football game... we're going to build on this; Rice is going to be OK; we're looking forward to the season'
Gabe Baker
'We're on it for the initial rush, and then the play extends for a few seconds, and then it's pick-up ball in the back puts pressure on the secondary, but we've got to make plays'
Driphus Jackson
'We understand that these non-conference games are more like a glorified practice; but in the same breath, I don't like losing games...'
Notre Dame Week...
Driphus Jackson
'The team is confident -- more confident than we were against A&M ...just because we don't have the huge brand... we'll still come to play'
Christian Covington
'We're going into this game knowing who we're going against ...we've prepared (for Golson) like we prepared last year for Johnny Manziel'
Coach Bailiff
'Two years agao we were six  (opponents') Homecoming games; last year we were none.  We're making progress'
Owl player, coach interviews....
'It's better having multiple playmakers in our position; better to have a fresh back in to spell a tired one; you don't want to be selfish...'
OC Larry Edmondson
'We're not at the point where we're still trying to learn the offense; we're trying to make the offense just a little bit better...'
STC Darrell Patterson
'We are really talented in... the return game.  We have some young men back there who have speed, not in just the skill positions... '
Luke Turner
'If they tell me to punt, I'll punt; if they tell me to throw the ball, I'll throw it; if they tell me to fill up the water bucket, I'll do it...whatever the coaches tell me to do...'
   James Radcliffe
'Last year it was Kutzler, and being the only senior linebacker, I feel that's  pretty much my job now , to step in and navigate the team...'
DC Chris Thurmond
'We can just tweak within the system, and that really makes it a lot easier...this our third year in the present system; the continuity is really helpful to us...'
Darrick Dillard
'When you have a new back with fresh legs going in, there's an excitement that helps you finish off your drives; that just sets the defense back on their heels...'
Jordan Taylor
'(Driphus) is a little different in style than McHargue last year, but he throws a really good ball... really works at his execution, routes, timing... I'm really looking forward to getting started...'
Driphus Jackson
The best thing that ever happened to me was redshirting when I got gave me a chance to sit back and learn...  Now it's here.  I'm excited....'
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