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Rice 27, UNC-Charlotte 7


WHOA, MULE -- Rice linebacker Brian Womac really takes the situation by the seat of the pants as he applies skids to Charlotte quarterback (David Speed Elder photo)

'I just really love to play this game'
Rice senior all-purpose back Luke Turner reminds us all why we all support this small academic bastion in its historical pursuit of major college football:  Luke Turner and men like him, are why (for full-length video of Luke's interview, click here)

HOUSTON (Nov. 29) -- When Rice's game-opening drive against UNC-Charlotte bogged down in the rain here Saturday, the resulting field goal attempt went awry when the snap was high and the kick slammed smack into the left goalpost and back onto the field, no good.

That had to be the low point within a season of lows for this 2015 version of Owl football -- a flat tire backing out of the driveway against an opponent who'd never, ever won a BCS conference game, with the distinct possibility looming of a fifth straight flameout loss to end the season.

But right, justice and virtue occasionally do triumph, especially when playing against a weak schedule. In the event, Owl seniors dialed up a halftime wakeup call and came back to lead a second-half surge which served to shunt aside the cellar-dwelling visitors, 27-7, to preserve a semblance of pride and momentum to end the season, in a campaign arguably short on both commodities.
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UNCC game stories, followup...
Reue named first-team All-C-USA
( -- Dec. 8)
Three 5-7 teams get bowls; Illinois, Rice out of contention
( -- Dec. 7)
Owl bowl hopes officially gone
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Dec. 6)

Dillard named Academic All-Conference
(Houston Chronicle <SK> --  Dec. 5)
Luke Turner reminds us of the real purpose of playing sports
(College Game Day/ESPN --  Dec. 5)
There's much more to Luke Turner than a viral video
(Houston Chronicle <SK> --  Dec. 4)
Cheerio, old chap: Luke's speech now hits London Town

(The Daily Mail -- Dec. 4) 
Lack of bowl-eligible teams leaves Rice in limbo
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Dec. 3)
Rice set to accept bowl bid if offered
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 2)
Former Rice HC Watson Brown retires after 43 seasons
( -- Dec. 2)
Owls close 2015 with C-USA victory
(The Rice Thresher -- Dec. 2)
It's about taking 18-year-old kid and turning him into 22-year-old man
(The Rice Thresher --  Dec. 2) 

Rice cleared to practice in case eligible for bowl
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Dec. 1)
O.J. Brigance honored with NCAA Inspiration Award
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 1)
Even at 5-7, Rice slim bowl hopes alive
(Housotn Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 30)
This is what it looks like to really love college sports
(Huffington Post -- Nov. 30) 
Rice running back thanks coach in emotional speech
(Sportal New Zealand -- Nov. 30) 
You might cry watching Rice running back thank his coach
(The Sporting News -- Nov. 30)
It's not easy to watch (in a good way)
( -- Nov. 30)
Luke Turner takes a moment to reflect
(Yahoo Sports/Dr. Saturday -- Nov. 30)
Rice senior gives emotional speech after final game
(Bleacher Report/College Football -- Nov. 30)
Owls win finale, defeat cynicism
(Houston Press <JR> -- Nov. 30) 
Bob's postgame speech on YouTube
( --  Nov. 29)
G'day, mate -- Luke's postgamer hits airwaves in Sydney
(Yahoo Sports 7 Sydney -- Nov. 29, for us)
Rice player moved to tears during press conference

(Fox 29 Philadelphia -- Nov. 29) 

Rice's Luke Turner gives heartfelt, emotional postgame speech
(  --  Nov. 29) 
Bob does it all, on, off field in Owl win over Charlotte
(Houston Chronicle <SK> --  Nov. 29)
At times, sports can be wonderful; this is wonderful
( -- Nov. 29)
'I love that man back there'
( -- Nov. 29)
This Rice player was moved to tears in final presser
( -- Nov. 29)
49ers fall at Rice in season finale
(Niner Times -- Nov. 29)
Rice closes out season with win over Charlotte
(Houston Chronicle  -- Nov. 28)
Rice beats Charlotte with big second half
(USA Today/AP  --  Nov. 28)
49ers denied first conference victory at Rice
(Charlotte Observer -- Nov. 28)
Owls finish frustrating  year on high note
(Texas Football --  Nov. 28)
Second-half surge sends seniors out with win
( -- Nov. 28) 
'We set expectations high and we expect them to be reached'
(Houston lChronicle <SK> --  Nov. 27))

UTSA 34, Rice 24

Things looked good early as Nate German hauled in 58-yard Driphus Jackson TD pass to put Owls up, 10-0 (David Speed Elder photo)

HOUSTON – Oh, well, at least we can make our Holiday travel plans now.

For Rice fans, students, player families, teams, those plans won’t include a December weekend cheering on the Owls at a bowl game, any bowl game. In a season that initially stacked up to be a near-cinch for an unprecedented fourth-straight year with post-season play on the calendar, things just didn’t work out that way.

The final coffin nail was Saturday’s 34-24 loss to the University of Texas at San Antonio in a head-scratcher of a game in which the Owls outperformed their lesser opponent at nearly every twist and turn. Nearly.
Continues....      Box score, statistics.

Triumph or disappointment for Owls, Coogs this weekend
(Houston Press -- Nov. 25)
More PF SNAFUs?  Time for more wind sprints
(Houston Chronicle <SK> --  Nov. 24)
Loss to UTSA snaps three-year bowl streak
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 24)
Backup QB Nate German putting up numbers at receiver
(Houston Chronicle <SK> --  Nov. 24)
49ers coach hopes seniors can finish out with win
(Charlotte Observer -- Nov. 24)
Rice's collapse brings changes in league bowl picture
(Gulfport-Biloxi Sun Herald -- Nov. 23)
Coker: Win over Rice was UTSA's best game of year
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 23)
DB says not ready to discuss staff changes
(Houston Chronicle <SK> --  Nov. 23)
Per tradition, DB opens home to players on Thanksgiving
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 23)
Williams, Mooch, Parks play time limited at UTSA
(Houston Chronicle <SK> --  Nov. 23)
Rice's bowl hopes dashed in loss to UTSA
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 22)
Loss to UTSA quashes Owls' bowl hopes
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 21)
Dillard brothers break record for TD totals
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 21)

Sturm, Williams spark UTSA's historic (sic) victory over Rice
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 21)
Reasons for Owls' struggles on full display against UTSA
(Texas Football -- Nov. 21)
While UTSA coasted, Owls laid down a bit
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 21)
Williams helps carry UTSA to win over Rice
(Associated Press -- Nov. 21)
UTSA ends Owls' bid for fourth consecutive bowl game
( -- Nov. 21)
Trust issues arise for skidding Rice
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 20)

HOUSTON (Nov. 18) – Time to just go out and just have some fun playing the game of football, perhaps?

The Rice Owls likely would not be doing themselves any favors by setting up as a do-or-die straw man the vanquishing of their final two foes of the regular season in order to obtain minor bowl game consideration.

The lads obviously have been carrying a lot more than pads on their shoulders over the last three games. The 'must-win' concern hasn't worked, only adding to the burden placed upon Rice's squadmen in what has added up to be a classic rebuilding year – not to mention a full academic load, you know, having to attend class, study, things that 95 per cent of their opponents’ personnay-ull don't have to bother with.

Southern Miss 65, Rice 10

With offense shut down by USM, Rice defense holds on until midway in the second; then implodes as visitors surge to yardage record
Destri White hangs on to USM receiver during Saturday's game (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Nov. 15) -- The Rice Owls' downhill slalom continued here Saturday with a 65-10 Homecoming Game thrashing at the hands of a resurgent Southern Mississippi team.

The loss leaves the Owls with a 4-6 season record with two games remaining. If the Flock manages to beat UT-San Antonio on the road Saturday, and then wins in the season finale at home against UNC-Charlotte the Saturday after Thanksgiving, they'll finish with a 6-6 season record that will render them bowl-eligible, and, with the proliferation of no-name bowl games on the horizon, the result would most likely mean post-season play for the South Main boys.

But consecutive defeats to UTEP on the road (24-21) plus this stinkeroo (you figure out which was the worse loss) pretty much ended the Owls' chances for a season they'd want to tell anyone about.
Continues....            Box score, stats....

Brown's emergence a rare defensive bright spot
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 19)
UTSA's Morgan embracing role as leader
(The Paisano -- Nov. 19)
Nine-year Homecoming win streak comes to end
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 19)

Rice biggest C-USA disappointment this season
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 18)
Coker: 'They've had our number, house, credit card, whole bit'
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 18)
There're bad seasons and then there're...
( -- Nov. 17)
Zach says 'enough's enough' to Owls' losing ways
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 17)
USM's Sarrazin master of the fake field goal
(Hattiesburg American -- Nov. 17)
Rice's passing game going through struggles
(Houston Chronicle <SK>  -- Nov. 17)
Meep-meeps looking for first home win of season against Rice
(Houston Chronicle  <SK> -- Nov. 17)
UTSA looking for first win against Rice
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 16)
DB on DJ:  'He's got to get his swagger back'
(Houston Chronicle <SK> --  Nov. 16)
Owls choosing difficult path toward bowl bid
(Today's U -- Nov. 16)
Rice dealing with injuries after loss to Southern Miss
(Houston Chronicle <SK> --  Nov. 16)
Owl bowl position has suddenly become precarious
(Gulfport-Biloxi Sun-Herald -- Nov. 16)
Rice completely imploded on Saturday
(Texas Football -- Nov. 15)
Good luck on filling all league bowl tie-ins
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 15)
USM performance at Rice a red-letter day in program history
(Hattiesburg American -- Nov. 15)
2013-14: Rice 85, USM 40; 2015: USM 65 Rice 10
( -- Nov. 15)
Trick plays old hat for Monken
(Hattiesburg American -- Nov. 15)
Inconsistent Owls dominated by Golden Eagles
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 14)
Southern Miss sets records in 65-10 victory at Rice
(Gulfport-Biloxi Sun-Herald -- Nov. 14)
USM dominates Rice in historic effort
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Nov. 14)
USM steams past Rice
(Vicksburg Post/AP -- Nov. 14)

HOUSTON (Nov. 11) -- One thing's clear: the Rice Owl football team that went out the past two weekends and lost consecutive games to Louisiana Tech and, blecch, Texas El-Paso is not a team that should be able to beat Southern Mississippi in Saturday's anticipated Homecoming tilt at Rice Stadium.

This group of individuals will need quickly to coalesce into a different type of fighting outfit if it intends to stand more than a cut dog’s chance Saturday, not to mention in its remaining contests.

There isn't time for Screaming Eagle paratrooper basic training and multiple runs up Mount Currahee. Not even time for a quick Navy Seabees boot camp session courtesy Rice basketball coach Mike Rhoades.


UTEP 24, Rice 21

SHOULD'A HAD MORE OF THESE -- Rice receiver Zach Wright got behind UTEP defense and hauled in 34-yard TD pass to put Owls up in second quarter, but Flock couldn't take advantage of momentum (PTH photo)

HORSE SHOES AND HAND GRENADES  -- Rice receiver Zach Wright comes tantalizingly close to hauling in Driphus Jackson's hail mary pass in end zone as time expires (PTH photo)

EL PASO (Nov. 7) – For decades, dating back to the Jess Neely days, the Rice football team  has been known for coming together and playing its best ball in the month of November when the chips are down. If these Owls are to live up to their predecessors’ reputation as the Boys of November, somebody needs to tip them off – they’re running a week behind.

In a game that went down to the wire, but shouldn’t have, these Rice Owls coughed up a pair of leads, then came back to tie and seize the momentum late in the game, only to falter and fall, 24-21, to an aroused UTEP squad fighting for bowl eligibility.

Wait – aren’t these Owls fighting for bowl eligibility as well? At times Friday night, they seemed more like a team going through the motions.

Well, wait again – that’s being overly critical. The team exhibited good and sufficient effort to pull out the win against UTEP, but somehow just lacked a certain something. What was it? “Verve?” Yeah, that’s it – this bunch of young men played the game with a noticeable paucity of verve.*

*Verve:  (Syn.) enthusiasm, vigor, energy, pep, dynamism, elan, vitality, vivacity, buoyancy, liveliness, animation, zest, sparkle, charisma, spirit, ebullience, exuberance, life, brio, gusto, eagerness, keenness, passion, zeal, relish, feeling, ardor, fire; informal: zing, zip, vim, pizzazz, oomph, get-up-and-go
Continues....                   Box score, stats.....

Rice bowl hopes hanging on edge
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 14)
Owls still working on finding the right fit
(Houston Chronicle <SK>  -- Nov. 13)
Any USM weakness apparently of self-inflicted variety
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 13)
Eagles will attack Owls from all angles
(Campus Insiders -- Nov. 13)
Golden Eagles face dangerous Rice squad
(Gulfport-Biloxi Sun Herald -- Nov. 13)
Rice a homecoming of sorts for ex-Coog Martin
(Hattiesburg American -- Nov. 13)
If you're a Rice fan, you likely despise this column
(Sports Illustrated/The Fade -- Nov. 13)
USM's improved run game spurs offense
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Nov. 12)
Turner a jack-of-all-trades for Rice
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 12)
Late field goal gives UTEP win over Owls
(The Rice Threaher -- Nov. 11)
Eagles' Mullens on no-interceptions streak
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Nov. 11)

It's back to basics for Owls in prep for Southern Miss
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 10)
Keys to a Southern Miss win at Rice
(Biloxi Sun-Herald -- Nov. 10)
'The bright spot was James Farrimond's punting'
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 10)
'Hiccups', academic and otherwise, plague USM studenathaletes
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Nov. 9)
Southern Miss controls own destiny with Rice up next
(Biloxi Sun-Herald -- Nov. 9)
Owls ready to protect house when Southern Miss comes calling
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 9)
USM's Monken-: 'We don't need any breaks'
(Hattiesburg American - Nov. 9)
Rice has been major disappointment in 2015
(Campus Insiders -- Nov. 9)
Stewart undergoing MRI
(Houston Chronicle <SK> --  Nov. 9)
Extra wind sprints coughed up for dumb penalties
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 9)
Rice is Conference USA's most disappointing team
(Underdog Dynasty -- Nov. 9)
Boz' last-second FG wins for Steelers
( --  Nov. 8)
Owl bowl bid takes hit with loss to UTEP
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 7)
Man behind the mask:  Calvin Anderson
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 7)
UTEP coach Kugler: 'My most satisfying win as a head coach'
(600 ESPN El Paso -- Nov. 7)
Miners pick up pivotal win over Rice
(The Prospector -- Nov. 7)
Kugler gambles again, wins again
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 7)

Leftwich, White, Maddox lead UTEP past Rice
(The Daily Journal -- Nov. 7)
Laufasa carries UTEP to win over Rice
(Miner Diggings -- Nov. 7)
Miners finally show killer instinct
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 7)
Late field goal gives UTEP 24-21 win over Rice
(USA Today/AP -- Nov. 7)
Owls take (another) step back
(Texas Football -- Nov. 6)
UTEP keeps bowl hopes alive
( --  Nov. 6)
Miners had one thing on their minds:  outlast the Owls
(El Paso Herald-Post -- Nov. 6)

HOUSTON (Nov. 4) -- The Rice Owls return to their "must-win"-ing ways as they travel to El Paso to take on the UTEP Miners in another Friday evening game this week, coming out of last Friday’s semi-beatdown at the hands of Louisiana Tech with a 2-2 league record, 4-4 on the season overall.

Win over the Miners, and the Owls and their adherents can start thinking about taking three out of their last four games, perhaps sweeping them all, would the Flock be able to get past a tough Southern Miss team on Homecoming Weekend one week hence.

But first comes the task at hand, and it's far from a foregone conclusion. The tale of the tape favors the Owls in this one, but the Miners have been tough to beat at home, even during their thus-far benighted 2015 season.

LA Tech 42, Rice 17

SAM SLOGS FOR SIX -- Redshirt freshman Sam Stewart picked up Rice's only rushing touchdown of the night, briefly knotting the score 7-7 in the first quarter (PTH photo)
HOUSTON (Oct. 31) – For a couple of split-second instants, moments apart in the second quarter, this one was going to be a ball game.

With eight minutes to go in the half, with Rice down 14-7, Owl quarterback Driphus Jackson dropped back quickly on second and 11 from the Louisiana Tech 45. His target was his favorite receiver, the ultra-dependable senior wideout, Dennis Parks, who’d just returned to the lineup from injury down-time.

The throw was right on the money, and DP had his defender beaten six ways to Sunday, but the ball sailed through the receiver’s hands, a sure touchdown foregone.

Continues....             Box score, stats....

Rice OL dines together, stays together
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 5)
Considering matchups, Rice has advantage
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 5)
Et tu, Brute? Miners face 'must win' game against Rice
(El Paso Times --  Nov. 5)
Rice has extra day to prep for Miners
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 5)
Football drops pivotal C-USA matchup
(The Rice Thresher --  Nov. 4)

Rice football graduation rate right up near top, as usual
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 4)
Owls struggling with penalties
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 4)
Winning season would put bow on Rice ascension
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 4)

Rice has gone through youth movement

(SBNation/Miner Rush --  Nov. 3)
Rice seniors give counsel to record 31 frosh participants
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 3)

UTEP coach on Owls: 'They don't do the crazy stuff'
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 3)
Twice-transferred UTEP TE a mountain of potential
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 3)
Owls beat the bad teams, bow to the good ones
(Campus Insiders -- Nov. 2)
Miners take on Owls in rare Friday night game
(El Paso Inc. -- Nov. 2)
Farrimond has a booming night at punter
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 2)
Host of Owls all back from injuries
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 2)
Where Rice football ranks in league statistical categories
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 2)
Miners push schedule up a day
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 2)
UTEP looks to open up offense against Rice
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 2)
Penalties cost Miners in loss to Southern Miss
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 1)
Rice eyeing bowl with four games left
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Nov. 1)
Calvin Anderson Rice football's Rubik's Cube master
( -- Nov. 1)

Bulldogs race to 42-17 win
( -- Oct. 31)
Rice-Lousiana Tech video highlights
( -- Oct. 31)
Hot offense powers Louisiana Tech past Rice
( -- Oct. 31)
Tech has loftier goals than just bowl eligibility
(Monroe News-Star -- Oct. 31)
What's Rice's kryptonite?  Pass defense
(Texas Football -- Oct. 31)
Driskel leads LA Tech to easy win
(Fox Sports/AP --  Oct. 30)
Self-inflicted pain became order of ill-fated day for Owls
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 30)
Rice, struggling from growing pains, no match for LA Tech
(Houston Chronicle  -- Oct. 30)
Tech blitzes Rice, becomes bowl eligible
(Under Dynasty -- Oct. 30)
Tech rolls Rice for second straight year
(Shreveport Times --  Oct. 30)
Bulldogs put together complete effort
(Hooterville News-Star -- Oct. 30)
Tech steamrolls Rice to become bowl eligible
(Monroe News-Star  -- Oct. 30)
LA Tech bowl eligible after dominant win at Rice
(SportsNOLA -- Oct. 30)

HOUSTON (Oct. 28) – Not to put any pressure on the guys or anything, but this game upcoming – it means something.

A win, and the Owls will have wrested destiny into their own hands, taking the inside track for the Conference USA Western Division flag. A loss, and the season is still salvagable, but not in terms of ‘accomplishing season’s goals’ – just maybe holding serve, at best.

So the Rice Owls, winners of 13 of their last 15 home contests at Rice Stadium, tee it up here on Friday night, All Hallows Eve, 7:00 p.m., on national cable TV, against a Lousiana Tech team that is spookily talented, scarily experienced, and creepily well positioned to go the distance.


Rice 38, Army 31

Cadets erase two-touchdown Rice lead, but Jackson, Dillard, Wright lead Owls to game- winning score with 24 seconds left

QUICK STRIKE -- Rice running back Darik Dillard is in the clear en route to 32-yard TD run which put Rice up, 7-0 (PTH photo)

GOT IT! -- Rice junior wide receiver Zach Wright hauls in Driphus Jackson pass to set up Owls' second TD (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Oct. 25) – Another monsoon rain, another dire situation.

As the ball slipped from Rice quarterback Driphus Jackson’s grasp in a driving rainstorm Saturday afternoon at Rice Stadium, the sordid scenario stared Owl fans, coaches and players flush in the face.

Clawing back from a two-touchdown deficit, the opposing Army team found itself facing a mere three-point deficit at 31-28, and now, with four miutes left, it was preparing to deliver the coup de gras with a first and goal at the Rice ten yard line.

Enter Rice’s defensive smart weapon in the person of linebacker Alex Lyons, who was having none of that. The preseason All-CUSA junior from DeSoto first teamed with Tabari McGaskey to nail Army running back Aaron Kemper for no gain on first down.
Continues....                  Box score, stats.....

Rice hoping to keep hope alive against LA Tech
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 30)
Tech needs to air it out, rain or shine
(Monroe News-Star -- Oct. 30)
Chance of thunderstorms at Rice Stadium Friday
( -- Oct. 30)
Coach plays key role in Driskel's breakout year
(Shreveport Times -- Oct. 30)
First team showcases at Army-Rice game
(Fort Hood Sentinel -- Oct. 29)
Rice ready for obstacle in LA Tech
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 29)
Tech claims still embarrassed by 52-14 loss at Rice in 2013
(Monroe News-Star -- Oct. 29)
Man behind the mask:  James Farrimond
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 29)
Owls have something to prove after last year's beat-down
(Monroe News-Star -- Oct. 28)
East Chambers star commit aided by Vance Mac
(Beaumont Enterprise -- Oct. 28)
A small fix to attendance problem
(The Rice Thresher --  Oct. 28)
Tech attack all predicated on what defense does
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 28)
Talking Rice vs. Louisiana Tech football
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 28)
Skip Holtz on facing Rice this week
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 28)
Holtz doesn't like to play on Fridays
(Monroe News-Star -- Oct. 28)
Dillard could break record as Rice faces Louisiana Tech
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 27)
Defense faces big test against LA Tech
(Housyon CHronicle <SK> -- Oct. 27)
LA Tech turns attention to Rice
(Ruston Daily Leader -- Oct. 27
Tech offense shows potential with full complement of weapons
(Monroe News-Star -- Oct. 27)
Driskel, Taylor forming one of nation's best QB-WR duos
(Monroe News-Star -- Oct. 27)

How close is LA Tech to a complete game?
(Shreveport Times -- Oct. 26)
Rice, Army show each other respect after hard-fought contest
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 26)
Owls dis-arm Army
(Houston Press -- Oct. 26)
Owls' Darik Dillard not focused on records
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 26)
Former Rice running back Sam McGuffie now a bobsledder
(NBC Sports -- Oct. 26)
Parks, Mooch expected back this week
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 26)
'I happen to be the guy at the end who got the call'
( -- Oct. 25)
Rice-Army postgame, video clips 
( -- Oct. 25)
'Ugliest, most beautiful ball' provides margin of victory
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 24)
Rice gets by Army, 38-31
(USA Today/AP -- Oct. 24)
Rice holds off Army with last-minute touchdown
(Houston  Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 24)
Monken: 'I'm not mad at a single guy on our team'
(Hudson Valley News -- Oct. 24)
Rice nearly lets one get away
(Fox Sports -- Oct. 24)
Late Rice TD ruins Army comeback
(Albany Times Herald-Record -- Oct. 24)
Owls defeat Army  on last-minute touchdown
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct.  24)
Army comes up one magical play short
(USA Today -- Oct. 24)

Furious comeback comes up short at Rice
( --  Oct. 24)
Jarrett Dillard tapped for RIce Athletics Hall of Fame
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 24)

(1958 Rice-Army program cover; game held at Rice Stadium before 69,000)

HOUSTON (Oct. 21) – Up next for the Rice Owls is an Army team struggling to find its identity. The game kicks off at 11:00 a.m. Saturday at Rice Stadium, and a rainy, sloshy wet day is firmly predicted for the contest by weather prognosticators.

On a similarly rainy day last October, the Owls easily handled the Cadets in a 41-21 win at Michie Stadium in West Point, in a game featuring one of the Flock’s stronger efforts of the 2014 campaign.

Key offensive personnel return for both teams, and if the form charts have anything to say about it, this game should be one to chalk up in the Owls’ win column.


Meanwhile, back at the EZF....

SECOND FLOOR POUR -- Construction workers are busily engaged in pouring concrete for the second floor of the Brian Patterson end zone complex being built at the north end zone of Rice Stadium; this photo taken Monday, Oct. 19 (click photo for video)

Rice 27, FAU 26

PAY STATION -- Rice quarterback Driphus Jackson scrambles for 21-yard TD that brought Owls to within 26-21, fourth quarter, a play that put Owls in position to complete comeback win (PTH photo)

BREAKOUT DAY -- Connor Cella was at 100 percent Saturday against FAU; here, he hauls in first-quarter touchdown to give Owls early lead (PTH photo)

BOCA RATON, Fl. (Oct. 11) – The situation looked as grim as the suddenly darkening skies over FAU Stadium here Saturday, when officialdom ruled “the play stands” after Florida Atlantic running back Trey Rodriguez performed a juggling act with the football as he crossed the Rice goal line.

The “score” gave the homestanding Owls a two-touchdown bulge over the visiting Owls one minute deep into the fourth quarter – and it was then that the heavens burst forth, sending a deluge onto the field and into the stands occasioning a rain-and-lightning delay that kept the combatants in their locker rooms for an hour and a half, while much of the crowd scattered into local watering holes.

Those who did missed a comeback for the ages, for the Owls then swooped back onto the field as if their feathers were all aflame, surging for two long touchdown drives while shutting down the FAU offense in pulling out a desperately needed, albeit  improbable, 27-26 victory.
Continues....       Box score, stat sheet....

Rice football vs. Army promotional video - 'Do your job' 
( -- Oct. 23)
Rice hoping to provide winning spark
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct.  23)
Midseason Conference USA power rankings
(Monroe, La., News-Star -- Oct. 23)

Don't be surprised if Army throws the ball
(Albany Times Herald-Record -- Oct. 22)
Rice looks to avoid letdown
( -- Oct. 22)
Army coach talks about Rice game
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 22)
Rice hopes to continue lightning offense against Army
( -- Oct. 22)
Army-Rice a theater of uncertainty
( -- Oct. 21)
Dillard brothers make Rice history one score at a time
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 21)
Owl win over FAU may mark turning point
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 21)
Football reflects midway through season
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 21)
Monken: Army QB Bradshaw should be good to go Saturday
( -- Oct. 20)

DJ just wants to have fun versus Army
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 20)
Cadets haven't won two in a row in five years
(Albany Times Herald-Record -- Oct. 20)
Owls still talking about Lyons' fiery speech
(Houston Chronicle  <SK> -- Oct. 20)
Rice prepares for Army's running game
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 19)
'They're a typical Academy team; they're going to come at you'
( -- Oct. 19)
DB reminisces about his former place-kicker Boz
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 19)
Black Knights struggled to defeat Bucknell
(ArmySports/Scout -- Oct. 19)
Steeler QB: Boz does so well because he just doesn't care
(Pittsburgh  Post-Gazette -- Oct. 19)
Owls to close out '16 regular season in Palo Alto
( -- Oct. 19)
Callahan back on Bears' roster
(WBBM  CBS Chicago -- Oct. 19)
Bucknell had 14 penalties against Army, 9 of them false starts
(Army -- Oct. 18)
Total margin of Army's four losses: 16 points
(Army -- Oct. 17)
Lyons spurs crucial win with fiery speech, play
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 18)
Man behind the mask:  Jowan Davis
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 18)
Vikes' Sendejo reclaims job at strong safety
( -- Oct. 18)
Boz perfect in Steeler win
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- Oct. 18)
Army edges Bucknell behind Edgar Allen Poe
( -- Oct. 17)
Wright jump-starts Rice offense in FAU win
(Montgomery County Courier -- Oct. 16)
Boz' big kick leads Steelers to win
(Behind the Steel Curtain -- Oct. 16)
Snake-bitten Army to host Bucknell on Homecoming
(Army Times/AP -- Oct. 16)
Connor Cella named to Mackey Award watch list
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 15)
Driphus named AFCA AllState Good Works team
( -- Oct. 14)
Beaty lauds Kingsbury, derives from former Rice ties
( -- Oct. 14)
Owls must still cut down on unforced errors
( -- Oct. 14)
'I think we handled the delay very well'
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 12)
DJ's thoughts on Rice's road win
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 12)
Darik Dillard broke a hundred in win over FAU
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 12)
Man behind the mask:  Destri White
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 11)
Rice rallies for 27-26 win over FAU
( -- Oct. 110

Rice rallies from 12 down in fourth for comeback win over FAU
( -- Oct. 10)
Rice's fourth-quarter surge tops Florida Atlantic
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 10)
Rice-FAU video highlights  
( -- Oct. 10)
Photos:  Rice-FAU
(Florida Sun-Sentinel -- Oct. 10)
Battle of the Owls:  Rice rallies for 27-26 win
(University Press -- Oct. 10)
Lightning, Owls strike in win over Florida Atlantic
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 10)
Rice rallies from 12 down in fourth to best FAU
(USA Today -- Nov. 10)
FAU blows fourth-quarter lead in 27-26 loss to Rice
(Florida Sun-Sentinel -- Oct. 10)
RIce shocks FAU with come-from-behind 27-26 win
(Underdog Dynasty -- Oct. 10)
FAU blows fourth-quarter lead, falls to Rice
(Owl Access -- Oct. 10)
FAU's last-minute flameout is setting a pattern
(Owl Access -- Oct. 10)
Long rain delay blunts Florida Atlantic's momentum
(Palm Beach Post -- Oct. 10)
FAU coach:  'A disappointing, heartbreaking loss'
( -- Oct. 10)

BOCA RATON, Fl. (Oct. 8) – The Rice Owls seek a return to the win column as they take on birds of a feather – if only in nickname – when they face the Florida Atlantic Owls here at FAU Stadium, kickoff 2:30 p.m. Saturday (1:30 Central time).

To be clear, the avian kinship is as remote as the two university’s respective histories, perspectives and positions in the national educational firmament, as these Owls are named after a rather slight, indifferent burrowing fellow which populates the sand dunes along the Florida Atlantic shore and the FAU campus – this, compared to the lofty parentage of Rice’s Great Owl of Athena.

But don’t let the little guy fool you – he’s known to take on snakes, iguanas and other creatures several times his size, and come out on top, and digesting a meal.


WKU 49, Rice 10

Rice runing back Luke Turner bulls across for the Owls' only touchdown of the game in loss to Western Kentucky (David Speed Elder photo)

FAU collapse precursor of late giveaways
(Owl Access -- Oct. 10)
Rice stands behind QB  Jackson
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 10)
Is Rice really the most disappointing team in C-USA?
(Underdog Dynasty -- Oct. 8)
For Rice, bowl bid hangs in the balance
(SB Nation -- Oct. 8)
''He's not just running around doing his own thing'
( -- Oct. 8)
Owls will need their starter when Rice comes to town
(University Press -- Oct. 7)
FAU QB Johnson said ready for Rice
(University Press -- Oct. 7)
What's wrong with Driphus Jackson?
(Underdog Dynasty -- Oct. 7)
Rice's problems start with decimated DL
(Palm Beach Post -- Oct. 7)
It'll be an all-Owls battle in Boca
( -- Oct. 7)
Owls embarrassed by WKU, give new meaning to ineptitude
(Houston Press -- Oct. 6)
Despite setback, Owls still aiming to reach some preseason goals
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 6)
Owls know the math on 2-3 starts
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 6)
FAU coach discusses Rice challenges
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 6)
Gordon impressive on Rice defensive line
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 6)
Boz isn't concerned about his NFL debut on Monday Night Football
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- Oct. 6)
Laying wood to Rice qualifies as WKU statement win
( -- Oct. 6)
FAU's Solomon growing into playmaker
(FAU Owls Access -- Oct. 6)
Stewart was bright spot for struggling Owl offense
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 6)
Rice battered on both sides of ball in loss to Western Kentucky
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 4)
WKU's aerial attack rolls past RIce
(Houston Chronicle  <SK> -- Oct. 3)
WKU clobbers Rice with precision passing
( -- Oct. 3)
Rice-WKU photo gallery
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 3)
WKU turns road test at Rice into sound 49-10 win
(Bowling Green Daily News -- Oct. 3)
Doughty dominates with four TD tosses in win
(Lexington Herald-Leader -- Oct. 3)
WKU with commanding 49-10 over Rice
(WKU Herald -- Oct. 3)
WKU cornerback Wonderful Terry after win at Rice
(Bowling Green Daily News -- Oct. 3)
WKU fries Rice in road rout
( -- Oct. 3)
'Hey, can we play harder and tougher than (Rice)? And smarter?'
( -- Oct. 3)

HOUSTON (Oct. 1) – Admit it.

Admit that, disregarding all the aiming high, the unrealistic expectations, the hopes against hope,  you full well expected your Rice Owls, going into the month of October and the meat of the league schedule, would do so sporting – at best, and holding serve -- a two-win, two-loss record.

Anything better than that would’ve required a win over Texas, a team the Owls have beaten exactly once in the last 50 years.

Flashback:  Joyce would be saying this, too, about the Baylor game...

Baylor 70, Rice 17

GAMER -- Redshirt freshman Austin Walter embarks on 73-yard kickoff return that set up Owls' first TD to bring Rice briefly within 14-10, first quarter (David Speed Elder photo)

WACO (Sept. 27) -- A game of inches, this one wasn't.

But a game to make even the most loyal fan contemplate the abyss, wonder out loud just how far we've come, where we are and where are we headed, this one was -- even though it perhaps it may wind up meaning little once the season is played out.

To be sure, Rice's 70-17 defeat at the hands of the Baylor Bears here Saturday doesn't count any more on the loss side of the ledger as a one-point nail-biter would've. But as the Baylor first unit scored virtually at will agains the Owl defense, the result was not pretty to watch.
Continues....                Box score, statistics.....        

Breaking down Rice vs. WKU defenses
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Oct. 1)
'I think our guys are locked in, ready to go'
( -- Oct. 1)
Owls can also put points on board
( -- Oct. 1)
Scouting report: Rice set to host Western Kentucky
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 30)
Western Kentucky's thoughts on playing Rice
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 30)
Rice happy to be home as it faces 'explosive' WKU
(Bowling Green Daily News -- Sept. 30)
DB says Rice flushing memories of Baylor game
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 30)
Rice faces another high-power offense in WKU
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 29)
Owls happy to be back home
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept.  29)
WKU defense has major question marks
(Sports Chat Place --  Sept. 29)
Bulked-up Austin Walter turning into playmaker
(Houston Chronicle  -- Sept. 28)
Being solid in road games motivating WKU at Rice
(Bowling Green Daily News -- Sept. 28)
Tops roll into October looking to sustain momentum
( -- Sept. 28)
WKU played 'angry' in latest  win
(Louisville Courier-Journal -- Sept. 28)
Doughty doing Doughty things again
( -- Sept. 28)
WKU takes show on the road to Rice
(Bowling Green Daily News  -- Sept. 27)
Rice-Baylor video highlights
( -- Sept. 27)
Russell throws for 6 TDs as Baylor overwhelms Rice
( -- Sept. 26)
More of the same as Baylor rolls Rice
( -- Sept. 26)
Baylor made Driphus' life miserable all day long
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 26)
Bears clean up their act in victory over Owls
(Waco Tribune-Herald --Sept. 26)
Bears put together 'complete' performance
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 26)
Briles, Baylor defense regain their edge
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 26)
'Baylor is just an incredible offensive machine'
(The Baylor Lariat -- Sept. 26)
It was the defense that made this day so exceptional
(Our Daily Bears -- Sept. 26)

HOUSTON (Sept. 24) – Drayton McLane, the former Houston Astros owner and major benefactor of Baylor University’s new football Taj Mahal bearing his name, a few years back delivered an address at the annual Rice Associates dinner.

“I’m especially proud to be giving this speech," he said, "because I feel that Rice and Baylor are two institutions that are, in so many respects, so much alike.”

What Mr. McLane thought was a friendly overture was met by an intense reaction by the gathered three hundred or so, mostly gray-haired, august and distinguished Rice major donors. Soft cries of “No...” rang out, along with whistles, sotto voce catcalls, and even a few boos.


Rice 38, North Texas 24

-- Zach Wright skies high in the end zone to put Rice up 14-10 over North Texas in second quarter; with this 30-yard TD pass Driphus Jackson regained his mojo and went on to lead Owls to 31 straight points, putting game out of reach for UNT  (David Speed Elder photo)

DENTON (Sept. 20) – For two quarters of play here Saturday, both the Rice offense and the Owl defense were just about as good as they could be, and their torrid 30-minute tear proved more than enough to put away the North Texas Eagles before 19,602 at Apogee Stadium.

Led by an animated and energized senior quarterback Driphus Jackson, the Feathered Flock ripped off 31 straight points after UNT had taken a brief, 7-3 lead during a shaky Owl first quarter.

Once he got going, Driphus’ go-to guy was his favorite receiver, Dennis Parks, who had eight receptions for the second straight week, but the passes completed by DJ – 29 of 39 for 373 yards, to be precise – were distributed to a total of 11 different receivers in all, a career high for the Cedar Hill senior.

Continues....            Box score, stats....

May take perfect game for Owls to pull upset
(Underdog Dynasty -- Sept. 25)
DB mixes winning, staying true to his school
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 25)
Dual threat Rice QB gaining comfort, confidence each game
(Waco Tribune-Herald -- Sept. 25)
Briles says not concerned about TCU's Patterson
(Waco Tribune-Herald -- Sept. 25)
Baylor run game makes early splash
(Waco Tribune-Herald -- Sept. 25)

Rice ball control game will challenge BU defense
(Dallas Morning News --Sept. 24)
Briles and company ready to get back to football
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 24)
Rice gets plenty of players involved in offense
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 24)
Baylor-Rice video preview
(Our Daily Bears -- Sept. 24)
Policies restrict MOB travel
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 23)
Running back bursts onto scene as freshman
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 23)
Owls win conference opener
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 23)

Stadium rising:  the story of Drayton's ball field, from start to finish
(Waco Tribune-Herald)
Rice, Baylor have gone in different directions
(Campus Insiders -- Sept. 23)
Jackson is the man who makes things go for Owls
(CBS Sports 24/7 -- Sept. 23)
So what does David Bailiff have to do with Briles, Patterson tiff?
(CBS Sports 24/7 -- Sept. 23)
They're a buncha smart fellas, and they can play
(Bear Truth --Sept. 23)
BU spygate?  Stoops upset about Bear assistant on Tulsa sideline
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 23)
Bears use bye week to address sloppy play, miscues
(Waco Tribune-Herald -- Sept. 23)
Baylor's thoughts on playing Owls this week
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 22)
Owl offense riding high as Baylor looms
(Click2Houston -- Sept. 22)
Briles wants to get 'edge' back after Bears' struggles
(Waco Tribune-Herald -- Sept. 22)

'Say, aren't you Dave Campbell?'

(Waco Tribune-Herald -- Sept. 22)
Baylor offense clicking, but defense a trainwreck
( -- Sept. 22)
BU offense in top 5 in both passing, rushing
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 22)
Bears get one more non-conference tuneup
( -- Sept. 22)
Baylor vs. Rice game notes
(KWTX Waco -- Sept. 22)
DB to his Owls:  Don't press
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 22)

DB confident after win over UNT
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 21)
Baylor riding 17-game home win streak
( -- Sept. 21)
Owls are looking for a major upset
(Sports Chat Place -- Sept. 21)
What was BU assistant doing on  OU sideline?
( -- Sept. 21)
Former Owl makes debut for Houston Texans
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 20)
Baylor TE Armstead dismissed from team
(Our Daily Bears -- Sept. 19)
DJ takes to the air to derail North Texas
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 19)
No repeat of 2013; Mean Green can't defend home turf
(Denton Record-Chronicle --  Sept. 19)
Owls learned from last week's five turnovers
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 19)
When it came to key plays, it was Jackson who made them
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Sept. 19)
Rice cruises to 38-24 win over North Texas
(Underdog Dynasty -- Sept. 19)
Rice takes advantage of North Texas miscues
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Sept. 19)
Five quick thoughts on UNT's loss to Rice
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Sept. 19)
Jackson, Parks lead Rice to win at North Texas
( -- Sept. 19)
After slow first quarter, Rice rolls over UNT
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept.19)
Turnover ratio plagues Mean Green
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Sept. 19)
Football team loses 38-24 to Rice
(North Texas Daily -- Sept. 19)
Rice blows by North Texas, 38-24
Click2Houston/AP -- Sept. 19)

DENTON (Sept. 17) – Oh, great. Another “must-win” game for the other guys.

The Rice Owls hit the road for the second straight week Saturday as they travel to Denton to take on the University of North Texas Mean Green (1:30 p.m., Fox College Sports) in the initial league contest for both teams.

UNT’s most ardent supporters and various and sundry local scribes apparently are united in the belief that this game is virtually “do or die” for the north Metroplex contingent. Their rationale? They run down the upcoming schedule for Dan McCarney’s team, and it looks to them that, without a win over Rice, there’s no way the Eagles will garner a bowl-eligible six wins against this season’s foes, considered the de minimis standard for holding serve in any given season.


Texas 42, Rice 28

SAM NO SHAM -- Sam Stewart literally ran over Texas defenders all night; here he breaks free on 22-yard scoring jaunt that included a barrel roll over would-be tackler --  he added another 16-yard TD run that wound up on the ESPN highlight reel (PTH photo)

AUSTIN (Sept. 13) – They say statistics are for losers.

Okay, here’s one: take away Texas’ two touchdown passes in its 42-28 win over the Rice Owls Saturday, and the resulting net offensive yardage figure would have been a grand total of 176 – roughly as many as in the Longhorns’ embarrassing 38-3 loss to Notre Dame a week earlier.

Or check out these numbers: Rice led Texas in first downs, 30-11; in total offense, 462-277; in time of possession, 44:02 to 15:58; in third-down conversions, 14-of-21 to 3-of-8.

Ask any old football coach, and he’ll tell you those kind of numbers spell out a formula for winning football. Only this night, they didn’t.
Continues....         Box score, stats....

McCarney:  This could be Bailiff's best team
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Sept. 16)
Game could not have started off worse for Rice
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 16)
Staying course is best approach for mean Green
(Denton Record-Chronicle --  Sept. 15)
Deputy AD Rick Mello honored by Trustees

( -- Sept. 15)
DB not worried about lingering  effect of UT loss
(Houston Chronicle  <SK> --  Sept. 15)
DJ named to Allstate/AFCA Good Works team
( -- Sept. 15)
One overlooked positive:  UNT defense looked pretty good
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Sept. 15)
McCarney  says execution plagued offense at SMU
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Sept. 15)
Dead last in third-down defense, Horns seek solutions
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 15)
McCarney hopes for big crowd in home opener against Rice
(North Texas Daily -- Sept. 15)
McCarney: 'We have a 24-hour rule in our program'
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Sept. 14)
North Texas opener spoiled by SMU
( -- Sept. 14)
Dreams turn into nightmares against SMU
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Sept. 14)
McCarney expecting Mean Green program to bounce back
(Sports Illustrated -- Sept.6)
New DC brings needed 'crash' to North Texas
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 28)

12 turnovers all year in '14; 9 in two games thus far
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 14)
''We didn't feel like we were outmanned'
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 14)
UNT struggled to move chains against SMU
(Sports Chat Place -- Sept. 14)

Extensive Rice video highlights, the good stuff  
( -- Sept. 13)
Rice wins stat sheet in losing effort at Texas
( -- Sept. 13)
Rice-Texas video highlights  (from UT)
(Longhorn Network -- Sept. 13)

Sam Stewart hurdles over defender for touchdown
( -- Sept. 13)
Don't even think about suggesting this was just Rice
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 13)
Texas' glaring weaknesses show in win over Rice
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 13)
Rice simply ran straight up the middle
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 13)
Five takeaways from Texas' win over Rice
(Burnt Orange Nation -- Sept. 13)
Texas makes progress, but enough to beat Cal?
(BearTalk -- Sept. 13)
Rice miscues lead to loss to Texas
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 13)
First-play holding call takes starch out of Rice's start
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 13)
The DMN guide to coverage of Rice Athletics
(Parliament -- Sept. 13)

Breathing a little easier, Longhorn Nation?  You should
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 13)
Heard gives Texas big lift in romp (sic) over Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 13)
All told, a successful night for Longhorns
(Burnt Orange Naton -- Sept. 13)
Texas won because this was Rice
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 13)
It was safe to say Texas needed this
(NBC Sports -- Sept. 13)
DB: 'We believe we had the better team'
(USA Today/AP -- Sept. 13)
Longhorns feel they can turn things around now
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 13)

AUSTIN (Sept. 10) -- A mere week into Rice's season, already so much looks to have come down to this.

The Owls travel to Austin Saturday to renew their 102-year-old rivalry with the Texas Longhorns, and, People of Texas, this time, the game promises to present just a little more than the usual, one-sided recess tussle between Class Bully and Class Nerd.

Down on the Forty Acres this week, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth (how does one gnash one's teeth, anyway? And what's with the wailing?)

Such reaction-of-biblical-proportions was brought about by the Orangebloods' miserable performance last week against the Catholics in South Bend, where the Fighting Irish defense held the Horns to a mere 163 yards of total offense en route to a 38-3 slaughter of Bevo that wasn't as close as the score indicated.


Rice 56, Wagner College 16

-- Even on the North Pole; that's Lance Wright, a redshirt freshman from North Pole, Alaska, sealing the corner with a key block to allow Darik Dillard to head for the pylon (PTH photo)

SPEAKING GERMAN -- Everybody got into the act, as second  backup QB Nate German took over in fourth quarter, promptly raised eyebrows with 66-yard TD run (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Sept. 6) – The Rice Owls recorded a lopsided victory over an outmanned Wagner College Seahawk team at Rice Stadium Saturday, racking up eight touchdowns en route to a 56-16 win that, while not flawless, was right out of the textbook.

How’s that so? Try jumping out to an immediate 14-0 lead with a pair of long drives sandwiched around a defensive three-and-out stuffing. Or maybe go with perfect third down efficiency, with the South Main Crew going 9-of-9 on third down conversions, picking up 103 yards of offense in the process, en route to a 35-3 halftime lead. Compare that to the opponent’s 2-for-12 effort on third down tries.

Or consider the Owls’ 338-to-117 edge in total yardage at the halftime break. Add in four touchdowns in four trips to the red zone. Top it off with a third-string quarterback coming in to mop up late, and immediately reeling off a 66-yard touchdown run.

Continues....           Box score, stats....

Prediction:  Texas 38, Rice 10
(Burnt Orange Nation -- Sept. 12)
Prediction:  Rice 24, Texas 21
(Athlon Sports -- Sept. 12)

When Rice beat Texas:  Oct. 16, 1994
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 11)
You've got to be willing to take the hits
( -- Sept. 11)
Rice band takes Austin, 1917 (Rice 13, Texas 0)
(Rice History Corner -- Sept. 11)
This goes way beyond a normal Horns-Owls game
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 11)
UT clarifies band ticket policy
(San Antonio Express-News -- Sept. 11)
Led by QB Jackson, Rice looking to run over Longhorns
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 11)
Does Rice really have a chance to upset Longhorns?
( -- Sept. 11)
Texas vs. Rice:  Matchups that matter
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 11)
Longhorns facing more urgency than ever
(San Antonio Express-News -- Sept. 11)
As Texas faces Rice, questions face Longhorns
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 11)
Texas fans expect change in home opener
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 11)
Is Rice game a 'must' win for Horns?  You betcha
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 11)
Owls vs. Longhorns:  the view from Austin

(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 11)
What to expect from the Longhorns new play caller
(Bleacher Report -- Sept. 11)
Strong shakes up Longhorn offense before Rice
(1080KRLD/AP -- Sept.  11)
Five things Horns need to fix before Rice game
(CBS  Horns24/7 -- Sept. 11)
Rice shoots for the moon against UT this week
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 10)
Farrimond happy at Rice aftere growing up Horn fan
(Houston Chronicle <SK>  -- Sept. 10)
Ryan Pollard: 'Texas didn't want any of us'
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Sept. 10)
Football ready for matchup with Texas
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 10)
What needs to happen against Rice
(Sports Illustrated -- Sept. 10)
Football soars in opener
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 10)
Mack: Don't blame me for state of UT program
( -- Sept. 9)
Texas switches play-caller after one game
( -- Sept. 9)
Tale of the Tape:  Who has the the edge in Rice-Texas
(24/  -- Sept. 9)
Everything you wanted to know about the Rice Owls
(Hook' with Bevo -- Sept. 9)
Visit from Rice will be perfect antidote
( -- Sept. 9)
What's wrong with the Longhorn offense?
( -- Sept. 9)
Jonathan Gray needs to get more touches
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 9)
Texas needs to hit reset button after ND meltdown
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 9)
DB not expecting another sub-par effort against Texas
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 8)
Now, 53 years later, JFK still asks: 'Why does Rice play Texas?'
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 8)

It would take massive organizational failure for Texas to lose to Rice
(Bleacher Report -- Sept. 8)
Blowout loss puts Texas staff under 'evaluation process'
(Omaha World Herald -- Sept. 8)
DB wants DJ to show off fleet feet less often
(Houstonl Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 8)
Texas looks to rebound after Irish debacle
( -- The Sports Exchange -- Sept. 8)
Where's the restart button?
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 8)
Rice, now 1-0, faces Texas next 
(KPRC Click2Houston -- Sept. 8)
DB:  Would've been better for Owls if Texas had beaten ND
(Hoston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 7)
Rice first must-win game for Texas in Charlie Strong era
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 7)
'I'm never (bleeping) coming back here again'
(Columbus Dispatch -- Sept. 7)
Reue, Parks await anticipated return to duty
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 7)
Five takeaways from Rice-Wagner season opener
(Staten Island Advance -- Sept. 7)
Horns welcome Rice for Saturday home opener
( -- Sept. 7)
Coach Strong wants 'restart' after embarrassing loss to ND
( -- Sept. 7)
Vegas odds lowest in history of Rice-Texas series
( -- Sept. 7)
ND loss an embarrassing start for Texas
(Rant Sports -- Sept. 7)
Texas 'D' was decimated early and often by ND passing game
( -- Sept. 7)
Charlie Strong Monday press conference video
( -- Sept. 7)
David Bailiff weekly press conference
( -- Sept. 7)
So prove it, Charlie, quickly
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 6)
Looking ahead to Texas' matchup with Rice
(Austin American Statesman Horns 24/7 -- Sept. 6)
It's been a Longhorns-friendly rivalry between these old foes
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 6)

Opening dominance:  breaking down the win over Wagner
(Examiner. com -- Sept. 6)
DJ: 'We played well...we've got to have a better second half'
( -- Sept. 6)
Houghtaling:  'I don't know if we helped outselves out'
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 5)
Owls start strong, refuse to let up on Wagner
(Houston Chronicle  <SK> -- Sept. 5)
Wagner suffers 56-16 loss to Rice in season opener
(Staten Island Advance -- Sept. 5)
Rice rolls over Wagner, 56-16
(CBS Sports/AP -- Sept. 5)
Owls steam past Seahawks with Jackson in control  
( -- Sept. 5)
Rice-Wagner quick photos
( -- Sept. 5)
Seahawks fall in season opener at FBS foe Rice
( -- Sept. 5)
Pummeling by Notre Dame reveals ugly reality for Longhorns
(Longhorns 24/7 -- Sept. 5)
The Man Behind the Mask:  Spencer Stanley
(Houston Chronicle <SK> -- Sept. 4)

Wagner starting QB Chris Andrews is pointing to this one, labeling it 'upset' (Wagner SID photo)
HOUSTON (Sept. 2) – Now the first thing is, all of you Owl fans out there who remember the Nicholls State game, raise your hands.

Turns out the Rice Owls open their 2015 campaign this Saturday against the first Football Championship Series foe (we used to call them 1AA) since a hundred games ago, in 2007, when, in David Bailiff’s first game as Rice head coach, the Owls fell to the little-known school from down on the Bayou Lafourche, 16-14, a most ignominious inaugural for the now veteran Rice helmsman.

That game still burns in the minds of the most devoted Institute supporters, and, believe it, David Bailiff hasn’t forgotten about the loss, either.


NEW YORK, NY (Aug. 29) – Nestled in the low hills of Staten Island overlooking the distant towers of Manhattan, Wagner College lies on a former 38-acre former country estate of 19th century shipping magnate Sir Edward Cunard, who used to watch his giant ocean liners enter New York Harbor from that vantage point.

Rice's home opponent Sept. 5 in the season opener, the small liberal arts school first saw the light of day in 1883 as a Lutheran seminary in Rochester, NY, some 200 miles away from the Metropolis. No, the school isn't named after the renowned but controversial German composer, but rather attained its enduring moniker in 1918 when when one John G. Wagner gave $12,000 to the school so that it could purchase a new campus -- which school fathers did, locating it on Grymes Hill in the Forgotten Borough.

SEPTEMBER 12 CIRCLED ON THE CALENDAR -- Rice's all-conference senior OL Andrew Reue is nursing leg injuries and the question now is whether he'll be cleared to play for the Texas game (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Aug. 16) – Nine days into their August training camp regimen, the Rice Owls scrimmaged on the Rice Stadium field turf here Saturday, and in so doing gave cause for at least restrained optimism to coaches, players, and the several dozen family and fans who had gathered in the morning heat to watch the proceedings.

"I liked the way the offense came out and executed," Rice head coach David Bailiff said afterwards. "And I liked the effort, the enthusiasm and just the personality that the defense played with."

That didn't mean the veteran Rice mentor, now in his ninth year as head coach on South Main, felt his charges were all ready for prime time – a few were; a lot weren't, he concluded.

froggy4.jpg (33043 bytes)
A sampler of our history columns by the late Froggie Williams, one of Rice's all-time greats

Rice Spring Game

Owl defenders dominated play all evening as the Grays outpointed the Blues, 40-16, in Friday's Spring Game, the capper for Rice football's spring drills schedule (David Speed Elder photo)

HOUSTON (April 11) – Rice Owl football fans who were hoping for a gaze into a clear crystal ball might have left Rice Stadium somewhat frustrated here after Friday night’s Blue-Gray Game, as the events of the evening yielded up not a lot of tangible information regarding this team’s fall 2015 prospects.

Several proven big-play producers had been held out of spring drills entirely, starting with quarterback Driphus Jackson and continuing with three top receivers and a couple of big men.

Rice coaches shuffled players in and out as if to give every squadman a piece of the action and a chance to show his wares. The ‘game’ was another one of those strange amalgams where points were accumulated by the defense for stops, as well as the offense for stats and scoring.

Rice wide receiver Dennis Parks uses goal post as stand-in for a super-tall defensive back in preparations for Friday's annual Spring Game (Mark Anderson photo)

Signing Day 2015...

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Owls look to be in hunt in Conference USA 
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Athletics exceeds fundraising record
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Freshman starters highlight Rice depth chart
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'Every year is like a first year'
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Beaty begins building plan at KU
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Wagner scrimmages, points toward season opener at Rice
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Bailiff weekly show to debut Sept. 9 on Root Sports SW
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Man behind the mask:  Connor Cella
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Rookie WR from Alaska keeps finding ways to get noticed
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'We are all Rice Owls'
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DB: 'It's not about being great; it's about being consistent'
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Owls look to make championship run
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Owls aim to be a post-season regular
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Owls need health from DJ, leadership from Mooch
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Football, symbolism go hand in hand in Texas
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Wounded warrior gives inspiring message to Wagner team
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Rice will cover COA for its athletes starting this year
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Twelve things you (probably) don't know about Luke Willson
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Wagner QB Andrews tries less variety in scrimmage
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School bells ringing, team settles down to in-season routine
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Training camp 2015 -- second scrimmage highlights
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Defense emphasis in second scrimmage; Reue off crutches
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Man behind the mask:  Ross Winship
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Pot boiling again at Baylor
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Is Rice -- or UTEP, for that matter -- ready for national spotlight?
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Owl walkon Tobola gets scholarship from Waco C of C
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Mainah gets shot at Wagnah QB job
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Rice's secret symbols, inside jokes and elaborate pranks
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Owls banged up; Reue out 4 weeks; DB concerned
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DJ named to Earl Campbell watch list
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2015 'Rice hype' video 
(Conference USA -- Aug. 18)
Rice game said a 'nice payday' for Wagner
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Aston Walter moved from corner to receiver
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Christian experiences first NFL action
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A different kind of pro prospect helps revive Rice football
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Coaches table Rice's hidden prize possession
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Rice aims for fourth straight bowl game
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Led by veteran coach, Rice has spice
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Rice developing receiving targets for Driphus
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Owls spend day helping frosh move in
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Scrimmage 1 video highlights, player, coach comments
( -- Aug. 15)
Driphus shines in Owls' first scrimmage
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JP interviews of Reue, Pollard, DJ, Coach Thurmond, post-scrimmage
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Training Camp '15 first scrimmage photos
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Remembering Waco High football great Froggy Williams
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Early departures left Rice DL less than loaded
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Karaoke night rears its head once again
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Rice football karaoke vines -- if you dare
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How Owls got me to conquer fear
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Linebackers, DBs come up big in Thursday drills
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'We treat each other more like brothers'
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Continued heat wave may curb two-a-days
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Christian reading C. S. Lewis while impressing onfield at Texans camp
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Owls changing learning curve with virtual reality
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Veteran Wagner QB Gehring injured, out for season
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Wagner Seahawks 2015 football promotional video
Team slogs, slugs it out in first full-pads workout
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DB says impressed with Driphus and Tyler Stehling
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Snapshots from Day 5 full-pads drills
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Rice QB Jackson's patience pays off
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Receivers shine in Day 4 workouts
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Page ready to add final chapter in Wagner career
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Covington gets his NFL shot with Texans
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DB talks about Owls in NFL camps
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Seahawks report for fall camp
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Owls look to continue bowl skein
( --Aug. 10)
'I think this year it's going to be a little bit more gritty...'
( video promo -- Aug. 9)
DB upbeat after Saturday drills
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Replay of Rice Media Day radio broadcast
( --Aug. 8 <1hr+>)
Cella, Hunt TE battle heats up early
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Wagner's Houghtaling on his team with BYU radio jocks
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Rice counting on returning Mooch to anchor d-line
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Last year's loss to ODU stirs up new mindset
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Undrafted Callahan on verge of making Bears' roster
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DJ on Unitas watch list
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Owls Fan Fest set for Aug. 22
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Single-game tix now on sale
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Nothing like present for Texans' rookie Covington
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Rice steps up big-time, signs on with virtual reality firm
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Wagner slips to No. 4 in league preseason poll
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Rice will be WKU first-tme opponent this season
Bowling Green Daily News -- July 27)

Rice has foundation to build on 3-year run of success
(Houston Chronicle -- July 22)
Rice Owls at Conference USA 2015 football media day
( -- July 22)
Gaines has opportunity to build on solid rookie season
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Rice adds USC to 2022 schedule
(Houston Chronicle -- July 21)
Driphus nominated for AllState 'Good Works' team
( -- July 20)
Owls have enough weapons to make some noise
(Sports Chat Place -- July 20)
Owls predicted second in preseason media poll
(Your Houston News -- July 15)
Stable Rice, once a doormat, shouldn't slip much
( -- July 13)
Rice isn't quite a tune-up game
( -- July 13)
DCTF rates Owls sixth out of 12 Texas Div. 1 programs
(Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine -- July 11)
Owls will need major overhaul of 'D' line
(Underdog Dynasty -- July 9)
Rice women's football clinic slated for July 27
(Your Houston News -- July 8)
Rice announces 2015 Hall of Fame class
(West U. Examiner -- July 5)
Rice chases fourth consecutive bowl bid despite key losses
(Orlando Sentinel -- July 3)
1949 Rice star Froggie Williams dead at 87
(Houston Chronicle -- June 24)
Rice's Lyons, Reue named to Lombardi watch list
(Atascocita Observer -- July 18)
Owls sign six-year-old with leukemia to letter of intent
(College Spun -- April 9)
Owls to be exciting, glitchy, and pretty good -- again
(SB Nation -- March 27)
Rice conference schedule is manageable
( -- May 5)
Owl 'D' has questions to answer for 2015
(SB Nation -- April 22)

 Latest headlines...
 Last update: 07/30/16 08:24 PM

This week's scoreboard...
UNC-Charlotte postgame
Coach Bailiff
"Driphus' leg was really sore. We thought we could exploit the way they were trying to play the run game. Luke did a fantastic job... I was really pleased the way  the offense came out and played the second half"
Alex Lyons
"I didn't wrap up and the guy broke it. But I'm very proud of those guys who stepped up and sent those seniors home with a win"
Luke Turner
"It was the last game, and I think some nerves starting getting to some older guys. The defense really helped us out in that first half. We came in and said, 'Guys, we just gotta play"”
UNC-Charlotte week
Coach Bailiff
'This was the first year that, I think, I let this team get too worried about the prize. ... I think I let these guys look up too much on what the prize could be instead of worrying about where we were day-to-day'
Andrew Reue
'This could be the last football game I every play, so I definitely want to finish it out with a win...  a win can carry a lot of momentum to the off-season'
Preston Gordon
'One thing I've learned is that wins aren't a given, you have to earn them...  sometimes you forget what kind of work you have to put in to get there...'
UTSA postgame
Coach Bailiff
There were moments in this game where we were magnificient... I’m sick to my stomach ... more than anything that’s what we wanted -- to get this senior class out with a four bowl game legacy"
Driphus Jackson
'The turnovers were my fault... I'm disappointed we won’t be going to another bowl game this year. It hurts. It hurts a lot I feel worse for the freshmen than I do for the seniors'
Ross Winship
'Timing is important.  When the offense got it done, the defense couldn't.  When the defense go ti done, the offense couldn't.  I’m extremely disappointed'
UTSA week
Coach Bailiff
'The season's not over; we've got two games left...we obviously have to play better on both offense and defense... that was the seventh different lineup in our offensive line'
Zach Wright
'We're going to do everything we can to get everything back on track; we're not feeling sorry for ourselves; we've got 120 minutes of football left; we're going to make the best of it'
Alex Lyons
'Defensively, we started out doing pretty well, but in the second quarter, things just fell apart...that wasn't Rice football...  we were in a position to make plays; we just didn't maket them'
USM postgame
Coach Bailiff
'It was embarrassing; you never want to play that way...we may need to make some personnel changes.. We have to eliminate where it's not a team-first attitude, and that's my biggest frustration'
USM week
Monday press luncheon
Coach Bailiff
‘When a team is being inconsistent and underachieving you look right at the head coach... We’re going to get the offensive line back on the sleds and get them coming off the football’
Destri White
'We need to defend the big plays and pick the run better...we have to emphasize getting off the field on third down....we're a better team than we're showing right now'
Luke Turner
'We have a really good team; we're just not playing to the potential that we have...we've got  to fix itl, and if I had to put it on anybody to fix iit, I'd put it on this team --   but first you've got to own it'
UTEP postgame
Coach Bailiff
'They beat us the way we like to win, ball control, taking advantage of the clock; we've got to sit down, analyze everything we're doing, find out what we've got to do to get things gong'
Driphus Jackson
'We had a lot of drops; we were unable to stop the run; they did a good job of managing the clock; we expected to get the ball back but...'
Ross Winship
 'We played really inconsistent football and we left a lot of plays on the field, both defensively and offensively; we have to put more pressure on the quarterback'
UTEP week
Monday press luncheon
Coach Bailiff
'We didn’t catch the ball very well. We had two dropped passes for touchdowns. We had key third down drops; to beat a team like LA Tech you can’t make those kinds of mistakes and we did'
Andrew Reue
'I don't believe we've been playing the brand of Rice football that we expect; I think you're going to see change here in the next couple of weeks'
Ryan Pollard
'Obviously we have a lot of improving to do... the little stuff separates the good teams from the great teams. I just want us to play the best football we're capable of'
Louisiana Tech postgame
Coach Bailiff
'The first half boiled down to three big plays...We needed to be penalty free, we couldn't hurt ourselves... we'd get a penalty, or have a drop...we can't afford to not do everything correctly'

'This is one of those games where I feel, we lost it... Coach Edmondson called a great game... people will look at stats and say, 'you had a solid game,' but solid doesn't get it done...'
Stuart Mouchantaf
'A few years ago we were in this position; we had to win six straight, but we did it -- I'm still reminding the young ones.  We have to keep it alive'
LA Tech week
Monday press luncheon
Coach Bailiff
'We can’t have a lot of missed tackles. They get a lot of yards after first contact  We’re going to have to play our best game all year. So Friday night, 7 o’clock, come out here and support us'
Darik Dillard
'We have to continue with that fourth quarter attitude throughout the entire game...the offense needs to put up points on the board to take the pressure off the defense'
Alex Lyons
'I think as a defense we definitely grew up; our backs were against the wall. We stepped up; the young guys played well. Definitely looking to capitalize and play a lot more consistently this Friday'
Army postgame
Coach Bailiff
'That program has come a long way in two years. We knew going into the game they were tough... leaving the game we knew they were tough...  They've made the decision, after they graduate to serve their country'
Driphus Jackson
'We made it tough on the defense the second and third quarters...but those guys did a great job getting stops, getting us the ball...'
Zach Wright
'The was the ugliest, most beautiful ball I've ever seen.  I thought he punted it... I owed him earlier; I almost got into the end zone for Driphus, so I knew I owed him one -- so I caught that ugly thing'
Ross Winship
'We just did our jobs the best we could... a couple times when we weren't doing our jobs, Army really gashed us... but that's Army; it's smash-mouth football'
Army week
Monday press luncheon
Coach Bailiff
'We absolutely did catch lightning in a bottle and play our best quarter offensively and defensively... this week allowe us three extra days to prepare, and get guys healthy'
Driphus Jackson
'The biggest thing was how we fought back; we never gave up... Alex Lyons rallied the troops, got us going... we just need to have fun and play with a chip on our shoulder'
Ross Winship
'It was good to get away, rest up...we were a different team after the rain delay, and that's the team that I've been wating us to be for the entire season'
FAU  postgame
Coach Bailiff
'That  was the best quarter of football that we've played all  year; I'm very proud of this team... I saw some incredible leadership tonight after that rain delay'
 Driphus Jackson
'Nobody panicked... I just picked a lane and scored; I wasn' going to slide  on that one; I wanted to make sure I got into the end zone'
Alex Lyons
'It was sureal, the way we won;  we came out like savages after that rain delay, and we found  a way to win. Evrybody bought in; we refused to take the loss'
FAU week
Monday press luncheon

Coach Bailiff, Calvin Anderson, Preston Gordon
WKU postgame
Coach Bailiff, Andrew Reue
Baylor postgame

Coach Bailiff, Driphus Jackson, Alex Lyons
Baylor week
Monday press luncheon
Dennis Parks
'Our offense is starting to click.  I'm confident that any of our receivers or running backs can make a play... I feel we'll be an exciting offense from here on'
Coach Bailiff
'On our offensive line, Coach Vinklarek did a masterful job; we had two or three get injured and we had to do some mass substitutions; every man who came in stepped up'
V.J. Banks
'Definitely we've got to hit that film room this week, stay there, learn their tendencies... we recognize who the opponent is; we know they're fourth, fifth in the nation'
North Texas postgame
David Bailiff
We've already done something we couldn't accomplish in 2013, and that's come to Denton and get a win; any time you  play Dan McCarney's team you have to earn it for four quarters'
Driphus Jackson
'It's amazing to have a defense like they're producing right now. The numbers may not look great, but to get us back the ball, it's amazing '
Andrew Reue
'Young guys step up; old guys step up. The O-line is a team position, and it's nice to be in sync no matter who's in there'
Alex Lyons
'Definitely a lot of room for improvement.  We were caught off guard by their high tempo. Typically, North Texas doesn't play with a high-tempo offense'
UNT week
Monday press luncheon
David Bailiff
'It was really a strange game. It was one that we dominated at the line of scrimmage... We turned the ball over offensively, though, five times. You can't do that anywhere'
Ross Winship 
'This game was extremely important for the D line... we're exactly where we need to be right now, for the second game of the season'
Sam Stewart 
'The defender actually tried to chop right when I was getting to the end zone; that was the only way I was going to get in. It was all instinct...'
Rice-Texas postgame

Coach David Bailiff, Brian Womac, Driphus Jackson
Texas week Monday press luncheon
Luke Turner
'We were the better team coming in and I think we showed it. We're not used to starting  with oppo- nents of this kind... With A&M and UCLA, we're beaten up, but this time we're not'
Coach Bailiff
'Heading to Texas this week; it is hard to go into that environ- ment ...I know they struggled at Notre Dame, but they'll find their identity. We'll just try to be the best team we can be"
Zach Espinosa
'My brother played at Texas. No smack talk, but I know he's going to be at the game. He has a Rice shirt; I'm not sure which one he's going to wear...
Wagner postgame

'The way Driphus ran the ball in the first half, was just incred- ible...Same with Darik.  To score right before halftime, have 35 points on the board; that's good separation'

'We're supposed to protect the quarter- back.  We can't allow Driphus to take that many hits, especially this early in the season.  we need to keep our players healthy'
Driphus Jackson
'This was a good showing; we knocked a lot of the rust off; got a lot of young guys in...but we've got to have a better second half'
Zach Espinosa
'Good team win tonight; the defense played well.  That's just a credit to Coach Thurmond , the defensive staff; they put a good game plan together'
Wagner week Monday press luncheon
Driphus Jackson
'I was a bit of a baby my senior year in high school, even though I was considered a leader, but this maturation process has humbled me...'
Ryan Pollard
'Wagner's a good team, they have good players; we're excited to play them and see how we match up...we want to be a Top 25 team; we want to win the conference...'

Coach Bailiff
'One of the things that I’ve tried to do at Rice is to continue to learn about Rice, about the history and about the things that I can do a better job at each year with this football team'

Coach Bailiff on first scrimmage of season

Rice head coach David  Bailiff comments on his team's effort in the Owls' initial August  scrim- mage, held Saturday morning at Rice Stadium

'This is Rice football'

Rice Media Day--
Ross Winship

Rice Media Day-- Coach Bailiff

Rice head coach David Bailiff speaks to reporters at Thursday's Media Day luncheon (RME video)

C-USA Media Day

Coach Bailiff, Driphus Jackson, Stuart Mouchantaf talk about upcoming season