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The smallest university in
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Redshirt frosh QB Joel Armstrong cocks and fires in early practice action

Experienced Owls
better equipped for
tough September

HOUSTON (August 17) – "Three-and-0."

That was Rice head coach Ken Hatfields immediate comeback when asked, last week, by scribes what he’d hoped to get out of the Owls’ first three games of the season – tough matches with Houston, Hawaii, and then at a little honky-tonkcalled Texas.

"Now, wait a minute – you didn’t aske me ‘how,’ you just asked me what would I LIKE to have out of it," he was quick to add.

"We’ve got a good schedule, and those first three people are mighty good. You’ve got Houston coming off a great season, a bowl team – three bowl teams right away, all of whom had great success last year. With Hawaii, (senior QB Timmy) Chang has a chance to be the all-time NCAA leader; he presents a tremendous challenge."

"And Texas? Texas has as good a talent as anybody in the country," he admitted. "They play Arkansas up there two weeks before us. And then they’re off a week before they play us. They even have two weeks to get ready for us, this time. But they will be an outstanding team, I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. (160 bytes)       Link to SID daily practice reports....

04prac wiggins.jpg (58001 bytes)
Ben Wiggins nabs pass in Monday's practice action

Year of the lineman?
Owl heavy equipment
set to move some earth

HOUSTON (Aug. 10) – Some of you greybeard Owls out there who’re even more venerable than this writer may remember the old, 50s cigarette jingle that started out, "It’s what’s up front that counts. If you haven’t got it there, you haven’t got it."

It’s been a lament that Owl fans, coaches and players have joined in, pretty much year in and year out, for it seems eons.
Story....       Opening day snapshots....look.gif (159 bytes)  Updated '04 SID Outlook...(pdf)

College teams run poor second
to newspaper coverage of Texans

Editor's note:  As a special feature provided this fall to the Webletter by a neutral source --  guaranteed  -- we'll be presenting an occasional update on coverage of the local football teams,  both college and pro,   by the Houston Chronicle.    

HOUSTON (August 8 -- Special to the Webletter) -- Ah, August!   The time when football fans across the nation begin to peruse the bookstores for their latest football preview magazines and whet their appetites for the upcoming season.

Despite the sweltering heat, we begin to long for the days to sit in the stands and watch our gridiron heroes as they prepare for the challenges ahead.
Story....       Table.... look.gif (159 bytes)
Back-to-basics turnaround
should give Owls impetus
for strong start this year

HOUSTON (July 27) – At the halftime of the Navy game in Rice Stadium last year, things looked about as grim for Rice’s football prospects as they had in many a year. Facing a 1-6 record, with what looked to be a blowout home loss to a team that Rice had beaten on the road the year before, the Owls, used to dealing from a short deck in the best of times,  looked down on their fortunes and down in the mouth.

It was a classic time for a gut-check, and head coach Ken Hatfield’s crew apparently pulled an abdomen observation quite well, for, although they didn’t come back to win the game, they did go and play Navy on even terms in the second half, shutting down the Middies’option attack with a suddenly-jelled defense.

Speaking at the Texas High School Coaches Association annual meeting at the old Astroworld Hotel earlier this week, an upbeat Ken Hatfield took strength from the turnaround that began with the second half of last year’s Navy game. And before gathered press, he ventured a bit of analysis on the matter.
Story....      Coach Hatfield reviews his offensive unit.... look.gif (159 bytes)
Rice '04 spring practice page....      Rice's 2004 recruits.... 

'We're far from done'
E-mail, letter campaign
swayed day, Rice AD says

Story....     Board upholds athletics programs....   Owl fans rally for
 Rally Photos....
  Alumni take on faculty report....
Rice's 2003 season, week-by-week...

Coogs commence two-a-days
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 16)

Briles:  'By far the best group we've ever had'
( -- Aug. 16)
For the moment, the outlook is positively cheery
( Aug. 13)

Rice motivated to bring home league crown
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 8)
Rice coach hopes '03 momentum carries over
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 8 <photo>)
Hawaii's Jones likes bye before Rice game
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- Aug. 8)
Mustangs, Owls hope to end drought
(Del Rio News-Herald -- Aug. 7)

Rice-Navy to be televised on HDTV
( -- Aug. 5)
CUSA eyes '05 title game
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 4)
Transition the topic at CUSA meeting
( -- Aug. 4)

Expectations grow for West, Memphis
(The Clarion-Ledger -- Aug. 4)
Changes coming, but CUSA set for best season yet
(Birmingham News -- Aug. 4)
Meet the Owls' set for Aug. 20
( -- Aug. 2)

Message to recruits:  no more monkey business
(Houston Chronicle -- July 28)
Boise picked first, Rice fifth, in media poll
(San Francisco Chronicle -- July 28)
Austin, Armstong please Hatfield
(Tyler Morning Telegraph -- July 27<scroll down>)
Navy hopes to build on 2003 football success
( -- July 27)

NCAA council wants to stop 'celeb' recruiting
(Fox -- July 21)
Owls' Lott should contend for all-conference honors
(CBS Sportsline -- July 2)
Back-to-basics approach should pay dividend for Rice in '04
(CNN-SI Rice team preview)

Fresno, Boise should challenge for '04 WAC crown
04 Owls a team worth watching closely
(JimFeist's College Football)
Experience can help Rice bottle up momentum
(College Football News -- June 2)

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A whole sports section full of  Rice football links

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Rice's 2003 season, week-by-week...


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Sunday, Sept. 5, 2004
4:00 p.m.

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